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Driftwood Lane files Driftwood Lane, read online Driftwood Lane, free Driftwood Lane, free Driftwood Lane, Driftwood Lane 4b5162ff6 Meridith Can Handle Anything Guardianship Of Three Distant Siblings, A Dilapidated Bed And Breakfast, Even An Ever Present Handyman Who S Dismantling Than Her Fireplace Or Can She When The Death Of Meridith S Estranged Father Leaves Her With Custody Of Three Siblings She S Never Met, She Reluctantly Goes To Nantucket To Care For Them But Only Until Their Uncle Returns From His Trip Little Does She Know, The Uncle Is Already There Under The Guise Of Her Friendly Handyman, With Plans Of His Own Will The Love That Grows Between Them Be Strong Enough To Overcome The Secrets That Brought Them Both To Driftwood Lane

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    Saved the best for last What a fantastic story and final book in the Nantucket series I thought this book had everything right going for it I have such a soft spot for widows, widowers, and orphans Denise did such a great job developing this story Unlike the first three books, the romance gradually unfolded between Meridith and Jake totally realistic I thought that the kids were a perfect platform for this romance I m so glad that I read Driftwood Lane It s definitely my favorite in the series.

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    This was a great story of overcoming fear of the unknown and forgiveness I enjoyed the story and different twist and turns And of course the romance was sweet and heart warming I loved how Hunter shared the Gospel in her story How she showed that true salvation is a matter of the heart and not just knowledge that God exists It is a relationship and trust in Him on a daily basis So thankful for a clean and Christian fiction book to read from a great author.

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    Denise Hunter is the award winning and best selling author of several books including Surrender Bay, Seaside Letters, The Convenient Groom, and Sweetwater Gap She resides with her husband and three sons in Indiana When Meridith Ward receives a call telling her the father who abandoned her is dead and she s been named the sole guardian of the three half siblings she s never met, her orderly life she worked so hard for comes to a screeching halt Planning to stay only until the children s uncle returns to claim them, Meridith leaves her cozy job and fianc behind to head to Nantucket The children are living at Summer House, a Bed Breakfast that s falling apart around them Wanting to get back to her old life as quickly as possible, she hires a handyman named Jake to help restore the coastal home so she can sell But the children, and Jake as well, are swiftly showing her just how devoid of happiness her old life was What if what she fears most is exactly what she needs Can she find the strength to reach for happiness This is book four, and the last installment, to the Nantucket Love Stories series Denise Hunter writes with a compelling and bittersweet tone Her plots and characters are complex, making every story a page turner The setting for this Nantucket Series was well crafted and fitting No other author can make you laugh, cry, dream, hope, and despair all in one sentence That s talent As in all her stories, there s an Austen like edge to this book that makes for an intricate and spellbinding experience A perfect book to curl up with by the fire, or for a hammock on the beach A must read Kelly Moran,author of SUMMER S ROADand WHEN THE LEAVES STOP FALLING

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    Driftwood Lane is part of the Nantucket series but in actuality is a stand alone book With most series you have some connection between the books A character that is introduced in the previous book is featured in the next book Not so with this series The only thing they had in common was they lived in Nantucket Nobody knew each other from the previous books Of the four books this one had to be my favorite Meridith Ward is put in charge of her three half siblings that she has never met after the parents die in a boating accident She also is left the run down bread and breakfast inn There is an uncle, her step mother s brother but he is no where to find He s a free spirit that travels the country on a motorcycle She plans to turn the kids over to the uncle if he ever shows up but he does but he tells the children not to let Meridith know he is around He thinks she is bi polar and sticks around managing to secure a job as a contract to do the needed repairs on the bread and breakfast I thought the kids were disrespectful to her particularly the oldest, a girl but it was understandable since the pain of losing their parents was fresh I liked it that Meridith was patient with the kids She sacrificed a lot for those kids giving up a well paying job to care for them The first 65 to 70 percent of the book I did not like Jake I thought it was wrong of him to get the kids to lie and I thought he came off as arrogant but I grew to love him and was rooting for him and Meridith to get together.This was an enjoyable read You won t regret reading this one.

