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    This book was one of my favorites when I was about eight, and I read it innumerable times I can still remember many passages verbatim In case you don t know it, here is a brief summary of the plot Two disreputable pirates, Black and Littlejack, arrive at the island of Ooroo They have reason to believe that a fabulous treasure is buried there They also have an insane hatred of the letter O.They proceed to search for the treasure, and also to ban everything that contains an O in its name clocks, dogs, boxes, whatever The terrified inhabitants of the island are forced to speak an O less language They plan a revolt or possibly a rebellion or a revolution One of the theoretical questions which occupies their spare time is that of determining what the most important of the banned O words is Is it love or honour or valour In the end, they win their fight, and they realize that, great as all these words are, none of them was the greatest.The greatest O word is FREEDOM.This work by Manny is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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    imagine a wrld withut the letter a wrld withut chicken ndle sup r the mn well where peple can eat ham but nt prk it is very cmplicated, and incnsistent in its legislatin but still pretty fun, and its a kids bk, s we can ignre the little hiccups in lgic and, n, its nt written withut the letter , its just abut a land where that particular letter is banned its n perec junir but its still a fun light read, and a lt less glmy than perec can be.

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    I like The Wonderful O as much now as I did when I first read it at age 8 If you haven t come across it, imagine that George Orwell and Lewis Carroll got drunk one night and decided to collaborate on a short children s book No description will do it justice But to give you a taste of what you re missing, here s the song that Black and Littlejack sing as they set out on their insane quest to ban the letter O I won t go down the horrible streetTo see the horrible peopleI ll gladly climb the terrible stair That leads to the terrible steepleAnd the terrible ratsAnd the terrible batsAnd the cats in the terrible steepleBut I won t go down the horrible streetTo see the horrible people

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    I m just asking.Was this Carl Sagan s favourite book when he was like eight

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    Sort of like OULIPO for kids Or would it just be a kind of Perec for kids Or maybe just a warning to kids to stay away from people who discriminate against particular vowels, and try to rid the world or the text of them Pirates attack a small island When they find no treasures the head pirate gets very angry and punishes the island by ridding it of anything that has the letter O in it, the bane of his existence What follows is an attempt by the pirates and their collaborators I just realized that there is a kind of French resistance thing going on here, an added dimension to talk to children about, they love anything Nazi, even if it s fighting the Nazi s and love their books to subtly deal with the topic , to rid the island of O s For examples pigs are fine, but not hogs, but swine s are, but they can be butchered into ham, but not pork or bacon The book is actually a lot of fun, and pretty funny in an absurd kind of way I m not sure about how much your average child will like this, kids today might cry because in this world they will no longer be able to LOL with their friends, while their parents and other adults will still be able to laugh, but the spellings that result from having to take O s out of words will probably delight them, even if they see no problem with why anyone would care about the nonsensical destruction that is caused by the pillaging of letters Younger children will probably enjoy this than teenagers, probably because they haven t become quite as language retarded yet as their older siblings I m being judgmental though, and probably not adding anything constructive to this legitimate forum of book reviewing by my non sequiters Anyway a fun children s novel that plays with language in an appealing manner to this bookish reader, and it s easier to read than anything OULIPO has ever created.

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    A fable for all ages that would be wonderful as a family read aloud Beyond the crazy tongue twisters created by taking the letters O out of our words, the language itself is brilliant well, of course, it s Thurber I m not sure the plot is amazing, and the characters definitely aren t only one female, a young woman who does happen to be the hero but is still not any defined than the other stock characters But the premise, and the development thereof, and the word play, oh my.Educational, too, as deciphering the words will fix the spelling of them in the reader s mind.I want a box set of Thurber s five fables to read over and over.Key words to live by, both in the book and in our own troubled times Hope Love Valor view spoiler Freedom hide spoiler

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    While James Thurber might be best known for his wonderfully illustrated short stories, especially The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Other Pieces, he penned some tales for children, and The Wonderful O is one Like the best children s stories though think The Chronicles of Narnia, The Book Thief, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, and The Magic Thief The Wonderful O will appeal to adults who still enjoy some whimsy in their lives.Just about anyone could have predicted that banning words containing the letter O on an island named Oonoo would be folly However, Thurber s execution, replete with treasure hunting pirates and canny islanders, keeps the book fresh and funny, entertaining for the young and young at heart alike, while Marc Simont s illustrations are a pure delight.Special thanks to Manny Rayner for bringing this book to my attention, despite his name s sorry lack of O s.

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    No Morgan, this isn t the Story of O stop calling it that.What a wonderfully outstanding book James Thurber is a wordsmith and this book shows his talent For a children s book, this has some great word play The plot of this book is basically a pirate comes to a town and bans all things that have the letter O in them He doesn t like the letter Thurber is clever enough to make things go out of hand This book is also an obvious statement on censorship Remove one letter form the alphabet and the world goes mad Lesson Stop censoring words.I like how Penguin is making these children s books for there Deluxe line I ve never heard of any of these before I m familiar with Thurber s adult humor and cartoons he had done for the New Yorker I think he was better at those, but this story is worth checking out I hope they make Walter Mitty into a Deluxe or his other adult stories.I will say skip the intro for this book and 13 Clocks I normally don t care about introductions, but Neil Gaiman s and Marc Simont s intros I didn t like at all They are about themselves than the book or Thurber Neither of them are good choices either because neither of them are remotely close to what Thurber wrote Why not pick someone who write humor books Anyway, with that said, this book might make you laugh if you re into word play humor Yes this book is for children, but it s like his stories he for for adults too I m not a huge fan of the art work in this book, but still fun for all, unless you don t think O is wonderful.

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    Thurber s story telling and use of the English language is simply brilliant, and this book is a delightful read aloud.

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    A quirky little book wherein treasure seeking pirates get annoyed when they can t find their treasure on the island and ban the use of the letter O.Now I see where the author of

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