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Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation chapter 1 Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, meaning Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, genre Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, book cover Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, flies Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation, Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation ddcf727220537 Vampire Darcy S Desire Presents Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice As A Heart Pounding Vampire Romance Filled With Passion And Danger Tormented By A Year Old Curse And His Fate As A Half Human Half Vampire Dhampir, Mr Darcy Vows To Live Forever Alone Rather Than Inflict The Horrors Of Life As A Vampire On An Innocent Wife But When He Comes To Netherfield Park, He Meets The Captivating Elizabeth Bennet As A Man, Darcy Yearns For Elizabeth, But As A Vampire, He Is Also Driven To Possess Her Uncontrollably Drawn To Each Other, They Are Forced To Confront A Pride And Prejudice Never Before Imagined While Wrestling With The Seductive Power Of Forbidden Love Meanwhile, Dark Forces Are At Work All Around Them Most Ominous Is The Threat From George Wickham, The Purveyor Of The Curse, A Demon Who Vows To Destroy Each Generation Of Darcys Written In Authentic Austen Style And Faithful To Its Regency Era Setting, Vampire Darcy S Desire Retells The Greatest Love Story Of All Time In A Hauntingly Imaginative Fashion

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    Unputdownable Thrilling, passionate and intensely captivating book.I have never liked a vampire story before but this one, I absolutely loved Probably because Darcy is a dhampire here which means he is only half vampire half human which in essentials means, he is not dead That made the difference in my case.The love story between ODC was a passionate one nothing explicit but the connection between them from early on was the highlight of the book Enters with the debacle in Ramsgate but the story differs from canon At the assembly in Meryton, the insult was made but with a twist At Netherfield, a chance encounter in the library, late at night, changed the interaction between ODC A friendship was built simultaneously with the rising attraction When Wickham entered the scene, Elizabeth did not believe him He did however manage to get the information he sought from her.A battle between good and bad ensued, that moved to London, Pemberley and beyond with casualties along the way A compromise, before they left Meryton, made it necessary for ODC to marry but will they learn to love each other and will Darcy manage his goal of being the last Darcy with this inflictionHeartily recommend this book

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    This is a perfect read for this month of goblins, ghosts, werewolves and other creatures who go bump in the night This edition was revised and re released recently by this author.I could barely put this book down to go eat or do any other thing necessary to life.This is one of those tense dramas which keep you on the edge of your seat The hold fate has on Wickham, Darcy and Elizabeth is one which may stir dreams of an unpleasant nature The author shows the depth of her research into legends and paranormal activities in this spine tingling talewhich just happens to also have the deep love of one of our favorite couples throughout the pages.And it is a love which Darcy swears to leave unconsummated so as to end a curse.Arawn Benning s and Ellender D Arcy s eerily sad tale is immortalized in a song, a favorite song Of all the songs in the world she could have chosen, why did she choose his song which Elizabeth Bennet sings in Fitzwilliam s presence, not realizing that these lovers are ancestors and that another one not mentioned in the song s tale lives on to haunt generation upon generation of cursed first born Darcy males Read of the Meryton Assembly, Jane becoming ill at Netherfield and then a late night meeting in the library as E seeks a book Elizabeth has been warned by Aunt Gardiner of mysterious murders occurring on the Pemberley estate and of suspicions about the man himself But Elizabeth s instincts push her to become better acquainted with Mr Darcy and make her own judgments So with discussions and a kiss and then an offer to teach his Elizabeth to ride Darcy reaches a point at which he must explain why he will never marry She is embedded in his soul and their time together in Hertfordshire will be the only period during which they can acknowledge their attachment but only to and with each other Elizabeth also persuades Darcy to teach her sword play and they meet in an abandoned manor to take up lessons By this point both are railing at fate, which condemns their love to never know fulfillment Wickham joins the militia and pours his lies into Elizabeth s ear but here we read of a very sage woman who plays the innocent so as to determine just why he seems so hell bent on destroying Darcy s reputation after she has witnessed their cold exchange upon meeting on the streets of Meryton Subsequently several grotesquely mutilated bodies show up in the area Elizabeth now learns of the relationship Wickham has with the Darcy family And as Wickham seeks to learn what the two mean to each other they know to deny any interest much less an attachment However Wickham has a trick up his sleeve and in using it Elizabeth betrays the secret and Mr Bennet comes upon a situation of compromise.Oh, dear reader, we are now reading of how ODC is placed in an impossible situation but rather than wait for events to unfold Elizabeth takes the stag by the horns and researches to find an answer to the curse Her presence in Darcy s life makes him aware of powers he has never explored but which are now a necessity for survival and for love to reach its pinnacle.Colonel Damon Fitzwilliam and Mrs Annesley play significant roles here while Georgiana and Lydia meet with evil forces in varying ways.This is an excellent story with its stretch into the paranormal realm I highly recommend it to other lovers of JAFF There is an Epilogue.

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    I guess I really should give 1.5 stars because I found this book so unintentionally humorous I did skim through some parts of the story I was a little curious how it would end The only resemblance between this book and Pride and Prejudice were the characters names and the Regency setting I am always entertained by cheesy, cliched romance writing, which I suppose is similar to my enjoyment of watching a bad movie just to make fun of it So it is only for the purpose of such entertainment that I would recommend this book to anyone Even then, don t read it in its entirety, just skim through it Some favorite tidbits included Darcy calling Elizabeth Vixen repeatedly, and then shoving his tongue down her throat, and Elizabeth continually kissing Darcy s chin line Hilariously bad, poorly written, cliched, and rather formulaic Regina Jeffers, the author, has been an English teacher for many years, and frankly, I expected better writing from her The book would have been enjoyable if it was written as a parody, but I m quite certain she takes her novel extremely seriously which on some level makes it all the entertaining.

