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The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1) summary The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1), series The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1), book The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1), pdf The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1), The Homecoming (Shelter Bay, #1) 61a67cd73c First In A Heartwarming New Series From The New York Times Bestselling Author Former Navy SEAL Sax Douchett Returns To His Home Town And Is Hailed As A Local Hero But Starting Over Is Difficult When He Unearths A Long Buried Secret That Reunites Him With A Past He S Never Forgotten She S Sheriff Kara Conway, A Girl Who S Always Held A Special Place In His Heart But As He Cautiously Reconnects With Kara And Bonds With Her Young Son, Another Long Held Secret In Shelter Bar Threatens Their Second Chance At A Life Together

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    So I have enjoyed the previous books I have read by this author This one fell short There will be some minor SPOILERS below This guy was an ex SEAL In this book that was a so what kind of element He might as well have been a dentist or a rodeo clown She was a sheriff If you re coming into this expecting romantic suspense, look elsewhere There was a lame mystery in it But pages and pages went by without a mention of the mystery There were only two possible suspects for the killer so you had a 50 50 chance on guessing who done it The whole book wandered aimlessly around I found myself just not really caring There was no suspense in the mystery plot and no heat in the romance They admitted their love, although she didn t come right out and say it, the hero, heroine and reader knew it Then the book meandered on for another 30 or 40 pages With the author telling not showing you that they went to various tourist destinations and had a swell time falling in love Then there was a very surreal conversation that the heroine had with her mother where the mom tells the heroine about a fantasy that she used to keep herself calm in the hectic early days of her marriage This scene went on and on telling every detail of how the mother imagined herself living June Cleaver s life I could see absolutely no point in hearing this for 4 pages Then suddenly in the middle of the book we shift into the mother s POV as she falls in love with her dead husband s best friend So a couple of chapters of them bumping uglies If you re going to have multiple storylines running, you need to start them all off pretty soon in the book so we don t go WTF 2 3rds of the way through the book There was an obvious throw in of a character for a forthcoming book He was introduced in a very heavy handed way Not pertinent to the story at all But then a whole lot of this book wasn t pertinent I m not real fond of series set in quaint little towns There seem to be many, many on the market lately and this is sort of a ho hum addition to the crowd Finally, there were ghosts in the book You weren t quite sure if they were real or part of the hero s PTSD Since the dog could see them and the air got cold when they were there, I think they were meant to be real I kind of liked them best of all the book But she kind of didn t do anything with them and they were wasted.Well I might give the next in this series a try but if it isn t substantially better than this one I won t go further than that.

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    In JoAnn Ross s The Homecoming, the first installment in the Shelter Bay romantic suspense series, this novel would move you to tears and tug your heart For Sax Douchett, this Cajun former Navy SEAL came home from the war with the ghosts of his past He didn t plan on going to his homecoming parade, when he met his former flame and brother s best friend s widow, Kara Conway, a widow with a son, and the sheriff of her small town When he uncovered a skull on the beach with his dog Velcro, that s what started it all for them to uncover the truth and rekindle old feelings For Kara, she still mourned the loss of her husband and lived with her mother, who decided to find love with her senior deputies Between Sax and Kara, it started as friends and blossomed into something else entirely between them, when they solved two cold cases together with a connection between them all with a sweet ending.

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    If you enjoyed Robyn Carr s Virgin River or Thunder Point series, or Susan Mallary s Fools Gold books, this series about Shelter Bay should be right up your alley Ex military heroes, and strong, independent women, who own cute animals.

