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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman explained The Daily Adventures of Mixerman , review The Daily Adventures of Mixerman , trailer The Daily Adventures of Mixerman , box office The Daily Adventures of Mixerman , analysis The Daily Adventures of Mixerman , The Daily Adventures of Mixerman 9bac Book Mixerman Is A Recording Engineer Working With A Famous Producer On The Debut Album Of An Unknown Band With A Giant Recording Budget Mixerman Is Supposed To Be Writing About Recording Techniques, But Somehow, Through That Prism, He Has Hit Upon A Gripping Story Like All Great Narratives, Mixerman S Diary Has Many Anti Heroes For Whom We, The Readers, Can Have Nothing But Contempt The Band Consists Of The Four Most Dislikable Human Beings You Can Imagine The Singer Is Vain And Pretentious The Guitarist Is A Serious Depressive The Drummer Is As Dumb As Cotton, And The Bassist Is Merely Mean And Petty, Making Him The Only One That Mixerman Can Stand All Four Of Them Hate Each Other S Guts, And They Haven T Even Been On Tour Yet Mixerman Takes You Through The Recording Process Of A Bidding War Band In Over Their Heads With A Famous Record Producer Also In Over His Head Many Find Mixerman S Diary Entries Side Splittingly Funny Some Find Them Maddening And A Select Few Feel They Are The Most Despicable Accountings Of Record Making Ever Documented

  • Hardcover
  • 427 pages
  • The Daily Adventures of Mixerman
  • Mixerman
  • English
  • 27 February 2017
  • 0884088275600

About the Author: Mixerman

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman online Between 2010 and 2014, Mixerman wrote three technical books on Hal Leonard Zen and the Art of Mixing, Zen and the Art of Producing, Zen and the Art of Recording, which read like self help philosophy books than dry and ineffective how to manuals Throughout the Zen Series Mixerman addresses the thinking behind effective record making He is often praised for his no holds barred, cut to the chase style, in which he relays the lessons he s learned over the course of his record making career in a pithy and entertaining manner In 2014, Mixerman released digital versions of all three of his Zen and the Art of titles, which include hours of supplemental video instruction and demonstration of various recording, mixing, and producing techniques.In 2015, Mixerman wrote Mixerman and the Billionheir Apparent, his second satire of the Music Business, this time through the broader prism of current American politics Much of

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    I read this book 400 page book in 3 sittings The first 2 3rds I read online at mixerman.net After that I just had to give this guy my money and find out how it ended.It s hilarious, and I imagine Mixerman to be a Louis C.K type character as of this writing, I m pretty sure Louis C.K is the greatest living comedian The stories are honest and insightful to the world of band dynamics, music and recording Some of the digressions are not very funny or relevant, and close to the end, the story loses steam, but only because it s based on real life.Recommended to anyone who s ever been seriously involved in any aspect of making modern music.

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    Great insight on the world of recording studios Thanks, mixerman Stfu, cotton.

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    Hilarious I got quite a few looks while reading this in my dorm due to hysterical laughter Somewhat educational and enlightening as well About 2 3 is readable online at small sample Recording vocals with the bass player was arduous and torturous than recording guitars with the singer I couldn t help but think to myself, Perhaps everyone should just shift over one musical station, pick up whatever instrument happened to be there, and then start recording the album It would give a whole new meaning to the game musical chairs The way I figured it, there would be a one in two chance that whoever sat on the drum throne would be a markedly better drummer than Dumb Ass For a moment, I started to wonder if I were showing signs of my age in thinking that players in a band should actually play the instrument on which they are most proficient for the purposes of recording an album.

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    I actually listened to the audiobook version Its narrated by Mixerman himself All the different characters from the story have their own voice and theres an added element of sound effects that add to rhe experience For those that read it and found it hilarious, I encourage you to find an audiobook version and be doubled over with laughter.

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    One of the most poorly written books I ve ever read EVER Arrogant, self aggrandizing and cliche riddled Avoid it at all costs

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    if you are a musician and you haven t read The Mixerman diaries you must do so immediately an entertaining read even if you aren t a musician.

