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    Once upon a time..not to long ago A reviewer named Rane came across a book, but not just any book a book with a beautiful cover in shades of the fairy tale Cinderella Now Rane has read many good things about this book, and the stars bestowed upon showed it s favor to other readers So taking a chance, she picked up this book and took it home with her, hoping all turned out well, if not she could complain loudly Thankfully, Rane did not have to complain and saved her vocal cords the trauma Now Rane had to admit, she s never been fond of this author s works, but was willing to give everyone their chance, was happily surprised at the delightful story With a lead named Kate was not as meek or weak or a songbird of Cinderellas of old, no this heroine was strong and cunning As Rane read on, about Kate who was forced to take the role of her sister, the story moved on very quickly, as Kate is forced through one obstacle or another Having to keep her disguise, Kate the heroine meets up with her unknownn to her own godmother, that doesn t wave around a wand with magic, but is feisty and could talk anyone down man, woman or beast And whom Rane had to admit was her favorite character throughout the book We finally meet the prince whom was not Prince Charming, but could be very conceited, but caring to his family and others, his love for history made him smart, but it was up to the strong Kate to turn him on his head and his ways Now Rane did enjoy the story and the leads very much, and could admit had a crush on the prince s brother Wick sadly the Prince Gabriel in all his fine feathers was lacking in her eyes Rane couldn t place her finger on what was lacking until she saw she was in the middle of the book by then, when it dawned on her, the lack of growth and stage present the Prince Gabriel had The time focus on Kate was all and well, but this took away from Kate and Prince Gabriel, and this just wouldn t do for Rane the Reviewer As the story progress, with rats that were really cute dogs, and truths finally known and of course glass slippers Rane was happy with all the nice twists the story had to offer on an classic fairy tale Even with some nice love scenes save Rane s blushes As Rane reached the end of this book, she proclaimed to all This was a fun and delightful book indeed and that was all As she wrote of this funny little review for all those to read, she sighed happy waiting for the next in the series as she went onto her next book journeyThe End..Until the next Review

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    This is not your mama s Cinderella story In A Kiss at Midnight we have a Godmother whose wisdom rivals any magic found in a wand, rats I wanted to love and cuddle and who d be welcome at my house anytime, a stepsister who isn t so wicked, and a step mother who is, a coach to whisk you away at the stroke of midnight, and a prince who is than just charming, he s a wonderful, honorable and a worthy human being not to mention downright sexy This was such a delightful re telling of the classic Cinderella fairytale, presented in a way that makes one believe that finding your very own Prince Charming could happen to anyone As might be expected, this story is splendid, enchanting and funny, heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, but one thing your mama s Cinderella didn t have was the heat between our hero and heroine, Gabriel, the prince and the Kate Daltry, our very own, in the flesh, Cinderella.I m not going to spend time going over the plot details, as it s really not necessary Most all of us have either read the classic or seen this fairytale love story on the big screen, thanks to Walt Disney, and with the exception of a few minor twists to make this fit into real life, there s no question about which fairytale A Kiss at Midnight is spun from.I want to say, Ms James, thank you for this lovely story It had me smiling, sighing, laughing out loud and even crying This is the first book I ve read by you, and I m hooked I m thrilled to hear that you ll be writing in this series and that Wick, dear Wick, will be getting his own story in a novella Thank you Dear readers of my review, I urge you, if you re in the mood for a light, feel good read, pick up this book and allow yourself to be swept away into this grown up Cinderella world, where insignificant little house maids can find their Prince Charming and together live their happily ever after.

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    A Cinderella re telling in Historical Romance Count me in Except, well, Cinderella was always too much of a victim for me So, when I met the heroine of this book, Kate, color me surprised She fought with the evil stepmother constantly, and the only reason she would give in to the stepmother s demands was to protect the servants and tenant farmers So, I liked her Not doormatty at all Plus, she was snarky.In this story, she has to go to a ball disguised as her step sister with her sister s fiance to get his uncle, the prince s, approval for the marriage The prince lives in a castle and has a bunch of crazy relatives he is trying to support Castle living be expensive, yo So, he is also supposed to get married to a Russian princess because she s bringing a big ol dowry to the table Hey, a prince gotta eat, right Don t answer that, Rob Along with meeting the prince, Kate also meets Henry, who is a woman Her godmother And, she is awesome She s giving Kate a lot of good advice on men Never marry anyone with fewer brains than yourself, darling It always ends badly I m very fond of unquestioning adoration One can t have too much of it, from dogs or men Typical of a man They always die inconveniently I was impressed.There are several things that would usually trigger me in this book Starting with the fact that Kate and the Prince fall too fast and are cheating on his fiance, but since this was a fairy tale I am willing to give a lot leeway Also, though, I would give a LOT of leeway for a book that is this well written and witty The banter in this book is amazing So funny and smart Even the side characters are so well developed that I want their stories.