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    Boy, this book just dragged on and on and one I was expecting so much out of it and instead got nearly bored to death.Series Note First book in Ross s Shelter Bay series, which is a spin off of her High Risk series There are references to the High Risk series characters, romances, events but I think you can start this series on it s own.Summary After watching his men die then being tortured, Navy SEAL Sax Douchett decides it s time to go home to Shelter Bay, Oregon and get away from death and terrorism It doesn t help when the town treats him like a hero All he wants it to be left alone Then his dog digs up an old human bone and Sax is thrown together with his high school crush, Sheriff Kara Conway.Kara returned to Shelter Bay after her husband was killed in the line of duty, and then her father former sheriff died in a supposed hunting accident She hopes to lead a peaceful like with her young son But things start going crazy with human bones turning up, a shooting, being assaulted herself, and then the return of Sax He makes no bones that he wants her, but Kara isn t sure she s ready or willing to start a relationship.Review I really enjoyed Ross s High Risk series The first book was so so, but then each one got better and by the end I was loving the series I THOUGHT this book was supposed to be another High Risk bookit initially had a title of Ricochet similar in type to the other HR Books But for whatever reasonwhether Ross wanted to change up the series, or her publisher pushed her to go a different wayshe spun the HR series into the Shelter Bay series And I have so say I really wished she hadn t This book fell so completely and utterly flat for me I was so bored while reading it.For me the biggest problem of this book was that it dragged alongmeandering this way, wandering over that way, never really focusing on anything of meaning and digging in It made everything very superficial There was a perfectly good suspense plot waiting to be dug into, and instead it kept getting shoved aside like a pesky leaf For a romantic suspense fan, and someone who was expecting this to BE a romantic suspense it was really frustrating This book was contemporary romance that shoved in some romantic suspense overtones, not a full romantic suspense like the High Risk books were.The romance was also pretty flat in my opinion It seemed like for most of the book they just keep going round and round the big pink elephant of their attraction to each other I just wanted them to get on with it already Then when Kare finally does give in to Sax, the author skips over all the good stuff You get like half a page summarizing activities and dates and how they re falling in love with each other and don t get to actually experience any of it Annoying.Then there was the oddity of Kara s mother She s widowed and suddenly develops an interest in her husband s best friend I m sorry, but I really have no interest in reading about sixty year olds having sex I just don t Okay And what was up with that Stepford ish fantasy Kara s mother had That was freakin bizarre.Oh, and I can t forget to mention the ghosts What ghosts you might ask The ones haunting Sax Very odd and almost ill fitting aspect of the story Really, I didn t mind it, but I m still not sure it worked for the book But anyway, Sax is being haunted by his three SEAL teammates The whole thing is treated so super casual that it s than a little weird Sax hides it because he doesn t want people thinking he has PTSD So you re kinda waiting to see if he tells Kara, how she ll react considering her late husband had post war PTSD Then he finally does tell her and it s skimmed over You get a page of so saying Sax talked all night to her about his time as a SEAL, what happened to him, and the ghosts, and that s it You get almost nothing, if anything, of Kara s reaction Ridiculous It just continued the thread of this book being completely superficial.Which was such a disappointment I really expected so much from this story I would have much preferred Ross stick with the High Risk series type than move on to this contemporary romance suspense wannabe.

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    Kara Conway is the new sheriff in Shelter Bay Taking over her late father s position, Kara believes returning home to the small Oregon town will bring her peace and quiet After a brutal attack in the city, she only wants to write up reports about smashed up mailboxes and easy pranks but a dispatch call to her former friend s house blows her plan up in smoke.Sax Douchette is a former SEAL returning home to Shelter Bay The former bad boy is now the town s hero but all he wants to do is fight those demons from his last mission and find his identity along with some peace of mind What he finds is a human bone that his dog brings back on a game of fetch and his quiet homecoming brings a whole lot of drama into his life along with the girl he wished he could have had.I m a sucker for re connecting romances I love when two lovers find their way back to each other The road of discovery is always painful but you know there is going to be a HEA At points in this story, I was not as sure that there was going to be an HEA because I did not feel the connection between Sax and Kara The two had known each other all of their lives and yet they acted as strangers throughout the whole book.Instead of revealing a budding romance, Kara harped on her marriage to Jared her deceased husband and the best friend of Sax s brother and how much she had loved him since her sandbox days Of course, Sax was scared to love Kara because she had belonged to one of his friends but even he realized that they were adults and needed to move on I finally felt the connection in the last few pages.The suspense in the story fell flat The majority of the book was focused on the crime but there was no real thrill and it appeared as if no one took the crime serious even during the action scenes I found myself wanting to get back to the romance, which was on the backburner I was disappointed with the character development All of the characters sort of blended in and no one had a real identity Kara wanted to be tough and independent like her mother but she was a sorry sheriff, having to get her butt kicked than once All of the women in the story high fived each other by claiming they were so strong and the men just wanted to protect them There was also some unresolved and rushed storylines throughout the book For one, Kara s mom and one of her deputy s start a romance It was mentioned that he liked her mother but was afraid to make a move because he was best friend s with Kara s father Then after an incident, where Kara s mother finally shows her emotions, they make love A few days later, they are planning their lives together For a book this long, there was ample time to reveal a slow romance in the background Then there was the fact that Kara and Sax never talked about her feelings for her dead husband It was mentioned at the end, that they had a discussion and he accepted that she would always love him but it was never shown to the reader Overall, this book had a lot of potential but there was a lot of factors that made it fell flat.

