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The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery chapter 1 The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery, meaning The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery, genre The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery, book cover The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery, flies The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery, The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery f58e15d4cc749 It Was July, Jerusalem Lies Ransacked Amidst The Chaos, An English Knight Is Entrusted With A Valuable Religious Relic A Fragment Of The True Cross, Allegedly Stained With The Blood Of Christ The Relic Is Said To Be Cursed Anyone Who Touches It Will Meet An Untimely And Gruesome End Several Decades Later, The Cross Turns Up In The Possession Of A Dealer, Robbed And Murdered En Route To Glastonbury Investigating The Death, Bernard Knight S Protagonist, Crowner John Learns Of Its Dark History In Oxford In , The Discovery Of A Decapitated Monk Leads Ian Morson S Academic Sleuth William Falconer To Uncover A Link To The Relic In , In Exeter, Michael Jecks Sir Baldwin Has Reason To Suspect Its Involvement In At Least Five Violent Deaths Thirty Years Later, Several Suspicious Deaths Occur In Cambridge And, Once Again, The Tainted Relic Has A Crucial Part To Play Finally, It S Despatched To London, Where Philip Gooden S Nick Revill Will Determine Its Ultimate Fate

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    Confieso que a mitad del libro estuve a punto de dejarlo, por encontrarlo falto de inter s Pero entonces vinieron los tres ltimos cap tulos, que ocupan el 50 % final, y entonces ya decid acabarlo, porque esos ltimos cap tulos son, sin duda, los mejores, y los que te hacen engancharte al conjunto de la obra.Las peripecias de un supuesto trozo de la Santa Cruz, con su mancha de sangre y todo, arrancan en Jerusal n en 1100, y a lo largo de varios cap tulos escritos por famosos autores especializados en novela medieval culminan en Londres en el a o 2005 La reliquia posee una maldici n, y todo aquel que la toca y al final acaba deshaci ndose de ella termina falleciendo, normalmente asesinado El mayor inter s radica en leer las diferentes aproximaciones al tema de cada autor, seg n su estilo de escritura Por lo dem s, no ha sido una novela excesivamente gratificante Eso s , como expertos que son, la ambientaci n de la poca medieval est muy bien conseguida.

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    I began this short story collection as the Christmas holidays approached, and I knew my time for reading would be limited and sporadic However, it was an interesting cluster of tales that were united by an ancient stained splinter of wood that was enhanced by a legendary curse of death Superstition Self fulfilling prophecy Uncanny coincidence You decide

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    I listened to this at work and that might have been part of my not digging it as much as I could have It took me a little while to get into the story and then to understand everything that was going on I got that the relic was supposedly cursed and death followed in its wake My issue was not following who was dying and it seemed like there were a lot of victims with each story They died before I had a chance to know them or the people solving the crimes or the people doing the killing or even why the killing was occurring, except part of it was to get the relic back from whoever had it The only time I could truly understand the story was when it moved up to William Shakespeare s time The story made me laugh and care about the characters All that said, I will be getting of this series of books, especially KING ARTHUR S BONES, the reason I started looking for this team of authors I have a collection of Arthurian legend, saw this book in a review, put it on the WWBL and then found out there s a series of books by this team who call themselves Medieval Murderers Very cool premise and still intriguing I know not all books are for all people and I will likely get this as a handheld book to read and pay closer attention.and read it someplace without distractions..like work can be.silly work.Three need fewer distractions beans.

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    This is an interesting experiment in a sort of shared world alternate history in which six mystery writers combine to create a single tale across Medieval England The story is of a relic which is cursed by its protector as his family is slain allegedly a piece of the cross of Jesus Christ, stained by His blood Any who touch the relic will die upon relinquishing control of the item.Each author tells another tale through a few hundred years of history, a short story about the relic as it passes through hands, featuring the author s main characters Several are somewhat forgettable but to be fair, a short story does not give time to develop characters nor adequate time to truly tell a compelling story in most cases Still, Michael Jecks and Phillip Gooden stand out with interesting stories and characters, and Bernard Knight does a decent job The real drawback is that the book feels unsatisfying, with a strangely sudden ending to the tale, without a real feeling of completion or resolving the events and the legend.

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    Published 01 05 2005Author The Medieval MurderersRecommended for fans of murder mysteries.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down I love all of the authors in this book It was brilliantly well written and I would definately recommend it to anyone who likes murder mystery novels The authors in this one are Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Ian Morson, Philip Gooden, Simon Beaufort and Bernard Knight, these are all incredible authors seperately so put them together all in the same book and you get a really incredible novel

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    I thought this was a great read, captivating the reader, and introducing new characters and mysteries along the way The Tainted Relic is historical fiction written by a team of writers, each taking a chapter detailing the events surrounding the tainted relic This is the first book in this series written by this group of authors I am pleasantly surprised and intrigued and intend to read each of these authors own individual books.

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    Read this book to get an idea of how the writers were found a couple to add to my reading list Some I liked than others but overall pretty good book

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    I just finished reading The Tainted Relic by a conglomerate of writers known as the Medieval Murderers This is in essence,five short novellas and a prologue detailing events pertained by cursed relic,a splinter of the true cross of stained with the blood of Christ kept safe by a religious order in Jerusalem When the Crusader army invaded Jerusalem,they killed every Muslim and Jew, including the family of the guardian, which, in a fit of rage, cursed the item to cause death to everyone that relinquishes it to another.You can read the story as a murder mystery, or as a horrorstory It stories are a true representation of the superstitious nature of people for religious relics evident throughout the Middle Ages Several episodes are very interesting and are very consistent others are flat and hard to understand In a way, this book is a good sample to see if you might like to read from some of these authors I found Acts II and V very enjoyable and witty, although they were by far, the shortest.The main strength of the stories as a whole is the way inwhich they present the events as common occurrences or unavoidable accidents however, the medieval and esoteric character ingrained in each passage can defy our logic into becoming believers of the power of the curse A short epilogue gives a nice ironic twist to the circle of death abounding in the book.

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    A good collaboration between five medieval mystery writers, Susanna Gregory, Michael Jecks, Bernard Knight, Philip Gooden and Ian Morson Apart from the prologue and epilogue which set and complete the theme, each section consists of a novella which traces the events at different times as the cursed relic, a piece of the Cross stained with Christ s blood passes from place to place.I enjoyed Michael Jecks section the most, but this may be because I have read most of his books and it was a pleasure to come across Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock in Exeter again Historically Susanna Gregories was the most interesting as I had not known of fierce division between the Fransiscans and the Benedictines over the question of the sanctity of Christ s blood, and the implications it could have for the celebration of Mass This formed the basis of her contribution, although in the event simple greed was the motive Philip Gooden has a light touch and a lively modern style I must try to read of his Nick Revill series set in Elizabethan and Jacobean London.

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