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The Truth About Lord Stoneville explained The Truth About Lord Stoneville, review The Truth About Lord Stoneville, trailer The Truth About Lord Stoneville, box office The Truth About Lord Stoneville, analysis The Truth About Lord Stoneville, The Truth About Lord Stoneville b5ef Hellions Of Halstead Hall They Re The Scandalous Sharpes, Five Hell Raising Siblings Tainted By A Shocking Family Legacy Now Each Faces A Daunting Ultimatum Marry By Year S End Or Kiss Their Inheritance Good ByeIn The Two Decades Since A Tragic Accident Took The Lives Of His Parents, Oliver Sharpe, The Marquess Of Stoneville, Has Survived The Scandal Surrounding That Fateful Night By Living As An Unrepentant Rakehell And With His Grandmother Vowing To Disinherit Him If He Doesn T Settle Down And Wed, He Plans To Fulfill The Bargain In True Sharpe Style By Bringing Home A Fake Fianc E From A Brothel But His Scheme Is Derailed When He Rescues An American Beauty In A Dire Predicament Instead Maria Butterfield Came To London To Track Down Her Groom To Be, Who S Gone Missing, But Her Engagement Won T Stop Oliver From Getting What He Wants Her, In His Bed His Rebellious Masquerade May Call His Grandmother S Bluff, But It S Soon Made All Too Real By A Love That Tempts Him To Be A Hellion No

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • The Truth About Lord Stoneville
  • Sabrina Jeffries
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
  • 9781439167519

About the Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of over 50 novels and works of short fiction some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas Whatever time not spent writing in a coffee fueled haze of dreams and madness is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music With over 9 million book

