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A Matter of Time Book III chapter 1 A Matter of Time Book III, meaning A Matter of Time Book III, genre A Matter of Time Book III, book cover A Matter of Time Book III, flies A Matter of Time Book III, A Matter of Time Book III 31b327659f5b7 Three Years Have Passed Since Jory Keyes Was Kidnapped, Shot, And Left By His Lover, Detective Sam Kage Jory Walked Through Fire And Came Out The Other Side Stronger He Changed His Name To Harcourt And Shut The Door Forever On A Past Full Of Pain Jory Now Owns His Own Business, And Has A Life He Enjoys What He Doesn T Have Is Love He S Been Unable To Make That Deep Connection With Another Man, The Kind Of Connection He S Only Had With Sam When A Chance Encounter Brings Sam Back Into His Life, Jory Doesn T Know What To Do But For Sam There S No Hesitation He Wants Jory Back And This Time He Wants Him For Keeps When Sam Is Called Away To A Crime Scene In The Middle Of The Night, Jory Realizes That His Fear Has Nothing To Do With Being Emotionally Vulnerable Why, He Wonders, Is He So Damned UneasyThis Book Is No Longer Available At Club Lighthouse Publishing

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    There are four parts of this series, and the first two got 4 of 5 stars from me They aren t anything special, nothing that wants to teach you something or go very deep, but they are a fun read, and Jory taking you along for the ride is always entertaining.I m reading part three now, and it s frustrating me to no end For one they made a three year jump between 2 and 3, but that I can live with But then there s Sam And Aaron And the fact that every guy Jory even considers dating is an asshole Sam keeps telling him that he s a drama queen, with his flashy exits and always fighting him which, for the record, is such bullshit.Jory is a pretty easygoing guy He loves his job, he likes his friends, he s good looking and charming, and he has the ability to wrap almost everybody around his little finger without even trying Yeah, he has some very big trust issues, as evidenced by the different guy every night thing, and that before Sam, he never actually spent the whole night with somebody Most people don t even know where he lives But he s no drama queen He has his own opinions, he has a brain and he uses it, and when you try to tell him what he should do, who he s supposed to be, he fights back.As for the dramatic exits, Jory doesn t see the sense in having an argument he can t win because the other party simply won t listen or just doesn t care for his opinion in the first place and just tries to bulldozer over him, so he leaves Which is very much the sensible thing to do There s nothing dramatic about it.But no, according to Sam he s a drama queen, and he should be glad that Sam finally talks to him again after a whopping three years and just jump back into his bed, because let s face it, Sam is the only one who ll ever put up with all his shit Is it any wonder that Jory says no, and tells him to fuck off Especially when Sam is the one guy that Jory actually fell in love with, and who just kept hurting him and almost broke him when he just left without a word for three years When Sam is the one guy who has the power to hurt Jory than anybody else, and already has done so.So Sam keeps hounding Jory, being an arrogant, overbearing asshole while doing so, and Jory keeps saying no Because no matter how much he still loves Sam, he just doesn t see the point, he s not willing to jump when Sam says so, just cause he says so He s not willing to let Sam hurt him again According to Sam, that s selfish of him What the fuck Of course, after a week of this Sam finally manages to get a drunk Jory back to his apartment after Jory told him several times that he didn t want to go there and asked Sam to just take him home and, oh yeah, bulldozers over him and fucks him.In the mind of the author this apparently all makes brilliant sense, because Jory loves Sam, and Sam just wants Jory, so now Jory is finally convinced that Sam won t hurt him again and happy as a clam to have his lover back Are you fucking kidding me growls Everything that s happened leading up to this moment, plus the fact that Jory is obviously drunk and in no state to physically get away from Sam, tells me that this wasn t consensual sex, it was rape Woman, you have so dropped the ball on that one it s really not funny.And maybe Sam does have good reasons for how he s acted, but since the whole thing is told from Jory s POV we don t know what s going on in Sam s head Maybe he ll explain it to Jory later in the book and actually talk to him instead of just telling him you are mine, so come home with me and let me fuck you through the mattress, but right now I have absolutely no will whatsoever to keep reading and find out.Right now I just want to kill Sam and slap some sense into Jory.Alright, I tried, but I really can t keep reading this I m on page 107 and giving up.