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    Earlier this week the latest and last addition from the Nantucket series from author Denise Hunter was released from Thomas Nelson Although this is not the first time that I have heard of Denise, this is the first opportunity I have had to read one of her novels and the first thing that I can say is that I m sorry that I have waited so long Through out the chapters of the story I was introduced to real characters placed in a very plausible but difficult situation in life This novel took something rough and turned it into a beautiful seaside romance Each page was filled with the spray of the sandy shore waves and the bark of the newly inherited dog I could hear the sawing of wood and hammering of nails and feel the stress and questionings stares with thoughts of tomorrow in the character s lives I m delighted to have been introduced to Denise s writing and plan on gathering of her books in the future.Driftwood Lane is book four in the Nantucket Love Story Series, but in my experience not having read the first three I can truly say this novel stands alone and only brings forth a desire to go out and buy the first three Thanks to Thomas Nelson and Jeane Wynn of Wynn Wynn Media for providing a copy for review.

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    This book was so good It was my favorite one in the series I loved the message about letting go of fear and also the past and moving forward with God as a strong foundation Very very good book I wish I could find the rest of the series.

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    I don t usually read much Contemporary Christian fiction But that might change now that I ve come across Denise Hunter s books I read The Convenient Groom a few years ago and I loved it But because I write Christian Historical Fiction, that is usually what I end up trying to read I should actually expound on this as I have come to the realization that there are two very distinct kinds of Christian Historical Fiction I like deeply emotional and complex characters in a plot that is both believable and makes sense With that said, now I can tell you I LOVED Denise Hunter s book Driftwood Lane Her characters jump off the page her plots are both complex and believable, and her style of writing is perfect I even just messaged her on facebook a while ago thanking her for putting so much time into her writing I liked the over all experience of reading her book THAT much.The book Driftwood Lane is about Meridith Ward a young woman who has perfect control of her life The perfect job focused on keeping order and maintaining obedience the perfect house and the perfectly emotionally detached fianc What could she ask for Enter a few circumstances beyond her control and we have a character that has no idea what to do with herself Ah, my favorite kind Now, if you must know about the book, I will tell you a little but I hate rehashing through all the ins and outs of a book in a review I want you to go read the book and find out for yourself Meridith pretty much doesn t have a choice but to fly from her home in Saint Louis, Missouri all the way to Nantucket, Massachusetts to provide guardianship for her estranged father s three other children, who have just been orphaned Upon arriving, her only goals are to have the Bed and Breakfast the children live in repaired and up to code so she can sell it and wait for the children s irresponsible uncle to return to relinquish guardianship to him.Only he never shows up, never emails and never calls Does he even know his sister was dead and that the children needed him The she learns to love the children she comes to the realization that she doesn t want their Uncle Jay to have guardianship What kind of life would they have being raised by such a vagabond Meridith s life takes some drastic turns while living in Nantucket with the children, helping them grieve their parents and fixing up the house And oh, did I forget to mention Jake Walker, the hot guy who is fixing up the house for her He has quite an important role in how the story goes and also in how enjoyable the story reads.

