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Again the Magic files Again the Magic , read online Again the Magic , free Again the Magic , free Again the Magic , Again the Magic c2e136459 She Gave Him Her InnocenceLady Aline Marsden Was Brought Up To Marry A Man Of Her Own Class, But From The Moment She Meets John McKenna, She Risks Everything To Be With HimHe Gave Her His HeartAlthough Their Love Is Forbidden, McKenna S Passion For The Beautiful Aline Is Too Compelling To DenyWhen Their Secret Is Discovered, Their World Is Shattered McKenna Is Forced To Leave Forever, Unaware That The Only Reason Aline Has Given Him Up Is To Save HimNow McKenna Has Returned, A Powerful Man Determined To Take Revenge Against The Woman Who Broke His Heart But The Magic Between Them Burns As Fiercely As Ever And As McKenna Uncovers Aline S Deepest Secret, Together They Discover A Love That Will Defy Fate Itself

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    4 Scars of the past Stars Again the Magic was a good read It s has two love stories in it This book kinda reminded me of 2 of Jane Austen s books Pride and Prejudice because it has two sister s love stories in it Aline reminded me of Elizabeth Bennet and Livia reminded me of Jane Bennet It also reminded me of Persuasion with the second chance love story about the hero being beneath the heroine s station in live so he goes off makes something of himself and comes back to rub it in her face only to realize he still loves her So yea I was feeling Jane Austen all over this book Which is fine because I love me some Jane Austen I enjoyed both couples in this book and the plot I did take a stars off because Aline drove me crazy the way she kept pushing the hero away and hurt him instead of just being honest Still overall a good read

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    5 stars Historical RomanceI really enjoyed loved this touching, emotional read of two childhood best friends turned sweethearts of opposing social classes whose love is torn apart by unfair prejudices, society rules and expectations, secrets, lies, mistrust, pride, and vanity I loved McKenna, even when he was plotting Lady Aline s ruin and being a cruel alpha, and his volatile and intense emotional reactions were so brutally honest and heartbreaking Aline s staunch secrecy and foolish pride drove me nuts I mean really, come on You re apart from the man you love for 12 years and then you finally have a miraculous, magical second chance, only you re too chicken, distrusting, insecure, and vain to admit the truth and put your feelings out there Arrrgh Still, I was rooting for McKenna to soften his ways and for Aline to finally come to her senses and admit her big secret before it was too late because those two definitely needed and deserved a HEA And I really enjoyed the sweet, steamy secondary romance between Gideon and Olivia, too.It s a sad, beautiful, affecting love story that stays with you once you ve turned that last page.These poignant lines spoken by McKenna to Lady Aline brought tears to my eyes and pretty much reveal and convey the heart and soul of the story For thousands of nights I dreamed of making love to you No man on earth has ever hated sunrise as much as I do I want morning and noon and nightfall with you I want your tears, your smiles, your kissesthe smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face I want to see you in the final hour of my lifeto lie in your arms as I take my last breath

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    Lisa Kleypas has done it again, and in a big way Again the Magic is a wonderful story with so many dimensions and so much depth that I was up until the wee hours of the morning, unable to put it down This story is actually a prequel to the Wallflowers series While I ve never seen it listed as a numbered book in the series, the characters in Again the Magic are featured heavily in It Happened One Autumn, book 2 of the Wallflowers, as well as in the other Wallflower novels.There are so many good things to say about this book that I don t know where to start As usual with Kleypas writing, we have characters who are so well developed that they cease to be words on a page and become living, breathing people We can imagine them as friends, family, lovers and even enemies Again the Magic actually tells 2 stories There is the main hero heroine theme revolving around Lady Aline and McKenna, and a secondary hero heroine theme revolving around Lady Olivia Marsden, Aline s younger sister, and Gideon Shaw, McKenna s American business partner However, I find it difficult to describe Olivia s and Gideon s part of the story as secondary because it was so full, so detailed, that it felt to me as though it were