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    Definitely 4.5 STARS This eventful historical mystery is the 2nd volume of the Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles , originally from 1996 but still very delightful, from the author, Susanna Gregory.Storytelling is of a very good quality, the characters come wonderfully to life within this mystery, and the atmosphere and living conditions of Cambridge and surroundings in the AD 1350s come superbly off the pages.At the beginning of the book you ll find a well drawn map of Cambridge, England, circa AD 1348, while at the end you ll be presented with historical details concerning this story, and these are very well documented and explained by the author within the Historical Note.This story starts off in the year AD 1350, Cambridge, and our main character, Matthew Bartholomew, finds himself once again drawn into another deadly mystery.While still struggling to overcome the Black Death and its subsequent superstitions in Cambridge and in the whole of England, Matthew Bartholomew is trying to train new physicians at Michaelhouse to replace others who ve perished, when all of a sudden a friar is found dead in a massive chest, in which precious University documents are stored.And so while investigating the death of this friar, Matthew also stumbles upon other deaths concerning prostitutes, and not to forget he will encounter dangerous covens who are meeting in derelict churches to plan mischief upon the people of Cambridge.What follows is a very enjoyable and colourful medieval mystery, in which Matthew Bartholomew, along with the help of his Fellow investigator, the Benedictine Monk, Brother Michael, who s also a spy for the Bishop of Ely, has to entangle various threads of this terrible web of deceit and murder, before he and Michael will eventually catch the culprits behind the murders of the friar, Froissart and several others, before being able to track down the murderer of the prostitutes and bring him to justice as well.Very much recommended, for this is a very fine series, and although this part is now at this moment 23 years old, its still refreshing to read, and that s why I like to call this book A Holy Exciting Sequel

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    An Unholy Alliance, the second of Susanna Gregory s Matthew Bartholomew historical mysteries is once again delightfully and informatively replete with much historical detail not only with regard to Medieval Cambridge, but about the entire era of the Plague and how in the immediate aftermath of the same, a belief in the occult has tended to flourish, so that unscrupulous town and university worthies are able to make use of residents legitimate fears and their justified frustrations that the Church had not been able to protect and save them from the Black Death Presenting an evocative, as well as very immediate sense of both time and place, Susanna Gregory once again introduces, portrays characters who are delightfully human, who often tend to grow on you and become part of you to such an extent that you might even personally enjoy having some if not many of them as friends and perhaps even but I guess that holds mostly true for characters like Matthew, Brother Michael, Mathilde the Prostitute and Oswald Stanhope, as of course, the same cannot really be said about some of the lesser and especially the villainous personages, but truly, all of the presented and featured literary figures, both heroes and villains, are for the most part portrayed as richly nuanced, and even with regard to those characters who do end up as scoundrels, as criminals, their nastiness, their negativity, their threatening and dangerous natures, that is often not all that obvious and readily noticeable at the onset, is delightfully, sometimes even rather creepily and strangely hidden Now truth be told, An Unholy Alliance actually features two separate mysteries, namely who is killing the town prostitutes, and who has kidnapped university officials and is engaging in seemingly satanic rituals in a decrepit unused church And one is almost lulled into thinking that as soon as Matthew and Brother Michael have solved the second mystery who is the main instigator of the satanic rituals, the kidnappings etc that the killer of the harlots has also been discovered, but that proves to be an illusion, a tragic mistake and Sibylla the prostitute, who had been in hiding after having witnessed the murder of her friend, of another prostitute, is actually killed precisely because both she and her confidante Mathilde, as well as Matthew and Brother Michael are so convinced that the killer of the town harlots and the main mover and shaker with regard to the kidnappings of university officials and the instigator of the satanic rites are by necessity and similarity of action and behaviour one and the same and thus sadly and tragically let down their guard, lessen their prudence Combined with an at times horrifying, yet thankfully always realistic ambience and sense of what Cambridge as a university and as a town was like during the Middle Ages, during the first bout of the Black Death and its immediate aftermath, An Unholy Alliance is highly recommended for ANYONE but especially for historical mystery enthusiasts who are looking for a series that is not too gratuitously violent, that is intelligent, informative and has living and breathing, has authentic seeming persons as its cast of characters And the academic setting of Cambridge University is an added bonus, an evocative painting of what academic life was like in Medieval Cambridge, Medieval Britain not only its positives, but also its many negatives.