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    Driftwood Lane is another fabulous romance by Denise Hunter I loved how she made a compelling case for her heroine s fear and used the family pet to illustrate that in a Pavlovian way that made sense to the reader and to the hero Not that she compared her to a dog, but the fear was the same Different causes, but same overwhelming need to protect and preserve Growing up with a mentally ill mother and a father who essentially abandoned her was a key part of the need she had to control everything about her life The cool thing about true love is the out of control feeling it gives You love it and it scares you at the same time This was so well illustrated You crave what you need and want to run screaming at the same time Ms Hunter really laid a solid foundation for these characters and continually put the heroine in situations where she had to let the hero get one step closer This novel was well thought out and had a forward moving plot despite the slower pacing I really enjoyed how the tension kept building and how it helped her to see that what she thought was love before was simply settling for security I am sure that some women who are dating men who are merely safe will read this book and rethink what they are doing in their love lives This story really makes you think about that True love requires trust and if there is no trust things never go deeper Unfortunately things started out based on a lie The author made a compelling case for why he kept his identity from her Better than most The foundation was solid as was the many reasons why it never seemed to be the right time to tell the truth The necessary blowout for any good romance novel was well done Though the heroine was a new Christian, she handled it like anyone would Second guessing things, doubting herself, worrying about how this might apply in other ways to trust, etc But ultimately the problem is worked through I found this aspect of the novel very believable, too A lot of times the dark moment feels forced or a bit fake This felt real to me I know whenever I read one of this author s books that I ll get a solid romance I have read all of her books in this series to date with the exception of the second book I need to pull it out and read it soon

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    Title DRIFTWOOD LANEAuthor Denise HunterPublisher Thomas NelsonJuly 2010ISBN 978 1 59554 800 9Genre Inspirational contemporary romanceMeridith Ward is stunned to find out her father and her stepmother have died in a tragic accident and named her as guardian to three children she d never even met Meridith and her father have been estranged ever since he walked out on her and her mother years ago when Meridith was a young child But Meridith is the only relative, other than an uncle no one knows how to contact Without her, the children will be forced into foster homes and seperated So, reluctantly, she puts her life on hold and goes to Nantucket, planning to give the uncle custody as soon as he shows up Jacob Walker is stunned to hear of his sister s death, and even hurt to realize that they named the older sister someone unknown to the kids as legal guardian His thirteen year old niece, Noelle, swears Meridith is crazy, so Jake determines he d discover the truth and fight her for guardianship But when he arrives, Meridith mistakes him for the handiman she hired and Jake doesn t bother to correct her, figuring he could get the proof he needs to get the kids With the kids in on his secret, Jake does the work Meridith wants but he soon decides she is far from crazy What will it take for the five of them to have a happy ending DRIFTWOOD LANE is the best book in Ms Hunter s Nantucket series that I ve had the privilege of reading so far I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this island vicariously and getting to know Meridith and Jake through the pages of this book Meridith and Jake are both realistic characters and Ms Hunter is a stellar story teller, helping them to come to life on the pages of this book Discussion questions are included at the end of the book If you are looking for a good romance, don t miss DRIFTWOOD LANE It is the perfect summertime read 14.99 320 pages.

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    In Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter, Meridith Ward must overcome the emotional hurt caused by her father s desertion and the trauma of her mother s bipolar disorder She must choose between a safe, stable life and the passionate, unpredictability of romance.When her estranged father and his wife die in an accident, Meridith obtains custody of her three younger siblings She moves to Nantucket into the family s rundown bed and breakfast to be with the children through the rest of their school year But no matter how hard she tries to establish a relationship, they push back Meridith decides to give their beloved uncle custody, but since he took off on a motorcycle trip a month ago, no one can get hold of him Here s the big twist the handsome handyman she hired to fix up the house is actually Uncle Jay, watching her, collecting evidence to prove he would be the better guardian All of this chaos in Meridith s organized life helps her to know in her heart that God is her Strong Tower and Refuge Psalms 61 3.Despite its dynamic opening and ingenious plot twists, Driftwood Lane leaves much to be desired in the middle and end Denise Hunter finishes the story with a happy, but obvious ending This reader feels that Hunter has much to offer and wishes that the end could be as creative as the beginning Also, for a series that is based in one distinct area of the world, I would like to have seen descriptions of Nantucket Hunter had a marvelous opportunity to tell her readers something about this place but did not use it to its full advantage.This is a pleasant conclusion to the Nantucket Love Story seriesRead the rest of the review at

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