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Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness quotes Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness, litcharts Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness, symbolism Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness, summary shmoop Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness, Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas, and Found Happiness 012023a5 In November , Former Editor In Chief Of House Garden Magazine Dominique Browning Experienced What Thousands Have Since Experienced She Lost Her Job Overnight, Her Driven, Purpose Filled Days Vanished With Her Children Leaving Home And A Long Relationship Ending, The Structure Of Her Days Disappeared She Fell Into A Panic Of Loss But Found Humor Despite Everything, Discovering A Deeper Joy Than Any She Had Ever Known It Was A Life She Had Not Sought, But One That Offered Pleasures And Surprises She Didn T Know She Lacked Slow Love Is About Wearing Your Pajamas To The Farmers Market, Packing Up A Beloved Home And Moving To A Rural Setting, Making Time To Play The Piano And Go Kayaking, Reinventing Yourself, And Not Cutting Corners When It Comes To Love, Muffins, Or Gardening This Elegant, Graceful And Yet Funny Book Inspires Us To Dance In The Kitchen And Seize New Directions

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    This book simply drips of privilege From her extolling the virtues of Brooks Brothers pjs which sell for upwards of 100 to her second home on the Rhode Island coast to her oh so casual mention of regular lawn service, Browning s world of unemployment is most assuredly NOT the world of this unemployed reader Browning never mentions any immediate worry over money, only includes vague asides to jobhunting like finding another job isn t a priority at all , and most appallingly, still seems to keep the same health insurance that she had while employed So much privilege and yet absolutely no recognition of just how lucky she is Would we all be in her shoes I hated every single mention of Stroller, her on again, off again love interest I have no idea what he added to her unemployment tale, unless it was Browning s odd way of exorcising old demons I started skipping through any part that included his namewhich quickly became entire pages just glanced over How I know Browning still lives in her Conde Nast bubble she seems utterly baffled and surprised by the existence of Allrecipes.com Discovering recipes with comment sections sounds completely foreign to her, and she revels in the options the comments allow in the recipe Comparing the user reviews section to the Talmud 194 , while probably highly offensive, seems pretty apt Seriously, has this woman been living under a rock all these years to have not heard of Allrecipes.com until now Also, I resent her fear at turning into a size 10 considered to be an alien planet for her 206 I guess in her circle, wearing a size 10 is a horrible fate, one doomed for ugly spinsters and unfashionable country bumpkins And considering that corporate sizing is all over the map, who even knows what a size 10 is any Despite her material consumption books she hasn t and will never read, fancy furniture, etc , she says, Thrift was bred into me, and guilt still attends every purchase I make 188 You certainly couldn t tell this is statement was true from her lifestyle It s like she s pandering, just the minute est bit, to her criticsbut it falls flat and sounds highly untruthful Despite my strong complaints about this book, I found that Browning did have a few moments when I didn t want to throw the book across the room in a fit of rage against her upper class bubble and against yet another frustrating tale from her romantic life.1 Work had become the scaffolding of my life It was what I counted on It supported the structure Work held up the floor of my moods, kept the facade intact I always worried that if I didn t have a job, I would sink into abject torpor I couldn t imagine life without work or if I did, I went cold with fear Not for me, those fantasies of sunny days at the beach 11 2 Then I give myself another one of my daily lectures Buck up Just because something has failed doesn t mean I am a failure Just because something has ended doesn t mean it was all a mistake Just because I have been rejected doesn t mean I am worthless and unlovable Sound familiar It would if you or anyone you know has gone through a divorce This feels like the same thing Worse A divorce you choose Unemployment chooses you 23 3 An errand always gets me going, no matter what my mood And getting out of the house is becoming a priority I have become latched to my computer I cannot log off Only the heartsick and the unemployed are online all day long, staring at the screen even when nothing is coming into the mailbox 35 4 I know that I am seriously depressed when I can no longer concentrate enough to read, unable to leave my own head long enough to get into someone else s world 149

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    Dominique Browning was the editor of a fancy Conde Nast home magazine who lost her job and then faced a midlife crisis of how to define herself and how to spend her time not married, with grown children, she had nothing in her life except work, a tedious affair with a married man, and a keen interest in home decorating She comes off as so annoying in this memoir her revelations about baking muffins, going to lunch, wearing expensive pajamas, and having to sell her mansion and move into her vacation house are, you know, the problems of the over privileged Not to mention her tedious affair with the man who refuses to divorce his wife, who she refers to in the book as Stroller he s, um, not really a catch If you really liked Eat Pray Love you might give this a shot.

