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Die Zwerge quotes Die Zwerge, litcharts Die Zwerge, symbolism Die Zwerge, summary shmoop Die Zwerge, Die Zwerge 2294ae59 Dit Boek Vertelt Het Verhaal Van Een Wereld, Die Van Het Veilige Land Met Zijn Mensen En Goede Elfen, Die Wordt Bedreigd Door Zwarte Elfen, Orcs, Ogers En Andere Verschrikkingen Het Is Een Wereld Die Bruist Van Zorgvuldig Beschreven Fantastische Queesten, Exotische Vondsten En Avontuur De Hoofdpersoon, De Jeugdige Dwerg Tungdil, Is Zonder Meer De Meeste Tot De Verbeelding Sprekende Dwerg Sinds Tolkiens Gimli

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    I could not take it any I am taking some advice and I am not going to finish this book even though I REALLY tried I started this book in August and have taken breaks from it 4 or 5 times I wanted this book to be good, but its way too simple The plot is very simple and predictable The characters are Tolken templates and are not very interesting At times it seemed the dialogue between the dwarven characters in this book came straight from 6yr old boys who were having a make a believe battle in their fort with pretend orcs This book maybe an International Bestseller but it feels like it was written by a high schooler.

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    This book reminded me of a role playing game Character gets assigned quest and sets off when character arrives at destination he finds out that the quest completion parameters have been amended and that he has to continue to new destination, where or less the same thing happens Along the way the character collects items and learns skills, he also meets other characters with different skills and some of these join up with him, creating a party In the end, the items and characters come together neatly to tie up the main story arc Developer credits roll.Now, this isn t a criticism I happen to enjoy role playing games I also happen to, at times, indulge in some Warhammer, Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance fiction, which is just as well, otherwise I probably wouldn t have finished The Dwarves It s pretty much the same thing, really This is one of those Fantasy books with highly improbably scenarios and bizarrely fortunate read untouchable protagonists, for the most part I also can t help but feel that some of the nuances have been lost in the translation the original is in German Some of the sentences just read a bit nonsensical and seemed slightly out of context.Okay, now that I ve got all that off my chest This isn t a bad novel, and I will certainly be checking out the rest of the series BUT, despite the author s best intentions, it doesn t break a whole of a lot of new ground There are some nice twists, but it isn t enough to make the story great It s entertaining enough, and I was reminded quite a lot of a Dragonlance novel I once read called Stormblade Fun.

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    DNF at 50%I know, I know Fifty percent and you don t want to finish Yeah but this is 700 plus pages 300 pages, maybe even 400 and I d stick it out but just too much pulp for not enough up side.So Heitz has created a fantasy world where a dwarf is orphaned and raised by a human wizard and then there is a whole society of dwarves and he might be the king and they kill lots of orcs, oh, and there is a bad realm of zombies and villains.I ve read other reviewers say this was like an RPG and it was and that s one reason why I was drawn to it.And I liked his world building for the most part but the writing was flat, maybe something lost in the translation originally in German but took a couple of breaks to read something else and I just don t care to go back.

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    The best review I can give is that my 17 year old son spent his own money to buy the first three books in hard cover , read them and encouraged his friends to read them I just had to read them myself and found myself enjoying them Let the author speak for himself Death came for the dwarf and tried to take him, whereupon the warrior squared his shoulders, dug his heels against the granite floor, and told him to go Death turned around and left Apologue from the southern provinces of Sangp r Dwarves and mountains have one thing in common It takes an almighty hammer and a tremendous amount of persistence to overcome them Traditional saying from the Murk region, northeast, Idoslane At the battle of the Blacksaddle, trolls were wailing, orcs whimpering, and our battle hardened warriors were close to despair, but I never saw a dwarf lose heart PaldurIl, personal guard to Li tasil of Alandur, Lord of the Elves.Even the elves have taken notice.The Dwarves is now than just a book A successful Kickstarter campaign means it will be a RPG game this summer Play the book.

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    Why the Read I ve always enjoyed Tolkienesque or DD dwarves After reading excellent contemporary fantasy by McKillip, Bujold, Martin, Abercrombie and Rothfuss, I thought I d give it a go Plot the clich d DD role play world Also the clich d little guy becomes a big guy through an adventure Escapist fun Nothing new and completely formulaic Thoughts easy to condemn or judge this work and its derivative D D world, but on reflection, this type of formulaic approach has a place for readers I wasn t after deep and meaningful, just an escape, and as such, it delivered what I sought If you have the right frame of mind it s enjoyable Just don t take it too seriously I suppose for me it s a version of escape that the romance genre is for some readers Overview Dwarves are tough, stout, durable people who work wonders with stone the kind of dwarves we now expect from the genre but their great kingdom is under threat One dwarf, Tungdil, is a blacksmith, who lives among humans When sent out to deliver a message to his people, he has an adventure Tungdil finds that his ancetsry is vital to the survival of not only his kind, but much of the known world A rogue magus is wielding dark magic, and the evil races are growing in power and only a united courageous dwarven kingdom will save them Tungdil will need to save the dwarves from perilous danger from both without, but also within, a now troubled dwarven kingdom Verdict may read the sequels if I need another light escape, but it s not going to be high up on the reading list.