its own, singular novel And that made me very happy I found Again the Magic to be refreshingly honest than your usual fluffy historical romance novel The reactions of the characters were in keeping with what I would have expected given the depth of their feelings for one another and their lack of control over certain situations Anger and frustration are emotions that linger near the surface and are often the first emotions we feel when being faced with situations that are beyond our ability to change Sometimes, for whatever reason, the people we love just can t seem to trust us to love them enough to see past their flaws, be those flaws physical or emotional Such is the case with Lady Aline and the scars she carries from an injury she received in a kitchen fire I don t want to go into detail here and give away too much of the story, but her shame over the deep, severe scars keeps her from accepting McKenna s love She just can t seem to trust him to love her enough McKenna has no idea why Lady Aline keeps pushing him away, but finally he has had enough and is ready to return to America, alone, a heartbroken man But through a unexpected intervention by an unlikely person, Aline is given the opportunity to finally unload her burden and tell McKenna the truth and I loved his reaction He didn t just pat her on the head and say It s going to be ok, love, I forgive you and we ll get past this Nope, in fact, he let her have it with both barrels He held nothing back when he described the hell she had put him through and this is the type of reaction I would have expected from a man so desperately in love He made her listen as he poured out the anguish he had been feeling, and then he summed it all up in just a few simple words My God The blood rose higher in his face What if the situation were reversed and I was the one who had been hurt Would you have left me No Then why did you expect anything less of me The entire exchange was so well written, so perfect and exactly the reaction I would have expected and hoped for from a man who thought he had forever lost the love of his life I was cheering him on with every word he spoke, and when he finally took her to bed I loved how he wouldn t allow her to hide her scars from him.And again we see, between Olivia and Gideon, the same honest reaction from Olivia regarding Gideon s drinking problem when he asked her to marry him and she turned him down She didn t sugar coat anything, nor did she give him an ultimatum, but told him, I won t subject myself to the process of losing you little by little, until you ve either killed yourself or become someone that I don t recognize Again, this is the kind of reaction I hope for from my heroes and heroines She wasn t going to sit by and watch the man she was in love with slowly deteriorate by his own actions.As I said, there are so many good things about this story that I really don t know where to start or how to cover them all Suffice it to say that Again the Magic has a charm, an honesty and a depth and breadth to it that has earned it a place on my list of all time favorite reads.Note Whether you re looking for an excellent stand alone novel or want a series to read, I highly recommend Again the Magic and the Wallflowers Reading order Again The Magic While it is a stand alone, you won t want to miss the Marsdens in the next 5 books Secrets of a Summer NightIt Happened One AutumnDevil in WinterScandal in SpringA Wallflower Christmas

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    Boy did I love this one, but the TSTL heroine almost ruined it for me Oh Aline, what you put poor McKenna throughMy thoughtsI should have known what I was in for, after blubbering and sniffing my way through the first 3 chapters this was one angsty read I totally fell for John McKenna, who went from bastard stableboy in love with a beautiful, unattainable daughter of a duke, to millionaire American in 12 short years When 19 year old Lady Aline Marsden sent young McKenna away and how she did it after her father threatened to ruin him after their affair was found out, my heart broke for both of them And when McKenna came back after 12 years, so cold and with a plan for revenge against his first love, I was disappointed in him even though I could hardly blame him But what Aline put him through I wanted to shake that woman and tell her tell him already, tell him why you sent him away and for God s sake, tell him what you re hiding from him I wanted her to be honest and put it out there already, and to believe in his love for her But when she finally got McKenna to get over his revenge plan and declare his true feelings again, I thought this is it, this is what she was waiting for, to see if he still cared And then she did the most asinine