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    I think I am in love The title does not do this book justice what so ever Henry VIII Wolfman is hilarious I couldn t stop laughing at the funny characters and satirical one liners.This book had everything I wanted in it, gore, sex, witch hunters, torture, humour and historical reference The Hoblets are the best part of this book and Agatha is my power woman Agatha, for god s sake, must it always be death DIf you want something really funny and well written then PLEASE read Henry VIII Wolfman, you won t be disappointed.5 5

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    The title pretty well says it all As does the back cover Wolf Hall, with bite I enjoyed Moorat s Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter, I loved Henry VIII Wolfman as my husband said, on glimpsing the cover Well, that would explain a lot It is very clever and very funny In Moorat s vision of Tudor England demons are real and dangerous, but they have signed a treaty at the Field of the Cloth of Gold with humanity This is disturbed by the ambition of the wolfen, Arcadians, the lowest rank of demonkind, put upon by everyone, who are beginning to resent their position and to attempt to do something about it Unfortunately this involves eating Henry s much longed for baby son, and biting Henry himself with the result that he finds himself turning into a monster every full moon, a process he does not find at all unpleasant, especially when he is joined by the transformed Anne Boleyn Add to the mixture the witchfinders Hob and Agatha Hoblet, who, interestingly for a couple who have built a lucrative career on sadism are actually involved in episodes of healing and rescue Cardinal Wolsey desperately wondering if when the King is going to announce to his Privy Council Hey everyone, I m a werewolf , Jane Seymour, member of the Protektorate, Graham the Wolfman, Sir Thomas More, and and you have something even funnier than The Tudors.There are episodes of torture, hideous deaths, and bad language But then this is Tudor England.

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    A fun, outrageous tale of an alternate 16th Century England where royalty and the Vatican negotiate treaties with demonkind and all sorts of nasty creatures scheme and lurk in the shadows I think there a lot of great things about this book, though I think you will be disappointed if you re expecting some sort of enlightenment about the Tudors or that part of history, the monsters seem to be the point I think the thing that drags the book down a bit is the bad jokes, black humour that, for me, really misses the mark More likely to raise an eyebrow or cause an eye roll than to get an actual laugh.

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    Just spotted this up at Net Galley I am passing

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    I read this ARC via Netgalley.When Henry VIII s first son by his wife Katherine is eaten by young werewolves and Henry himself is attacked, he begins to undergo some changes While England battles against the Protektorate, headed by the werewolf Malchek, Henry battles his sudden lust for red meat And when he meets the Lady Anne Boleyn, it s werewolf love at first sight Cardinal Wolsey is determined to find a cure, while Thomas More is imprisoned under false conception that he is also a werewolf by two well known witch hunters You know the story of Henry the 8th, or hopefully you ve at least watched The Tudors The story follows close to history Except the conniving Anne Boleyn is made conniving by being a wolf herself, and Henry s rotund appearance is a side effect of lycanthropy Wolsey s potty mouth his favorite word seems to be the f bomb has nothing to do with werewolves The whole thing is a fun spin on history.I would have liked to see Henry eat his way through his 6 wives And while I m a fan of gore, some of the torture methods are very gruesome.

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    Yet another mash up of history literature and demons This one was written so quickly it has a lot of little errors of history and a fair number of typos, but it must be said that it moves along fast and is perfect for airplanes or trains or the beach I found the gore and bodies being torn apart a bit much, but we re dealing with werewolves, after all The characterizations of familiar historical figures are always witty and in some cases really clever Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas More make very memorable appearances Henry VIII himself is a little ponderous, but then, I suppose he was in real life, too Very well set up for a sequel, which should, by the way this is written, be available tomorrow or the next day

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    Rather then just an addition of werewolves to the plot, they re ours an interweaving is them into history In this alternate reality, the wolfan are real and trying to overtake England With various other characters being drawn into the plot, this tale is the Van Helsing of the wulfen world.

