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The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict chapter 1 The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict , meaning The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict , genre The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict , book cover The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict , flies The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict , The Secret Diary of a Sex Addict ee89d93616aec Shelley Matthews Is Married To Her Job As A Journalist At A Glossy Women S Magazine Which Is Just As Well As She Hasn T Had Sex For Over A Year But When Her Editor Decides A Re Vamp Of The Magazine Is Needed, Shelley Is Forced To Go Undercover As A Sex Addict

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    I downloaded this while it was free on iBooks, thinking it was another book secret diary of a call girl although the book is basically just a bunch of mini sex stories, there was an actual plot that was interesting, sure gives 50 shades a run for its money in the porn like department Lol Surprisingly enjoyed it, totally not my style of book at all but was pleasantly surprised Would have given 4 stars had the ending not been so quick.

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    Quite enjoyed this, though I felt the ending was a bit meh.Some very explicit sex scenes, but that s what you d expect from a book like this A good antidote if like me you didn t feel that certain Shades trilogy lived up to the hype definitely erotic and realistic than those A fun book but not one to read again.

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    Not a bad read reasonably well written, kinda witty in places, and of course, very steamyEach erotic scene was given from a different person s point of view The fact that each person was in the addict recovery group lent itself to the overall story which had a bit of an actual plot that s than I can say for some erotica The number of typos in the kindle version irritated me endlessly though, and the way the ending just kind of comes out of nowhere doesn t do the book any favours it just felt a bit like the author ran out of people and addictions, and couldn t think of where to take us next Other than that, I enjoyed it.

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    Secret Diary of a Sex Addict is based around a journalist, Shelley Matthews, who has been tasked to attend a clinic as a client who is addicted to sex At this clinic she meets several people are all there for their sex addiction and during group session Shelley discovers that each one has a great story to tell and uses their tales to blog to the new look magazine that she works for.This is an easy read with some very amusing stories of an erotic nature Each character was likeable and with a happy feel good ending, you can never go wrong.

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    This book is the kind of book you want to read when you really don t want to think about anything It s a fast read and it s funny but the ending kind of killed it for me The whole book had a lot of interesting things going on, and I felt sympathy for Shelley the protagonist, but during the end of the book I started to dislike her a bit and I think the ending is downright horrible and a story killer.

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    In this book Shelley Matthews is a journalist Her editor sends her undercover to an addict s clinic as a sex addict While there, she meets clients who are there to address their addiction to sex While there she learns their stories.This is a dumb read The revalations are beyond stupid I m so embarassed to have read it, If you like the sort of story I ve outlined, you ll probably like it, but I didn t.

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    This is the longest it s taken me to read a book in months It was very well written making you believe in the story but I felt that something was lacking I wasn t a fan of the ending either, I feel it ended too abruptly for my liking Some very descriptive scenes set and lovable characters but I would have liked to have known about the afterwards for them all in detail

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    I really enjoyed this I enjoyed it so much, I was sad when it had to end It s very funny, very sexy and also sort of thought provoking at the same time I enjoyed the stories of each member who had come to the sex addiction group and how the author had them play out together If a sequel was written, I d be all over it Good stuff

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    this book was a good little read especially if you are into reading about sex as there is lots of it.each chapter contains sex without being repetitive or boring good for a quick read would probably read again

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    The 3 starts are for the confessions they certainly made for entertaining reading The books itself feels as though they ve tried to conjure up a story to fit around the confessions its a shame they didn t take it a little further, it would have been good to take the Aidan part further.

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