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Castle of Terror pdf Castle of Terror, ebook Castle of Terror, epub Castle of Terror, doc Castle of Terror, e-pub Castle of Terror, Castle of Terror 7cea0b1f283 Echoes Of Fear Storm Haven Was Such A Peaceful, Safe Sounding Place, Yet Count Rienzi S Castle Was Anything But A Haven From The Day Lovely, Young Megan Wentworth Arrived At The Castle With Her Employer Adam Lester, His Nephew Handsome And Attentive Shane Lester And Several Other Guests, She Felt Herself Trapped In An Ominous Nightmare Existence Even The Reassuring Presence Of Shane, And The Knowledge Of Their Growing Love For Each Other, Could Not Free Megan From Her Fear Not After The Tour Of The Castle Dungeons, Filled With Gruesome Medieval Instruments Of Torture And Not When A Mysterious Series Of Accidents Reduced The Guest List Alarmingly Then When Megan Found Herself The Sole Witness To A Horror Almost Beyond Belief, She Sealed Her Doom, Becoming The Helpless Quarry Of An Evil Against Which Even Shane Might Prove Totally Powerless

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    Okay story, but I wish it had been written by one of my faves like Banis, Daoma, Stevenson, or Lynch I think they would ve done better justice to the awesome premise The writing was amateurish CF isn t a spectacular wordsmith on his best days, but this was even less than his usual level, what with the dialogue being 90% rehash addressing each other by name in EVERY LINE I ve read 4 other Farr pulps don t recall this issue it peeves me like woah, so I m thinking it wasn t nearly as prevalent in the others Those of us who hate the names in dialoguewell, you know who you are And you know once it gains notice, you cannot unsee it _______ The torture museum was pretty rad in a gothic macabre way, but when that schtick wasn t foremost there wasn t anything for the characters to do just lots of standing around badly written conversations The ending, oddly enough, was rushed I say oddly because Farr s strength is lengthy, gripping finales with the heroine battling through genuine peril to reach her HEA This one just kinda sputtered was over before you blinked Oh well shrug It was still entertaining, Farr always reads quickly it made a nice break from the drab drudgery of housework laundry P But definitely not Farr s best effort.

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    A most remarkable novel Good for light readers with a taste for a darker story Certainly worth checking out An almost completely unnice and unhappy ending The castle built on the beautiful coast is a peaceful hideaway for a group who enter it for a vacation together Now stuck in a horrific place Megan Wentworth herself sees she is not only the involuntary victim of the cruel obsessions of everyone of the castle but also of her letting herself become estranged and involved.

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