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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 373 pages
  • Tempt Me at Twilight
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • English
  • 19 March 2017
  • 9780312949822

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    Let s make one thing clear this book is an HR duck It looks like one, it talks like one, and it walks like one Is it formulaic Probably Should I have enjoyed it as much as I did Probably not Am I giving it five stars anyway Absolutely Why Because fuck you, that s why I should start posting disclaimers at the top of my reviews for HRs stating that my opinion probably shouldn t be trusted For those of you who know me, you know how many literary pet peeves I have For those of you who don t know me, I have a lot of literary pet peeves Too many of them in one book and I ll start docking stars EXCEPT FOR IN HISTORICAL ROMANCES.I m a little embarrassed to say that I actually look forward to overused themes and tropes in HRs If they re not present, I m usually disappointed Most of the time they don t even have to be well written and I ll still enjoy the hell out of them What can I say It s my guilty pleasure genre Well, this book IS well written It s also well researched I m a history geek so I m always happy when an author sneaks in some real facts about the time period and setting Kleypas included quite a few without overcomplicating the story The plot is a popular one in this genre The female lead, Poppy, gets trapped into marrying the devilish Harry Rutledge after being caught in a compromising position with him Other well executed tropes include the I m so damaged, no one will love me male lead, the Mary Sue female lead who s different than her peers because she s intelligent and not afraid to own it, the meddling family, the silly misunderstandings, the witty banter, the HEA, the list goes on and on And you know what I enjoyed every damn minute of it If you re a Historical Romance fangirl, you should give this a try Or if you re just in the mood for something fun and entertaining, you should do the same.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    Tempt Me at Twilight, stand alone The wicked, ruthless unforgettable Harry Rutledge sets his sights on Poppy Hathaway In the fairy tale you mentioned last night, I would probably be the villain But it s possible the villain would treat you far better than the prince would have Books in Hathaways series are stand alone, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 Mine Till MidnightBook 2 Seduce Me at SunriseBook 3 Tempt Me at TwilightBook 4 Married By MorningBook 5 Love in the AfternoonTempt Me at Twilight stand alone opens up to Poppy Hathaway spending her third season in London in hopes of catching a husband Her unconventional upbringing, scholarly personality and desire for a dull husband has complicated matters But finally, she has a suitor lined up until an mysterious stranger rattles and intrigues her in equal measures.A chance encounter with hotelier, inventor and business man Harry Rutledge will change everything Harry has never met a problem he couldn t solve, opportunity he couldn t capitalize on nor a woman he couldn t bed What Harry wants he gets and he has set his sights on Poppy The story goes on to follow them as Poppy is pulled into Harry s game of scandal and seduction But before long lines are blurred and crossed until it s no longer clear who is the seducer or seduced Let s hope they can both escape with their hearts intact The third time, I m going to do things that will mortify you when you remember them tomorrow He kissed her gently And you ll love that most of all Nine words to describe Jay Harry Rutledge possessive, devious, determined, mysterious, broken, aloof, selfish, blunt and ruthless She was yours, if you d truly wanted her, Harry continued, a pitiless smile touching his lips But I wanted her Seven words to describe Poppy Hathaway smart, outspoken, charismatic, na ve, good natured, insightful and trusting You have experience with hedgehogs No He slanted a smile at her But I have some experience with prickly females Tempt Me at Twilight, told from multiple POVs in third person, is butterflies in your belly romance at its best sexy, funny, suspenseful with a pinch of angst I m happy to report it is just as good this time around one of the best historicals I have read with Harry Rutledge as and all time favorite hero Trying to understand Harry Rutledge was like taking apart one of the intricate clockwork mechanisms he had constructed One could examine every gear and ratchet wheel and lever, but that didn t mean one would ever comprehend what made it all work Hero Heroine Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending OVERALL RATING Angst MEDIUM FOCUS Darkness LOW FOCUS Humor HIGH FOCUS Kink LOW FOCUS Romance HIGH FOCUS Sex frequency MEDIUM FOCUS Suspense MEDIUM FOCUS Thank you Liz for an amazing F BR

