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Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker explained Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker, review Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker, trailer Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker, box office Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker, analysis Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker, Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker c183 The Wild Ride Of The Most Romanticized Icon In Jazz Is Thrillingly Recounted In This First Major BiographyFrom His Emergence In The S When An Uncannily Beautiful Young Man From Oklahoma Appeared On The West Coast To Become, Seemingly Overnight, The Prince Of Cool Jazz Until His Violent, Drug Related Death In Amsterdam In , Chet Baker Lived A Life That Has Become An American Myth Now, Drawing On Hundreds Of Interviews And Previously Untapped Sources, James Gavin Gives A Hair Raising Account Of The Trumpeter S Dark JourneyThe Story Of Baker S Demise A Heretofore Unsolved Riddle Is Revealed Here At Last So Is The Truth Behind His Tormented Childhood, The Pain Of Which Haunted His Entire Life Gavin Explores The Birth Of The Melancholy Trumpet Playing, The Fragile Tenor Voice, And The Otherworldly Personal Aura That Catapulted Baker To Fame Sexy, Angelic, Needy, And Forbidding All At Once, Baker Became Known As The James Dean Of Jazz Like Dean, He Struck A Note Of Menace In The Staid Fifties Behind His Ultracool, Handsome Fa Ade Lay Something Ominous, Unspoken The Mystery Drove Both Sexes Crazy But His Only Real Romance, Apart From Music, Was With Drugs And In Mesmerizing Detail, Gavin Narrates The Harrowing Spiral Of Dependency Down Which Baker Tumbled, Dragging With Him Those Who Dared Get CloseFrom His Golden Promise To His Eventual Destruction, Baker S Life Mirrored America S Fall From Postwar Innocence Deep In A Dream Is The Portrait Of A Musician Whose Singular Artistry And Mystique Have Never Lost Their Power To Enchant And Seduce Us

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker
  • James Gavin
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9781566492843

About the Author: James Gavin

James Gavin, author of books about jazz.

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    I saw again Let s get lost the Bruce Weber s movie on Chet Baker Weber, the fashion photograph star, famous for his campaign for Calvin Klein or Abercombie Look at his last portfolio realised in the Hamprtons, full of a venenous erotism..In this movie, no glamour, Weber has the intelligence to disappear behind his subject It is a black and white movie He had choosen a film like Tri X Pan, 400 ASA, perhaps TRI X Pan, the film which permit to Truffaut and Godard to work in the street Without it, no nouvelle vague Thank you Kodak.It gives to the pitcures a big grain, a dirty aspect Chet appears to be often like a ghost, an ectoplasm, like someone back from hell, And really, Chet knew the styx Angel and rebel, his fragile voice always at break limit is moving, he spoke about nostalgia, past time, love lostListen to my funny Valentine My prefered version is the last one for ENJA label It was recorded in germany Ther is here some great jazz orchestra, memory of US occupation The session was epouvantable The night, Chet sale his trumpet for drug and the next day, the productor was complained to buy it to dealer.Baker rise and fall The reason He explains it in the movie Speedball Hero ne coca ne, but not too much coca ne A passport for Hell.I saw Chet 3 times The first one it was in roman amphyteatre in Vienne, near Lyon July, end of an hot day Chet seemed to be happy on stage, he drunk Perrier, it was magnificAfter seing the movie, I wanted to read again this book It is a good work, complete, but no empathy In fact, it is the total inverse of the film, and so, it is it perfect complement.

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    Holy Methadone y, Chet Baker, what a life What a relentlessly grim, sad, smack filled life There are books like Keith Richards s Life, full of the stories of a junkie and a life of excess, but also with some redemption and some life lessons to be found in the pages This book none of that No maturity gained, no life lessons except maybe drugs are bad, mmmmkay , and absolutely no redemption Yet the book was beautifully written, and the story compelling enough to make me want to keep reading, even though I knew how it ended.My Chet Baker records are still important to me, and his musical genius was undeniable, but hearing them now I will always be aware of the life that lay behind them and the life that could have been.

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    Wonderful biography of a monstrous man I have never liked the subject of a biography less than I liked Chet Baker.