thing Ugh I said Noyou didn t just do that to him again Well, luckily for Aline she has a smart brother, who knocked some sense in her before it was too late Thank you, Marcus, some very nice words of wisdom you imparted to Aline And once the truth was revealed to McKenna about why Aline thought she couldn t be with himI was sooo glad when McKenna let her have it in ways than one I adored the character of McKenna, and I loved the story of his childhood friendship with Aline and how it grew to a passionate, you re my other half love story And I hurt for them both when they were forced to separate But jeez, I wanted to throttle Aline for not being honest and not really giving McKenna enough credit and trusting in his love.I loved that this book was also a two fer I thought the other love story between Aline s younger and wiser sister Livia and uppercrust New Yorker Gideon Shaw was almost as exciting as the McKenna Aline storyline I liked the fact that LK gave the alcoholic Gideon a huge problem to overcome, but I was unclear about what drove him to drink so much Was it his family s expectations of him Or was it the fiancee who dumped him for a better offer I guess I was waiting to hear a tragic story about why he had to be drinking around the clock I did like how Livia handled his problem I swear she had way sense than her sister Aline There were so many moments in this book that had me tearing up Some of my favorites were the poem that McKenna wrote for Aline, along with the 15 dozen roses and the case of gingerbread he sent to her also, when Gideon was pleading for Livia to just blink if she loved him and McKenna s declaration of love to Aline when he finally sees what she s been keeping from him sniff.This book is a prequel of sorts to the Wallflowers series, so if you re planning on reading that series, you ll want to start with this one first I just wish I had done that I love a book that gets me so involved with the story and characters that it can make me cry Lisa Kleypas is a masterful, gifted storyteller there was not a moment that I wanted to put this one down No slow parts, and as usual, plenty of tidbits and anecdotes about 1830s England and America to make you feel like you re learning something too while you re enjoying your romance If it weren t for that one frustrating moment with Aline, this would be a 5 star read But for that alone, I ve got to knock it down slightly to a 4 1 2.My McKenna

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    4 Stars An enjoyable, steamy escape This isn t exactly breaking news to romance readers, but Lisa Kleypas is a goddess in her genre She truly excels in her steamy love scenes which are as passionate as they are explicit Again the Magic is an edgy historical romance that offers a double dose of taboo love during a time where venturing outside of one s social class was not only unheard of, but inarguably forbidden Our main couple, Aline and McKenna, are childhood friends who gradually and helplessly fall in love But Aline is the daughter of an insufferable Earl who believes the only purpose his daughter serves is to marry well , and will not stand for her falling for a mere servant Aline has no choice but to crush poor McKenna s heart and send him packing But McKenna eventually returns with bitterness on his tongue and revenge against Aline in his heartAlongside Aline s and McKenna s romance runs a secondary love story, which is a little less forbidden but also holds a healthy level of taboo I initially wasn t sure I wanted my main couple sharing the spotlight, and although the additional romance ended up being a nice compliment to the story, I never found it entirely necessary I would have been happy with a little less sex and a bit story, although it s difficult to complain about a book written so incredibly well The element of tension did become a little redundant at times miscommunication, withholding information, the denial and sacrificing of feelings however, everything held a purposeful place within the story What I loved most was how richly layered and deeply developed each character was this is what brings a story to life for me The romance had a timeless sort of feel to it, and I immediately knew that this would be one I d remember If you re a fan of historical fiction delivered through eloquent writing, and looking for an extremely well executed, sexually charged story don t pass this one up Book Stats Genre Category Historical Romance Steam Caliber Maximum steam and plenty of it Romance Friends to lovers, forbidden romance Characters Vengeful but lovable hero Strong but reluctant heroine Plot Showcases a main forbidden love story, and a secondary character romance Writing Eloquent, fluid, graceful, steamy POV 3rd Person Perspective