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The Secret Woman txt The Secret Woman, text ebook The Secret Woman, adobe reader The Secret Woman, chapter 2 The Secret Woman, The Secret Woman 00863e To All Appearances, Anna Brett Was A Quiet, Capable Young Woman Whose Only Ambition Was To Carry On The Profitable Antiques Business Bequeathed Her By A Spinster Aunt And So She Was Until The Memory Of A Cherished Moment With A Blue Eyed Stranger Suddenly Returned To Haunt Her With Savage Intensity It Was Then Anna Discovered The Secret Woman Who Waited Within Her Impetuous, Daring And Dangerous

About the Author: Victoria Holt

See this thread for information.Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name

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    So maybe I should stop reading Holt Cause the last few books have been underwhelming to the extreme I had high hopes for this one, but when it turned into Chantal s journal entries alternate title I lost interest in this book Holt or her publishers should have pushed forth this book is focused on two main characters Anna and Chantal and that most of the book is told by Chantal s point of view I guessed some of what was ultimately revealed And as Moonlight said elsewhere, this book really isn t Gothic It s a messed up romantic suspense with barely developed characters besides Chantal Holt follows her formula of a main character left orphaned cause of reasons The main character of Anna is thrust upon her aunt who makes Voldemort look cuddly Anna s aunt is something of a big deal in the antiquities and starts to teach Anna cause apparently she has no prospects besides taking care of her aunt and her home called the Queen s House When Anna is 12 she meets a young man named Red who she finds is the half brother to the heir of the Crediton fortune Anna for no reason falls in love with Red and can t wait to see him again She doesn t til years later when he randomly shows up for reasons Eventually it comes out Red is married and was probably playing with Anna s affections, she becomes resigned to taking care of her increasingly ill aunt til a nurse comes along named Chantal Chantal is everything Anna is not, lively, pretty, and intelligent The two become friends and Chantal gets them to both write journals in which they exchange for the other one to read Chantal demands they be honest with each other in all things and seems interesting t on knowing Anna s every thought When Anna s aunt dies leaving suspicions on Anna, Chantal has to find work which leads Chantal to become employed by the Creditons The whole book is mostly Chantal s thoughts on the Creditons and her increasingly affections for the heir, named Rex Anna at than the halfway point cause of even ridiculous reasons is employed as a governess to Red s child and goes on a voyage back to Red s wife s island home The writing really wasn t great It didn t seem written in the correct time period How Chantal and Anna speak feels wrong The reactions Chantal has to things reads wrong too The flow is awful I got sick of reading this at the 50 percent point I was tempted to skip to the end cause I honestly didn t care for anyone and despised Red and Anna and their bs love story He s still married and you re making excuses Bah to you both The ending which reveals all was kind of a joke I mean I read the letter and shook my head It doesn t make a lot of sense, but whatever This book had way too much going on I think when we get to the end with Anna, I thought her HEA was tainted as anything Holt seems to think Gothic books were just terrible men and women who loved them There is nothing that screams Gothic to me in this book.