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    Reviewed for Wickedly Bookish Reviewshttp wickedlybookish.blogspot.com 2.5 starsHenry VIII is at the height of his reign and he s hungry like the wolfKing Henry VIII is infamous for his ability to go through wives like dirty underwear with his fickle attentions and desire for a male heir This book tells a tale untold until now.Henry s Europe is characterized as a land balancing precariously between human and demon kind The Vatican acknowledges the existence of demons and even promotes their existence because,..frightened people are likely to attend church Seriously, that s what they re going with The Protektorate is an organization overseen by the Vatican that attempts to keep the demons in check to an extent, but in all honesty is pretty useless Henry contracts lycanthropy and spends most of the book loping through England at night tearing into peasants with his great big teeth and hiding random body parts in his closet.The title says it all, really I think readers will find an enormous lack of direction and misplaced humor There are definitely some funny parts, but there are fairly few truly laughable moments It is easy to see where the author tries to get a twisted laugh out of his reader and fails completely leading to much head shaking and exasperated sighing I am a huge fan of dark humor, horror, and novel ideas However in this case I just didn t like it I think it is mostly because I have been incredibly spoiled by Christopher Moore and his fantastic books that mix dark humor, horror, and quirkiness superbly while still offering the reader an emotionally charged plot His stories make you question just how fucked up your sense of humor actually is one minute and then show you that no matter how dark it gets, there is always heart at the center of it I guess what I m trying to say is there is a method to Mr Moore s madness, whereas Henry VIII Wolfman is just mad The pages of this book are soaked with blood and guts I can get into that for zombies and the like, but when it comes to cracking jokes during the graphic slaughtering of children, I tend to be revolted At one point, wolfman Henry digs up the grave of a recently deceased child, pulls of its head and limbs, and buries his snout in the gaping neck hole to feast This is all after sinking his teeth into the ample breasts of the dead child s mother and ripping them off of her while she screams in agony I am in no way debating morals here, I have read and enjoyed many a blood fest with novels like Z.A Recht s Plague of the Dead and darkly humorous tales like Christopher Moore s A Dirty Job If you can write your gore and humor with a satisfying storyline I commend you, it just doesn t happen here I won t lie though, the reading experience wasn t entirely unenjoyable The text is well written and for all its sillyness keeps your reading at a brisk pace I was brought to tears laughing at two different parts because of how absolutely ridiculous they were That was honestly the thing that kept me reading, the twisted desire to see what crazy thing the author would come up with next After all my criticisms for this book I did have the pleasure of reading the best irreverent death scene ever I almost feel like bearing with the rest of the book is worth it just to read the death by fat ass scene Don t have a cushion to smother your poor suffering patient with Have the fattest man in the room sit on his face Genius I honestly mean that So Wicked reader, are you confused Are you wondering right now Did she like it or not The only answer I can give you is this I didn t enjoy the story so much as I enjoyed the way it fucked with my head I m giving it 2.5 stars because of the butt death scene and because this book made me really think about what I liked in a book and how far someone can mess with historical accuracy before I stop taking it seriously And that brings me to my final advice about this book Don t take it seriously, enjoy the insane, twisted ride it takes you on If you are not into the darker side of fiction, this is probably not the book for you However if you enjoy a good mind fuck now and then, I suggest you give Henry VIII Wolfman a read And then tell me what you thought because I am dying to discuss this book with someone.

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    An amusing, grisly and sometimes witty romp into the genre of revisionist historical paranormal fiction The Tudors meets True Blood.

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    This could have been a better book and I would like to have read it As it is, I ll have to give it points for ingenuity, but deduct some stars for its flaws A simplified summary might run thus Henry the carefree lover of wine, women and song, leaves the real work of ruling his realm to Cardinal Wolsey, who weaseled his wiles into a treaty between France, the Papacy, England and the Demons at the Field of the Cloth of Gold Minus the demons,this is very close to what happened in the real world Wolsey miscalculates and orders an attack on a rebel wolfen In retaliation, the wolfen attack the palace The king s new born son is killed and Henry himself is bitten Henry vows vengeance on the wolfen, but also blames Wolsey When Henry turns furry and fangy, he is both terrified and exhilarated His wolf self loves the hunt, the kill, the blood and raw human flesh His human self is less enthused, but increasingly irritable and impulsive Against the backdrop of politicking and back stabbing, rebellion and the sweating sickness, Henry meets Anne Boleyn and bites her Much running in the moonlight ensues Anne is a catastrophe in silk slippers for Wolsey, again, not too different from the history we know Henry declares himself head of the Church of England and marries Anne He is mad about her in wolf form, but soon tires of her as his wife His roving eye settles on Jane Seymour who is a Papal agent What the Yes, you read it and I wrote it In this book, Jane Seymour, the mild, demure, butter wouldn t melt in my mouth gentle maiden, is a feisty, spunky, energetic with a sword Oh yeah Not so much like the real world, no, no, no This is about where I got off the bus I lost my will to believe at that point This is really sorta sad because there is promise in some of the plot Henry VIII truly did display a change in his demeanor and behavior in early middle age He did pull the reins of power into his own hands He did become nasty mean and pig stubborn Unfortunately the wheels are falling off now I mean, St Thomas More as a werewolf Oh puhlease Aside from some ridiculous miscasting of characters, such as Jane and St Tom there are also some irritating writing habits Sophomoric jokes and puns litter the pages, in a truly tiresome way I became so annoyed by the writing style that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I was happy when he ate the queen.

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