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    More of the same No, really More As in Gimme More.Romance crack cocaine.Just one hit, man, c mon, just one I am somehow hopelessly infatuated with these ridiculous characters.

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    Nothing works for me Re read 17.04.2018 I am so damn disappointed in this book, specially the beginning Still am I hate the fact that Dane gets married I hate to share him It ruined the whole thing before the book even started I just didn t work It was way too soon it shouldn t have happened until the end of the series At least that s my opinion Am I the only one who feels this way Hell, I even wanna ask why M.C did that Why so damn early Everything that annoyed me before, STILL annoys me Ugh I need to give up this re read of this series Now Jory c mon you throw temper tantrums, you second guess everything, you have no patience at all, you want things to be instantly perfect without any work, you never listen, you jump to conclusions, you create drama than ten people put together, you drink too much, you re oblivious to shit that goes on around you, and if things go wrong your first instinct is to run away as fast as you can He sighed deeply You re a fuckin mess and you can t deny it You ve been gone a long time, Sam I m not like that any Anyways, after the 3 years time jump, Jory and his partner, Dylan Greer, have their our own business Harvest Design, that does logos, branding, company concept, identity, that sort of stuff Sam has been back in town for a while Jory saw him a year ago but none of them has made any contact Sam is now working homicide used to be vice and he likes it better Overall, Jory is still well, Jory Annoying as fuck Stupid Takes nothing serious Sam is still the same, I think It s sad that me and this series doesn t work Eat your food so I can take you home You don t know where I live, I teased him, trying to steady my pounding heart The familiar response to Sam Kage flared through me No, baby He exhaled You re coming home with me Sam J I m not your baby, I assured him, brushing his hand away I m nobody s You belong to me, he said flatly Always have, always will Deal with it Other characters Dane Harcourt, the best character in the series Used to be Jory s boss had been his assistant for 5 years and the main architect for one of the premier architectural firms in the city, Harcourt, Brown, and Cogan Caleb Reid and Jeremy Reid, Dane s biological brothers Susan and Daniel Reid, Dane s biological parents Gwen Reid, Dane s biological sister Michael Mike Kage, a architect and Sam s brother Beverly Bev Stiles, Michael s new girlfriend Regina Rappaport Kage, Sam s mother and Thomas Kage, his father Jennifer Jen Levine, Sam s sister, used to be married to Mitch Levine, got two daughters, Ally Levine 2 and Carla Levine together Used to be lover to Kurt Pratt He has a wife Rita Pratt and kids of his own They had an affair Is now dating Doug Yates Rachel Rach , Sam s oldest sister and her husband Dean Levi Kage and Joseph Joe Kage, brothers and Sam s cousins Nick Sullivan, a doctor that wants Jory Jory sets him up with Dr Kai Akita, PhD, works at the Field Museum Dominic Kairov, used to be Sam s partner at work view spoiler Turns out to be the mold and is a bad guy hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars Sam and Jory had me all kinds of dizzy in this installment Three years have passed since the end of book 2.yep, you read that right, THREE FUCKING YEARS No bueno on the time jump, Ms Calmes.no bueno at all But that s not the point, the point here is that these two ran around in circles for most of this book.and it was frustrating as hell I get it, Jory is scared He s afraid to give his heart to Sam again That makes sense You know what doesn t Cutting the man off every fucking time he wanted to explain himself This entire book and we still don t know why Sam needed to go undercover and what happened Every time he tried to explain, Jory would cut him off But when Sam did have something to say.Man, he said it WELL He may have manhandled and dominated Jory into getting what he wants, but in between all the push and pull there was downright, melt your heart Sam Swoon I just never in my life thought I would see you again That s funny, he squinted at me Cause I never once doubted that you would This entire book was all about Sam for me He refused to give up on Jory It s doomed to fail, Sam I don t accept that Not once while reading did I doubt Sam It was always clear how he felt about Jory, right from the beginning He had a lot to deal with and go through and now that he took care of business of which we still don t know about , there s nowhere else he d rather be than with the man he loves Even though this was a frustrating read, it s impossible to put down I don t know what kind of book crack subliminal messaging Mary Calmes sprinkles into her books, but I gobble it up with gusto Three books in and I still don t understand all the mad crazy Jory love, but I do understand the Sam and Jory obsession There is something dysfunctionally functional about the two of them One thing that stands out and is impossible to doubt is that they truly do love one another In parting, I d like to give a quick shoutout to make up sex