Alternates focus Cliffhanger None Can be read as standalone Next Installment Separate story in series HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    This really should be a five star book, but it had a few issues that make it hard to give it a five star rating Fundamentally, the secondary love story takes up way too much of this book I believe that McKenna and Aline s beautiful love story deserves time than was spent on it in this story I have nothing against Gideon and Olivia, but seeing their relationship unfold at the expense of McKenna and Aline was frustrating to me It was almost like LK was finding it too painful to delve into the angst of their story and switched the camera away to focus on Gideon and Olivia If I had my way, I would have introduced G and O in this story, and continued their relationship in a short story Instead, we see them go from strangers to lovers to in love in my opinion in a manner that is much convincing than the main couple s story But what about the characters that I read this book for Well, there is the beginning of their starcrossed love John McKenna as a lowly stable groom, and Aline as a shy, quiet teen who was in love with McKenna from the get go They were close friends who were on the cusp of being lovers and Unfortunately, Aline s awful dad finds out and kicks McKenna off the estate, and he s forced to make his way in the cold, cruel world He thinks that Aline didn t love him and easily forgot about him, so he has driven himself to get revenge against her by making himself into a very rich, powerful man, no matter what the cost is Little did he know that his leaving broke Aline s heart, and she is badly injured in a kitchen fire, which makes her unmarriageble in her mind So life has not been great for Aline after all When they reunite, Aline is determined to enjoy her summer in every way she can with McKenna and watch him leave with no regrets All McKenna s thoughts of revenge fade as he is reconfronted with the woman he never stopped loving Powerful stuff McKenna is an incredible hero He is strong and driven I loved him Aline was convincing and sympathetic as a heroine You can understand why she tries to keep secrets from McKenna She doesn t want him to be burdened with an invalid wife So she gives herself only sexually to him How could I not love this story If there was enough time spent on it It was so frustrating to see this book barely scratch the surface of all the longing and anguish between them Not to mention that they go off to America to start their happy marriage and we never hear from them again.So I can t help feeling down about the way this story unfolded Normally I love an angsty romance So long as the end is fulfilling and I am fully convinced that the couple has made it past the pain and will have a happy, loving future together In this case, there wasn t enough payoff Deep down I still feel this uncertainty about McKenna and Aline Are they truly happy Is all well This book about forbidden love has a poignancy that is almost painful It stays on your mind and you hope that Aline and Mckenna are having a very happy life together They earned it But I needed of their story to be content with this book.

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    3 1 2 stars but I m rounding it down to 3 stars because I didn t like it as much as the other LK books I ve rated 4 stars I m not going to write a review because there are already a gazillion reviews not only here but all over the internet I m just going to point out what I liked disliked in this book, since I seem to be in the minority for not loving it as everyone else.Likes McKenna, Gideon, Livia, Westclif In sum, every character but Aline and her father, of course The beginning of the story I could really feel how much McKenna and Aline loved each other, how hard it was for her to send him away and how devastated he became The ending of the story, when Aline stops being TSTL and McKenna lets her see how much she hurt him The love scenes, of course Dislikes Aline and her ridiculous excuses for sending McKenna away the 2nd time I was OK with her reason for sending him away the 1st time Two romances crammed into one book I wish LK had written Aline s and Livia s stories separately As it was, both romances fell short and slightly rushed to me I believe I d have been lenient towards Aline if I had spent time with her.Well, I think that explains why this book didn t wow me I liked it, but I didn t love it Interesting tidbit During their business visit to London, McKenna and Gideon stay at the Rutledge Hotel Harry Rutledge, the hotel owner and a close friend of Westcliff s, is mentioned but doesn t show up in this book Years later, he becomes the hero in Tempt Me at Twilight.

