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I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas files I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas, read online I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas, free I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas, free I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas, I am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas 0693ec756 Marley Was Dead AgainThe Legendary Ebenezeer Scrooge Sits In His House Counting Money The Boards That He Has Nailed Up Over The Doors And The Windows Shudder And Shake Under The Blows From The Endless Zombie Hordes That Crowd The Streets Hungering For His Flesh And His Miserly Braaaaiiiiiinns Just How Did The Happiest Day Of The Year Slip Into A Welter Of Blood, Innards And Shambling, Ravenous Undead On The Snowy Streets Of Old London Town Will The Ghosts Of Christmas Past, Present And Future Be Able To Stop The World From Drowning Under A Top Hatted And Crinolined Zombie Horde Was Tiny Tim S Illness Something Infinitely Sinister Than Mere Rickets And Consumption Can Scrooge Be Persuaded To Go Back To His Evil Ways, Travel Back To Christmas Past And Destroy The Brain Stem Of The Tiny, Irritatingly Cheery Patient Zero It S The Dickensian Zombie Apocalypse God Bless Us, One And All

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    Fun alternative to the classic Dickens Though the story got long and dreading sometimes.

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    Dickens immortal tale, centered around zombies Christmas and zombies are two of my favorite things, and I love humorous writing, so I was immediately drawn to this book Sadly, Adams fails to deliver The writing is meant to be funny, irreverent and clever The story begins Marley was dead, to begin with Dead for about three minutes, that is then he got up again A good start Sadly, it s a lonely hit in a sea of misses Relying frequently on cheap tricks when speaking of Scrooge s sang froid no one s sang was froider when Marley breaks through Scrooge s door The fist withdrew, and was replaced by a face a hideous, distorted face with dried gore smeared in amongst its whiskers, and yet a face that Scrooge recognized at once And the slavering mouth expanded its vowel repertoire Heeere s Marley , it often references itself Had Scrooge always been an antisocial, miserly sort By no means By no means By no means OK, the middle one, I think and frequently rambles off on tangents that should ve been left on the cutting room floor People said that Scrooge s heart was three sizes too small Too small It is not clear what they meant, since there was nothing wrong with Scrooge s circulation The organ in question was, after all, large enough to pump blood through Scrooge s body Which was its job We might wonder in what sense too small Did the people who said so have plans to in some sense wear the organ in question, themselves But to be frank, it is not clear to me why anybody would want to Wear it in what capacity That s the question nobody is answering It could, I suppose, and at a pinch, be used as a boxing glove It would be considerably than three sizes too small to be a hat But in either case the main objection would not be one of size, but general efficacy the scarlet wetness would stain, the fabric would be of limited use Let us, on balance, spend no longer on the actual size of Scrooge s heart Oh, my god, make it stop Three of those four examples were on a single page, by the way The entire book is like this Regarding the book s ties to A Christmas Carol, Adams has taken the story and turned it upside down, shaken its lunch money out of its pockets, and given it a swirley before shoving it in someone s locker Key characters have altered names and completely different personalities, a hacking cough is conjured to explain Scrooge s use of the phrase bah, humbug and the meaning of Christmas itself is rewritten This is all meant to be funny and clever, but it s just not All the charm from Dickens story has been stripped out Adams plot is like a mess of octopus legs They or less sort out in the end, but I wasn t moved enough to care I was just glad it was over As for the zombies, they are neither funny nor scary Utterly unremarkable as zombies go What a shame The whole thing is dumb from start to end The first ghost coalesces out of the steam when Scrooge pees into his cold chamber pot, for crying out loud Enough said.

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    I bought this as I have enjoyed the current trend for silly literary mash ups which has also got me reading classic literature, so that s a bonus , and as such thought it might be fun Unfortunately, even with this book being as short as it is, that turned out to be a vain hope I read it over two days and still really struggled to find the will to finish the wretched thing, as the clumsy and unsubtle attempts at humour really irritated me The author clearly seemed to think the prose was funnier than it actually was, which is always a fatal flaw with any attempt at humorous writing, and instead of providing any laughs simply provoked eye rolling and numerous sighs of annoyance It s a safe bet I will never re read it.