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    Mixerman is a audio engineer who began anonymously blogging about his adventures recording an album for a major label with a new band and unlimited budget, exposing the infighting, nepotism, greed and stupidity behind producing music in short, discussing all the things which conspire against making a good album which a good recording engineer must resist He vents anonymously on the internet because he thinks it would be an interesting project and he wants to test his talents as a writer, but also because if he really told people the people he was working with what he was thinking and how he felt about them, it would be impossible to work with them and he d probably be fired.Mixerman s life is one headache after another The drummer, Cotton , a.k.a Dumb Ass, sucks Mixerman realized this when he brings in a rental kit to try to get a better sound and it was still awful He initially thought the problem was with the kit and had him use a rental When the sound is still awful, he attempts to artfully suggest hitting the symbol lighter and not like it was the guy who raped his sister, and not hitting the toms like a pussy, tough of course not in those words He likens the sound to a galloping horse, going slow at the beginning of a measure and then speeding up at the end.The producer has a wild idea of using a P.A system to get a big sound from the drums and although this seemed like a stupid idea, Mixerman is desperate to get a better sound out of the drummer Mountain Mike shows up the next day and moved the mics he had painstakingly spent 10 hours arranging the previous day a cardinal sin and breach of professional ethics in the industry You do not move someone else s mics without taking to them This leads Mixerman to talk to traffic manager Magnolia s and make it clear that no one is allowed into the studio without him or assistant Lance being there Not only did Mountain Mike move the drum mics, he set up his equipment in the place where the lead singer was, too Later on, when producer Willy Show dubbed because of his conspicuous absence from sessions despite a reputation as hands on listens to the P.A take, he doesn t like it and says he liked the initial set up one which is now gone.Things get worse when Willy brought in some of his favorite CDs, some made with samples and none of which he had worked on He wants a conglomeration of sounds from them the kick from one and the snare from another all insanely loud and bright Mixerman rents an EQ that was good at brightening things and gets a sound he was happy with after painstaking hours of work Then Willy finally admits the drum track still sucks and tells Mixerman to go to work slicing and dicing the drum track with Pro Tools, dubbed Alsihad by Mixerman, ostensibly to avoid promoting it but most probably to avoid a lawsuit because he hates using it and would prefer cutting tape or using another DAW Cotton, a.k.a Dumb Ass, perhaps at some level realize he s bad and is petrified of being edited and made to sound like a robot and shows up expecting to hang out and watch Mixerman edit him.Mixerman actually spends a coupe of hours editing tape with a razor blade because he is going to have to do so much editing, there is going to be sonic degradation But he throws in the towel after realizing how long this is going to take The drummer sucks so badly, sonic degradation is going to be the least of his problems The drums finally sound in time, but the they have no feel Cotton s worst fears are realized he sounds like a robot Mixerman finally takes tape he s spiced and puts it into Radar It still sounds bad but the producer is nervous about replacing Cotton with a studio musician and the band is against it, even though or perhaps because they treat Cotton as a scapegoat for all their problems Then Cotton gets a bug about recording timbales and a wood block and other percussion, which doesn t go with the sound at all and has to be convinced of this by Willy They are both resigned to replacing him but then he actually starts playing well enough to save his position and promptly trips over a cable and breaks his wrist So, they have to hire a session drummer anyway.Mixerman s life is made a little easier by Fast Fingers a self described Wegro with a goatee and spiky died blond hair who talked like a rapper from the hood But he was unbelievably fast and efficient at the Pro Tools alternative he dubs Radar Even helpful is Rod, an assistant hired late into the sessions after producer s nephew Lance gets the daughter of a foreign dignitary pregnant and drops out.Character issues and interpersonal conflicts within the band make Mixerman s life miserable The singer, narcissistic and obsessed with his hair, is a decent singer but a terrible guitar player and wants to play guitar And he doesn t like the lower key they are doing one of the songs in The bass player wants to sing but has no talent The guitar player is chronically depressed They all drink and smoked dope, including the producer, who brings the dope The lead singer gets arrested for DUI The bass player takes off in a limo without the driver and disappears and is then wanted for grand theft auto The band is constantly fighting amongst themselves and have years of baggage to deal with They bring in their girlfriends, who incessantly chatter in the control room and play with the talkback button while Mixerman is trying to listen and concentrate The band s new manager brings decides they need to film the session and brings in a camera crew with lights that heat up the studio, break the sound seals on the iso doors with cables and waste studio time with setup.Another thorn in Mixerman s side is Penny Pincher She continually harps on expenses because money was being wasted to freely early and the project is deep in the red So she fixates on comparatively small expenses, such as hotel and plane fare, going on expletive and even racist rants, screaming at the top of her lungs Then she books studio time and her position, winning personality and terrible negotiating skills would lead to overpaying and actually costing the production as much as 500 a day The best part about her is that she inspires Bitch Slap s best song to date recorded in a record 12 hours This book makes you realize that the music business is looking for the next bit hit and everything is driven by that, because hits mean millions of albums and songs sold, which means millions of dollars for the label To get those hits, the label will engage in a bidding war with a sound they think is hot and throw millions of dollars at the band, even if one of the members is weak Often they will replace him with a studio musician or expect that it will be fixed by the recording engineer in the studio Trying to make money by following trends, placating idiots who have managed to get positions of power via connections as opposed to talent or skill, all work against doing a musically good album It also means that the big money is actually not in recording or producing but in writing One of the reasons the band members argue about song authorship is that that is where the money is A band can sell a lot of records and still end up broke, but every time a song is played or recorded by another artist or used in a commercial, the writer gets a cut This makes me think that producing competent demos of my own songs that are good enough to sound professional might be all I need to do to pimp my own stuff.Another take away is that being a recording engineer can be a thankless job You are anonymous You are responsible if something does not sound good You are expected to just fix it Because you are a subordinate employee, you might not get much respect You have little authority but all the responsibility You might get stiffed for your fee if you don t get a deposit up front and get fired early on, and if you piss off a band member, one of the band member s girlfriends, the producer, the producer s nephew or an expense Nazi, you could find yourself out of a job But if you keep your head down and are competent, it s steady, good playing work.This was a very entertaining and eye opening look behind the music working at a recording studio.