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    What can I say I just love Lisa Kleypas s writing and, as far as I know, she can do no wrong Okay, I haven t read all her backlist yet, but almost everything I ve read so far was excellent The only exception was Mine Till Midnight, but even so it was good enough and definitely worth reading.Poppy Hathaway is in London for her third season and, as it has become usual, she s staying with her family at the Rutledge Hotel As the story opens, she s chasing her sister Beatrix s ferret, trying to recover a love letter the mischievous animal has stolen from her The last thing Poppy needs is to have the love letter she s received from her secret beau, the Hon Michael Bayning, falling in anyone else s hands and becoming public, so she has no qualms leaving her private room unescorted and following the darn ferret through the hotel On her merry chase, she ends up meeting the reclusive and mysterious Harry Rutledge, the hotel owner, and the course of her entire life is changed.Harry is a very successful self made man who always gets what he wants, no matter what And the moment he meets Poppy, he decides he wants her So he sets out to get her Thanks to some luck and some ruthless machinations of his part, he doesn t waste any time taking her secret beau out of the picture and planting himself firmly on his place Poppy is hurt in the process, but that was bound to happen eventually even without his interference, so Harry is convinced it s all for the best.In a short time, Harry gets what he wants that is, Poppy and they get married against her family s objections At this point, Harry s part in ruining Poppy s relationship with Michael is known to all the Hathaways Poppy included so they neither like or trust him But Poppy goes along with marrying him anyway, basically choosing the lesser of two evils Harry s determined to win his wife s affection not her love, because he doesn t know what that is while Poppy s decided to keep her distance Well, we all know how this ends, because there s no resisting a Kleypas hero The Hathaways are an eccentric family, to say the least, and Poppy has always been the odd one out to me because she doesn t embrace her family s quirkiness and craves a normal and sedate life That doesn t mean she s estranged from them or that she s ashamed of them, but she dreams of a different life for herself That s why I fully understood her infatuation with Michael, the son of a viscount and the epitome of everything proper and traditional And that s why I cut her some slack for taking so long to let him go from her heart and accept Harry.Notice that I used the word accept and not forgive , because I really don t think there was anything to be forgiven there Harry didn t lie, although he didn t always reveal everything he knew, and he didn t force Poppy to kiss him to compromise her On the contrary, she was fully enjoying his kisses even though she thought she was in love with another man Okay, Harry was ruthless and manipulative but not cruel , went after what he wanted with determination and took advantage of the situation, but he didn t make anything up He only accelerated the process, so to speak, because that weakling Michael would never be brave enough to go against his father Poppy deserved someone who loved her above everything else, and that man was Harry I simply adored Harry He s way up there in the altar of my favorite heroes, along with Sebastian, Lord St Vincent Devil in Winter and Derek Craven Dreaming of You Not by coincidence, all 3 of them are perfect examples of how good a bad boy can be when he finds the right woman Hmmm, do I see a pattern in my obsession As in all the previous books in the Hathaways series, there were a lot of scenes that weren t solely focused on the H h s interactions That bothered me when I read the 1st book, Mine Till Midnight, but now I think they re part of this series charm and those secondary scenes add depth to the story In this particular book, I got to know and understand Harry much better by learning how his employees saw him and that was a plus I also got to know something very interesting about Ms Marks, Poppy and Beatrix s former governess and current companion and chaperone, and I can t wait to see her bring Leo to heel.And last but not least, the now in famous cliffhanger I loved it I know a lot of readers were annoyed by it, but I thought it was delicious I m not ashamed to say, I closed the book with a sigh and a a smile.Great story, to die for hero, lovable heroine, witty dialogue, steamy love scenes, funny and charming secondary characters This was an excellent read.And just because I love quotes, I m going to finish my review with one of my favorite passages in the book I want you any way I can get you Not because you re beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, although the devil knows you re all those things I want you because there s no one else like you, and I don t ever want to start a day without seeing you As Poppy opened her mouth to reply, he smoothed his thumb across her lower lip, coaxing her to wait until he had finished Do you know what a balance wheel is She shook her head slightly There s one in every clock or watch It rotates back and forth without stopping It s what makes the ticking sound what makes the hands move forward to mark the minutes Without it, the watch wouldn t work You re my balance wheel, Poppy Call me crazy, but I thought that was one of the most romantic declarations of love I ve read.