10 thoughts on “The Truth About Lord Stoneville

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    I m sorry to have to say it and apparently most readers don t agree with me, but I was very disappointed by this book I rushed out to get it before work this morning and was anticipating getting home this evening, snuggling up, and enjoying a great new read I never start a book without finishing I m just unable to do it but here I skimmed through about the second half of the book and will be posting it on Paperback Swap after I finish writing this review I m not even going to split my comments into Pros and Cons, because frankly I don t know what I would put under the first section I loved Lord Stoneville in The School for Heiresses series and was one of the many who thought and hoped that he was the mysterious benefactor Cousin Michael that would be revealed in Wed Him Before You Bed Him , the final book of that series I was very happy with who it ended up being and how that book turned out, and all the excited by the idea that Stoneville s story still lay ahead What didn t I like exactly 1 THE CHARACTERS They were not at all three dimensional and if you re a longtime historical romance reader, many of them feel very, very familiar You have Freddy, the clumsy can t hold his tongue completely clueless side character Maria, the innocent, pure, spitfire of a heroine who somehow instantly sees through the hero s devil may care facade to the lost boy who feels guilty and only wants love and the tortured hero who has been sleeping his way through society until he meets the woman who immediately changes his views on everything and makes him realize the burden he carries is not his fault 2 STONEVILLE S WICKED WAYS For those of us who read The School for Heiresses series, we re very familiar with and dare I say fond of Stoneville s bad boy ways Here, we hardly see any of that we re told repeatedly what a rake and charmer he is, and everyone harps on this fact, but after meeting Maria in the first few pages he so quickly begins to experience the I feel about a woman the way I never have before phenomena that the remarkable change he is supposedly undergoing is not very remarkable at all If you ve never been introduced to his character before, you ll be left floundering, and if you have well Wed Him Before You Bed Him came out 6 months ago and maybe it s just me, but I ve read so many other romances since then that his wicked ways are not all that fresh in my mind 3 THE ROMANCE I did not find this romance at all believable because everything happens SO quickly It s almost impossible IMHO to have a book span 1 2 weeks of time and contain a credible romance, however when it does work it s only because the characters have known each other for a lengthy time before the book starts, so although the reader is meeting them for the first time they already have a history together, whatever that history may be Also, echoing what I wrote in another review for an equally disappointing book Suzanne Enoch s The Care and Taming of a Rogue We re never really shown why he is THE ONE for her and she is THE ONE for him I didn t understand why Maria is the first one to be able to see past Stoneville s defenses we re told on two different occasions that he s surprised when she remarks on things that even his closest friends haven t noticed I m sorry, is she psychic or is everyone else just absolutely clueless I think even Dr Phil could have picked up on some of those clues and made those insights into Oliver s personality Likewise, I m not sure why Oliver is all of a sudden drawn to this one young woman when for the past two decades he s viewed the female sex as valuable for pretty much only one thing and even that is done without any attachment, as he only has bed partners and no short or long term mistresses What s so special about her in particular 4 THE ROMANTIC ACTION Another romance related problem I had was one I ve had with a few other of Jeffries books, the main one that comes to mind being Never Seduce a Scoundrel After literally only 24 hours of knowing one another, Maria and Oliver are getting hot and heavy in his carriage on the ride between the investigator s office and the dress shop they practically do everything but have sex Going that fast is not usually something I like when reading contemporary romances, so in historicals forget it We re supposed to be watching them fall in love, but all I really saw was a strong case for lust, which is great but definitely not why I buy romance books THE HELLIONS OF HALSTEAD HALL SERIES I enjoyed the family s interactions and am hoping that the other siblings books will be better I m particularly looking forward to Minerva and Celia s stories, as I think they ll be strong and unusual heroines and I m hoping that one of them will have Jackson Pinter the investigator as their hero I really liked him in Wed Him Before You Bed Him and was happy to see him again here He seems like he would be a very interesting and definitely not run of the mill hero RECOMMENDATIONS Though it pains me to say this because I m a Sabrina Jeffries fan, skip this book and read one or of the following instead By Sabrina Jeffries Wed Him Before You Bed Him, The Pirate Lord, or In the Prince s Bed Fake engagements Mary Balogh s A Summer to Remember, Slightly Sinful or At Last Comes Love Amanda Quick s The Paid Companion Where the bad boy turned good is done right Suzanne Enoch s London s Perfect Scoundrel, Always a Scoundrel, The Rake, or Taming Rafe Gaelen Foley s Lord of Fire Mary Jo Putney s The Rake or Thunder and Roses Lisa Kleypas Worth Any Price

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    Actually 4,5 stars I loved it Review will follow

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    3.5 4 stars This was a cute romantic historical that fans of Sabrina Jeffries will likely enjoy it But will they LOVE it Probably not, but they won t hate it either I hope This story had many good points and it kept me engaged until the end It was a light steamy read, albeit predictable and at times disjointed We meet Lord Stoneville once again he was a side character in her previous series , and this time he is out to thwart his grandmother who controls the purse strings for the entire family As background for the entire series, she tells all five of her grandkids that they must marry within 1 years time in order for everyone to get their inheritance Otherwise, they are looking at gentile poverty and living well below their desired standards Lord Stoneville has no interest in marriage, and attempts to dissuade granny by coming home with an unacceptable American commoner he met in a brothel This story had so much potential, and I should have been laughing throughout this book The base ingredients included so much good stuff Thwarting a granny An unacceptable fake fianc A rake with no conscience A star author who writes great steamy scenes That s a great recipe, right But it just didn t come together as you would hope, and worse it never made me laugh Not even one chuckle or giggle SJ s signature humor was sadly missing Instead it had a somber tone as Lord Stoneville dwells on and on and on and on about his past, blaming himself for his parents death when he was only 16 Of course, he is not to blame and everyone but him can clearly see that I have to say that this is one of my least favorite plot lines However, a fake fianc falls under one of my favorite plot lines, so I kept reading But it fell flat, and the fake fianc bit didn t really amount to much She never creates any big scene that proves her unacceptable Instead, her storyline focuses on her lost missing American fianc who is clearly doing her wrong OK, so she doesn t know what fork to use when eating, and she does dress in a risqu gown out of necessity, but for the most part she comes across as an upstanding and likable person And thwarting granny Well, no rug was pulled out from under that smart lady s feet And Steam I will give SJ bonus points for some great steamy scenes Wow, she didn t hold back on writing those parts of the book While it was a good story with likable characters, I could not help but think about what could have been I love Sabrina Jeffries books for many reasons, but mainly because they are steamy, fun romps with interesting characters that I can easily care for This had some of those elements, but not all Overall, a better than average historical read, but not a favorite by this author.

