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Doctor at Sea chapter 1 Doctor at Sea, meaning Doctor at Sea, genre Doctor at Sea, book cover Doctor at Sea, flies Doctor at Sea, Doctor at Sea 8e33f1615e055 Richard Gordon S Life Was Moving Rapidly Towards Middle Aged Lethargy Or So He Felt Employed As An Assistant In General Practice The Medical Equivalent Of A Poor Curate And Having Been Persuaded That Marriage Is As Much An Obligation For A Young Doctor As Celibacy For A Priest, Richard Sees The Rest Of His Life Stretching Before Him Losing His Nerve, And Desperately In Need Of An Antidote, He Instead Signs On With The Fathom Steamboat Company What Follows Is A Hilarious Tale Of Nautical Diseases And Assorted Misadventures At Sea Yet He Also Becomes Embroiled In A Mystery What Is In The Captain S Stomach Remedy And To The Point, What On Earth Happened To The Previous Doctor

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    I have wanted to read the Doctor series for a long time They were said to be hilarious so I was a bit disappointed because this book was only moderately funny However, the underplayed British humour is still very much there, and you would enjoy it if you are a fan of Jerome K Jerome or Wodehouse.Richard Gordon has only one way to escape from an unwanted marriage sign on as a ship s doctor so that he can be away from England s shores for a sizeable period of time He manages to do that, but finds out being on a ramshackle ship like the Lotus with a light fingered assistant, a cantankerous curmudgeon of a captain, randy ship mates and bent spoons and rusty forks to do an appendectomy is not exactly what he imagined his future would be like when he passed medical college However, he survives and has an educational and entertaining trip to South America and back educational for him and entertaining for us, the readers.Good light reading when one needs a pick me up.

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    This was one my favourite books in the Doctor in the House series.

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    Another very entertaining book in the Doctor series I note that reviewers of several of Gordon s books complain that they are not as funny as they d been expecting Well, if you are looking for a laugh out loud comic novel, this would definitely not be a good choice Gordon s style is mildly humorous rather than side splitting His books tend to take the form of loosely connected anecdotes with characters taken and slightly exaggerated from life That is their joy They tell stories from life but observed with an eye for the ludicrous If you enjoy a simple, well told story told in a light hearted manner, this is for you.

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    Assumed this would have been about the newly qualified Dr Gordon and follow on from doctor in the house but it wasn t Slow start, not that easy to get into and not as funny Did pick up about half way through though.

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    Charting the progress of the young doctor, this time at Sea Lightly amusing retelling of seafaring tales under Captain Hogg.

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    Love this book.Gives rather interesting view on the merchant Navy.Funny.

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    Comic read, will keep you in splits Recommend for every Gordon fan.

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    It is a long time since I read this series the Doctor series by Richard Gordon beginning with this one, and this one stands out in memory perhaps because it was the first one, unless it was because of the doctor who was fed up at the end of the first voyage in the job he took on a ship hoping for a cushy job, much money and hardly anything to do which was all fine and true, only the captain s wife was seasick every morning, no matter what he gave her, regular as a clockwork, and he came off feeling a failure for being unable to cure her seasickness.

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    Amazing book Easy reads, but awesome story.

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    New, marginally trained doctor escapes imminent marriage by signing on to a merchant ship as its medical officer Gets schooled by a bunch of old salts Amusing.

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