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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Beads, Boys and Bangles (Threads, #2)
  • Sophia Bennett
  • English
  • 27 June 2017
  • 9781906427436

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    More compassionate, humanitarian, fashionable, romantic carries on the legacy of Threads It s just the perfect teenage drama

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    Beads, Boys Bangles is set in two places, initially London where the first Threads story is set and then Mumbai in India These two settings are very different and I like this because it feels as if the reader is going on a journey too, experiencing the diversity of the fashion industry first hand The characters in this second book are all two years older and it is clear that Crow has grown up a lot Jenny is an a play that ends up in the West End and there s a lot of drama surrounding it Although I wasn t too keen on Jenny in the first book, I think she s a much better character now She seems to have of a personality and I like how she leads such an unusual lifestyle There are new characters in this book and I think that they really enhance the story There s Phil from the No Kidding organisation , Nonie s new friend Alexander who she meets in Paris and the children that Nonie, Edie, Crow and Harry meet in India I thought it was nice how new characters were introduced but that this was done slowly so that old characters could be developed too.Like in Sophia s first book, I felt I really learned something from reading Beads, Boys Bangles I also think that the gorgeous cover and the title will draw in the targeted audience and make teenagers and even younger children , who may not be aware of the issue of slave children forced into the industry of fashion, think about the clothes they buy and where they really could have come from.

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    This book was a great follow up to Threads It wasn t one of those awful sequels, it was brilliant It was another great page turner from Sophia Bennett I couldn t put it down Well, sometimes I did have to but I didn t want to.Beads, Boys and Bangles made me laugh so much and it had some unexpected twists and turns The descriptions of all the amazing clothes were fantastic, I could see them all in my mind and I wanted everything.I also like the ethical side of it too I learnt about all these bad things that are happening and how we can all change it.This book definitely deserves five out of five, it was completely incredible and I can t wait to start reading the next one in fact, by the time I ve typed this up I already will have started it which is called Sequins, Stars and Spotlights.The cover of Beads, Boys and Bangles is beautiful I love all the patterns and pretty colours And once again, like the one on the Threads cover, I like the dress A lot Who is designing these Seriously I want one.

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    Aw, this book was just delightful fun I liked the first book in the Threads series that I just couldn t wait for the second and third books to be released in the US and I bought them from Book Depository This series is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets Project Runway as four best friends continue their fashion escapades in London From dating gorgeous superstar boys to traveling the world in search of the truth behind Miss Teen s reported ethical clothing factories, Nonie, Edie, Jenny, and Crow are at it again This is fluffy chick lit with a social conscience and just a really enjoyable read Here s hoping that someone gets their act together and publishes these in the States soon

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    SO very amazing, and I have started loving everything bout fashion as I read through the thread series