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    What are you doing here she asked You forgot something when you left Halstead Hall, he said hoarsely What Her heart leapt into her throat as he strode purposefully toward her Me I buddy read this, to read all my thoughts, comments, and quotes Truth About Lord Stoneville buddy readThis was definitely trope y but the author infused enough charm and enticement between Oliver and Maria to have me liking this The grandmother Hetty was a joy and the siblings also were fun to read about interacting and I m going to want to continue on reading in the series There isn t really anything new here and some depth is missing but there can be comfort and satisfaction in trope reading and this provided that.

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    For everything I heard about this book, I wasn t expecting much from Ms Jeffries new series I picked it up only because it was about the rakish Lord Stoneville who had graced the previous books as the notoriously wild bachelor who I was hoping to see as Cousin Michael The fact is, SB made Stoneville s story even better since it has a largely new cast of siblings and suitors with future love stories , a grandmother forcing them to marry or suffer being cut off , and an American heroine I can t help it, I m a sucker for the American British pairing.Blond, buxom Maria, named after the Virgin Mary, ventures into a brothel now what do you say about Irony with only her cousin to protect her as she searches for a lead on her missing fiance Lo and behold, she meets our shameless hero, Oliver it s not often you find a HR hero named Oliver , kinda reminded me of Oliver Wood drool who proposes to have her pose as his fiancee to convince his grandmother to cease her new stipulations to marry off her grandchildren within the year In return, he would help her find her missing fiance.When you really think about the situation, especially from Maria s side, Oliver is hardly complimentary toward her person as he parades her to his grandmother, it all seems so unlikely and just plain crazy that they would end up together But I guess that was the point Stoneville was thought to NEVER marry, and he gets up and affiances with an unknown American.Stoneville s past is a bit melodramatic and the self loathing is a little over the top, and Mr Hyatt s character is very cliche, but I still enjoyed it, possibly for the very reason SJ just never takes her stories too seriously and lets us just enjoy the fantasy and humor she creates.The future pairings are already clear for the girls, though I am pretty sure the Halstead boys will meet their one true love soon enough I really enjoyed this but it s a book that should be enjoyed for its melodrama I loved the cast and pairing, however unlikely, and I cannot wait until the next books.

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    3.5 Relaxed StarsI think there was potential for the story and events to lead to so much laughter and amusement but sadly that didn t happen, although there were moments that had me smiling The tale is somewhat sombre as Oliver aka Lord Stoneville s present is marred by his guilt, view spoiler guilt around the reasons for the assumed murder of his father by his mother, and his mother s subsequent suicide hide spoiler