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    After unexpectantly losing my job, I found myself ruminating a lot at Borders Book s the same time they were closing many of their stores While doing this, I fortuitously located this book amongst the many piles of 70% off s It was on my list of someday I might get to it Am I glad I did I always loved Dominique Browning s column s when she wrote for House and Garden, even though I am as far away from her lifestyle as one can be But she writes like she is your friend And I like her A lot.I wish I could hang around with Dominique during my unexplainable to others days of unemployment She truly understands the complete exhaustion of sleeping all day or how much work it really takes to be jobless, particularily when others call and ask How is the job search going She knows the need to be have her presence required somewhere everyday and the compulsion to fill days with lunch dates to maintain human contact and relevancy She s stayed up all night cooking, organizing kitchen drawers, playing piano and being completely off the rhythm of all the worker bees of the world she knows being alone while children grow up, work families dissolve and lovers move on.She writes with warmth, humor, and humanity Her stories of Stroller are the stories of every woman, but if you can t relate, than you are a rare and lucky woman indeed Who hasn t experienced the madness of a love affair with a non committed man Love you, Dominique You were a wonderful, charming and warm companion I hated to let you go at book s end.

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    The writing in this book reminded me a little bit of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love I m a sucker for this kind of book Specifics aside, her jourey is every woman s and probably man s journey of dealing with the hand that life deals out, questioning choices, raging to the Gods, and eventually finding the joy and beauty in places you would never have expected even if that joy was in front of you the entire time.

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    I was rather disappointed by this memoir I ve been gobbling up life stories lately and this one seemed like a good recommendation Who doesn t want to root for someone who finds happiness after a major crisis I was really ready to jump in with her into the hard places of real life and real love when your work life falls apart, you are not on top of the world, and then salvage something beautiful in the ashes I kept waiting to go there, but her book never picked me So, I tried just coming to the book on it s own terms and was still disappointed Her story telling voice was muddled She told a lot of stories about her sons, but never really introduced them to the reader shrouded characters are never really that interesting maybe that would fly in fiction, but in memoir you have to be present and big influences should be present, too Most of the book was less about her own identity than a collection of tales of a bad personal relationship with a sometimes married man I felt like she lost her focus, if she ever had it She seemed to be writing out of a fog, not like someone who had come through something with a little clarity and something to say.There are better recovery memoirs out there I think she could have used a better editor on this piece most good writing is a product of good editing it could have been a good story, but just wasn t.

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    Oh my, I wasn t able to finish this book, and that is rare Her problems reek of privilege, a fact which is never mentioned in the book After losing her job, she has plenty of money to live on and, in fact, tears down her vacation home to start it again from scratch Really I chose this book hoping to read a story of an unemployed woman s journey from a hectic, materialistic life to inner peace.but it did not deliver whatsoever.

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    I am so disappointed in this book because it is just so close to being great it s so close to pulling at your heartstrings and making you relate to the author, but it just never quite gets there The novel focuses on the true life story of Dominique Browning, the former editor of House Garden Magazine, and how she deals with suddenly being unemployed, and how she learns to slow down her way of thinking, her loves and her life She learns to appreciate love, cherish it, and in some ways, it is refreshing to see an author preaching the usefulness of slowing life down in our speed racing world But at the same time, this concept has been done before, and I don t feel that Browning differentiated herself from the rest I also found it highly distracting that though Browning is unemployed, she has enough money to continue her lifestyle Yes, she does resort to going on lots of blind dates just to eat some good food, but when the economy is so awful that most unemployed are losing their homes, families and sense of self worth, it s hard to see how anyone can actually relate to Browning s situation Maybe it s just bad timing to release the book right now Maria GoodChoiceReading.com

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    This is a fantastically odd book.I read it imagining that it would be a ode to slowing down, finding peace, letting go, and living in the moment That shows up but not until the last two chapters, and how I wish the book had been of that and less of what preceded it Browning s stories are baffling her certainty that she s controlling when in fact every man she dates and the man she s with for some value of that word fit the descriptor much better and her obsession with being with someone without any accompanying growth on the issue in years, it appears are hints of a larger problem of not knowing who she is or what she stands for By the end of the book she seems to have figured it out, but oh my god, the pages of destructive self flagelation in between I read this hoping it would teach me something about the life I want to live It did, through the power of being a negative example A total head scratcher of a book.

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    I ve enjoyed Dominique Browning s previous books, which were about her house and garden and her career at a fancy schmancy house and garden magazine , so I was intrigued to read her memoir about losing her job and according to the subtitle finding her happiness.I nearly put this down at one point because I found it and her so annoying Her endless yammering about her relationship with an equally annoying married but separated guy grew tiresome almost immediately It was like listening to a friend who s been making the same mistakes over and over again and can t stop talking about them It totally eclipsed the much interesting information about coming to terms with the end of a career and a changing life In those brief pieces, I found the Browning whose writings I d enjoyed in the past If only she d ended the relationship or, at least not forced me to read about it.

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    It s hard to feel bad for Dominique Browning yes, she lost her job and her sense of self She had to sell her house and move into her architecturally designed summer home full time She was so depressed she spent days at a time in her pajamas Brooks Brothers has the best ones Poor thing.

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