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    Eigentlich l uft alles super Kr hes Kollektion geht weg, wie die sprichw rtlichen warmen Semmeln, Nonie trifft sich mit einem gutaussehendem Typen, Jenny spielt die Hauptrolle in einem extra f r sie geschriebenen Theaterst ck und Edie ist mit ihrer Website sehr erfolgreich Bis eines Tages auf eben dieser schwere Anschuldigungen auftauchen Kr hes Kollektion soll durch indische Kinder in Kinderarbeit hergestellt worden sein Obwohl das Label Miss Teen behauptet, dass an den Anschuldigungen nichts dran ist, fliegen die M dels pers nlich nach Indien um sich anzusehen, wie die Kollektion tats chlich entsteht Wie Marshmallows mit Seidenglitter von Sophia Bennett ist der zweite Roman um Kr he, Nonie, Jenny, Edie und ihr chaotisches Modeleben in der Hauptstadt Gro Britanniens Auch wenn anfangs alles harmonisch erscheint, weil sich viele Tr ume erf llen, nimmt die Geschichte schnell Fahrt auf Die Anschuldigungen wiegen schwer, nicht nur weil Edie sich f r Menschenrechte einsetzt Wie schon im ersten Teil konnte ich wunderbar mit den M dchen mitf hlen Es wird zwar aus Nonies Perspektive erz hlt, doch auch die anderen drei kommen nicht zu kurz So versteht man Edies Verzweiflung ber Hacker Angriffe und deren Vorw rfe Aber Nonie kann auch Kr hes ruhige Art in Worte fassen, sodass man auch sie besser kennenlernt Von Jenny ist hingegen etwas weniger zu lesen, da sie viel mit den Proben f r ihre neue Rolle besch ftigt ist Aus Nonies Sicht zu lesen ist au erdem sehr angenehm, da sie die normalste der vier M dchen ist Sie kann zwar unglaublich gut organisieren, ist aber nicht so eine Intelligenzbestie wie Edie, verschlossene K nstlerseele wie Kr he oder so eine exzentrische Schauspielerin wie Jenny Dadurch konnte ich mich w hrend des Lesens sehr gut mit ihr identifizieren und mich mit ihr freuen, ekeln, leiden und lachen.Die Reise nach Indien ist nicht nur f r die M dchen ein Abenteuer Die Stra en, die Bahn und die Geb ude, wie das Taj Mahal, werden so wunderbar beschrieben, dass sie vor meinem inneren Auge auftauchten und ich mich ins Land der Maharadschas w nschte Es werden Geschichten erz hlt, die eine wunderbar orientalische Stimmung erzeugen Dadurch hat es einfach Spa gemacht, die Geschichte zu lesen Au erdem wurde sie dann auch sehr spannend, denn ganz ungef hrlich ist die Reise nicht Leider fand diese erst im hinteren Teil des Buches statt Ich h tte mir gew nscht, mehr ber die Reise zu lesen und daf r etwas weniger vom Vorgepl nkel, das manchmal etwas zu ausf hrlich war.Die Autorin hat es wieder geschafft eine Modegeschichte mit Tiefgang zu schreiben, denn man lernt so einiges ber Kinderarbeit und wie schrecklich das Leben der so ausgebeuteten Kinder ist So wird man auf jeden Fall angeregt dar ber nachzudenken, ob man nicht bereit ist, lieber etwas mehr Geld f r nicht in Kinderarbeit hergestellt Kleidung auszugeben und sich weiter ber das Thema zu informieren Dieser schwere, traurige Stoff wurde mit einer teils sehr lustigen und immer wieder spannenden Modegeschichte verbunden, wodurch ein meist fesselnder und ber hrender Roman entsteht.

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    I was so happy to find this in my Santa Sack on Christmas morning, because I ve wanted this book for ages well, 2 months, but still It s the follow up to Threads which is my favourite book not in a series ever So you can probably imagine my excitement when I opened it Beads, Boys and Bangles is again narrated by the eccentric, fashion mad , 15 year old Nonie Nonie likes to stand out from the crowd and gets most of her clothes in charity shops, or else she makes them herself She s that girl Nonie is probably my favourite character She s witty, hilarious and makes a great narrator Or maybe Nonie s older brother Harry is my favourite character He s just like his sister and he certainly knows how to annoy her I really hated Alexander, Nonie s supposed to be boyfriend I can t say much about him, or else I ll spoil it, but take it from me He s justgrrrr Around the middle of the book, Miss Teen, the fashion label Crow works for, sends the girls on a trip to..India The girls are super excited, because, not only only do they get to see how the clothes are made, they get to goshopping Mumbai is a brilliant place for shopping so Nonie is in heaven and Crow loves it too, because Mumbai has amazing fabrics Crow would love to work with But then they find something appalling is going on, and when they get back to England, set out to fix itThis book really is super I wouldn t say it s as good as the first one but then, that s a lot to live up too , but it still is brilliant It gets 5 5, because I was gripped the whole way through, since there was one or two supporting storylines, so you never get bored So, all in all, it was great I definitely recommend you read it, and the first book , Threads.

