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Moon Called pdf Moon Called, ebook Moon Called, epub Moon Called, doc Moon Called, e-pub Moon Called, Moon Called c8f5fce62a1 Mercedes Thompson, Aka Mercy, Is A Talented Volkswagen Mechanic Living In The Tri Cities Area Of Washington She Also Happens To Be A Walker, A Magical Being With The Power To Shift Into A Coyote At Will Mercy S Next Door Neighbor Is A Werewolf Her Former Boss Is A Gremlin And She S Fixing A Bus For A Vampire This Is The World Of Mercy Thompson, One That Looks A Lot Like Ours But Is Populated By Those Things That Go Bump In The Night And Mercy S Connection To Those Things Is About To Get Her Into Some Serious Hot Water

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    The cover is shitPNR are all the sameMoon Called is still good.What could be better than a Haiku review Well, other than a proper review, I guessThe thing is, I did REALLY enjoy this book it has a lot to recommend itself to readers with Mercy is a nice character She s not a complete badass but she s not a push over either.There s a mystery though the mystery was interesting it all came up kind of lame in the end.The writing is pretty good and even though the world building is stock standard, it was a fun read.I guess the reason there isn t much to say is that these stories all tend to blend in together now.Mercy, Merit, Mac, Cat, Elena, Dru, Rose, Sunshine, KateHell, I had to look up half the names because I d forgotten them It kind of makes me sad because, really, none of the above heroines really stick out from each other They re all badass when they need to be, stubborn, strong, intelligent There s nothing really individual about them They all have some sort of super powers and attract the attention of some very nice literary eye candy.I m kind of waiting for a PNR character to stick out a bit Why is it that the men in this genre as so much interesting than the women Clayton s a crazy, antisocial werewolf I d never have to look up his name Barrons is mysterious and totally three different kinds of awesome Curran is violent and overbearing but has that whole bad tempered, territorial softie going for him while Ethan, with his shrivelled, black heart is fascinating because you slowly watch his humanity return Then there s Bones who is probably the most unique out of them all.Yet the men are all kind of the same too They re all violent At least it s an undercurrent of violence that hums beneath the surface They re all painfully dominant, macho and likely to step all over the heroine if she doesn t use her attitude to make them back off They all come to grudgingly respect their respective partners and are really passionate and demonstrative of their emotions.The most annoying trend of these books is that, in all likelihood, I will need to wait until book 4 before any horizontal, nekkid tangoing occurs So whilst I will, no doubt, read the rest of this series and love every minute of it, I can t help but bemoan the fact that it, so far, provides nothing new or interesting in a genre which proves that you literally can Write By Numbers.You will like this reviewI so know that you doHit the button, bitch image error

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    It pains me to say this and I may lose my guy cred , but I m a big fan of the urban fantasy sub genre While I tend to lean towards male protagonists i.e Butcher s Dresdan Files and Green s Nightside series , I still love me a good, tough female protagonist That being said, I was hesitant to pick this one up because of the abysmal Harlequin like cover In my opinion, many of the current crop of urban fantasy covers look like they belong in the romance section Why do I even know what Harlequin is Anyway, that being said, I m glad I picked this one up I thought the main character of Moon Called , Mercedes Thompson, is one of the refreshing female characters I have come across in a long time Her banter with the other werewolves is priceless, and writing good dialogue has always been Patricia Briggs strong point.This is the story of werewolves, vampires and fae, and the struggle they find living in a modern world that has no place for them This is the story of a young coyote named Mercy who lives among a male dominated werewolf pack, which views all women as being weak Basically, this is all about struggle, loyalty, honor, friendship, love and fixing cars Moon Called is an inventive and fun read in a genre that is saturated with sameness Much better than any current Anita Blake catastrophe, I happily recommend this one.

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    I m still loving my favorite coyote shapeshifter Mercy I re read this on audio and it was so strange listening to Lorelei King as the narrator I was expecting Lula from Stephanie Plum to jump out at any moment But that is neither here nor there It was sweet going back and listening from the beginning And the Mercy and Adam thing Everything was just so weird but still loving it I missed Stefan and the scooby mobile images I always got I think there is of that in the next book though I think I spelled his name wrong Anyway He s Mercy s vamp friends And there was Bran for the first time He s a mighty fine werewolf SHUT UP Now I get to read about Mercy and Adam falling in love all over again Mel