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    5 TAKE ME AS I AM stars Since the day that John McKenna had been brought to the estate at the age of 8, he and Aline had been constant companions for ten years, climbing trees, swimming in the river, and running around barefoot But eventually things had begun to change between them No healthy young man could fail to be stirred and set off kilter by Aline, who at the age of 17, had become the loveliest girl on God s green earth.Lady Aline MarsdenWarm, high spirited, and beautiful in all ways Aline s looks were the kind that caused the heart to stop and the breath to catch.McKenna McKenna was her counterpart, her compass, her sanctuary Aline was his curse, his fate, his consuming desire.You think you want me now but you ll change Someday you ll find it damned easy to forget about me A servant..This story was so damn beautiful Young forbidden love It captured me completely and I was in love I found myself gripped from page one and I kept bawling my eyeballs out I love second chance epic love Their forbidden relationship was discovered and they are forced to separate The way things ended at this point broke my heart Their paths will not cross again for 12 years McKenna comes back to the estate where he was once a servant, as a completely successful and rich businessman He finds Aline still there unwed and hears about a mysterious illness she had suffered from He has a plan in action to prove his worth once and for all She has a personal secret as to why she cannot give herself to him completely They both put each other through the sweetest of hell I was right there with them I could not stop swooning There is just something about historical romances that grip me in a different way then modern day panty ripping swooning I mean REALLY This story had my mouth watering and my heart in a tight grip When you reach the happily ever after in this type of book you can literally hear the violins playing in the background and you can envision the couple running towards each other in a field of flowersthey embrace and he swings her round and round.catapulting your heart into the highest of highsand then PROMPTLY BURSTING INTO TEARS just beautiful This is epic love I ll love you until the day I die You re the only man I ll ever want, McKenna No one will ever look at me the way you do As if you love me with every part of yourself McKenna promise me, if you ever marry someone else, promise me that you ll always love me best I ll find a way to come back I ll do whatever you ask No matter where I go, I ll never stop loving you You need a man who will match your will, own you, occupy every part of your body and every corner of your soul Aline, I love you enough for the both of us And there must be something about me worth loving If you would just try You re the other half of me I want your tears, your smiles, your kissesthe smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face, I want to see you in the final hour of my lifeto lie in your arms as I take my last breath Ash thank you for this rec I needed EPIC EPIC love

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    If I were asked to choose one special book by my favourite author Lisa Kleypas, it would have to be AGAIN THE MAGIC, the prequel to her Wallflower series The emotional impact of this powerful and moving love story never diminishes no matter how many times I read it.Aline Marsden and John McKenna are young and passionately in love, but it s a forbidden love Aline is the eldest daughter of the Earl of Westcliff while McKenna is a mere stable lad on her father s estate Their happiness comes to an abrupt end when Aline s father discovers their liaison In order to save McKenna from her father s terrible retribution, Aline must ensure that when he leaves Stony Cross Park, McKenna will never return The only way is to convince him that she has never really loved him You re a bastard, McKenna you have no family, no blood, no means what could you offer me that I couldn t get from any other man of low breed Go, please Devastated, she can only watch him walk out of her life Shortly after McKenna s departure, Aline is injured in a terrible accident, which almost claims her life and leaves her badly scarred.Twelve years have passed and Aline is still living at Stony Cross Park with her brother, Marcus, now the Earl of Westcliff, and Olivia Livia , her younger sister Marcus is entertaining Gideon Shaw, a wealthy American businessman, and his party with a view to investing in Shaw s business ventures Aline enjoys her role as hostess for her brother s guests but when she finds an old handkerchief left on her bed, she knows there is only one person who could have left it there McKenna Now Shaw s business partner, McKenna is not the young stable lad she had loved all those years ago and has never stopped loving, but an arrogant, self confident and brooding stranger with all the trappings of wealth But what she sees in his eyes is not love but hatred, and Aline knows he intends to seek revenge for the way in which she scorned him twelve years ago Seduction will be a sweet revenge for McKenna He was going to make her suffer, weep, scream, beg He was going to bring her to her knees Break her And that was just the beginning.Aline wants to experience a taste what might