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    Ahhh.I don t even feel like writing a review for this one except to say Move over Cam, and make room for Harry I found out something about myself I love a romance where the hero really needs for someone to love him, whether he realizes it or not And handsome hotelier Harry Rutledge early 30s , who both wanted and feared affection due to a heartbreaking childhood he captured my heart Yes, he started out as a manipulative, selfish devil, the way he got Poppy 23 to marry him , but how he ended up, while absorbing Poppy s love and affection sigh Enough said.Here s some of my favorite scenes quotes in this one Dodger the ferret so cute, so mischievous, so smart Are ferrets really this smart, or is Dodger a mini dog This quote from Harry to Poppy about letting him court her, reminded me of a scene from Gone With the Wind, where Rhett speaks to Scarlett about marrying him You were courted by a boy, who had to do as he was told His hot breath feathered against her lips as he whispered, You should try it with a man, who needs no one s permission Seeing all the Hathaways again, and seeing how Leo, Cam and Merripen were willing to physically do battle with Harry to protect Poppy Love that family loyalty When Cam told Harry that Poppy was part of his tribe Yeah When Harry s hotel staff, who loved Poppy, plotted to make sure that Harry and Poppy consumated their marriage That same hotel staff, discussing the state of the Rutledge s sex life The chef looked deeply concerned You think there s a problem with his carrot Alors, he is a virile manshe is a beautiful womanwhy are they not making salad together When Poppy sprained her ankle and Harry used his influence to get special chocolates made for her Awwthe beginnings of Harry allowing himself to care Poppy and Leo s conversation about Harry s masculine problem Damn it What exactly are we calling a masculine problem Did he have trouble running the flag up Or did it fall to half staff Do we have to speak of this metaphorically, or Yes, Leo said firmly All right He Poppy frowned in concentration as she searched for the right words, left me while the flag was still flying The hotness that was Harry and Poppy together I m going to make love to you all night, Poppy And the first time, you re going to feel very safe But the second time, I m going to be a little bit wickedand you ll like that even And the third time he paused with a smile as he heard her breath catch The third time, I m going to do things that will mortify you when you remember them tomorrow He kissed her gently And you ll love that most of all Well there s plenty where that came from, as well as plenty of chuckles, laugh out loud moments, wry humor especially from Leo, who I ve grown to appreciate , amusing moments with Beatrix and her menagerie, catching up with the whole Hathaway clan, and a tad bit of suspense near the end Yet again, LK made it all fly by so fast I ve come to adore this quirky Hathaway family, and I m in a bit of a panic knowing I only have two stories to read Lk reveals even about Catherine Marks Beatrix and Poppy s companion the mystery builds what did happen to her And you can see that Leo is finding himself and attracted to her.I can t wait to read their story This one wasn t as complicated, angsty, or dramatic as some of the other stories in the series, but I was still entertained It must be that Kleypas magic that gets me to fall so easily for her characters I was in dire need of reading a book that could take me away , and Tempt Me At Twilight certainly did that Thank you, LK 5 starsMy Harry

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    What can I say about this book After reading the last pages of this novel, at approximately 1 am, I set it down, knowing I couldn t possibly be ready to write a coherent review Reviews are like soups or dishes with tomatoes and hearty seasonings They should sit and rest, letting the spices and the tomato paste mingle together, so that the flavor can be maximized Accordingly, I let myself ruminate in a bovine fashion about what I would write in my review of the latest historical by one of my favorite authors, over the far too short weekend First and foremost, Ms Kleypas wrote yet another wonderful book that