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Betrayals (The Blending, #4) chapter 1 Betrayals (The Blending, #4), meaning Betrayals (The Blending, #4), genre Betrayals (The Blending, #4), book cover Betrayals (The Blending, #4), flies Betrayals (The Blending, #4), Betrayals (The Blending, #4) 8f629da7169e6 On A World Of Magical Adepts, The Five Greatest Talents Are Fated To Unite And Rule But Tamrissa, Jovi, Vallant, Rion, And Lorand Have Been Cruelly Separated, Struck Down By Treachery At The Very Moment Of Their Greatest TriumphScattered Across A Vast Empire, The Five Heroes Must Escape Their Prisons And Find Each Other Again For Only Then Will They Be Able To Re Create Their Blending, That Magical Melding Of Their Powers That Will Allow Them To Defeat Their Enemies

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    The story has taken a different turn at this point, and I m enjoying that The conflict between Tamrissa and Vallant continues, and I d just like to see them work things out There is a new twist to their conflict, which could turn interesting Can t wait to read the next book I ordered it, and it has been shipped Just wish it would get here.

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    the worst of the lot.

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    In Betrayals by Sharon Green, our five element mages have been separated and sent off to horrifying situations after treachery destroyed them in the competitions Scattered, they must escape and find each other again Only together can they meld into their Blending to fight their enemies and try to help others like themselves.About half of the nasty cliffhangers from the last book get taken care of very quickly Too quickly I would have appreciated Rion spending time dealing with his, and this desire would have been even stronger if I d had to wait for this book to be published instead of heading right on to it from the last one Naran becomes an all out deus ex machina at times in this book, making me strongly suspect she has a power that s supposed to explain all the ridiculously unlikely things this series has had her doing since the first book, not that it would present enough of an excuse Despite all the should be exciting events going on, a lot of it comes off rather boring as written, which takes effort I shouldn t be skimming through dangerous rescue attempts or battles against an overwhelming number of foes A lot of sentences unnecessarily end in ellipses in this book, especially sentences at the end of paragraphs and the end of chapters, to the point that it started to really annoy me.Their Blending entity comes off as really sociopathic at times, and our heroes are a bit too blas about rewriting the personalities of people or puppeteering them It s creepy, and these are supposed to be our heroes.Vallant, amazingly, manages to be even of a jackass in this book than usual Tamrissa isn t always right about things, but a lot of her extremes can be blamed on Vallant provoking her, changing his mind on things he claims he wants, and just being a jerk to feel powerful Now she s supposed to apologize to and court him He s so not worth it Betrayals also ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but here s where I end my run through this series, since this is the last of the books from my permanent collection I managed to find in the basement of my family home I had a bookshelf full of such books and a few possessions sitting in the family home, and when some members of my family decided to turn the room into a bedroom they carelessly boxed up all those things, put them in the dank basement, and then everything get shuffled around down there a few times by another family member without me finding out until I visited, found my stuff gone, and outright asked what happened Seriously, if they d just called me I would ve taken care of these things myself A few months ago, several box reshufflings later, I found a group of my books at the edges of the basement box pile in an open crate, saw four books of The Blending together, assumed that was the whole series, and started reading I suspect that at least book five is hidden in the basement somewhere Since I don t know if the rest of my collection will eventually reveal itself and the Queens library system doesn t have anything by the author, I have no idea when or if I ll go on to book five of this series.

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    This book is again a bit better than its predecessors What I feared at the end of book 3 did not happen after the main characters get split up, there is no repetition with each member encountering the same thing Instead, they manage to find each other again relatively quickly and get help from other people They handle themselves relatively well, and manage to find out a lot about what a blending can do The blending is definitely one of the pros of the series the magic itself is really cool, and the blending even One of the cons of this book is again the annoying misunderstandings between the characters In this book, at least it s only between Tamrissa en Vallant and not between the others, but it s still quite irritating.

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    Some major themes that are developed in the fourth round of the magical mind fuckery that is the Blending Series Using Puredan to enslave people is not OK Using your Spirit Magic to enslave people is OK It is now time for a refreshing cup of tea The enslaved are partly entirely responsible for their own enslavement, unless Puredan was involved, in which case they get a pass Without tea, we are nothing We are nothing without tea Might we please have tea, now We demand tea The Blending Entity will probably enslave you at some point that s OK Tea above all Then bathing Then class war But first tea TEA.

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    when i was fifteen, i thought this series was the shit the writing wasn t great, but hey, the sexy parts were good, so it didn t matter that the plot was like swiss cheese sliced superthin, right looking back, the fact that the sexy parts are the best parts of these books is pretty telling the premises of the plot and characters aren t bad, and there are some parts that are actually interesting, but overall the series is repetitive and predictable, and probably not worth the time it d take to get through all five.

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    I liked this series when I read it as a teenager, but it wasn t awe inspiring even then That probably tells you something At that point in my life, the sex omg it makes ther magik stronger lololol held my interest enough to read the whole series These days, I probably wouldn t waste my time and would look for something else with substance.

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    Everyone finds out what has been happening to the missing HighsThe Blended Five are winning when they loose and find themselves drugged and enslaved The Nobel Newly Seated Five also deal with dangers as they indulge in housecleaning War rumbles in the background.

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    Getting a teensy better here Some elements of surprise in the plotting, which is always nice I enjoy not being able to predict what happens next Some of the conflict is still TOTALLY ANNOYING, but whatevah I can work around it Still crack.

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    An occasional really good turn of phrase hidden inside essentially popcorn fantasy After book 1 they are much easier reads even better when you stop reading the italicized intros to the chapters and books

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