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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim files Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim , read online Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim , free Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim , free Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim , Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim 4b57e0266 Free At Last Free At Last This Ain T Your Grandfather S Huckleberry Finn It S Nineteenth Century America And A Mutant Strain Of Tuberculosis Is Bringing Its Victims Back From The Dead Sometimes They Come Back Docile, And Other Times Vicious The Vicious Ones Are Sent Back To Hell, But The Docile Ones Are Put To Work As Servants And Laborers With So Many Zombies On The Market, The Slave Trade Is Nonexistant The Black Man Is At Liberty, And Human Bondage Is No Young Huckleberry Finn Has Grown Up In A World That Shuns The N Word, With Its Scornful Eye Set On A New Class Of Shambling, Putrid Sub Humans The Baggers When His Abusive Father Comes Back Into His Life, Huck Flees Down The River With Bagger Jim, Seeking A Life Of Perfect Freedom When The Pox Mutates Once Again, Causing Even The Tamest Of Baggers To Become Bloodthirsty Monsters, The Boy Finn Is Forced To Question His Relationship With His Dearest, Deadest Friend In This Revised Take On History And Classic Literature, The Modern Age Is Ending Before It Ever Begins Huckleberry Finn Will Inherit A World Of Horror And Death, And He Knows The Mighty Mississippi Might Be The Only Way Out

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    I really enjoyed this retelling of the classic Huckleberry Finn story There was just enough homage to the original story, with the inclusion of making Jim a zombie I loved their adventure on the Mississippi River.

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    I am familiar with the story of Huckleberry Finn but I was not familiar with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim This is why I chose to read this book and the fact that I have been recently all into everything zombies While I did appreciate Mr Czolgosz attempting to re write a classic, I was expecting Or course, I am not saying that this book could ever become a classic like the original but I was hoping for flesh eating zombie action and light heartlessness Instead, I got a nice story with the same characters, I grew up with expect for Jim, who is a zombie This book stayed pretty close to the original Because I already knew this story, I kept wishing for it to move faster So I skimmed over the last half of the book Overall, I got of a nibble than the whole feast.

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    After teaching Huck Finn for over 10 years, it scares me that my students could read this version and pass most of my quizzes Of course, that also shows that Czolgosz doesn t do much to change Twain s words or plot His additions effectively blend with Twain s words, but some of Huck s heart is lost with frequent pick pocking and he s not the zombie Where this book improves on the original is in the way it deals with the tedious parts of the original the King and the Duke s many adventures and the return of Tom Sawyer If only Twain had zombies to get him out of the mess of the second half of his novel, my students may have stuck with the book longer

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    On this date back in 1989, I finished reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for class I was a Junior in High School, and like the Tom Sawyer book, I loved reading it so much, I said screw the assigned reading, I am going to read it all Reading_Rebel.At the time, I had NO idea that 30 years later, I would read almost the same book Also less slavery and n words and zombies and half zombies That s right, the Huck Finn story has been given the Undead twist that was all the rage a decade back It joins Abraham Lincoln, Vampire hunter , Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies and Night of the Living POTUS in a new way of enjoying the classics And let s face it if my 11th grade teacher had given me THIS book, I doubt I would have been the ONLY one two read ahead of schedule.And for the record, this is the first time, in my reading history, that I have read the almost the same book on the same date, just decades apart.

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    The addition of zombies to the American classic added was a fun twist and really reaches out to a wider audience This version keeps the tone and language but definitely has a lot to it with the undead moaning and groaning about Read full review here

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    In the wake of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hereafter PPZ , the market has been flooded with lots of classic literature either rewritten or enhanced by adding horror tropes like vampires, werewolves, or zombies W Bill Czolgosz previous works Anna Karnivora has taken on Mark Twain s classic tale of adventure and friendship, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and added in a zombie apocalypse.The book follows the PPZ format of inserting new text into the classic, though some passages are cut out since the story diverges several times The added text appears mostly seamless, matching the highly accented style of Huckleberry s narrative Clearly, the zombie references are added but don t seem anachronistic except when Huckleberry uses pan emic to describe the outbreak.In this zombie outbreak, some zombies are high functioning, able to talk and do many of the tasks they used to do when alive Others are vicious carnivores The dead are put in a bag awaiting their return as a zombie If they struggle violently to get out, they re assumed to be the later type and are killed again on the spot The others are sold into slavery Some people come back before they can be bagged so there are roaming zombies of both types Another result of the zombie outbreak is the African American slaves are set free Docile zombies become the slaves for this society Czolgosz switchs all the n word references to bagger, since the docile zombies are called half baggers and the vicious killers are baggers It s a nice solution for sensitive modern readers, though it does come at the cost of some zombie gore, which may be unpleasant for sensitive modern readers.On the other hand, the zombie mythology doesn t add a lot to the story The interesting thing about PPZ is the whole new layer of action that provides vivid contrast to the interior both inside people s heads and inside their parlors conflicts In this book, slaves switch from Africans to zombies but it doesn t matter since Jim, the main slave is both African descent and a zombie The twists don t have enough spin the humor doesn t have another or a different level The work winds up as an interesting exercise rather than exciting reading It s better to read the original, warts and all.Sample Quote the book needed stuff like this to make it interesting I don know how things was when it was negros people were trading That woulda been diff rent, I think You can look at a negro and know he s a man, so why shouldn t he go free But a bagger just ain t a man no He is property An if he s not property he s soon gonna be It s the natural order of things, seemed to me p 139, not in the original Twain text