cements her place on my keeper and favorite author shelves Secondly, she took a concept that I thought I was familiar with, but managed to surprise me, and keep me on my toes as I read I thought I had this story all figured out, by some of the comments from my Goodreads friends, and in .com romance forum discussions, and my own preconceived notions based on the blurb, and what I know about how Ms Kleypas writes books But, I was still surprised.Harry Rutledge This is a hero that is very hard to define At times, frankly, I disliked him I thought, he s not a nice man He s very cold, and he s ruthless But I loved him, at the same time, for being all the things I mentioned He is definitely a standout for me because of the complexity of his nature And I loved how Ms Kleypas was unstinting in showing Harry in the worst light possible She didn t go the heavy handed route, in steering us into loving him because he was the hero of the story And I respect her for that In fact, I am glad for the naturalistic approach she adopted Because, as I read this story, the man that Harry is, deep down, the man he wants to be, shows through And for that, I have to give this author a high five Harry is a carefully engineered survivor What he went through in his childhood is not even close to the worst I have read about in fiction However, for this admitted idealist who believes children should be loved and cherished, valued and tended carefully like the creations of beauty and worth that they are, it was pretty awful for a child to suffer that way Harry grew up priviledged, but he was neglected in all the ways that count If that wouldn t make a social maladroit out of a person, I m not quite sure what would But, at the same time, Harry managed to make something of himself He didn t become a shiftless dilettante who did nothing but drinking, fornicating, and spend other people s money He became a brilliant inventor, businessman, and empire builder Even a few of his enemies respected him enough to name their children after him To be able to do that, I have to respect him He was a monolith of admantine will, but so vulnerable in some ways, that few were privy to In truth, only Poppy, that I could perceive, reading this story When Harry Met Poppy We all have defining moments in our lives Harry had several But the one that would change the course of his life irrevocably, was when he encountered Poppy Ever wanted something so very much, the fierce desire for it burns like thirst in a parched throat That s how Harry wanted Poppy And that motivated him to do some very lousy things In his mind, it was okay because Michael Beyning didn t deserve her I think that he was right about the last part Beyning didn t deserve a woman that he wouldn t fight for to all the heights and depths of his available resources He barely even tried for her And Harry s actions proved that In medical terms, he performed an elective surgery that was agressive than needed, but achieved results that no one could argue weren t successful Yet, there were some significant side effects For one, Poppy married him with the cold precision of a general going to war, and told him that she would never love him Not the ideal way to start a marriage Yet, in Harry s unfathomably analytical mind, he didn t care, because all he needed was her as his wife The ends justified the means.What does a man do with a wife What does a wife do with a husband that didn t fit her expectations of the husband she always wanted Harry and Poppy had to learn these things He couldn t put Poppy into a little cubbyhole to take out and amuse himself at his limited leisure He couldn t wind her up like an automaton Poppy was a living, breathing, force of nature, that would settle for no less than what she deserved At times, Poppy came off as immature, in a sense Hanging onto a fairy tale dream of marriage But, I had to admire her for sticking to her guns about what she would and would not tolerate from her husband She needed to do that, because Harry was very used to getting exactly what he wanted, by using the powerful force of his personality, and threats, if necessary And Poppy did show that she could compromise and surrender in the ways that were important to make a marriage work It s about meeting each other half