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    What a great addition to the urban fantasy genre Mercy is a likeable and engaging protagonist She doesn t come off as invincible and inhuman in her buttkicking abilities, yet at the same time, she is comfortable in her own skin and can hold her own.The universe is interesting, much like the world we live in, save the addition of preternatural creatues such as werewolves, vampires, fae, and coyote shifters like Mercy, which seem quite rare.I enjoyed the description of the pack dynamics and Mercy doesn t quite fit into the werewolf packs, yet at the same time is an integral part of them She has an interesting relationship with the Marrok, Bran, who is the acknowleged leader of all the werewolves in North America, and somewhat like a father figure to Mercy, Samuel, the firstborn of Bran, who Mercy almost married mated to, and Adam, the alpha of the pack of werewolves where Mercy lives, in the Tri Cities area Out of the three, Adam is my favorite He was very attractive to me in his personality and how he interacted with Mercy I can t get enough of him Samuel also had some seductive traits to me He is strong but gentle at the same time He clearly has feelings for Mercy that are unresolved There are other secondary characters that truly caught my interest and that I want to read about Mercy has an interesting relationship with both Adam and Sam, and that is sure to play a major role in later installments I much say Mercy is surrounded by beautiful, powerful, intriguing men of various origins I like the way Briggs made Mercy stand out She saved Adam s life than once, but she is also very aware of her limitations Mercy s an auto mechanic and runs her own shop, which is how she gets entangled in the situation that arises in this book It s great to see a heroine who has such dimensions to her.The magic elements were arresting, particularly as this book showed the magic of the werewolf and the pack, how their strength draws from the alpha and gives back to him It was really enjoyable to read about As a werewolf lover, this did my heart good There are also some vampire elements in this book for those who are of the fang persuasion And yes, for the faery lovers, there s even a little of that sprinkled in this book Although this was not a long book, it was a veritable hearty meal for urban fantasy lovers.All in all, a great start to a series that I definitely want to continue reading.

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    After all the reviews I had read about this book, I though this series would be over the top Everybody was giving 5 stars to this book, and for that very same reason I had high expectations for it Maybe that was the problemIt wasn t a bad read, just a VERY slow one The first half of the book was REALLY boring and slow paced, it only described the heroine and her life Around page 100 comes this hot sexy alpha wolf who makes you think that the book is finally going to turn out interesting but then things get messed up when her previous lover appears.I was waiting for something to happen between Mercy and one of the two wolves, but it never did The whole book was about problems with the Alpha s pack The book has some very good action, but if you are expecting some romance don t even try this one The only thing that happens between Mercy and one of this wolves is a kiss on the last page That s it Seriously There s cero chemistry between the characters, cero awkward moments, nothing I kept reading because I thought that this would change, but it never did For most people the first book of a series always seems to be the worst because of all the world building information we get introduced to Maybe it s just me, but after the second book, the feeling goes away and I get to enjoy a lot the series So I ll give the series another chance.Don t get me wrong, it was a good book, I enjoyed reading it, it s just that I got bored most of the time And Mercy really needs to get her love life going on a bit faster and entertaining Maybe I couldn t enjoyed this book as much as I wanted to because I read it after series like psy changeling, the Black dagger Brotherhood, the night huntress and the immortals after dark Any of those were definitely much better than this one.

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    BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Nov 15, 2015 Note to self you should review books right after reading them When you don t you always end up lowering your original rating view spoiler Oh well hide spoiler

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    Dance when the moon sings, and don t cry about troubles that haven t yet come This review is so long overdue, as I read this book twice within a year and am still just now getting around to typing up my thoughts Don t let that make you think for a moment, though, that it s because I don t have anything to say about Moon Called, because believe you me, I do Some back story here paranormal fantasy was one of my favorite genres as a teen, but when I hit adulthood, it became popular for people to make fun of the genre thanks, Twilight , and I m willing to admit that peer pressure shoved me right out of my love for books like this Now, at 26, I m so glad I ve learned to stop giving a crap about what other people think of my taste in books, because damn, Mercy Thompson is fun Love thy enemies, it says in the scriptures My foster mother always added, At the very least, you will be polite to them Patricia Briggs just has this writing style I can t help but love It s not flowery or over the top it s just quick paced, enjoyable, and full of character development At the time that I m writing this review, I ve read a few of her novellas and two novels like I said, having read this one twice , and there s never been a bored moment for me in any of them In fact, it s the opposite I find that once I pick up a Patricia Briggs story, I can t stand putting it down until it s over Samuel s shoulders shook slightly I can see it now, Mercy holding a roomful of vampires at bay with her glowing sheep It s not just that the plot was fun though it was , but than anything, these characters are so immediately lovable that I couldn t possibly have disliked this book Mercy is so to the point and down to business, and she s surrounded by the best side characters, whether it s Samuel s witty jokes or Adam s quiet sarcasm, or even Bran s general state of I don t have to show off because I already know I can kick your ass to kingdom come living The pack dynamics are pretty solid, too there s a lot of emphasis on how the alphas aren t just there to boss everyone around, but they re also protectors and leaders, and it makes for a really good time Don t lick the guests, darling Bad manners There s also a slew of non werewolf shifter characters, such as the fae folk and vampires, which I think is such a fun addition I feel like, as a teen, all of the werewolf books I read were just about wolves, or maybe about wolves and vamps, but never fae folk, etc It could easily get overwhelming with the vast number of characters you meet in this fairly short novel, but Patricia Briggs has this way of giving them all such distinct personalities that I never struggled to keep anyone separate Mine, he said I don t think so She is mine It would have been flattering, I thought, except that at least one of them was talking about dinner MercyVerse Author s Order MT, AO, novellas, etc novellas in progress GN Homecoming MT 1 Moon Called AO 0.5 Alpha Omega AO 1 Cry Wolf AO 2 Hunting Ground MT 2 Blood Bound MT 3 Iron Kissed MT 4 Bone Crossed MT 5 Silver Borne MT 6 River Marked AO 3 Fair Game MT 7 Frost Burned AO 4 Dead Heat MT 8 Night Broken MT 9 Fire Touched MT 10 Silence Fallen AO 5 Burn Bright

