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Stupeur et tremblements chapter 1 Stupeur et tremblements, meaning Stupeur et tremblements, genre Stupeur et tremblements, book cover Stupeur et tremblements, flies Stupeur et tremblements, Stupeur et tremblements 7c59fedc07ae4 According To Ancient Japanese Protocol, Foreigners Deigning To Approach The Emperor Did So Only With Fear And Trembling Terror And Self Abasement Conveyed Respect Am Lie, Our Well Intentioned And Eager Young Western Heroine, Goes To Japan To Spend A Year Working At The Yumimoto Corporation Returning To The Land Where She Was Born Is The Fulfillment Of A Dream For Am Lie Working There Turns Into Comic Nightmare Alternately Disturbing And Hilarious, Unbelievable And Shatteringly Convincing, Fear And Trembling Will Keep Readers Clutching Tight To The Pages Of This Taut Little Novel, Caught Up In The Throes Of Fear, Trembling, And, Ultimately, Delight

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    Fear and Trembling by Amelie NothombSomething bothers me a lot about this novel.It s a short novel 130 pages that can be read at a sitting Translated from the French, it was a big hit in France and it won a couple of literary prizes when published in 1999 The main character is a young Belgian woman, of college age we assume, who lives in Japan and takes a job for a year in a Japanese corporation Just like the Belgian author who was born in Japan She has a woman supervisor very unusual in Japan and she becomes infatuated with her To make a short story even shorter she screws up everything so badly copying, filing, serving tea, simple accounting tasks, that she works her way all the way down to cleaning restrooms She screws that up too In Japanese culture, she can t be fired for a year, nor can she quit without disgrace before her contract is up, so there s no immediate way out She and her supervisor seem to agree that she s retarded Although we know she not really because she did an excellent job in writing a report with a lot of analysis that got her and several supervisors in trouble with the firm So she wants us to know that she s really a brilliant person when challenged with a task equal to her intelligence and that may be but we also suspect she may simply be a person without the discipline to apply herself to tasks she doesn t like.Along the way we get an absolutely devastating picture of Japanese corporate culture that chews people up and spits them out Everything only flows one way top down Supervisors scream at underlings and they just take it You never explain or offer a word in your defense you never speak up for someone else There is one horrendous scene where the young woman s female supervisor is dressed down by her male supervisor in front of everyone in the office and the scene it is portrayed as a verbal rape and the female literally collapses under the assault.As another example of the clash of cultures, at one point the young woman worker asks How else are we going to work things out if we don t talk The response she receives is If you DO talk, there s serious chance you ll make things worse Women, in particular, are under tremendous constraints in Japanese culture I ll just touch on few things because there s about eight pages elaborating on this You are ashamed if you are not married by age 25, your expiration date If you laugh you don t look dignified if you betray your feelings you look coarse, if you enjoy eating, you re a pig When you go to the bathroom, never let them hear you tinkle Like I say, this goes on for several pages And she says the culture for a male is a little better but fundamentally the same.The author gives us a summary of her thoughts about Japanese culture near the end of the story First she tells us about the title Ancient Japanese culture stipulated that the Emperor be addressed with fear and trembling Existence, in Japan, is an extension of The Company My suffering was no worse than theirs it was just degrading And yet I did not envy them They were a miserable as I.They were giving up their lives for nothing, and they knew it And A Japanese person genuinely apologizing happens about once a century And this Everyone knows that Japan has the highest suicide rate of any country in the world What surprised me was that suicides were not common Well this one is FAKE news Japan s suicide rate is about 30th among countries for example, Russia s rate is about double that of Japan See Wikipedia, suicide rates by country So what bothers me is that this book seems like a trashing of Japanese culture Can it really be that bad Is our system the West s that much better The answer is obvious for the author, but I m not so sure Top photo from trtworld.comPhoto of the author from lettrescapitales.com

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    Stupeur et tremblements Fear and Trembling, Am lie NothombFear and Trembling original title Stupeur et tremblements, which means Amazement and trembling is a satirical novel by Am lie Nothomb, first published in 1999, and translated into English by Adriana Hunter in 2001 It was awarded the Grand Prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise that year 2003 1 1382 107 9647359314 20 2 1383 114