way, and they both had to learn to do that I liked the dynamic between them, how they danced around each other, getting to know each other as husband and wife Although the circumstances are purely out of romantic fiction, I think that aspect of marriage is very true to life A young couple has unrealistic expectations of what they will experience in marriage, and the first year is a wakeup call, as they realize that real life isn t as cut and dried Marriage takes compromise, time and energy, and lots of communication You could see this being played out between Poppy and Harry This is one deeper level that took me by surprise, although, knowing Ms Kleypas, it probably shouldn t She writes extremely romantic stories, but there is always some degree of realism in the intricacies of interpersonal relations that play out in her stories I think she writes married stories very well, but then, she s been married for a long time, so she probably draws on the bank of that experience to develop such a rich narrative.Family, the Beauty of it I realize that the Hathaway books aren t high on the list of some of Ms Kleypas s fans But, I love this series It was like going to visit some friends in their family home, and seeing their family interactions, reading this book So intensely familiar, and heart warming I was immersed in the love and the chaos that is the Hathaway family, which is ever expanding I got the opportunity to visit with some characters that I easily grew to love in prior books Cam he is such a show stealer , Amelia the mother hen , Beatrix how adorable she is with her animals, and her sharply perceptive understanding of human nature , Kev intense and forthright, as always , Win sweet, loving, and peaceful , Leo who is really coming into his own, has a wonderful sense of humor, and a surprising strength of character that I love , and Catherine Marks she is shaping up to be a very tortured character who has me very intrigued Rounding up my thoughts Tempt Me at Twilight turned out to be a very satisfying but hard to define read for me There is something seemingly basic about it, compared to some of Kleypas s other books, but complicated at the same time This book really is a book about marriage, and about letting the fairy tales go, and embracing the beauty in what is real, and accepting that your destiny doesn t come in the pretty packages that you shop for Also realizing that the pretty possession that you wanted so bad, comes with a cost, and takes an emotional price in return I feel that this book presents a deeper message about how your destiny comes exactly the way it s supposed to, although it may take growth on your part, and the partner that fate has decreed for you, to fully realize the potential that is there As usual, Ms Kleypas nails the Victorian period with the beauty of an Impressionist painting, not heavy, bold strokes, but with a light, careful, bright, and dreamy touch, that is all the captivating to me as a reader The end of this book marks the beginning of the next arc of this story I am full of some reservations, and fears that my gentle heart is going to face some anguish ahead I have questions and theories that have been brought to life by the conclusion of this story, if you can call it that I suppose I will have to remember the adage to all readers of series Keep Reading I trust that I will be in for another delightful reading experience if I am able to do exactly that.

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    Relectura de uno de mi favoritos de Lisa Kleypas, en que encontramos al que es probablemente el m s villano de sus personajes masculinos Me gust tanto como la primera vez Insisto Lisa Kleypas nunca defrauda La verdad, no ten a mucha expectativa con esta novela ya que Poppy es la integrante m s normal de la familia Hathaway, sin embargo, me encuentro con una historia terriblemente original para el g nero, en que tal como se lee en sus p ginas el villano se queda con la princesa.Me encantaron los personajes principales y sobre todo la tenacidad de Harry para lograr sus objetivos, aunque sus m todos sean bastante poco ortodoxos Tambi n me gustaron mucho los personajes secundarios y, por supuesto, la historia en ciernes que se advierte para la pr xima entrega entre Leo y la se orita Marks.

