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Bossman Billionaire pdf Bossman Billionaire, ebook Bossman Billionaire, epub Bossman Billionaire, doc Bossman Billionaire, e-pub Bossman Billionaire, Bossman Billionaire 98736efdca5 Mr August Luke Garnier, Rich As Royalty, Sexy As SinLooking For A Fast Track To FatherhoodThe Mother To Be His Straitlaced SecretaryBusiness Meant Staying Focused On The Bottom Line, And Luke Wasn T Looking For A Wife Just An Heirwith No Strings Attached Persuading His Faithful Assistant, Haley Rollins, To Be His Surrogate Seemed An Expedient Solution But Once Shy Haley Joined Him In Their Marriage Bed, The Construction Mogul Discovered Their Business Arrangement Had Some World Rocking Employee Benefits

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    Good story that kept my interest, but not as intense as I would like The writing seemed a little basic, lacking some emotional depth that I hoped for However, I am sucked into this series about a group of offspring from a rich playboy who went around planting his seed liberally, and the grandmother executive who is using her considerable means to make sure that they all have happy lives Luke was pretty clueless He was all business He had this great idea that he wanted an heir to train to take over his businesses He approached his trusty Admin Assistant Hayley to research into hiring a surrogate, only to find that Tennessee laws precluded a non married person from hiring one Next plan was to ask Hayley to do it Hayley, being an old fashioned girl, and deeply in love with her boss, came up with conditions that included marriage and joint custody, sure that her commitment shy boss would say no He called her bluff and whisked her off to get married.Of course, Luke is all business, and spends their wedding night in labor negotiations, instead of romancing his wife He doesn t even buy her a ring Poor Hayley This husband really needs to go to husband school.Most of this book shows Luke coming to the realization that his feelings for Hayley are quite deeper than he thought, and he d loved her for a while, whereas Hayley spends her time trying to hide that she s deeply in love with her workaholic boss And he wouldn t even introduce her as his wife He still kept calling her by her maiden name and as his Admin Assistant Boy, was Luke in for a wakeup call He surely got one, too.It was a pretty good book, and I ll continue this series Overall rating 3.5 5.0 stars.

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    Uma leitura agrad vel Alguns erros na ortogr ficos Com uma hist ria b sica.

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    I m torn on how to rate this book I laughed through most of the book Not because the story was funny, but because of how dense Luke was at relationships Who in the world gets married, but forgets to buy a wedding ring After the wedding, he is in no hurry to correct his mistake But, he get mad when a guy flirts with Haley.Luke treats Haley so tender and sweet when they are alone Then he induces her as his secretary not his wife He wonders why that would upset her Stuff like that happens throughout the book, and I just had to laugh at how dense one guy could be He did wising up, but it took a head injury for him to realize just how much Haley meant to him The story was not believable So for that I m rating this book a 2 star.

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    o well.it was an Ok story enjoyable for a couple of hours not a great deal.

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    Love this couple Meski lambat menyadari perasaan satu sama lain tapi romantikanya dapat Siapa yg mengira jika Luke yg berambisi memiliki keturunan tapi didapatkan via ibu pengganti demi kelangsungan bisnis pemberian si nenek, akhirnya mau mengikuti semua keinginan Haley, sekretarisnya yg handal Sedangkan Haley yg sedari awal memang menaruh hati pada bosnya itu justru terjebak dgn keinginannya sendiri Ujung2nya dia malah bingung sendiri Yg terasa kurang sedikit dari seri ini, eksplorasi alasan Luke yg akhirnya mau menerima permintaan si nenek padahal Luke ini terkenal keras kepala dan juga sepak terjang Nenek Luke hingga berhasil menautkan kembali hati Haley ke cucunya.

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    Menghibur bangeeet dan bikin penasaran meskipun plotnya lembut Luv luv.Lucien yang so bossy Haley yang unexpected Match begete Dan, syukak sekali sama Granny Emmy Iri sama wibawanya si Emerald Tak tertolak dan penyayang.Penasaran sama Jake astaga.

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    Love this book Luke and Haley are a perfect couple.

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    2.5 stars

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    lumayan unt melepas sedikit penat dengan cerita bak dongeng

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