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Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer chapter 1 Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, meaning Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, genre Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, book cover Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, flies Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer 2e93dfd26ee30 After Seeing Geppetto Die At The Hands Of Vampires, Pinocchio Swears Revenge In This Darkly Funny Graphic Novel As The Vampires Plot The Enslavement Of Mankind, Only A One Puppet Army Stands In Their Way But Will A Wooden Boy And His Endless Supply Of Stakes Courtesy Of Plenty Of Lies And His Elongating Nose Be Enough To Save The Day

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    One of the best things about my job is when my boss wants me to read and write a review about a certain book that I never intended to read but thoroughly enjoyed Let me tell you, I have read some stiiiiiinkers Anyways, I was minding my own business, surfing the web and reading anything besides the stack of papers and documents sitting next to me, when my boss ambled over and set PINOCCHIO VAMPIRE SLAYER on my keyboard He has a problem with subtly I looked up from the screen and broke my intense concentration of reading about Josh Beckett s GO RED SOX latest introduction of baseball to temple and gazed at the cover of the graphic novel Now my first thought was What the heck is this We have all seen the Pride and Prejudice mash up come to think of it, any classic you can think of has some zombie or vampire or monster or android or whatever thrown into the story these days and I wasn t too sure why he was giving this to me Will you read this he said My daughter wants to read this and I want to make sure it s appropriate for her His daughter is eight I will reserve any judgment You decide Sure When do you want a review I asked Can you have it to me in an hour or so he asked SIDE NOTE When I become the boss of some place, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER do this type of BS to any of my employees I smiled You bet Under my breath I said some other things So, I opened the book and read the very amusing introduction and explanation of why this story came to be and the hilarious apology the creators Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins implored to the ghost of Carlo Collodi, the original genius behind the story of Pinocchio Instantly I knew this was going to be fun The story takes up where the original ended But little does the tiny hamlet of Nasolungo know, vampires haunt their streets Enter the first vampire He seeks prey, but not adults, only children When he thinks he has found a victim, he is surprised to find not a real boy but Pinocchio dressed in peasant garb When the vampire says, in disgust, that Pinocchio is not a real boy, Pinocchio replies, But I am, well, we all know what happens when Pinocchio lies his nose grows But it is no ordinary nose No, it has become a deadly vampiric weapon, namely a stake Pinocchio breaks off his nose and plunges it into the vampire s heart, thus ending the life of this nefarious creature Okay, so I was laughing so hard during this time that one of the patrons using our computers asked me to be quiet Where did everyone s humor go I read on So here s the deal Pinocchio s father was actually killed by vampires and he is enacting his revenge Jiminy Cricket is back as a ghost They try to warn the town no one listens Pinocchio and his gang of vampire slayers capture a vampire but it is killed before it can talk There is something about blood tasting sweet during this time Without giving too many details I hate sanctioning my review to the realm of spoilerdom , let me say this novel is a romp that is equal to all before it, and will be able to stand next to the ones still to come The one liners alone make this a fun read Oh, I forgot to mention sequels Best Lines I m Pinocchio and I kill monsters I am the walrus See how they run VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED But not for eight year old girls.

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    I soured on vampires before vampires were cool, back in the early 90s But how could I resist picking this up The premise is amazing, even if you re not a vampire phile The art is wonderful, with a razor edged Disney feel The characters were good, but I didn t find myself too vested in any of them Pinocchio himself has a lot of potential, though, and I d like to see what is done with him in future volumes There is a touch of post modern angst throughout, which could be milked to good effect What happens when he hits puberty, I wonder Do I really want to know In all seriousness, I found Pinocchio to be clever in this work, and I mean that without condemnation He is an intelligent dark hero, using his lies and the truth to his best advantage I appreciated this aspect of the book best of all.My biggest problem with this book had to be the ending The plot was good throughout, a little rushed here and there, as I ve come to expect with most graphic novels, but the ending Hopefully Empire Strikes Back doesn t spoil it too much for you .So if you re really into vampires and puppets and feel like you re in a forgiving mood, or at least one that will allow you to enjoy a derivative plot thread, go for it If not, I m not gonna lie to you, you probably won t like it There, see My nose didn t grow at all.