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    5 stars Historical Romance Her chances of a decent marriage were about to be dashed and all because of a ferret And thus begins the wonderfully romantic third installment in the saga of the eccentric Hathaway family, Tempt Me At Twilight Poppy Hathaway loves her quirky family, but she yearns for a conventional, quiet, normal, stable, peaceful, predictable, albeit boring, life She believes wholeheartedly that she s found her true soul s desire in her beloved Michael Bayning, who s courted her in private but has so far withheld a proposal due to concerns over his father s likely disapproval over the match When fate in the form of a wily, on the loose ferret named Dodger results in a clandestine meeting with mysterious, wealthy, powerful, reclusive, hotelier Harry Rutledge, Poppy s future is forever altered.Harry, owner of London s most famous Rutledge Hotel, lives a rather solitary existence and never expects or desires to fall in love, but he s immediately enad and infatuated by lovely, intelligent, spirited Poppy and sets out to win her for himself Poppy s heart and devotion belong to Michael, but she still can t help but be a bit intrigued and flattered by the enigmatic and dynamic Harry, especially with his persistent courtship and shocking proposal.When Poppy finds herself heartbroken and her reputation and future security at risk, she accepts Harry s marriage proposal, but then painful secrets are revealed that shatter her trust and wound her aching heart even further What does a woman do when she finds herself married to the villain Kleypas is a master at turning tortured, cold, manipulative, cynical, ruthless men even near villains into the most sigh delicious, swoon worthy heroes in romance Harry reminded me a little of Simon Hunt from Secrets of a Summer Night, only with a strong dose of Devil in Winter St Vincent s ruthlessness and vindictiveness thrown in And sweet, caring, smart, bighearted, exuberant Poppy was the perfect compliment and match for cold hearted, jaded, intrinsically lonely HarryI just loved them together Although I enjoyed Mine Till Midnight, mainly for dreamy, yummy Cam Rohan, and loved Kev s and Win s achingly beautiful romance in Seduce Me at Sunrise, Tempt Me At Twilight, with its compelling, unforgettable story, beguiling, complex characters, strong depth of touching emotion, and lush sensuality that s all blended together brilliantly, is vintage Kleypas and my favorite of the Hathaways series so far It s a splendid, moving, heartfelt, and utterly romantic read that s completely riveting from beginning to end and just sheer historical romance perfection Big 5 stars Here are some of my favorite moments lines Possible spoilers ahead Harry to Poppy I ll never be sorry about it Because if I hadn t done it, you d be his now And he only wanted you if it was easy for him But I want you any way I can get you Not because you re beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, although devil knows you re all those things I want you because there s no one else like you, and I don t ever want to start a day without seeing you Do you know what a balance wheel is She shook her head slightly There s one in every clock or watch It rotates back and forth without stopping It s what makes the ticking soundwhat makes the hands move forward to mark the minutes Without it, the watch wouldn t work You re my balance wheel, Poppy I have so much love for you, I could fill rooms with it Buildings You re surrounded by it wherever you go, you walk through it, breathe itit s in your lungs, and under your tongue, and between your fingers and toes His mouth moved passionately over hers, urging her lips apart It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky It was a kiss to make angels faint and demons weepa passionate, demanding, soul searing kiss that nearly knocked the earth off its axis Or at least that was how Poppy felt about it.

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    4.5 Stars Edit Revised on further consideration to 5 Stars I really enjoyed Harry and Poppy s story But I did feel there was a little something missing, hence the 4.5 Stars Edit But now in looking back, I can t bear not to give 5 Stars to each and every Hathaway book, so while I acknowledge there was a little something missing , I loved it and will definitely read it again I especially loved how the description of Harry Rutledge conjured images of Richard Armitage sighs He s so villanously handsome and sexy _ He had heavy, well cut hair, black as midnight, and a fair complexion in which his dark brows stood out in striking contrast And he was handsome as Lucifer, his brows strong, his nose straight and defined, the mouth brooding The angle of his jaw was sharp, tenacious, anchoring the grave features of a man who took everything including himself too seriously I was a wee bit annoyed with Harry through parts of the book, but I do love him and LOVED his declarations He was so determined to win Poppy, no matter what And to be