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    Oh, Chet You do make it hard to love you I d like to say I heard Chet play and sing before I ever saw him but I am not sure that is true I can only say that both hearing and seeing him would have made me swoony a pretty common reaction to the jazz James Dean Any romantic ideas I had about him not too many, I had heard some tales were pretty well laid to rest by this exhaustive biography Starting with his earliest life and continuing to his incredibly sad and undignified death, this biography is incredibly well researched Having said that, it has it s issues I have to say that I did not agree with the biographer and many critics in describing his music as unemotional or monotone and I don t think he was that way internally either I do believe he was incredibly stunted as a person his childhood and strange parents guaranteed that An abusive father and overbearing mother were twin forces of destruction starting from little Chesney s birth His father has the one benefit of having introduced Chettie to music but that is pretty much it His mother is like something out of a Tennessee Williams play over loving to the point of looking a bit creepy Chet took to music like a duck to water and was soon showing some prowess His sound was probably forever changed by a typical childhood accident playing with some kids, one threw a rock that ricocheted off a street lamp and hit Chet in the mouth This knocked out a front tooth that would have changed his embouchure forever It did not slow him down Chet did a stint in the army marked by constant attempts to get out and plenty of stockade time and was able to gain some musical experience playing in military bands He was drawn first to a lighter style of jazz Harry James and later developed his own style that fit nicely into the new West Coast Jazz style that was becoming very trendy Along the way he picked up and discarded a wife, bedded as many women as possible and began dabbling with drugs He started with the very common jazz drug of pot and moved on to the drug of choice of most of the greats including his hero mentor Charlie Parker heroin This of course would be his downfall Chet s relationships with women are about as ugly as his relationship with drugs He was involved with some interesting and talented women a beautiful French girl who went on to become a movie star in France, a lovely East Indian girl she is most commonly pictured with Chet due to her beauty and innocence and than one musician He eventually married his last wife, Carol a British woman, who despite being treated extremely badly by Chet comes out of the story smelling as bad if not worse than Chet himself He never divorced her and had 3 kids by her but effectively abandoned her pretty early on in their marriage She is the definition of the woman scorned, to this day having instilled her greed and anger into Chet s worst victims his children She and the kids continue to this day to reap the profits of the music Chet made during his lifetime as well as t shirts, posters and pretty much anything that can be sold It s easy to feel sympathy for his children they barely knew their father and this was his fault, but they have been even damaged by their vengeful mother I can definitely understand the anger of his wife, but a good person would have done everything they could to protect their offspring instead of indoctrinating them with hatred His children appear in the famed documentary about Chet, Let s Get Lost and his sons are disconcertingly handsome in the same way as Chet himself His daughter is an Okie stereotype and as disturbing as her mother Chet also has a son with his wife, Halema Chesney Aftab the only one of his kids to have any musical interest and his father s wanderlust He was the only child Chet ever seemed to have much interest in and even that was passing Many of the apocryphal stories of Chet s life are dispelled here The story of how Chet eventually lost many teeth due to a beating but also due to what seemed to be bad teeth from his youth and how he learned to play trumpet again, his legendary drug excesses there are stories here that are so disturbing as to leave one haunted forever and his dalliances with many women In between all the debauchery and horror of life on the road, jail, drugs, failure and darkness is the music shining and melancholy and romantic as California beach at sunrise I truly believe that music was the only real love of Chet s life I believe he loved some of the women that he was involved with several of whom he was physically abusive to and all of which he was neglectful of, but I think he was emotionally stunted to a degree that he could not love like a complete person He reserved that for music At times the book and those quoted in the book will say that heroin was the only thing that Chet loved I think like most junkies, he did love dope but not for the dependence or even the high but because it made the music spill out of him I think he suffered from performance fear he was notoriously shy at times and as he got older and tattered I suspect smack was the only way he could gain back his notoriously effortless playing He is the ultimate beauty and talent, fallen as far as it is possible to fall His death was ignoble and sad though I do not believe it was a murder as some speculate and the only fitting requiem is that he was raised up like Lazarus after his death by the beauty of his musical legacy No matter how dissipated his life and legend is, the music stands alone, beautiful and haunting.

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    Well written, and insightful on the racial aspect of Baker s early success and the jazz community resentment that came with it, but it s been a while since I read a biography that made me dislike the subject I read the last 200 or so pages in which Chet does drugs and does drugs and does drugs and does drugs and does drugs and dies, pausing only to fuck over every single person who s nice to him in about a day, just to put it behind me The Italians appear to have been able to put up with his bullshit much longer than everybody else in the world.

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    Desperately sad story of a Junkie Who also played the Trumpet and had chiselled cheek bones.

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    The conflict in Deep in a Dream stems from my being a giant Chet Baker fan my initial interest was based on my love of his music the way he sings exactly like he plays trumpet as well as having watched the 1988 documentary Let s Get Lost, after which I simply felt sorry for him Whereas the documentary painted him as a sorry man with a drug addiction who essentially had nothing, someone easily sympathized with, Deep in a Dream shows him to have been the creator of his own end It paints him in an incredibly unflattering light, in terms of the way he cheated on and abused the women in his life, robbed for drug money, destroyed his body with needles, abandoned his kids It s a thorough portrait of Baker and goes into ridiculous detail, at nearly 400 pages, and yet, every page seems absolutely necessary And it also goes behind that 1988 documentary, which, according to the book, was nothing than a flattering tribute by a fan I finished this book hating Baker as a person, feeling foolish for being a female fan who saw him as a weak, mysterious man who made music as soft spoken as I imagined him to be this aligns me with the bulk of his fanbase, which is how he d have wanted it But James Gavin did an impeccable job of turning Baker s life into a complete story.

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    Well, that was a harrowing read I came to this book with some casual curiosity, and ended up learning waaaaay than I d bargained for As is obvious to me at this point, it was never going to be possible to like or admire Chet Baker the person, but I think I have a better understanding of his music now And I love the idea that the Italians fell in love with him while the Americans shunned him because of some of the Felliniesque qualities they saw in his nature and his art It s all a fascinating, horrifying story.

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    Angel music Monster soul.

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    Known for his clean tone on trumpet and as a romantic balladeer of song, he is often thought of as a tragic hero because of his well publicized heroin addiction.Mr Gavin paints a picture of a self obsessed junkie who abused women and drugs in equal measure Chet Baker was born with a natural affinity for music Although his music reading ability was negligible, he had a superb talent for playing by ear, a talent he squandered on his addictions Heroin, cocaine, marijuana and pills no drug was a stranger to him Like most addictive personalities, he painted himself as the victim and yet ruined the lives of all who came within his circle of influence His death at 58 from falling or jumping from a third story window in Holland brought an end to the hellish existence he had created for himself and others.Given his innate talent and early successes, one can only wonder What If in regard to the path he chose.

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