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    Written October 26, 20144.1 Stars Undoubtedly my favorites right now against all better judgmentBook 3I just finished to listening to another great part in this series, book 3 as a part of the audiobook Collection in the A Matter of Time series These books are just annoying lengthy and tedious, yet so painfully beautiful, and so d mn romantic Like wonderfully addictive sweet candy for me right now I can not stop this A Matter of Time train A Matter of Time is a M M CR book series about the relationship, love and struggles between Jory Harcourt Keyes and Detective Sam Kage Here is also Jory s former boss and brother Dane Harcourt and a lot of other friends, family etc It is all set in Chicago.I listened to the first two as well and they were also very nicey narrated by Paul Morey 1 A Matter of Time 1 3.8 stars 2 A Matter of Time 2 3.8 stars Book three began and we were three years into the future and it is Jory s brother s wedding Then I got a shock wanted to scream and cry and I say no You need to read the firts two and this one to guess why What As they always says here What to say This is the most patience demanding book series I ve ever read listened to I love these characters, but they rub on my mood and my heart Gee, could it really be anxiety and back and forth than this Next up 4 A Matter of Time 2 and I m already listening to it.I LIKE I like, I love, I need my HEA The A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes view spoiler M M contemporary romances about gorgeous 22 years old Jory Keyes and the men and friends in his Chicago life Book 1 2 or both in Vol.1 Book 3 4 or both in Vol.2 Book 5 6 2 shorties hide spoiler

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    AudibleWhat a crazy roller coaster As Sam annoyed the hell out of me in the previous books, I wanted him to suffer here beg, drown in his jealousy, grovel and crawl on his knees That s what I needed And I can t say I got it The man in his thirties behaves childish and unreasonable than Jory in his early twenties The things he s put a poor guy through I can t I just can t even Despite all that, the first half kept me so tense that by the time things had started improving, I was exhausted and couldn t even rejoice at their reunion Not to mention Sam s possessiveness had bordered on insanity and drove me mad at times However, the series IS addictive And the narrator, Paul Morey, has quickly become one of my favourite ones He makes me want to keep going, just to listen to his voice telling me the rest of Jory and Sam s story 3.7 stars

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    Casting of A Matter of Time Written review to followJory Mathias Lauridsen The only guy pretty enough to make a straight man gay Sam This gorgeous unknown man Or Chris Hemsworth Blonde,brown hair, check Slate blue eyes, check 6 3 inches, close enoughand hot,hot hot Dane Hugh Jackman Hansome, debonair and damn sexy in a tux Dane s expression when Jory does something stupid.