compared to a mechanism How can one resist LOL Edited to add the quote Copied from Dina s review Thanks, Dina _ I want you any way I can get you Not because you re beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, although the devil knows you re all those things I want you because there s no one else like you, and I don t ever want to start a day without seeing you As Poppy opened her mouth to reply, he smoothed his thumb across her lower lip, coaxing her to wait until he had finished Do you know what a balance wheel is She shook her head slightly There s one in every clock or watch It rotates back and forth without stopping It s what makes the ticking sound what makes the hands move forward to mark the minutes Without it, the watch wouldn t work You re my balance wheel, Poppy SIGHS I think the something missing , for me, may have been how fast time wise it seemed that Poppy and Harry resolved their issues Or the seeming lack of build up tension in the middle of the book And also, the suspense towards the end seemed unnecessary, to me Although, going back to the resolution of that, I realised it was to tie back to the fairy tale metaphor I did enjoy the cliff hanger lead in to Leo s book though Makes me even excited and eager to read it Overall, though, I really did enjoy the book I loved all the scenes with the Hathaway family I adore this family I laughed out loud quite a bit in this book The Rutledge Hotel staff s discussions were funny, especially the vegetable talk wiggles eyebrows Can t wait for Leo and Cat s story Look forward to finding out her secret past and what happened between Leo and Cat maybe something compromising that they will end up Married by Morning Also, looking forward to Beatrix s book, Love in the Afternoon Can t wait til Summer 2010 Thanks, LK, for 2 Hathaway books to look forward to in one year _ My Harry Rutledge Richard Armitage siiiiigghhsss Yes, I know, I KNOW I went a bit overboard with the Richard Armitage pics LOL But I just ADORE this man MELTS COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright, I will do so.

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    Harry Rutledge was both a neglected child and an abused child The only son of an aging hotelier, Harry wasn t raised in a home where a youngster could run and play, laugh out loud and just be a kid Even at 5 years old he knew the rules The Guests come first Stay out of sight Don t make any noise Don t do this, don t do that, don t don t don t Is it any wonder that as an adult, Harry is so rigid, so disciplined and so aloof One of the richest men in London and one of the most mysterious, he often comments that his enemies like him better than his friends do.Poppy Hathaway is in her third London Season and as in the past, the family has taken rooms at the Rutledge Hotel because their home, Ramsay house, is too far away to travel to and from the many balls, parties and other events the Season has to offer But following the Hathaways like mischief and misfortune often does, Poppy has found herself in an awkward position when Dodger the ferret, one of Beatrix s pets, is on the loose in the hotel with a very important letter, one that simply must not be seen by anyone It s from a man who, if word got out of his affections for Poppy, would likely find himself in hot water with his father His very rich, pompous, demanding and manipulative father who would take away his title, his properties and everything else a man of the ton must have.And who do you suppose happens to run across Poppy in her pursuit of this rambunctious rodent Why, none other than Harry Rutledge who finds himself than a little captivated by Miss Hathaway and her furry friend And so this is where the story begins Will Poppy allow herself to be wooed by this man who no one really knows and can Harry allow her that part of himself he s never given to anyone before his heart I think I ve decided that Poppy is probably the most normal of all the Hathaways, and Harry Rutledge the most normal of all the men in their lives Good thing they found each other or they probably would have gone through life alone because I can t imagine anyone, except themselves, who would put up with the each other Did that make any sense at all And I was thinking now, stay with me here it seems as though the males in most historical romance novels have serious issues So let s explore the criteria for being a great hero, shall we 1 They can t be tamed 2 They re into trouble all the time.3 Always taunting the women around them.4 All about having a good time 5 Charming.6 You just want to hold them.7 Adorable8 Handsome or at least cute.9 Maybe unsure of their parentage.So, in keeping with these hero characteristics, I suggest that Dodger get his own story Don t ferrets deserve a happily ever after, too And if there s any ferret deserving of one, I d say it s Dodger And with this in mind, I suggest we begin a letter writing campaign to see if we can encourage Ms Kleypas to find it in her heart to give Dodger a book of his very own I say she should call it called Sleepless in the Slipper Box. What say you, dear readers of this review

