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Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for summary Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for, series Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for, book Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for, pdf Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for, Bedeviled - Careful what you wish for fef99e5f8b All Angel Wanted Was To Help Poor Nerdy Max Break Into The Popular Crowd But Somehow The Wires Got Crossed And She Ended Up Granting All Of Gabi S Secret Desires Instead Not That Angel Has Anything Against Gabi Getting What She Wants It S Just That The Things Gabi Dreams About On The QT Starring In A Reality TV Show With Angel At Her Side And Dating Angel S Boyfriend, Cole Just Happen To Be The Stuff Of Angel S Worst Nightmares

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    ani neviem o povedat k tej knihe, bola vtipn , z bavn , mil , sem tam ma aj roz lila, ale rozhodne bola ove a lep ia, ako jej predchodkyne takze sa te m na tvrt z vere n ast

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    I read this series a long while ago, but I really loved it I think that it s because I was younger though I still remember most of it and I remember books that I truly loved I should definitely re read this to see my opinion on it like 2 or 3 years later, but my to read list is too long.

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    Picking up right where we left off in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dress we find Angel still struggling with who she is Sure, she s the daughter of the devil And sure, daddy trades wishes for souls But she has powers too She ll grant wishes for free That ll show him If she uses her powers for good it ll prove something That her anger at him is justified maybe That it should be easy for him to just up and quit his job Yeah She ll show him But as the title of the book warns, be careful what you wish for Or maybe, accurately, be careful of an ability to grant wishes for others See, when granting wishes for others you may create a monster Or at the very least a mess, one you may not be able to undo as there s a technicality here if something goes wrong, you cannot undo your wish granting, unless the person you ve been granting wishes for is willing to have ALL of their wishes undone But surely when the person Angel is granting wishes for is Gabi, her best friend, nothing can go wrong Right Gabi is smart She d never want to do anything that could harm Angel Nothing that could give her identity away Gabi wouldn t be turned into one of those wish hungry monsters would she Another fast, fun read in this series If you ve read the others, you won t be disappointed If you haven t read the others start with the first and work your way here I ll be back for the next as this series doesn t yet show any signs of weakening.

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    This is a really good book It s about a girl named Angel She found out that her dad was the devil and she had powers But these powers are not working out for her She either says the wrong thing or she is being irresponsible.Angel s powers are affected on alot She has to be careful of what she is thinking because it just might happen Read this book to find out what happens to Angel and her friend Gabi.

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    Cute and enjoyable A nice easy read

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    Great book with a lot of drama

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    FunnyCute book with a little pizzaz attached Find the characters relatable and pretty endearing, good read for all Two thumbs up

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    The third has to be THE BEAT of all the books in the series The story still unfolds in the next volume

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    I can t wait to read this book

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    L bilo, ale byla to v t nuda ne u p edchoz ch d l.Ov em D L z D

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