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    Introduction Alright, so when I was browsing through my library looking for some good fairy tale books to read, I stumbled upon this unknown graphic novel series called Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Now, when I saw the title, I was thinking to myself Cool, Vampire Slayers and Fairy Tale characters two of my most favorite subjects in the entire world So, I just had to check this graphic novel out and man was I so surprised by the interesting premise of this graphic novel What is this story about After the events of the original Pinocchio story, a group of vampires suddenly invade the city of Nasolungo and ended up murdering Geppetto before Pinocchio s very eyes This horrific act causes Pinocchio to become a ruthless vampire slayer as he uses his own nose to stake the vampires With the help of the cricket, Master Cherry the Carpenter and a much older Blue Fairy, Pinocchio makes his way through the vampires while discovering a deep dark secret about the vampires true motives in their murdering sprees What I loved about this story Van Jensen s writing Now, I will admit that when I first heard about this title, I was thinking to myself about how they would be able to pull off a story about taking one of the world s most beloved fairy tale characters and transforming them into a vampire slayer Well, Van Jensen has proven that he can make a story about a wooden puppet becoming a vampire slayer work out in an extremely intriguing way I loved the way that Van Jensen wrote Pinocchio as a tough as nails older boy than as an innocent yet na ve little boy he was in the previous story well, to be fair, the Pinocchio in the original story was actually much sadistic as a character than the Disney version had led you to believe To me, it felt natural for Pinocchio to become a bit ruthless in this story because of what happened to Geppetto and Van Jensen really did a great job at setting up Pinocchio s character progression in this story while letting the readers know about how Geppetto s death really affected Pinocchio I also liked the fact that we get Master Cherry the Carpenter in this story as he slays vampires just like Pinocchio and he seems to have a relationship with Pinocchio that is similar to the relationship between Giles and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as in Pinocchio does treat Master Cherry like a father figure after the death of Geppetto It was also interesting in seeing certain characters from the original story return in different roles such as the Cricket being mainly a ghost like character in this story, the Blue Fairy being much older and the Fox and the Cat, who take on a much creepier role in this story, which I will not reveal what kind of identities they actually have in this story Dusty Higgins artwork Dusty Higgins artwork brilliantly combines both the humorous and frightening mood of the story as the characters do look a bit cartoonish at times, but the artwork also brings out the horror that the vampires bring to the story by having them look so menacing for the most part I also loved the way that Dusty Higgins drew Pinocchio as he looked a bit like John Constantine as in terms of clothing style What made me feel uncomfortable about this story The reason why I gave this graphic novel a four star rating was because I felt that they did not develop the secondary characters very well in this story Since we have already read many stories about Pinocchio, we pretty much already know about his background history and the creators of this graphic novel did a great job of explaining the story of the original Pinocchio at the beginning of this novel However, we do not know much about Master Cherry, the Blue Fairy or the Cricket in this novel and I would have loved to know about these characters and how they know about the vampires invading the city I also felt that this graphic novel was a bit too short as in it did not explain enough about how the vampires invaded the city in the first place and I would have liked to see from this story Also, there were times where Dusty Higgins artwork was a bit too scratchy to look at and it was hard for me to understand what was going on in some of the fighting scenes Final Thoughts Overall, Pinocchio Vampire Slayer is a pretty creative story that really set the bar for placing a well known fairy tale character in a situation that they normally would not be set in and turn it into something fun and horrific for the readers I definitely cannot wait for the next few volumes of this series to come out Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Seriously Is this trend still going fairy tale characters turned dark Even Jane Austen s been infected with zombies and a historical figure like Abraham Lincoln has been reimagined as a vampire hunter Shrek, Fables, Manifest Destiny, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Riding Hood, Grimm, Wicked, and a zillion other movies TV shows books have done this idea to death Guys let it die What s next Old Mother Hubbard pulling on a Vampirella type outfit and chasing Dracula Goldie s Angels The Three Bears Is Tom Thumb going to be re cast as a booze sodden noir detective tasked with solving the murder of crack addicted Humpty Dumpty So here s the bottom of the barrel but don t think they ll stop scraping Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer He tells a lie, his wooden nose grows, he snaps it off instant stake He stabby the vampire and poof Vampire go Repeat ad nauseam.What s the story With a million dollar idea like the process described above, who needs a story Just keep showing Pinocchio staking vampires with his broken off nose over and over Characters Didn t you hear what he does he tells a lie, his nose grows, etc who needs characters or anything worthwhile Seeing him repeatedly do that is genius enough This book is so stupid, the villains at one point try hanging Pinocchio Dangling a wooden puppet with rope isn t that a marionette What were they hoping to snap the neck bones he doesn t have Crush the windpipe and lungs he doesn t have Idiots The nonsense continues how does Pinocchio rush into a burning building but not go up in flames himself He s made of wood Also, how does his nose know to stop growing when he s told a lie Is it proportional to how big a lie it is If you tell multiple lies, does it grow further each time If he tells the truth, does it retract Ah, who cares Let s just say the wizard did it and hide under a pile of coats instead There are also some shockingly lame jokes about Gepetto abusing Pinocchio and being sent to jail and Pinocchio swatting Jiminy Cricket because he s a talking bug that spooked him so now Jiminy s a ghost My sides They re Splitting Oh but Gepetto forgives Pinocchio for having him sent to jail for abusing a child puppet and we re supposed to believe they have a very close relationship so the ending is emotional Also there are laws in this world about touching puppets inappropriately Van Jensen you are suck I actually didn t mind Dusty Higgins art but didn t mind is hardly a glowing rec Amazingly, there are books in this series yes, this crap is a series Well, in that case look out for my forthcoming cash grab, I mean passion project The Three Little Pigs vs The Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe Dawn of Fairyland Garbage I can imagine the movie now the Old Lady in a robot suit with glowing eyes Do you squeal You will ALL THE WAY HOME Directed by Hack Snyder.