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    Okay, there is something above adoration Because i can assure you that i m crazy about the Hathaways and their mates.Every book is a new apocalypse and i m never satisfied I want and and Is it possible every story to be loved than the previous For me, it is The first book worked as an introduction for me and then i fell in love with Ken and Win and i thought that this couple was my favorite But now after this book i think my favorite couple is Poppy and HarryBut i think that i have to finish and the two next books and after to stable in which one of them i love But i m pretty sure that i will love them all for different reasonsAnd i really loved Poppy and Harry.Poppy was the most quiet from the Hathaways She knew that her family was noisy and eccentric and she was seeking a normal life.For the last three years, she was seeking for a husband and when she finally thought that she found the perfect man that she will offer her the calmness and normality that she was longing for, a ferret complicated her life.Why a ferret You remember Dodget He was Beatrix s pet A ferret who stole many things for fun and one of that was a love letter for Poppy and that fact forced her to chased him all over the Rutledge hotelAnd she got to adventures since she met the unknown, mysterious and handsome Harry Rutledge, the owner of the hotel And Harry was charmed so much by her that he manage to stole a kiss that change the course of their livesHarry wasn t believe in love His past prove him that love wasn t existHe was intelligent, beautiful and very successfull businessman He had a brilliant mind that never stop working He didn t like publicity too much and he never wasted a glance to Poppy Hathaway before they come face to face and heard her talk unstopable about things that no other woman could talk And that was his condemnation He was infatuated by her and he couldn t let her married someone else.So his dominate, manipulating and ruthless nature took action and twisted the things into his favor until to earn what he desired Poppy Hathaway as his wifeSo he involved her in a scandal to persuade her that the best for her was to proceed in a marriage with him and he worked very hard to succeededBut when Poppy found out the truth, she became furious with him and her stubborness got between them with intensity So Harry had to change his ways to earn his wife backI won t lie to you I love the complicating characters and Harry became my favoriteI liked his anorthodox ways to take what he wants and i liked the fact that he was honest.From the first moment he warned Poppy about him He never presented himself as the prince charming but he described him as the villainI liked his transition from the villain to a dark prince and i liked the way that he welcomed this unknown feeling that they called love And i think that he fitted quite perfect with the Hathaways He finally found the family that he never had As for Poppy, i liked her as all the other Hathaways She was different and lovely She was sensitive and she was caring for everyone.And i know that from the first moment, Harry charmed her that the perfect Michael But her mind was stucked in the idea that Michael could give her a perfect and easygoing life and when everything turned out differently that she was expecting, she prefered to accuse Harry and to fighting her feeling for him.But they were so perfect and lovely together The princess that manage to love a villain who thought that he was worthless of loveA villain that manage to concrete the heart of a princess Damn With that epilogue how can you not continue to Leo and Cat s story I m so curious about what happened between them after all this phenomenal hatred between them I don t think i can ever stop reading about those strange and eccentric Hathaways I love them

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Tempt Me at Twilightcharacters Tempt Me at Twilight, audiobook Tempt Me at Twilight, files book Tempt Me at Twilight, today Tempt Me at Twilight, Tempt Me at Twilight 5c8e1 He Was Everything She D Sworn To AvoidPoppy Hathaway Loves Her Unconventional Family, Though She Longs For Normalcy Then Fate Leads To A Meeting With Harry Rutledge, An Enigmatic Hotel Owner And Inventor With Wealth, Power, And A Dangerous Hidden Life When Their Flirtation Compromises Her Own Reputation, Poppy Shocks Everyone By Accepting His Proposal Only To Find That Her New Husband Offers His Passion, But Not His TrustAnd She Was Everything He NeededHarry Was Willing To Do Anything To Win Poppy Except To Open His Heart All His Life, He Has Held The World At Arm S Length But The Sharp, Beguiling Poppy Demands To Be His Wife In Every Way That Matters Still, As Desire Grows Between Them, An Enemy Lurks In The Shadows Now If Harry Wants To Keep Poppy By His Side, He Must Forge A True Union Of Body And Soul, Once And For All

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