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    DON T READ THIS BOOK unless you re ready to read all four of the first books at once and you are ready to be really upset for awhile Apparently the four were written as all one book but the publisher felt it was to long and cut it into four parts I m very angry with the publisher These are emotionally draining.I m going to review all of the first four together because they really are one book I ve noticed that now 1 2 are called Book I and 3 and 4 are Book II in some places but books 1 2 both end on cliffhangers I was crying at the end of book 2 This series effed me up Calmes played with my emotions like my dog plays with stuffed toys she s trying to kill There are so many ups and downs I felt like I was on Galloping Gerty Ok, enough with the similes The point is that this is an emotional roller coaster ride Okay, that was a metaphor, not a simile.The story is very linear Jory sees bad thing, Jory needs to go into witness protection but refuses Hot cop follows Jory Jory works and we find out everything about Jory s work Jory deals with cop Jory deals with bad guys It would be annoying if Jory weren t so wonderful.Of course everyone agrees Everyone in the story loves Jory EVERYONE Here is Jory s interactions with every single gay man we meet Jory I love you Come home with me No Please No I can t live without you No Just one night No Please let me by you food That s not a good idea Please No I m sorry It s okay hug Please come home with me No EFF YOU JORY Bye Then there s usually a problem with Jory getting away from him Then later in the story Jory, I m so sorry, will you forgive me Of course I know you don t want me, let s be friends Okay You know I love you than anyone ever will I know Please No I can t live without you No Just one night No Please let me by you food That s not a good idea Please No I m sorry It s okay hug Please come home with me No EFF YOU JORY Sometimes this happens several times Jory is kind and sweet and loving to his stalkers He s always calm It s ridiculous Same with his boss Every woman who meets him falls in love with him and will not accept when it s over She throws herself at his feet and makes a complete fool of herself Every single single woman It s ridiculous Of course, we love him, too.Fortunately, unlike in many M M stories, there are some wonderful female characters who I really liked Of course, all the good characters are wonderful and we love them all They all love Jory, even homophobic family Everyone loves Jory But so do I.On to the plot Despite the thriller mystery label of the books, only the third really feels like one There are thriller elements in the first and second, a lot of danger in the second, but mostly it s about the relationship between Jory and Sam who s an asshole most of the time But I wanted them together Of course I wanted them together I just wanted Sam to stop being an asshole.Jory was maddening in his flip way of looking at his own life He isn t surprised that everyone loves him, and he is completely aware that he s drop dead gorgeous But he isn t arrogant and he doesn t have a lot of respect for his own life Sam wants Jory but he wants his life to stay the way it is, and he doesn t get that he can t have both He s controlling and overprotective and surly Most of the time it s adorable but sometimes I want to slap him Jory loves the controlling part Sometimes he feels like a little kid, but other times he s a lot mature than Sam.The danger scenes, the chases, the kidnappings, that kind of thing, were all well done and kept me clinging to my ebook reader The pacing varied but was great through those parts The characters were good Most of the main characters were individual enough that they felt real to me, even if they were all so wonderful and nice There were a lot of women and het men in addition to gay boys.By the end of 1, I was upset with the relationship but I still liked it and immediately read 2 In fact, I almost didn t even notice because the ending felt like it was in a completely arbitrary place 2 starts immediately after the end of 1 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 just to differentiate it enough from the rest Happy ending view spoiler No, but not really an ending hide spoiler

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    Did not finish.I stop after seeing Sam the pathetic and his excuses for his absences and attitude toward Jory Jory c mon you throw temper tantrums, you second guess everything, you have no patience at all, you want things to be instantly perfect without any work, you never listen, you jump to conclusions, you create drama than ten people put together, you drink too much, you re oblivious to shit that goes on around you and if things go wrong your first instinct is to run away as fast as you can He sighed deeply You re a fuckin mess and you can t deny it. , combined with his new stalker personality Add to that that I know that Jory s going to forgive himthe lack of constancy of his trait of character between the first and third book annoy me He had a personality in the first one and in this one.blah And why everyone said that Jory leaving it s dramatic For me, remain there and argument, it s dramatic Seriously, the guy s refuse to fight and you call that being a drama queen And why all his ex are asshole And try to tell him what do to, including Sam The writer pushed too much in this one and it s appear as if everyone lost his rationality Again a schizophrenic s book EDIT I was curious so I decide to continue a little What did I read Rape, Page 105 158 Yes rape, Jory s clearly said No a lot of time, even begs to go home, was under influence alcohol and Sam insist to have sex and finally proceeded to act Well, it s call rape in my country Canada and I m pretty sure that s the same thing in a lot of other countries I m disappointed EDIT TWO Ho man, the book s just go down the drain after that Page 119 158 But he hit the door before it clicked shut and it was just dumb luck that it caught my lip and split it. What What was that How did you manage that

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    probably like 2.5 stars i hated most of this book just hated it Detective Stupid left to go undercover and is gone for three years, during that time Jory is just a drunk slut i hated how the story starts three years later and we have no idea whats going on I did not like Dane s wedding, that all dragged on way too long when i just wanted to know what happened with Jory and Sam I should have stopped after book two but now i have to read on for book 4 They did get back together in the end but it couldn t save the book

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