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    I know celebrity vampire slaying is all the rage now, but Pinocchio Seriously Turns out, when it comes to vanquishing the undead, he s a natural He just breaks off his wooden nose, and VOILA INSTANT STAKE Illustrated in a frenetic black white style that varies from childlike, almost stick figure drawings to a lovely old world woodcut look, this book briefly covers the original Pinocchio tale, and then just goes to town from there Purists will, I m sure, not be happy to see yet another classic messed with, but I enjoyed seeing the little wooden head leaping around, spouting lies to make his nose grow, and then kicking vampire butt.I smell a film coming, but I doubt it will be made by Disney.

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    Flix in Don Ki ot undan beri okudu um en farkl eydi Ki bunu iyi anlamda s yl yorum Ger i iki kitab n aras ndaki benzerlikler ikisinin de siyah beyaz olmas ve bir roman kahraman n konu almas yla s n rl Pinokyo nun mizahi yanlar daha s n rl , hik yesi daha karamsar ve karanl k masals nl masal n nas l sona erdi ini, Pinokyo nun ger ek bir ocu a d n p babas Gepetto yla sonsuza dek mutlu mesut ya ad n hepimiz biliriz Ama me erse i in asl hi de yle de ilmi , nk izgi roman n senaristinin de hemen ilk sayfalarda belirtti i zere masal n orijinali yle bitmiyormu asl nda Evet, Pinokyo babas yla mutlu mesut ya amaya ya yor ama hi bir zaman ger ek bir ocu a d n m yormu asl nda izgi roman da Disney in nl animasyon filmini de il, masal n ger ek yazar Carlo Calodi nin hik yesini temel al yor ve tam da onun bitti i yerden ba l yor Tek bir farkla K y vampirler bas yor Yetmiyor, herkesi tek tek avl yorlar Yetmiyor, Gepetto yu ld r yorlar Tahtadan bir ocuk olan Pinokyo ise kan n ememedikleri tek ki i Ve yalan s yledi inde uzayan burnu en l mc l d manlar.Pinokyo nun bir yalan uydurup burnunu uzatmas , ard ndan onu k r p bir kaz k niyetine vampirlerin kalbine saklamas ger ekten de ok ho d n lm Masaldaki karakterler ya l Mavi Peri, ihtiyar marangoz Cherry, c rc rb ce i de ok ba ar l bir ekilde arp t l p yedirilmi hik yeye Tek ikayetim olaylar n biraz fazla h zl geli mesi ve konunun sonlara do ru biraz kli e bir y ne do ru kaymas Yine de sonraki iki ciltte neler olaca n imdiden hevesle bekliyorum Farkl bir ey arayanlara iddetle tavsiye olunur.

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    Pinocchio is all grown up well, sort of, and has found honest work, and a never ending supply of wait for it vampire killing stakes Oh, I guess you got that part from the title and cover art So the hook is obvious, Pinocchio, the wooden boy of the original story, finds his purpose in life when he accidentally discovers that his nose is a danger to bloodsucking fiends who have moved into his village The art is bold and starkly drawn, not usually my favorite artistic style, but it just works so well here The dialogue is noir sparse The best part is the redux of the original story as the intro to the piece, it had me laughing Scenes with Fox and Cat, and the Four Rabbits were also great, but all too short, which is really my only complaint.

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    Odlicna ideja, lep art i. to je to.Nazalost prica ima previse rupa i puno nelogicnosti u akcijama da bi nas stvarno uvukla u svet na neko duze vreme Nije nista jako lose i imam nameru da procitam sledeci deo ali sam opet dosta razocaran.Ali Pinokio je postao badass tako da i to je nesto.

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    First thing I thought when I saw this comic wooden puppet meets vampires oh no I knew the nose had to be the stake the first I heard it, but even then, it still sounded hilarious Yet, Pinocchio Vampire Slayer has both a humorous element and tragic element to it that made it cursedly appealing It relies much on the original tale of Pinocchio i.e not the Disney version , with dark, pointed humor as sharp as Pinocchio s nose no pun intended Pinocchio s journey has him protecting his village and friends from an invasion of vampires, particularly since they d seen to Geppetto s demise hearing that blurb in the beginning of the story was enough to make me say aww After that Pinocchio abandons much of his restraint to battle against the demons that killed his father Odd enough I did find it cute when he ended up lying and had to break off his nose, only to use it to fight a minute later The artwork is decent, though I wish it had a bit polish to it Still, it was a quick, entertaining read, and I enjoyed it for what it offered I heard that there are other installations in the series, so I ll look forward to seeing what happens from here on out.Overall score 3.5 5

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    3,5 devam n ok merak ediy m.

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