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    I totally overlooked this book when it first came out I thought it was a cozy type of romance I follow Ms Ross on Twitter, and she quoted something from one of her characters, and I was completely intrigued, so I asked her what book that was from Turns out it was from one of the books in this trilogy Since I enjoyed her High Risk novels so much, I added these to the pile Boy am I glad I didn t miss it Trey was charming and adorable, Sax was sexy and wonderful, and Kara was smart and capable Velcro was pretty cute, too LOL I liked that Sax would let Kara do what she needed to and supported her completely without undermining her or going around her He did do things without checking with her first, but only because she had important things to do, and they were minor tasks The big stuff taking care of her kid, helping with her job he always respected her enough to talk with her The ghosts scenes were a little weird, especially as we, as readers, didn t really deal with his issues from war On to the next book

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    This would be a great beach vacation read Interesting story but easy enough to put down when life gets in the way of reading I loved the heroine but I couldn t decide if our hero was just a laid back alpha or an aggressive beta My only complaint was the lack of heat There were a few tame love scenes but they didn t quite seem to fit the supposed passion between the couple.B

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    This book has romance, mystery and family in it I have read the Shelter Bay books out of order and they can be read as stand alone books Sax is back in Shelter Bay after he retires as a SEAL He meets up with Kara, who he loved in school even through she loved someone else Kara is now the Sheriff, and a widow with a eight year old son.

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    I love JoAnn Ross If you ve read her High Risk series, you know she can write some red hot heroes But when she left that series to create the softer Shelter Bay series witness the change in cover art hotsexy danger guys to a soft and peaceful place for a wounded guy to fall , I thought she might lose something in the downshift Who was I kidding They re still hot, sexy, and dangerousand by moving them to a small coastal town, Joann has multiplied their impactas the series expands from the current 3 books, I don t know if Shelter Bay can handle all that luciousness.In book 1, The Homecoming, Sax Douchett has come home from the war His Cajun family had long ago transplanted itself from the hurricane beleaguered Louisiana coast to another fishing town in the Pacific northwest Two years earlier, his parents had closed down their Cajun restaurant dance hall when it had been battered by the one two punch of a winter ice storm and ironically hurricane force winds coming off a Pacific typhoon So what s an ex soldier to do but settle in to rebuild what was once a community meeting place and, hopefully, take up the threads of his old life.Part of that old life is the girl he loved, but who was off limits because she belonged to his older brother s best friend During his senior year, he had proven just how honorable he was by watching over her for that friend when he enlisted Now years later, she has returned to Shelter Bay, a widow with a young son, and a sheriff s badge Kara thought she would just be filling the job temporarily after her father vacated the position by getting shot Supposedly it was a hunting accident gone unsolved, but when she discovers he had been looking into some cold cases, she begins to wonder if it was murder And when bad boy Sax renews their old friendship but with a new sexier spin, Kara decides that maybe her hometown of Shelter Bay has been misnamed cause there is no protection from this bad boy when he s made up his mind to finally make her his.Great family and small town connections make this both a cozy AND a sexy read Anybody who likes Nora Roberts or Robyn Carr will love JoAnn Ross.

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    I enjoyed this book immensely Although Sam s return to town finds him some sort of a Navel SEALS hero he tries to hide it and move on but the town won t allow it After deciding that the restaurant his parents once owned would be a perfect business for him, he puts his thoughts toward that until an old flame steps back into his life His best friend wife, Kara is now a widow and also the town sheriff after her father was killed in a so called hunting accident six months ago Kara and her son Tyre are bound to make a life together after the tragic accident that left them both alone Her husband has been killed in a routine call of domestic violence and although she didn t want to come back home she decided after her fathers death that the small town was just what they needed, as well as she stepped into her fathers shoes and the town sheriff.I would love to go into details and explain all of it to you, but then why take the surprise away Its a romance with a twistthat keeps you turning the pagestill the endwhen you find out that really happened to Kara s father..WOW.its a must read

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