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    First published in 1970, The Secret Woman was written by the prolific Eleanor Hibbert under her Victoria Holt pen name While this book was published in Holt s early period, it was actually published in the middle period for Hibbert There were a total of 32 books published under the Holt name, and of those 32, approximately 23 of them were published after The Secret Woman.Victoria Holt tends to be very hit and miss This one is a miss.I think that, perhaps, Holt was going for an homage to Jane Eyre with this one, with Redvers as the Rochester character, the conveniently orphaned Anna as Jane, and Redver s wife, Monique, as the ill fated Bertha Like Bertha, the mildly mentally ill, consumptive Monique comes from an apparently fictional island named Coralle Bertha, of course, is from Jamaica, and is the daughter of a wealthy family.The issues with this book start with the pacing The plot summary is misleading in that most of the elements referenced in the summary do not appear until the 50% mark of the book The first 50% of the book felt relatively superfluous, focusing on Anna s childhood and young adulthood, being first sent to England without her parents, later being orphaned, and then being raised by her unpleasant, unloving, bitter Aunt Charlotte This, again, may be an ill advised attempt to copy Jane Eyre Few writers have the skill to write a Jane Eyre character, and Holt fails completely.The meet cute between our hero and heroine also fails Redvers and Anna meet when she is 12 and he is 19 I can understand her romanticizing him, since he is a dashing young man I cannot understand, and am entirely grossed out, by his apparent romanticizing of her She was twelve There is nothing at twelve to attract a young man of nineteen.It isn t until around the 55% mark that Red Anna end up in one another s company consistently From there, the book devolves into a shipboard travelogue Way too much of the narration is delivered through the diary of the third wheel Chantel, which ground the story to a halt The suspense gothic elements don t appear until around 75%, and by that time, I am done That section could ve actually been pretty interesting, if it had been expanded to be of the book, and if Holt hadn t decided that the best way to deliver the reveal was through a letter.Note to authors telling us why and how something happened through a letter written by the perpetrator is generally not an emotionally resonant method of storytelling Again, the tension, the suspense, the drama grinds to a freaking halt while I read a three page letter written by the villain ess no spoilers here as he she is in his her death throes.The romance is also not very romantic Redvers is basically a manwhore who gets himself into trouble and knocks up Bertha, and then he is afraid to leave her because reasons so he marries her and treats her like shit This is exactly the sort of person that I a looking for in a romantic hero Right I m still trying to figure out what was wrong with alternative hero, Dick Callum, because he seemed like a fairly decent guy, even if his hotness quotient was not quite so high as that of Red As an Eyre retelling fail As a gothic romantic suspense fail As a period drama fail If you aren t a Holt completist, don t bother with this one First you ll be bored, then you ll be irritated And you ll probably hate everyone.

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    I ve always been a great admirer of the novels of this prolific author Victoria Holt wrote some wonderful historical romantic suspense but there were no surprises in store with this offering.This book fell short of the mark for me It took a long time for the story to gain any momentum There was a lot of information given to Anna Brett s childhood and how she came to be in possession of the Queen s House I knew early on who the culprit in this story would be as I had read a similar story a few years ago It had been done before I didn t feel any emotional chemistry between Redvers Stretten and Anna Brett To my mind what he had done to Anna years previously can t say without spoilers wasn t completely explained away satisfactorily for this reader.The author has a distinctive voice and I normally love the stories that she wove but I was quite disapponted in this one.

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    When I first started reading this book, I was somewhat dissapointed by how predictable the murderer s identity is at least for those who have read other VH s books and are aware of her formula I expected this person s reasons to be exactly the same as those I ve found in some of her other novels I took pride in myself for getting better and better at solving this type of mysteries Then, I reached the final pages and became humble again In other words, I was completely astonished.Wow Seriously, wow Victoria Holt does an amazing job at developing the characters personalities and inner thoughts in The Secret Woman , making everyone s including the killer motives perfectly clear and believable As always, the historical references are accurate and interesting and the plot in general is marvelously written.Anna is a young woman who has been living with her tedious Aunt Charlotte in a cluttered old house since her parents death Her plain and uneventful existence changes one night, when a blue eyed stranger comes into her life he tells her the story of a ship The Secret Woman The events behind that ship s name establish the background for a mistery that has been put in motion years ago and will hunt Anna and particularly Redvers the hero for a long time.If you enjoy reading about strong, independent heroines and heroes who can rescue the sexy and romantic ship Captain clich , all mixed with an amazing suspense don t think any longer You will love this book.

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    Ya know, when Victoria Holt went to write a Goth Rom in 1970, she didn t mess around Brooding architecture Check Native curses Check Swapped at birth twins Check Long sea voyage Check Evil adventuress Check Costume ball leading to nefarious deeds Check and checkmate There are only 2 real problems here 1 If you can t figure out who the eeeeeevil doer is by about, oh, page 30 then you need help than gothic romance can give you and 2 The denouement Or, um, the lack thereof It s kind of anticlimactic, you know, when you ve got the whole set up and the diamonds have been found and the crazed sickly wife is raging around with her evil crazed native servant and the collapsing house in the tropics is still collapsing and the dashingly handsome sea captain has just returned from his voyage and and then, just as you re expecting a riot and the curse to come true and at least a shark attack, it all just ends The eeeevil doer drinks poison by mistake, which fortunately leaves her time to write a three page letter detailing her deeds and give it to the somewhat dim but loyal and true heroine and then expire in a pale and glamourous way And that s all she wrote Damn I was hoping for at least the house falling in or something.