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    After a really great first chapter, the book became a slog of week puns and odd motives I m a great fan of witty British authors, but by the time the book began to explain things, I had stopped caring I ll stick with Christopher Moore s The Stupidest Angel for my Holiday Zombie reads

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    Firstly, I have to admit that I ve never read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens I know, it s shameful to admit, but for some reason I ve skipped a lot of the classics Still, that didn t stop me from being very interested in this book when I first heard about it For one, it s about zombies And I ve said it before, nothing says Merry Christmas like zombies tearing the world apart.I also know enough about the tale of Scrooge to recognise the many similarities in this fun story Ebenezeer Scrooge isn t a very happy man Actually, he s being an introvert since childhood, after he was attacked by a disfigured man in a graveyard He deals with money and has plenty of it but doesn t like to share He also doesn t treat others very nicely To be honest, he doesn t care much for other humans even the ones that work with for him So when he heads home on Christmas Eve and someone stops him to call out a warning, he walks on and gets home.That s when all hell breaks loose Starting with Marley tearing into his apartment Except, Marley s dead and he seems to have become a zombie Of course, Scrooge doesn t know anything about that yet Not until the Spirit of Christmas Present pays him a visit and shows him what s happening all over London.This sends him on a time travelling adventure involving two spirits The experience shows him a devastated world suffering from a zombie apocalypse that only he can stop It changes who he is and how he looks at both his life and Christmas Not to mention that a lot of his life suddenly makes sense I am Scrooge A Zombie Story for Christmas is a fun story that also happens to be very funny It s actually quite clever too I enjoyed the cameo by Dickens and Wells I have to admit that it got silly in a few bits, but that only adds to the charm of this lighthearted tale Of course, because zombies are about, there was plenty of violence and interesting ways of taking them out LOL.This book made me laugh A lot Oh, and the illustrations were a great addition, too I really enjoyed this book, and who would ve guessed the true meaning of Christmas actually involved zombies Did someone say Zomb mass

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    What can I say about this book It s certainly different gory entertaining A story based on Dicken s A Christmas Carol with brain eating zombies, what s not to like Sounds like a great fun read Well, it was, to a point I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Victorian London and the imagery was really good, I could definitely see the detail in my mind of the zombies gorging on brains However, there were a lot of jokes with the intention of making the reader laugh which failed for me After a while they just had my eyes rolling to the heavens and wishing they would just stop coming It was amusing at first but quickly lost its appeal There was also too much going on, with the addition of time travel thrown into the mix, it made the story a little bit jumbled and hard to follow The spirits were distinctive though and each one had it s own way of speaking, as you would think coming from completely different times But I found Christmas Future difficult to understand This was completely intentional, as Scrooge couldn t understand him either and in return Christmas Future had a book of phrases to help him communicate and understand Scrooge This was quite a funny moment in the book and I did appreciate the humour, but then it went too far and I didn t understanding anything Christmas Future was saying at all Nah, nah, nah, nah My bruv been done gone I can see wiv eyes, and the third, the third There s a bacon on the bush, there s a chris that crossed, dig dag dug Speak n spell Get low in the ghetto, the lies buried in da library, ouch ouch is the hierophant of an unapprehended futurity word For the jam of shoreline the Spirit said When you hang with a necker, you hang yeah Ain t no ting, cept when the gin a body ups the 8o8, you get me No, I don t, and sadly this is where the story lost me I kept reading because I rarely give up on a book and I was intrigued as to how it would end But even that was a bit of a let down.Verdict This book has its moments As a zombie fan I appreciated the gore and the eating of brains I really enjoyed the Dickensian atmosphere and at times it did have me smiling But overall, it is just a bit odd.

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    Zombology seems to be the latest trend in books, and some authors boldly take on the task of adding monsters of all sorts to classic books Dicken s story upon which this book was based is probably by favorite Dicken s book and my favorite Christmas tale I m quite open when it comes to parodies, but I don t feel as though Adam Roberts knew what he got himself into The zombie slash rip tear gobble bloodbath is quite disgusting to read, but the best thing about this book There are a couple of funny moments, but it s mostly made up of superficial word play and silliness Like Roberts was laughing with himself This book honestly lost me It had some interesting points, but was nothing like the original Oh, well, better luck next time with, I am William An Alien Story for Prison.

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    The author is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is and he writes like a poor man s Terry Pratchett If you can t make the editorial asides humorous AND readable, leave them alone Further, if you remove the comedic bells and whistles, the story is short and not all that interesting This is my second go round with I Am Scrooge, mainly because it s short, tis the season, I own a copy, and I couldn t remember exactly why I didn t like it the first time Barely two stars, and that only by virtue of my finishing it to earn a 1 , a book has to be so terrible that I can t read the whole thing.

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    I couldnt get into this at all I read over half of it which sounds like a lot but its only 150ish pages long I tried to finish it but i couldn t I was excited to read it because i love christmas and i love zombies but it just didnt do it for me The author seemed to think that he was a lot funnier and cooler than he actually was Sometimes i found myself cringing at his jokes Like when he said Dickens Zom in the bungalow which probably won t make sense to americans but it sounds like Dick and Dom in the bungalow That was pretty much around the time that i gave up.

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    This was rather disappointing Premise was interesting, but it went off on these weird tangents and tried to hard I did like how they explained the true meaning of Christmas though

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