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    This book is really really funny It chronicles the daily tribulations of a major label band as they try to record a hit record despite the fact the band members hate each other, and none of them can play their instruments properly.The book was originally released as daily journal entries on the Internet It caused a lot of embarrassment for the author and the record company despite the names being changed to protect the not so innocent.As a musician and occasional recording engineer, I have often fantasized about having access to the limitless resources available to a band with a major label contract Having never had that luxury, I know the likelihood of ever being able to create the type of record I really want to make is minute I simply do not have the money, nor importantly the time Nonetheless, even if i did have the resources of a major label deal, it would come with the major label baggage, and I still would not be able to make the type of record I really want to make I think the message of this book for me is that if I want to keep making the type of music I want to make, I better keep my day job Why would a retard act like a retard

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    I haven t had as much flat out fun reading a book in a while as I did while reading this one Maybe part of it is that I have experienced both wildly productive and wildly not productive recording sessions as a musician, so I can totally relate to some of the craziness that happens when you throw musicians into a studio Naturally, I ve never been part of a session with unlimited time and money, so I imagine that must kind of mess up your shiz.The only thing that could have possibly made this any better was if I had the slightest clue of who the band was though I m sure I will have never heard of them I hope This book is such a perfect description of what can possibly go wrong in the music business, it s like watching a car wreck in slow motion, but I ll be damned if I could stop turning the pages

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    Warning This is an Audiobook review First things first I love the voice of the narrator I am still not sure about how much of this plot is real , but his narration makes it than real enough for me to ignore anything surreal This book stands out for me w.r.t to other audio books i have read mainly due to the number of voice actors used I would highly recommend this version to anyone who likes to listen to books The fact that this is also a book on mixing music and audio record sessions had me expecting some good music , and it did not disappoint I was looking for some demo on mixing techniques employed ,but i guess it was ignored mostly because this was a blog and not really a movie version of events Overall , one book i will remember for a long time.

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