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    I am just too bored nothing is happening and there are too many patrons waiting behind me for library copies.

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    Like all of Victoria Holt s books, it s pretty racist and very pro colonial, so, you know, caveat lector That aside, I m increasingly convinced that, while Miss Holt s male female relationships are generally not hugely compelling and pretty flat, her female female relationships are both dynamic and much ambiguous, both in terms of whether or not the relationship is actually good, and whether or not it s romantic The relationship between the heroine whose name escapes me and Chantal, the beautiful and exciting angel of mercy who nursed the heroine s aunt, feels much romantic than the heroine s relationship with the hero, who basically just pops up occasionally to talk about how much he s in love with the heroine and how his wife is terrible and he ll marry the heroine when the wife finally dies I mean, he does it in romantic terms, but it s still really bad, especially since most of his wife s problems are presented in really racial terms Which is not great Anyway, the hero and heroine have maybe five exchanges over the course of the book, and so I didn t find the romance that compelling or believable In contrast, the majority of the book is devoted to the relationship between the heroine and Chantal Much time is spent outlining their dependence on each other and the extent to which they are involved in each other s lives It s very difficult to read an not think that the two women are at least half in love with each other It is also this relationship that brings out some of the most sophisticated mystery and suspense writing I ve ever seen by Miss Holt, as well as the only use of the unreliable narrator that I ve ever seen in a romance novel.

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    Not the usual Victoria Holt read It wasn t a bad story but lagged Hints as to the outcome are there throughout the book, but there was maybe a little repetition than was needed It s not a quick read, not if you want to enjoy the descriptions and work on solving the mystery That is part of what makes it enjoyable.

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    The Secret Woman had all the components to make a great read It has the forbidden love, the Agatha Christie like murder mystery, and characters you love to hate However, somehow I found myself unenthused for about 390 pages Even the moments when she comes into contact with her love interest and believe me, they re scarce it s just solukewarm I had much higher hopes for this one Really unfortunate.

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    3.5 stars Lately I ve been on a old school Gothic romance kick I recently read The Mistress of Mellyn and the India Fan both by Victoria Holt All of her novels follow a similar formula but for me, that formula never gets old.This book had an exotic feel I loved the setting and the high seas adventures The South Seas is such a romantic and enchanting setting for a novel like this I thought it worked well It made the reader feel like they were on an adventure as well.Comparatively, the house where Anna is living at in Langmouth is dingy and unexciting Since Anna s life before she accepts the post is so drab, the South Seas adventure seems even colorful and exciting.The characters were likable enough Anna was the sensible heroine which I always have a soft spot for Captain Stretton was dashing and wonderfully charming though I was a little creeped out that he was into Anna even when she was a child, that was a little weird but I could justify it as of a connection versus as sexual attraction.Chantel on the other hand I never liked her I never trusted her and I just could never warm up to her I couldn t stand how Anna adored her, that was beyond annoying for me.The mystery was interesting, though at times predictable, I still found it worth reading This book was a little slower than some of the others I ve read by her It took a little while for the adventure to begin and I didn t always feel that Anna was in danger.The murderer was obvious, but the real mystery was about the why The motives of the murderer weren t exactly clear for me The motive was clear but the overall plot wasn t quite as clear as I had hoped.I still wasn t sure how Aunt Charlotte tied into it all.Overall the novel held my interest and it was a nice lighthearted read Enough substance and mystery to keep me guessing and wondering what the big secret was.This wasn t as Gothic as some of her other novels but it certainly had Gothic influence.the deranged wife and a shocking family secret, not to mention a femme fatal So over all this book had a lot to love.If you are a Victoria Holt fan or a fan of the romantic Gothic suspense genre then I am sure you will find lots to enjoy in this exotic novel See my full review here

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