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    Very enjoyable Fast paced, informative, interesting characters, even if some were a bit stereotypical.

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    Jobeth Sidden is the owner operator of a search and rescue business, with numerous bloodhounds, kennels for breeding and raising new pups, a whole slew of rescue teams, and lots of other employees friends thrown in Jobeth s excursions often take her into the depths of the Okefenokee Swamp, near her home and business in southern Georgia The author gives many details of the wildlife, vegetation, and terrain of the swamp during Jobeth s frequent search missions I also really enjoy the interactions between Jobeth and her animals, and the character development is good Jobeth is spunky, independent, caring, and has a good sense of humor This is the third in the series, and in this one Jobeth is pitted against a judge who may be guilty not only of murder but of running a methamphetamine lab on his land at the edge of the swamp At the same time Jobeth must always be on guard for the danger posed not only to her but also to anyone close to her by her ex husband, Bubba, who is a huge malicious violent presence lurking in the background.This author died in 2003, so this series has a definite end in sight, but is well worth reading.

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    This is my second Bloodhound book, and it s a reasonable sequel to The House on Bloodhound Lane Still decent writing and interesting characters but again I felt the plotting could be tightened a bit After a bit of analysis, I realized that what I meant by that feeling was that it was a little too much like real life There isn t one case here there are at least three a kidnapping, a bank robbery, and a corrupt judge, and they overlap some Plus Jo Beth s psycho ex shows up to beat a friend of hers almost to death with no witnesses, so he s not going back to prison on the strength of the attack Plus complications in the love lives of three of our regular characters.I got to the end of A Brace and thought, Two books and no dead bodies except two perfectly straightforward suicides What kind of mysteries are these completely forgetting the murder mentioned on the back cover True, it doesn t get investigated as such, but it s the starting point for the overarching case of the book.

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    I really tried to get into this one but it seems the story line has petered out for me While I read the first few hundred pages, it was a struggle I literally had to force myself to read So, I give up I say uncle I can t relate to the main character she s a major feminist, and while I consider myself to be on the liberal end of things and rather self assure and femininally aware, I don t get my panties in a twist whenever anyone dares offer to help me carry something in This made JoBeth than annoying to me, because I find people like that to be criminally hostile While I like the plot lines offered so far in all of the Bloodhound books I ve gotten through, the side stories and inbetween y anecdotes that have basically no connection to the main story sorta drag it all out for me I just got tired of wading through it all, I guess Sorry A for Effort.

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    PROTAGONIST Jo Beth Sidden, bloodhound owner trackerSETTING GeorgiaSERIES 3 of 6RATING 3.25WHY It s been several years since I read the earlier 2 books in the series, and I doubt that I will continue further As always, the information on bloodhounds is fascinating But the appeal of the protagonist steadily diminished as I read the book She s bitchy and bossy and I didn t enjoy spending time with her as the focus There are a lot of sub plots woven into the book One involves an abducted child another the suspicious death of a judge s housekeeper another the discovery of a meth lab on the judge s property A lot of implausible actions on the part of Sidden.

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    Jo Beth Sidden is an interesting character with all kinds of flaws that she often is not aware of them She has an affinity with the bloodhounds she breeds trains for various tasks She has let them become important to her than human relationshipswho can t relate to that sometimes She ran up against one of the local power brokers in her community in this book, and she won for the underdog again In the mean time she helped rescue the child of a friend and one of her friends became a target.I enjoy learning about the various search, detection and rescue skills that bloodhounds can be used for.

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    I was on the verge of calling it quits with this series but now plan to read the fourth book The main plot seemed a bit secondary and the ending got both convoluted and a bit unreal But the characters are fun and the preview for book four whet my appetite for Four stars is generous but three didn t seem to give enough credit

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    Book 29 read in 2005I really enjoy this series very much However, this book was not as good as the first two, in my opinion There were so many storylines going on at one time, and I felt time could have been devoted to the immigrant, meth lab story I am still looking forward to the next in the series.

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    A lot of details about running a kennel of working bloodhounds, which makes a good story in itself There are plenty of other subplots, including a couple of search jobs preceding the search at the center of the main plot The relationships among the characters and the s of southern life are other interesting features of the book.

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    Another fun read in the series I m wondering why she keeps reloading six bullets every time she goes out She so rarely shoots anything and never mentions unloading them This one includes investigating the judge, a meth lab, an illegitimate birthright, and Jonathan.

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