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    Kate I m old and ugly and poor and too skinny Oh woe is me Repeats ad nauseum until practically the last page.Gabriel I m a prince but I m also a man I m a man but I m also a prince I have responsibilities Oh woe is me Repeats ad nauseum until practically the last page.Both This is like a fairy tale, but life is not a fairy tale You re like a prince princess in a fairy tale, but life is not a fairy tale If only this were a fairy tale Author s note This is very much a fairy tale Throw in characters I didn t care about, a ridiculously conjured ruse of Kate pretending to be her step sister for the entire book, Oh, put a wig on Kate and wax breasts in her dress and none will be the wiser and insufferably long dialogue with nothing ever happening and you have a really boring, trope filled, unimaginative retelling of Cinderella.

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    What an original and charming take on the traditional Perrault s storyline But don t worry, you ll all the same get the selfish stepmother, the vacuous stepsister, a castle, a faux glass slipper, a very particular version of the rats and an outrageously cheeky and meddling fairy godmother who gets the best lines.Oh, and of course there are a prince and a down on her luck heroine sharing a passionate and sexy romance.Regency fluff at its best, with an engaging writing and sparkling dialogues.Buddy read with Anna

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    I might be done with this genre of book I wanted some brain candy and decided to pick one up after several months off the whole corset and rake thing LOVE this author but this one did NOT do it for me, seemed a lot predictable than her other Duchess stuff Also, another reason why I m over this genre isAGE 24 IS NOT OVER THE HILL AND OLD OMG IF THAT S OLD AND SHE S LOST THE SPARK OF YOUTH THEN I M AN OLD HAG I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL LIKE AN OLD HAG WHEN I READ TRASHY ESCAPIST LITERATURE rantI know the reality is that chicks in this Regency period got married at 16 or whatever, but it is modern times now, and I m tired of authors making the period real by making anyone over 18 Old So I guess that realism in the genre is gonna rule me out of purchases for a long time.That said, there were some ok parts in this book, I just didn t feel the wit of the regular Eloisa James in this as much Will pick up her next when I forget my rant in a few months.

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    3 stars Historical Fairy Tale RomanceI had a hard time getting into this book and the first 200 or so pages really dragged for me To be fair, my lack of enthusiasm was, at least partly, because I probably just wasn t in the right mood or frame of mind for it My frustration for about a third of the story was that there were too many characters and just way too much going on, so things were a bit muddled The main H H, Kate and Gabriel, seemed to get a bit lost in the chaos and there wasn t nearly enough interaction between them, so it didn t even feel much like a romance for a significant portion of the story So up until around page 202, it was really looking like this would be a 2 star read But then, to my pleasant surprise, once the flirtation and romance between Kate and Gabriel picked up momentum and their characters finally sparked to life, my interest peaked Their love scenes were achingly tender, utterly romantic, and lushly sensual Although it took a while for Kate and Gabriel to become a believable romantic couple, once that happened, I found myself rooting strongly for their HEA Thus, the last 150 pages or so, especially the beautiful, steamy love scenes, made reading and sticking with this through the slow and cluttered parts truly worth it and boosted my rating And the ending and epilogue were sweet icing on the cake 3 stars.

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    Really good retelling of Cinderella I loved both characters of Kate and the Prince of Marburg, Gabriel Both were written to be witty, honorable and likable characters.The chemistry between the two was well done and you could tell they were interested in each other, then just lust It really didn t start until about 40% in when they were actually interacting with each other and the plot had been developed.Lots of secondary characters in the book and I really enjoyed them as well, especially Henry Yes, there were some rats actually small dogs , a Godmother and of course some glass slippers It was well written and I definitely enjoyed this historical romance