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    DNF 69% Insert aggravated sigh This is is one of those books where a character s constantly has to remind you that the main character s has a purpose, so you don t notice nothing is happening lust between main characters character interaction to remind you there is a story lust between main characters character interaction to remind you there is a story lust between main characters character interaction to remind you there is a story I don t buy the romance It s a poor example of one of my favorite clich s kindhearted and strong woman who sees the real hero behind his debauched reputation Neither of the main characters have personalities beside what they are supposed to represent Maria the innocent virgin who is special and different Oliver the rake with a tragic past who wants to change and move on Again, I don t buy it It was too sudden and contrived.Juliana s review perfectly explains what I find weak about The Truth About Lord Stoneville.I didn t take pleasure in reading this story and wasn t impressed The only time I remotely enjoyed the book was because of Freddy.Freddy is your typical family idiot who has nothing to do but eat, complain, and be clumsy in order to bring comedy relief and make the heroine appear appealing Someone has to know the heroine, right Can you imagine how uninteresting she would be if she was a lone character without anyone to support her very kind, very classy, and very special qualities Anywayyyys, I was able to tolerate him when he won me over by defending Oliver It s not precisely defending Oliver that won me over because I can give a rat s ass but defending someone despite the gossip and antagonism one hears Freddy wasn t judgmental and easily swayed I told him he was a scurrilous lout, and if he couldn t see that you were a good sort of chap, then he was as blind as a town crier with a broken lantern And he didn t belong in the Blue Swan with all those amiable gents, neither For a moment, speech utterly failed Oliver He could only imagine Desmond s reaction to that little lecture And er what did he say He looked surprised, then muttered something about playing cards and trotted off to a card room Good riddance, too he was eating up all the macaroons When I reached the end of the page, I had to stop and chuckle for a good full minute in the car Freddy is so ridiculous I don t know whether I should slap him or throw a dinner party in his honor Thank you, Freddy, for making The Truth About Lord Stoneville momentarily enjoyable.

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    This was my first read by Sabrina Jeffries and I thoroughly enjoyed it It wasn t the most original historical romance out there, but it served its purpose and it did it well in that it provided many pleasurable hours of reading that I needed very much after a very long and busy week.The hero, Oliver, Lord Stoneville, was a rake and a rogue He lived a care free life, bedding as many women as possible and never caring for any of them, until the heroine came along and swept him off his feet, of course No matter how many times I come across this theme, I m never bored of it What is better than a rake in a historical romance To me they come second only to those stiff and all prim and proper gentlemen of the likes of Mr Darcy that can t help falling in love with the feisty heroine.The heroine, Maria, impressed me from the first moment and I m glad I didn t change my mind until the end of the novel It s easy to have a good hero, but a great heroine is not so common, I m afraid Maria was just lovely She was kind, honest, sweet, but at the same time she had spunk But the character that impressed me the most was Mr Pinter I haven t been this impressed by a secondary character since forever He clearly falls to my favorite category of heroes in HRs the one I mentioned above and I m really frustrated that he s the hero of the fifth book Those who know me, know that I don t read out of order and I need to read his story now I m so excited he s paired up with Celia who I found a very intriguing character I loved this book and I enjoyed Sabrina Jeffries writing style It was a great HR with just the right amount of humor especially when Maria s cousin, Freddy, was involved , but the reason I m starting the next book right away is because book 5 can t come soon engough.

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    My first read by the author After three chapters I couldn t read it any longer Lots of readers enjoyed this series Maybe I just wasn t in the mood for being so patient IMHO, it was a super fast turbo paced story Parents die, kids blame grandmother, kids grow up, make themselves very busy, avoid marriage, grandma s pissed off, kids get ultimatum marry or no money, deadline in one year, oldest son first in line, he loves whores, meet the heroine at brothel, heroine of course accidentally there, after some fighting and arguing they are pretending as a couple soon to be married Why Because the hero wants to make his grandma really pissed knowing he just met his fiance at a brothel Why the heroine wants to Because she needs his help to find her long lost fiance So they come home together just few hours after their first shocking encounter and then they are having some kind of romance marathon racing I didn t buy a thing The writing also failed to show me anything It just told me the story, nothing I didn t feel any kind of emotion toward the characters I m not sure if I want to read books by the author I couldn t even finish one.

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    A very cute historical Interesting enough for me to read the next one in the series I enjoyed very much the heroine, Maria She was fresh and intelligent Her reasoning was different from those of other heroines in HR.I loved Gran Hetty too Loved the way she wanted to manipulate her grandchildren It was simple and very crafty She used their weaknesses against them in a very cunning way The wakes part was the why Oliver has become a rake It was meh view spoiler so he slept with a married woman And If he s such a rake I think it was something to be expected He was so ashamed that he couldn t tell his grandmother that his mother coaught him in the act So he feels guilty of his mother death hide spoiler

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