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    If you want to read a vampire bodice ripper set in regency England with characters having the same names as a beloved Austen classic, then this is the book for you Nothing from the original novel is sacred view spoiler Darcy is a half vampire and immediately falls in love with the flirt Elizabeth who immediately loves him back He calls her Vixen and Minx Then there s a lot of heat pooling in places that would make Austen roll in her grave Wickham is an evil vampire bent on destroying the Darcys throughout the ages Jane and Bingley and all other characters are scarcely in it hide spoiler

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    As I have said, I really liked it I was skeptical, since I was weirded out by Amanda Grange s book, but I was totally engrossed in this PP variation I couldn t put it down but I have to admit, I was a little scared while reading blame it on really late nights and frisky cats Wickam was totally scary, but in a good villainous way I felt that Lizzie was really a strong character physically and mentally and I felt that Darcy s Dhampir was broody vampire done right even though he was only a half breed I really like the romance aspect of it as well and I was really surprised by that It was steamy, but not overly so unlike P P, which I just read I was actually mad that I had to do other things eat, sleep, go to work, drive because it interrupted my reading

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    not bad as far as Pride and Prejudice adaptations go Regina changed the story a bit which is why maybe I was able to believe the whole Vampire issue It was kind of like reading about characters you loved in a different story I love the characters in the original so that Jane Austens writing style so for me to beable to revisit characters I loved may be why I gave it 4 stars.

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    I really thought this book would be awful Vampires being so overdone right now, but I was pleasantly surprised This book is very Austen It is a romance with this little problem of some of the players having strange appetites I liked it The author is a true Austen fan She kept the feel of Austen s books.

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    My absolute favorite book by Regina Jeffers I want a sequel Maybe something will happen to that stone grave

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    So having been sucked in haha by the vampire craze, and being a huge Austen Pride and Prejudice fan I obviously had to read this book The author takes great liberties with the story, changing the original storyline often to fit the Vampire aspect The book has tons of grammatical errors as well as spelling issues and word misplacement, but if you can read beyond that the story is an intriguing one.I was a bit shocked at first about what Jeffers did with Lizzies character Her and Darcy fell in love fairly fast and would meet secretly at night Scandalous They were always making out and Darcy even spent the night in her bed twice He told her that he was Dhamphir half human half vampire and that he couldn t marry her or have sex with her because he wasn t going to pass the dhamphir trait onto another person aka his first male born heir She agreed and said she couldn t live a life without love and they agreed to just keep meeting and enjoying each others company It was a bit surprising to see Lizzie so..wanton She was always meeting Darcy secretly and trying to get him to touch her It was just crazy at times and didn t seem to fit her personality The fact that Darcy was the same way was also a bit surprising I never figured his character to be so free with a woman before he married her He was always so by the book in terms of following social conformities Anyway so the basic plot of the story is that Darcy and Lizzie both had ancestors that fell in love with each other All this stuff happens sacrifices are made because it s like a love square Anyway Wickham gets turned into a vampire and vows to seek revenge on the Darcy family Every first born male heir to the Darcy family is born a Dhampir To break the curse they must fight Wickham Darcy is the first one to try and break it Darcy meets Lizzie while in Meryton and falls head over heels for her They secretly meet and he tells her why they can never be together She decides that she d rather enjoy the time they have together then never experience it at all As they get closer and closer Darcy discovers that his powers as a Dhampir are growing much to Wickham s chagrin Wickam captures Lizzie and Darcy saves her They decide that they will marry and fight to stop Wickham The rest of the book is about their struggle to not sleep with each other haha and to fight Wickham Nice appearances by Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana as well.I would tell you to read this book if you are not a HARD CORE janeite that cannot handle anything that is not exactly as Austen wrote it For those willing to read her fabulous characters put into strange circumstances then check this out.

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    This is the first Pride and Prejudice sequel variation I had read that had any paranormal element to it I was VERY skeptical going into this book, because honestly, Darcy and Elizabeth just shouldn t be messed with that way However, I was able to keep an open mind when it came to Mr Darcy s being a half vampire And when it comes down to it, I m glad I did, because I ended up really enjoying this book.It is obvious to any reader that Jeffers put some serious thought into the background of this book The folklore behind the Darcy family curse, the rituals that Wickham engages in, and the magic that can be used against him isn t like anything else I ve read to date Darcy and Elizabeth do marry in this book, and she actually catches Darcy s eye by singing a song about his ancestors, the ancestor that caused the family curse in the first place Later, he finds out that one of the parties involved in the 200 year old curse is an ancestor of the Bennett family, and that is why she has a soft spot for the song, even though its sad I found that I was really happy that the two married Darcy was dead set against marriage He basically just wanted to keep his home going as long as he could and depend on Georgiana to provide heirs for the Darcy legacy But what fun is all work and no happiness Once Darcy opens up about the curse on his family and his part in everything Elizabeth jumps right in Elizabeth, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and even Georgiana all help Darcy to do research to find the weaknesses of Wickham When the time for the final fight comes, both Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth are there, but they are killing the vampires that Wickham had created to be his backup It s hard work, but it is what they can do to ensure Darcy gets a fair chance to win.The only thing that really bothered me in this book is the whininess of Darcy and Elizabeth not consummating their marriage Elizabeth wants to, but Darcy refuses lest he pass the curse onto another generation And even so, it isn t something that is constantly complained about as it is in other books, Darcy and Elizabeth related and not So really, I didn t mind it, it could have been plenty worse, and he could have been holding out for worse reasons.Basically, I enjoyed this one, surprisingly enough If anyone out there is looking for a vampire Mr Darcy that is tolerable, I would suggest to begin here.

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