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Agnes Mallory quotes Agnes Mallory, litcharts Agnes Mallory, symbolism Agnes Mallory, summary shmoop Agnes Mallory, Agnes Mallory 9b61a5ee A Chance Encounter In The Woods Causes A Recluse To Dredge Up Old MemoriesHe Meets Her In A Stranger S Backyard Harry Is A Child Walking Home From School, And Agnes Is A Young Girl Playing In The Creek Behind Her House While Their Parents Speak, The Children Play, And Agnes Explains The Supernatural She Uses Cookie Dough To Make Statues Of Ghosts, She Tells Him, Which She Sets Free In The River So Begins An Enchantment That Will Last The Rest Of Harry S Life Years Later He Is A Disbarred Lawyer, Living A Reclusive Life Outside A Westchester Commuter Town Memories Of Agnes, Dead For A Decade, Haunt Him He Befriends A Shivering Young Runaway, An Encounter Which Forces Him To Confront His Past For The First Time, Unearthing A Mystery Which Stretches Back To The Holocaust, And Revolves Around That Strange Young Girl He Met So Long Ago

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    I noticed that only one person who marked this book as read and rated it gave an opinion on it, and even that one comment was brief and vague From the time I was about half way through the book, I began to wonder what in the world I was going to say about it It s not a terrible book, but it isn t very good either If all the rambling thoughts leading nowhere were removed from the body of work, there would be very little left to read The book may be called Agnes Mallory, but the story is really about Harry Bernard and the relationship he developed with Agnes when they were children It seems as though he is drawn to Agnes because she s strange, although what she is as a child in no way prepares either Harry or the reader for what she becomes as an adult Agnes father is a Holocaust survivor, and during her childhood Agnes takes on the responsibility of trying to make her father less remote by distracting him from living with past memories of a daughter he lost during a Nazi attack on his village This could have been a very emotional story had Klaven only stayed with a plot and expanded on it following Agnes and Harry through to adulthood Instead it s of an exercise in vocabulary showmanship some words were not listed in my Kindle Dictionaries at all and an attempt to find something profound to say about the most trivial objects, scenery, or events I ve read other novels by Andrew Klaven, and for me they were riveting I was disappointed with Agnes Mallory mainly because when I finally finished it, I couldn t begin to explain the point of it Because of that, I wouldn t know to whom I could recommend this book I have another book by Andrew Klaven in my TBR pile I hope it s better than this one.

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    This book kept drawing me in for some reason It is one that will stay with me for awhile If I could give half stars I would give it a 3 1 2 star rating but I can t so I will settle for 3.

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