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    I was turned off immediately by the first paragraph of this book It was just the completely wrong start on all accounts Huck is telling us how he isn t going to use that word Well, if he means the infamous n word that is so often debated about with Huck Finn, then that seems a cop out Is Czolgosz trying to tell readers, Its okay I won t offend you racially with this book That isn t staying true to the heart of Huck Finn, which a good redo, no matter how trashy the zombie part is, should do Or, is Czolgosz trying to be clever Is he trying to compare zombie status with slaves and plans to make a statement If so, his execution is all wrong And, besides, it is totally out of character for the Widow to beat Huck for any reason But, I was excited about a meshing of Huck and zombies, so I read on I enjoyed most of the zombie details that were added Particular favorites where the eating of the Duke and King, and the hordes that come during some of the most violent scenes in the original text I found the idea of tame zombies a little hard to get used to at first, but the way that they all were pretty much turning violent in the end made up for it In fact, I liked the ending It was similar to many zombie movies where you are left with a couple characters stranded somewhere trying to survive I thought the setting of the raft was perfect, especially for the time period But, I didn t like some of the editing choices For example, so many small, boring details were left in Such as the long discription of the Grangerfords home and the town with the chaw But, the whole segment with the Wilkes and almost everything in the end with Tom was cut I d much perfer some of those slower moments to be gone Lastly, I at first found the revision of Twain s dialects annoying I didn t think that it should have been one to increase readability But, as I read on, I found that in many places the new material or slight changes blended well So, my overall review is that the big zombie parts were fun, but sometimes you had to wade threw long parts with little zombie action to get to them.

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    As someone who has taught Twain s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn than a dozen times, I am intrigued by this new entry into the skein of reenvisionings not sure what else to call them that started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Intrigued, not appreciative.As an experiment, it was certainly interesting Czolgosz introduces phthisis as a disease that makes people into zombies, and led to slaves the n word is not used in this book, after 250 plus controversy engendering appearances in Twain s original being freed and replaced as workers by baggers, the enslaved undead Hmm And some baggers are viciously and unredeemably bad and some, half baggers , can understand things Jim is a half bagger, naturally, but the idea of freedom loses its force as the analogy enslaved zombies enslaved African Americans stumbles and crumbles after having been suggested in the book s premise.The substitution of the undead case for historical slavery and, so, the question of how whites should think of African Americans and the racial situation in the nation is problematic, to say the least The second half of the novel devolves wildly, and the end is completely unhinged It s odd to see how thoroughly and quickly the novel is impoverished of its satirical weight and literary value by the substitution.As a novel, pretty bad But what the heck it was a fun thought experiment, for a while

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    Mark Twain s classic novel with a few zombie twists Huck Finn is off on his rafting adventure, but this time he s accompanied by one of the un dead a runaway bagger, Jim The enslavement of Africans has passed in favor of those no longer human, zombies otherwise known as baggers who have died from the pox and come back to sort of life again Some of these baggers are vicious monsters, but others, like Jim, make ideal slaves Too bad they still don t like to be sold down South and instead decide to escape with runaway boys in search of adventure on the Mississippi.Normally I enjoy reading spin offs of classic literature, and zombie books are no exceptions This one, however, just didn t do it for me I felt like I was reading the original Adventures of Huckleberry Finn yes, Jim s a zombie, but there s little else that makes this interesting as a zombie book I was expecting a lot of incidents with the living dead, but until the last couple dozen pages, the only incidents were brief and isolated Because of this, it was confusing for me having read Twain s novel several years ago instead of recently to separate the original story, which Czolgosz follows very closely, from events that Czolgosz added This book was a disappointment for me Maybe my expectations of zombie parodies are too high, but I expected a bit originality from the adapter and much zombie action The most enjoyment that I got from Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim came from being reacquainted with Twain s story, so I would have been better off just reading the original or, to satisfy my taste for the living dead, trying a non knockoff zombie novel.

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    This story is a satirical take on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with a zombie twist I love these retakes, so this one appealed to me quite a bit The book starts off commenting on the recent updated version where a certain word was replaced with a less sensitive one Although the word essentially is the same thing, just a different word A disease is spreading through out the land related to tuberculosis and causes a side effect that causes people to reanimate or return from the dead It follows the path of the original story except there are run ins with undead hunters, but they are still bounty hunters I can already tell you that this book will not be for everyone and I am sure that a lot of people will dislike it If you have a skewed view of life and enjoy the absurd that this book is for you though

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