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    3.5 stars I must say, I was really surprised by this book I work for a Japanese company here in Vancouver and I have noticed that my Japanese co workers have to adhere to different standards and rules from the rest of us we don t question it, what can you do It s been interesting working there because half of my co workers are Japanese, the other half aren t We ve had to adapt to each other s cultures and I think we do so quite well It does feel like we re split into two camps and I have often been approached by a Japanese co worker to say something to the boss, something I can get away with saying as I m not Japanese.So because of my experiences working with the Japanese, and talking to them about corporate culture in Japan, I shouldn t have been too shocked by the content of this book but I was Yumimoto Corporation sounds like hell to me and I felt sorry, for the most part, for Amelie, the Belgian girl who works there and quickly gets on the bad side of her female co worker, who is villainous but feels the need to be as she is a woman working in a male dominated world.I m still not completely convinced by Amelie though She was born in Japan, lived there until she was 5 years old, yet when she moves back to Japan, she seems to have accepted the Japanese corporate life way too easily As a westerner, Amelie is used to taking the initiative That doesn t fly in Japan, apparently She becomes a total pushover It doesn t sound plausible that a western woman would do that without a fight.This book was meant to be satirical Not that I found too much of it funny, it was sad than anything And I was surprised by the comments Nothomb made about Japanese society, how there s only two ways out for women marriage or suicide I found that a bit harsh It was weird because on one hand she loves Japanese culture, on the other hand she is so scathing of it.I realize I ve gone off topic and I m not talking so much about the book now Well, I did like the book It was a quick read and Nothomb does have a graceful writing style However, a few things didn t sit right with me.

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    My Japanese friend Yukie said I had to read this if I wanted to understand how a Japanese job worked And indeed I do feel I have a great deal insight into it Rule number 1 NEVER take initiative for anything you re not supposed to take initiative for The heroine finds this out the hard way She s just started working for this Japanese company She speaks fluent Japanese, French and English, so of course, like any Westerner, she s looking for an opportunity to impress her new bosses A colleague goes off on vacation, there s a piece of work that s been left hanging which requires knowledge of French, and she sees her chance.Oh dear Not only does she get no praise she, and the misguided person who helped her, are suddenly in huge trouble But she still doesn t understand how things work, and makes one mistake after another, being moved further down the ladder each time In the end, her job consists of changing the toilet paper in the men s room.The book is supposed to be based on the author s experiences when working in Japan, and is quite funny I started reading it on a transatlantic flight, and had finished before I arrived Strongly recommended if you re interested in Japan and the Japanese.

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    Japan sure brings out the bonkers in everybody, doesn t it Bonkers a demotic English term meaning crazy but with the element of horror removed and an extra squirt of I will never understand this in a million years get me out of this room I tried, you may know this already, to get on board with The Wind Up Bird Chronicle That was a little too eyerollingly cute weird for me I had a go with the other Murakami guy Ryu, not Haruki and he was really strange.Then there was Natsuo Kirino The novel was called Grotesque and it really was.And I must mention a little movie called Love Exposure by Sion Sono Synopsis A bizarre love triangle forms between a young Catholic upskirt photographer, a misandric girl and a manipulative cultist. Truly madly deeply bonkers One of my all time favourites You gotta see Love Exposure But not with your parents So now this tiny novel memoir which is Japan from a Western point of view 22 year old Belgian girl gets job with huge Tokyo corporation and a year of humiliation begins It s a little hymn of hatred towards Japan and frankly borderline racist as Amelie Nothomb makes generalization upon generalization about all Japanese people and they re all profoundly derogatory Japanese people should sue this book right now It s so insulting Now I think Amelie is gonna say well can t you tell I really deep down LOVE Japan and its people.But the experience of reading this is like watching someone wrestling rather too strenuously with their pet dog who s a naughty ittle doggy then Are You a naughty ittle doggy Are YOU the NAUGHTIEST NASTIEST MOST ANNOYING ITTLE DOGGY Yes, you are YES YOU ARE You get the strong impression there s some genuine aggression in there I ll just dish up a quote for you, in case you may think I may be misrepresenting Amelie Here she is contemplating Japanese company men Everyone knows that Japan has the highest suicide rate of any country in the world What surprised me was that suicides were not common.What awaited these poor number crunchers outside The Company The obligatory beer with colleagues undergoing the same kind of gradual lobotomy, hours spent stuffed into an overcrowded subway, a dozing wife, exhausted children, sleep that sucked them down into it like the vortex of a flushing toilet, the occasional day off they never took full advantage of Nothing that deserved to be called a life.Oh and howsabout this A Japanese person genuinely apologizing happens about once every century.Ouch So anyway, it s a bitter, too near the knuckle to be really funny memoir why do they bother to call these things novels and I m most curious to find out What Amelie Did Next.

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    Fear and Trembling embraces the strange with a wicked arsenal of irrational but noble thoughts and actions by the superb heroine Her authentic recklessness captivates, no enamours, the reader I had very strong feelings for this incredible novel because I lived EXACTLY the type of professional downward spiral that all but defeats you Like a posher precursor to The Devil Wears Prada, the entire plot unravels within the confines of the claustrophobic and limiting Workplace This is an ugly child that you want to keep with you forever it s really THAT wonderful.

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