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    4.5My friends Catherine and Uniquelymoi recommended this book to me, and it is official they can recommend books to me anytime I started this really late, like 10 pm late I just wanted to read a bit before bed Big mistake I got so caught up that I didn t stop reading til about 2 am when I finished the book I m not a huge fan of any new takes on classic fairy tales, so this never rated high on my to read list, but with the reviews my friends had given this book, I bumped it up I loved it I absolutely loved it This Cinder girl was no doormat for her wicked step mother, and her half sister was a sweet girl The prince was sinful, and the godmother wasn t a fairy by any means, but her magic was just as potent.Kate s step mother comes up with a brilliant insert eye roll here plan to pass Kate off as her sister Victoria at the court of some random prince s castle, since poor darling Victoria has an infected lip and looks dreadful Victoria and her fiance Algie need this prince s approval to wed, or he won t get his inheritance So, since Victoria can t go, Kate goes in her place Mind you, they are half sisters, so they only look a little bit alike Victoria is a pampered and buxom 18 yr old debutante, while Kate is a 23 year old, skinny and tall, and well, she s Kate But she agrees to this because the prince s approval is needed.So off to meet the Prince.Kate wears these awful wigs I thought of Kiera Knightly in the Duchess with all those intricate and tall wigs to disguise her hair, and she and the prince just crack me up.One of my favorite things about this book is that Gabriel figured out fairly quickly, and early on, that she wasn t Victoria I hate misunderstandings that take up the whole book, so luckily that wasn t the case here.But his guess as to who she really was he figured she was some illegitimate sister commoner irritated me that she didn t set him straight right away But that little tiny thing is the only thing that bothered me at all So, woot Our godmother comes in the form of Henry She is fabulous She absolutely stole the show A fantastic character who, while she may not have had a magic wand, she did some fairly miraculous things She made sure that Kate got her dowry, for one, thing Offered her a place to live in London for another And very succinctly had a way of putting busybodies in their place bravo Henry But her coup de grace was when Henry helped Kate get ready for the ball She was the best godmother any girl could have And Kate was able to go as herself, not her sister, so she didn t have to wear a wig, and her sweet sister let Kate shine, glass slippers and all It was fabulous.And our prince was in love with Kate from the first time she ignored his charming, princely self so for him to even consider marrying the Russian princess infuriated me But he was so wonderfully in love with Kate that I enjoyed for once seeing the hero pine for the heroine It was sweet, and sultry and so wonderful.Now, onto my favorite scene I don t think I ve ever done this before, but this was great Our prince planned a night for Kate that she would never forget, and the best part was watching him strip I say watching because it was so sinfully easy to visualize It s always the alpha male having his woman strip for him, then he shucks his pants and climbs aboard not that I don t enjoy that But here, he had Kate waiting in his chambers while he dressed for dinner, and he stripped in the most delicious way ever The simple act of taking off his cufflinks became erotic when Gabriel turned his wrist over to Kate Standing in only his shirtsleeves, with the front tenting up, and Kate not quite sure what to expect was great But when he dressed in his silk breeches, and couldn t get his erection to go down, because Kate couldn t stop staring at it..well, let s just say I have a healthy imagination, so I had no trouble picturing that.The ending was sweet, and the love story between the two was achingly beautiful I haven t cried over a book in a while, and several times I had tears dripping down my cheeks But I also laughed out loud several times with Kate channeling Cesar Milan the dog whisperer for the little rats One of whom Henry kept And the banter back and forth between Kate and Dante, or Gabriel or even Wick, Gabriel s brother So, thank you to Catherine and Uniquelymoi for this wonderful book, and I blame you both for me only getting 4 hrs of sleep

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    I love fairytale re tellings and even with this book taking liberties, it was very good and beautifully written This is my second book by EJ, and I like her style She hasn t reached the pinnacle of genius like writers Lisa Kleypas and Sherry Thomas in HR, but I enjoy her stuff and may very well need to read of her work.Gabriel was quite the sensual man, his characterization was so sexy, with his dark, long hair and sexy seductive accent I adored his responsibility to his family in the midst of trying to live his own dreams As a prince, he was limited in doing what he wanted but he definitely knew WHO he wanted And it wasn t his chosen princess from Russia, Tatiana Kate Daltry captured his affections early on and watching him slowly realize she was the ONLY woman for him was sweet I loved Kate, a great heroine who was quite similar to Gabriel in familial obligations Together they were electric and the last third was very difficult to put down This of course ended on a very sweet and fantastical note The short letter Gabriel sent to Kate towards the end was disarming He only wrote two sentences but the sheer power behind them was incredible The epilogue wasn t even needed but was a cute insertion.I heard the rest of the series is great and I m looking forward to continuing, especially with the re telling of Beauty And The Beast theme Anyways, a great story with a lovely cast, I really liked it.

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