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    Once I managed to trudge through the first 100 or so pages, which are a bit of a massive yawn things really started to pick up and I began to really enjoy the book The writing isn t particularly stellar, but it flows nicely and it s the characters that spurred me on to continue reading The core characters I really fell in love with It would be interesting to read it in it s original german I am one of those people who can t help but think anything that is translated might lose a bit of it s essence At times, I find it difficult to keep characters names in order, but I find that with most epic fantasy series however, the world of the dwarves is constructed quite well There s a lot of humour and warmth to these groundlings I find myself giggling manically especially when Boindil is fighting orcs He s on sociopathic little comedic dwarf that one It s the characters that really hold this tale together.

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    This book can be described as a badly written spin off of LOTR where the attention has been shifted from elves and humans to dwarves Being a fan of fantasy it is rare for me to rate a book 1 star but I didn t find anything here that made me think of giving it anything .Writing is one of the main flaws of this book among others I don t know if it s the translator s fault or the original authors but the writing is too simple and unappealing It s like a kid wrote this for his high school project There is almost no humour in this book or any other strong emotions for that matter Even when a party of orcs destroy an entire village you don t feel anything It is filled with clich s and predictable twists And a lot of times the narration makes no sense at all Here is an example I can t explain now I ll tell you later, Turgur promised You ll second me, won t you Second you The white bearded magus had spent his life studying spells and conjurations and was baffled by Turgur s hush hush tone Now, what does studying spells and conjurations have to do with being baffled by a hush hush tone This is one of many examples where the lines just don t add The world building is equally predictable To start with the story takes place in an enchanted land You don t say It s enchanted Wow Characters are the same in so many fantasy books and are full of clich s There are stubborn dwarves who are great ax warriors and smiths And then elves who live in woods and consider themselves superior to other races There are human mages who have enough strength to topple mountains, Orcs who say Oink Oink when they die, are they orcs or pigs I m confused Their main goal is to eat all the other creatures There is the perished land Blight from WoT which is slowly spreading everywhere and it kills all life as it goes along None of the characters are believable Being this novel written in 2000s and not 1950s There is a good mage and a bad mage So original Magic system has no logic of any kind There are hundreds of enchantments, even one to increase your horse s speed, but you have no idea how it works It just does This is not a novel It s a role playing game Where you venture forth to complete quests and midway people will just come to your aid for no specific reason and go don t worry friend, I ll tell you everything you need to know to complete your mission The hero takes a journey to find something, meets his dwarven kin for the first time and they say, Hey you know what You re actually a candidate for high king but we kept you hidden till now So he says, Really Cool lets go That s it There doesn t seem to be a concept of shock or disbelief I think the author s goal was to write an LOTR in German It would have been easier if they had translated the original At least it was graceful This would be a good book only if the reader is very young, and hasn t read LOTR.

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    I really didn t enjoy this nearly got too 100 pages and the dialogue is just awful in places and sounds like a Disney film at times then a proper fantasy book.Characters are dull and plot is full of so many holes and inconstant.Not for me, I m really having a bad year with fantasy books

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    A good solid quest fantasy Very well translated.Generally nothing new about the book but still an easy read with decent characters.I found the whole book a very enjoyable read It won t stick with me the way some fantasy books would but sometimes a softer read is a nice break and this fits that bill nicely.Simplistic in some ways and definitely borrows from other works but I went in expecting this so it didnt bother me too much.

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    I ve read a fair bit of fantasy in my years and some I have liked better than others This series jumps to the top of my list I love the DragonLance novels, but I think that this actually topped them, just a bit I love the fact that the main character is a Dwarf raised around Humans it gave him a great sense of humor and an academic view of his people His innocence in the realm of Dwarven women cracked me up and I think that he was a good mix between the dwarven raised characters It s a typical campaign fantasy novel, but the characters are what make it unique I think that they were richer even than some of Tolkein s characters, not to belittle LOTR I found myself sitting at the campfire with the characters and actually holding my breath while one of them tried to catch up to a joke or insult, then guffawing with them as realization dawned LOL I haven t read the second and third book, yet, but if they are as rich in detail and characters as this one, then I look forward to them immensely.If you are looking for a good Epic campaign, I highly recommend the Dwarves.

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