have been with McKenna and becomes his willing victim Despite everything, McKenna accepts that he has never stopped loving Aline and, when he discovers the real reason why she sent him away from Stony Cross Park, he begs her to marry him Can Aline find the courage to trust in McKenna s love enough to tell him the truth about her accident Or will she watch McKenna walk out of her life again forever Lisa Kleypas has the extraordinary ability to draw me into her books and I always feel a deep connection to her characters In AGAIN THE MAGIC, the scenes between Aline and McKenna are so powerfully written that it is as if I am part of their lives instead of a mere onlooker They have each been through so much that I desperately wanted them to have their happy ending Some scenes are so heartrending that quite often I found tears streaming down my face Their passion positively melts the pages and Ms Kleypas definitely increases her normal heat level in the love scenes Oh, McKenna how you devastate me to steal Aline s words In my opinion, Ms Kleypas writes some of the best heroes ever and McKenna is undeniably one of my favourites He is the embodiment of a hero powerful, brooding, handsome, and passionate but also tender and caring I love the fact that he is not afraid to show genuine emotion Turning, she Mrs Faircloth held her arms out to him in a maternal gesture McKenna went to her at once, his black head lowering to her soft, round shoulder as he wept.I knew that he couldn t have stopped loving Aline in spite of what he says to the contrary Why else would he have kept her handkerchief for twelve long years When Aline tells him she wants a certain amount of finesse in his seduction serenades, flowers and poetry would a man, who is not head over heels in love, concede to all her requests, even the poem I empathize with Aline because not only did she suffer the anguish of losing McKenna but the accident then left her both emotionally and physically scarred I appreciate why she has a lack of self worth because of her scars and therefore why she acts as she does It is only when McKenna declares his unconditional love for her that I really wanted to shake some sense into her and say Come on Aline Here s a guy that loves you than life itself Do you really think those scars will matter to him That said, Ms Kleypas than compensated for my frustration with Aline by writing an unforgettable final love scene between them that melted my heart and some of the most memorable romantic words ever I want morning and noon and nightfall with you I want your tears, your smiles, your kisses the smell of your hair, the taste of your skin, the touch of your breath on my face I want to see you in the final hour of my life..to lie in your arms as I take my last breath I like the way in which the secondary romance between Livia and Gideon Shaw is interwoven and find it every bit as satisfying as Aline and McKenna s It is an unusual pairing of characters and the issue of Gideon s drinking adds an interesting edge to the romance It also has one of my favourite quotes She smiled at him, though her hazel green eyes were wary beneath the brim of a sodden hat Right at that moment, staring at her across the hall, Gideon Shaw, cynic, hedonist, drunkard, libertine, fell hopelessly in love.I adore Aline s brother, Marcus, for being fair and open minded, so unlike his father, and caring so much about his sisters even though, at times, he can be a self important interfering clod , to quote Livia He is so cynical about love that you know when he falls for someone, he will fall hard Poor Marcus how I Aline look forward to the day when you fall under some woman s spell Me too, Aline Me too The secondary characters all add depth to the story Mrs Faircloth, the housekeeper, always ready with soothing words and a warm shoulder to cry on Susan Chamberlain, Gideon s bitchy sister, perpetually looking down her nose at everyone Adam, Lord Sandridge, Aline s friend and confidante, with a secret or two of his own.My words can never do justice to such a wonderful book as AGAIN THE MAGIC So bring a little magic into your life and read it soonhttp www.theromancereviews.com viewThis review was originally written for The Romance Reviews

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    I ll marry no man but you McKenna And if you ever leave me, I ll be alone for the rest of my life Aline I would never leave unless you told me to go Aline was his curse, his fate, his consuming desire He would never stop wanting her, no matter what she did, no matter how many oceans and continents he managed to put between them No man on earth has ever hated sunrise as much as I do You sleep too, she said groggily, her hand creeping to the center of his chest No McKenna smiled and pressed a soft kiss against her temple His voice was husky with wonder Not when staying awake is better than anything I could find in a dream When I finish a book such as this I always say to myself, Why do you read Historicals only now and again I must make sure I dip into them often A Wonderful read I know I said in one status update that I did not want McKenna to be mean to her but I thought he could have been a bit of an ass I do like them to be like that but all in all it was a lovely read.

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