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    Published 31 12 1998Author Susanna GregoryRecommended for fans of historical fictionIn this book we get to go on the second adventure of the Matthew Bartholomew series of stories Matthew Bartholomew is a physican with amazing ideas that are far advance for his time two years after the Black Death who ends up trying to find out who the killer is before he strikes again, he is joined by his friend the portly monk Brother Michael We go on the hunt with them to find out who the killer is, eavesdrop on a secret conversation in an abandoned church, end up on a chase on horse back to try to save their lives Susanna Gregory is an incredibly talented author who engages with the reader and draws them into the mysteries she creates, the characters that feature in the novel are all very well described you get a real sense of who they were and what it was like for them to live at that time This is a perfect book for fans of historical mystery fiction

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    Another adventure of Matthew Bartholomew and his sidekick, Brother Michael, in 14th century Cambridge In this one, someone is killing the town s prostitutes there are rumors of devil worshipping guilds carts of cloth belonging to Bartholomew s draper brother in law are being attacked and stolen and a friar is found dead inside a chest of documents.The real charm in this series, IMO, is the wealth of historical detail that Ms Gregory weaves into the stories And, of course, the characters themselves, particularly the recurring ones like Agatha, the cook, or Stan, Bartholomew s brother in law, or Bartholomew s students.

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    There s a good chance I didn t love this book because the edition I found at the library mistakenly lists it as the first book in the series and I didn t know any better until I started reading it.But still I like a good mystery and I really enjoy historical fiction This, though, just didn t ring my bell The mystery was too convoluted so much so that the main characters spend quite a bit of time puzzling over all the different pieces with nothing falling into place The end of the book required a lengthy explanation of everything that had happened, and even then I had trouble following all the pieces of the solution The characters weren t particularly interesting and so they didn t add to the story in any meaningful way All that said, I did read it quickly and found myself trying to figure out the solution as I read.

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    This is an excellent mystery with a lot of historical details deftly woven into the plot.

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    While the historical details continue to be top notch, all of the problems with plot and character from the first book continue While Gregory seems to want to write a psychologically dynamic detective story which is perhaps the only way to make her continued reliance on conspiracies interesting , her characters are thin to the point of transparency.

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    The second Matthew Bartholomew book, in this one, Cambridge is reeling from the aftermath of the plague, they re struggling to get enough food, surviving tradesmen hold monopolies and there is not enough clergy Some of the population have also turned their backs on God and have taken up witchcraft When a dead monk is found in a university chest and prostitutes are being murdered, Bartholomew and his friend Michael are asked to investigate Cue really tangled plots.

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    A plot thick enough to make your head swimAnother medieval murder mystery set in 1350 Cambridge university There are so many murders and suspects, you need a Cray computer to keep track of them I think this one was overdone, and it became tedious

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    AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE Medieval Mystery England 1300s VGGregory, Susanna 2nd in seriesTime Warner Paperbacks, 1997 PaperbackThe plague has passed and physician Matthew Bartholomew wants only to train his students and attend to his patients As senior physician, he is called to examine a body mysteriously discovered inside the treasured, and supposedly secure, University chest, which holds all the most valued, documents Witchcraft is also on the rise and someone is brutally murdering prostitutes and marking their foot with a small circle of blood Ms Gregory s has created an interesting 14th Century physician protagonist would rather be teaching and attending to his patients rather than conducting investigations With strong supporting characters and rich historical detail, this is another very good book in a well done series The stories are just a bit overlong and the plot overcomplicated, but it all works together well I recommend reading the series in order, and I do recommend reading the series.

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An Unholy Alliance download An Unholy Alliance, read online An Unholy Alliance, kindle ebook An Unholy Alliance, An Unholy Alliance 3819b9c9b038 Two Years After The Black Death Has Decimated The Population Of England, A New Killer Is Stalking The Streets Of Cambridge A Serial Murderer Preying On The Women Of The Small Town Matthew Bartholomew, A Physician With Ideas Ahead Of His Time And His Companion, The Portly Monk Brother Michael, Must Uncover The Identity Of The Killer Before He Strikes Again Meanwhile, Bands Of Homeless Peasants Roam The Land, Shunning Lives Of Virtual Slavery In The Fields, And Turning Instead To Robbery And Violence The High Death Rate Among Priests And Monks Has Left The People Vulnerable To Sinister Cults That Have Grown Up In The Wake Of The Plague During The Course Of Their Investigation, Bartholomew And Brother Michael Are Compelled To Undertake The Exhumation Of A Clerk, Eavesdrop On A Sinister Meeting In An Abandoned Church, And Engage In A Hair Raising Chase On Horseback To Save Their Lives As They Close In On An Evil Coven Taking Advantage Of The Despair Caused By The Plague