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Little Women and Werewolves pdf Little Women and Werewolves , ebook Little Women and Werewolves , epub Little Women and Werewolves , doc Little Women and Werewolves , e-pub Little Women and Werewolves , Little Women and Werewolves d6721fc0250 A Literary Landmark The Original, Suppressed Draft Of The Classic Novel Little Women Is A Timeless Classic But Louisa May Alcott S First Draft Before Her Editor Sunk His Teeth Into It Was Even Better Now The Original Text Has At Last Been Exhumed In This Uncensored Version, The March Girls Learn Some Biting Lessons, Transforming From Wild Girls Into Little Women Just As Their Friends And Neighbors Transform Into Vicious, Bloodthirsty Werewolves Here Are Tomboy Jo, Quiet Beth, Ladylike Amy, And Good Hearted Meg, Plus Lovable Neighbor Laurie Laurence, Now Doomed To Prowl The Night On All Fours, Maiming And Devouring The Locals As The Civil War Rages, The Girls Learn The Value Of Being Kind, The Merits Of Patience And Grace, And The Benefits Of Knowing A Werewolf Who Can Disembowel Your TeacherBy Turns Heartwarming And Blood Curdling, This Rejuvenated Classic Will Be Cherished And Treasured By Those Who Love A Lesson In Virtue Almost As Much As They Enjoy A Good Old Fashioned DismembermentIncludes The Original Letter From Alcott S Editor, Telling Her Not To Even Think About It

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    Author did a fantastic job of staying true to the original and adding werewolves made for a fun read One of the best classics rewritten with paranormal aspects I ve come across

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    won this in the GR First Reads Giveaway I liked this book for the most part, but I m not sure if I would continue reading other zombifications I do look at this new genre as a spoofing, and don t take it too seriously Having read the original Little Women 35 years ago, I really don t remember much and I could now benefit from re reading it as an adult Interjecting werewolves into the storyline was true to the era, but some parts were a little too graphic for my taste, but I quickly scanned and moved on On a side note I did a little research on Ms Alcott s history, and found she wrote three gothic novellas and another thriller under a pen name, which she called her blood and thunder works So, this literary mash up is possibly not that far of a stretch.

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    I do not have strong feelings towards Little Women or werewolves, and for whatever reason I m far willing to see Alcott populated with preternatural beings than Austen who knew Although If Beth does not die from werewolfian causes, THAT IS IT.

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    Reviewed for MonsterLibrarian.com Yet another literary mashup, Little Women and Werewolves is the classic tale of Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy, four girls trying to grow up, once rich, now poor, their father gone off to the Civil War and with werewolves running around Unlike with other mash ups there is no tongue in cheek take on the original, just a tmesis of the traditional tale with the occasional line, or scene, about werewolves crammed in If someone spliced frames from a slasher flick into a high brow romance then peppered in some morals, you d get the same effect Grand mimics Alcott s style very well, even rounding the edges a bit Readers who loved the original will likely enjoy this tale particularly because Alcott also wrote gothic style novels, thus the set up of this being the original version of Little Women that was rewritten into what we know today is fitting While it has a certain charm it also doesn t appeal to the same audiences as most paranormals and horror books because of an overdose of generally repressive morals and a lack of plot The book encompasses about six years in the girls lives, and a lot happens, and is often lovely written but it seems as if just when the good stuff is about to get going the narrative shies away for another lesson about being a good little woman Overall, despite promising prose, I found myself disappointed Those acquiring for public collections should be assured that there are better mash ups out there, however if the library s patrons seem to have a taste for Little Women or the new classics no doubt they ll love this Contains violence and some gore

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    2019 ONTD Reading Challenge July Posted We don t like it when the same news gets posted twice on ONTD, but when it comes to books, the same story can be told in many different ways and still charm the reader This month, let s read a retelling

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    I can t believe how much I liked this book Little Women is the book I am always recommending for younger readers and one of my most loved ones, so it might explain how I ended up with a copy of this retelling but I kept putting it off because I couldn t fathom anyone doing anything to the classic.What Grand manages is to maintain the heart of the story and jazz it up with the rather subdued inclusion of werewolves They actually make total sense in the story and fit into a retelling that manages to hit all the important points despite the massive overhaul to the core of the story I m still not sure I would recommend this to anyone in particular, but I found it rather charming in the end and can see how retellings like this one got so popular.

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    WARNING SPOILERS I was very excited to win this book through FirstReads, and I wondered whether this would be an enjoyable monsterization is that a word of one of my favorite books of all time It was.First, everyone should know that the influence of the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is almost painfully evident in this book From the general concept itself to the black and white illustrations, it is clear that without the sales of that earlier retelling, this book would not exist However, Little Women and Werewolves will probably surprise many as a solid entry into this new subgenre of literature rather than a rip off of a rip off.The book begins with the cheeky conceit joke of trying to assert that this is the original text of Little Women, and in truth, because Louisa May Alcott actually did write sensation stories, some readers may find this combination palatable than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Beware of the bloodiness of the added material the horrible teacher Mr Davis, who lashes Amy s hand, is dispatched by Laurie, who is now a werewolf, for example , and know that Porter Grand does much editing of the text of the classic she s working with than did Seth Graham Smith for PPZ Which might actually work in its favor Obviously, rewritings of classic novels to include various monsters will NEVER replace the original works, but as offbeat instances of homage, they can be quite entertaining Little Women and Werewolves was.

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    TLDNR Too much Little Women not enough Werewolves.I have two other books along this vein on my bookshelf Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters Both of those I didn t like because I m not a fan of the source material Somehow I convinced myself that because I like Little Women I would like this book, but I wasn t really in the mood to read Little Women again I was in the mood to read about Werewolves I can t even fathom who this book is written for I would think that fans of Little Women wouldn t be interested in the long descriptions of rib cages being torn open and blood licked up by Werewolves People who are looking for a book about Werewolves would probably not be interested in the excruciatingly long chapter about a domestic dispute between Meg and he husband, completely werewolf free I just feel like there were lot of opportunities for campy fun in this book and absolutely every one was missed.

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    I had not thought of Jo and her sisters for years In childhood the reading of Little Women is a write of passage for the literate of the English language I think that all of this is about to change This is due to the wonderful work ofPorter Grand Little Women and Werewolves is the retelling of that classic tale with a twist There are wolves about in Jo s little hamlet The story progresses through familiar territory and takes the reader on a breathtaking re examination of a story that we all thought that we knew.I would highly recommend this dark hud adaptation of Alcott s classic for anyone that enjoys a bit of a scare on a moonlit evening in summer.

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    I loved the way this book was done It sounded like Alcott, had her plot, her themes, and her voice This was not meant to be a parody like some of the other mash ups, because it was intended to be written as Alcott would have if she could have gotten a book with werewolves past the male Victorian editors This book made me realize all mash ups are not alike, and it really shines far above the rest of them in literary value and content.

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