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    Threads was one of the first books I ever reviewed I think it was the first ARC I ever got sent and I absolutely fell in love with everything about it Without a doubt, Threads is one of my favourite YA series and each installment manages to be even better than the last.Beads, Boys and Bangles picks up shortly after where Threads left off and, even though it had been six months or so since I read Threads, I was instantly back in Nonie and co s world and very, very happy to be there Sophia Bennett has such a natural, easy way with words that makes everything seem so effortless, despite the fact it s clear so much research into fashion went into this series to keep it authentic Well, that sounds like fun research to me Even though I love the plot of Beads, Boys and Bangles it s definitely the characters that make this such a wonderful book and a wonderful series Nonie is just great, so easy to relate to and I love her voice She provides some real laugh out loud moments but can have you crying just a moment later I always shed a few tears during one of the Threads books and I love how the stories always make me cry, it s a testament to how well written they are.We learn a little about each of the girls in this installment and I loved getting to know them all a little better, especially Crow, who continues to fascinate me All four of the girls are so wholly formed and well developed that it s easy to get pulled into their world, worry about their problems and swoon at the pretty artsy boys right alongside them.If you enjoyed Threads then you ll absolutely adore Beads, Boys and Bangles and if you haven t yet started the series get cracking on it now, you re really missing out on a corker

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    Crow, a crian a invis vel do primeiro livro, uma sumidade no mundo da moda Sua nova cole o, lan ada pela Miss Teen um sucesso Mas, algo aparece para emba ar esse brilho No site de Eddie come am a chover den ncias sobre a produ o das roupas da cole o da Crow A acusa o F bricas indianas fazem com que crian as trabalhem at 16 horas por dia sem intervalo na fabrica o das roupas Andy Elat, o dono da Miss Teen, por outro lado, fornece relat rios que desmentem essas acusa es Quem est mentindo preciso averiguar direto na fonte e Eddie, Nonie e Crow, acompanhadas do irm o fofo da Nonie o Harry , partem para a ndia Dessa vez, Jenny fica porque est s voltas com a produ o de uma pe a teatral Alguns anos antes, eu teria perguntado por que Laskhmi e Ganesh n o tentaram voltar para os pais, mas ent o conheci Crow e agora entendo que algumas coisas s o mais complicadas do que podemos imaginar A hist ria dela vai ser diferente da de Crow, mas seja como for, sei que n o posso estalar os dedos e fazer com que tudo fique melhor Gostaria de poder De verdade Em Brilhos, Sophia Bennett segue incluindo em suas hist rias, temas controversos, chocantes e como comentei na resenha de Linhas, assuntos que muitos podem achar um tanto ridos para serem tratados na literatura juvenil S , que assim como no livro anterior, Bennet o faz com muita leveza e sensibilidade A autora emociona, informa e conscientiza, tudo em meio a muito brilho, plumas, n ilons, desfiles, lan amentos de cole es Leia mais em

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    Volvemos a encontrarnos con las protagonistas de Hilos , una vez terminada su primera aventura Ahora, ser n conscientes de lo absolutamente malvada que es la sociedad capitalista y la b squeda de precios de producci n realmente competitivos Y es que si por algo se caracteriza este libro es por la visi n tan clara que da de ciertos aspectos de la sociedad y de la producci n Sin embargo, el verdadero motivo para leerlo deber a ser que los personajes os gustaran en el primer libro, porque lo que es la trama no est mal, pero tampoco es para echar cohetes Lee m s

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About the Author: Sophia Bennett

My name s Sophia, and I write about girls discovering their inner power Sometimes they re fashion designers, sometimes they re would be pop stars and sometimes they re spies They re always a lot braver than they know, and I love it when they finally figure that out.Since I won the Times Chicken House competition in 2009 my books have been published around the world, from Germany to Brazil and Ja