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    After attempting to read Moon Called at least 5 times I am finally giving up There is absolutely no chance I will ever read the sequels, so why bother I am a fan of urban fantasy and this novel is very highly rated by readers, so it is surprising that I disliked it so much My expectations for urban fantasy are not huge well developed lore, engaging paranormal mystery and one or two sexy supernatural hunks to swoon over I don t care how formulaic it is, as long as it is written well Moon Called managed to disappoint me on all fronts I found Mercy s world uninteresting, messy in its blend of weres, vamps, fae, and witchcraft, its introduction awkward, the entire concept of weres being immortal and people becoming young again after turning was contrived, and constant dominant submissive explanations were extremely boring The mystery took way too much time to get to As for hunks, I was pretty much over the story when I found out one of two Mercy s love interests was almost 200 years older than her and was trying to marry her when she was 16 to get him some werepups Mercy, for all her supposed toughness, cried every two pages and acted rather immaturely And lastly, there was absolutely no romance smut in this book and won t be, from what I ve heard, until book 4 but there will be a view spoiler rape scene hide spoiler

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    Seems I m on an Urban Fantasy kick right now I ve had this book on my shelf forever because a few people recommended it, but every time I picked it up to read, I saw the cover art of Mercy with her bare mid drift and cleavage and though ugh another one of those heroines that are bad ass and probably stubborn with a chip on her shoulder, etc I love strong female protagonists, but some are really annoying when they refuse all help But I was looking at the book for an article I was writing about fantasy novels and read a short except on the first page and was intrigued.I m so glad I gave this book a chance I was hooked almost right away I loved that she s a mechanic and I also appreciated the realistic details When she shoots a gun it s LOUD and she loses her hearing for a while that s what happens when you don t wear ear protection She gets hurt like a broken arm when she s fighting werewolves thank you My only reason for not giving that last star is due to the reason for everything that happened view spoiler I thought Gerry wanting to stop Bran to keep the werewolves from going public was a excellent reason for everything that happened and for all the people who died, but when it turned out he just wanted his father to accept his wolf that was a disappointment Yes, it s a motive, but the lengths Gerry went to, just didn t match I m sure there were other ways to get his father to fight hide spoiler

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    I was super happy to discover a new PNR series and after reading Patricia Briggs 1st book in her Mercy Thompson series.I was beyond happy excited like it Mercy Thompson a natural born coyote shape shifter, auto mechanic and owner of a garage, sensible, together, strong and independent, lives in the Tri Cities are of Washington, amidst a world of humans and supernaturals vampires, walkers, werewolves, fey, witches..The storyline revolves around the murder of a young boy, employed by Mercy, who tells her, before he s killed that he had been turned unwillingly and that this a secret party carrying out experiments on werewolves When Adam Hauptman her next door neighbor and leader of the local wolf pack is attacked and his daughter kidnapped, Mercy takes matters into her own hands despite Adam being a bit of a twit of a neighbor Mercy takes him to the Marrok leader of all wolf packs in North America, asking for help.Whilst there s not much of a romance story here, I think that the triangle between Mercy, Samuel and Adam is going to develop in a way I am not sure how For me, I hope its Adam Mercy does feel a thing for this sexy and hot werewolf An interesting and believable plot with characters that are appealing and sympathetic and relatable, suspense and mystery, surprises and red herrings that are totally unexpected when revealed.I really like the world building the author has created and she manages to bring something fresh and new ideas into the PNR world.My favorite quote

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