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    Buddy Read With Dorcas D I m not sure how I feel about this, it had a dramatic ending, but by George it took awhile to get there I guess the biggest problem was I wasn t ever afraid, it took to long to get the the scary parts, and by then I knew she d come out fine I don t understand why it took so long for the suspense to kick in, the first 3 4s of the book went in circles, was Jane in danger Where was the secret of The House of a Thousand Lanterns hidden Could Jane trust Joliffe Could she trust anyone and round and round and round again For all that I did enjoy it, but not to the extent I had hoped I never warmed up to Adam, he was cold and calculating Tobias I never got to know and Joliffe was unpredictable He was deceptive, flighty and selfish Maybe I could have come to like him , if it weren t for the fact that he showed absolutely no affection for his kindly Uncle His Uncle s feelings never crossed his mind, the selfish pig.Jane was a likable heroine, I didn t entirely see what she saw in the hero but, there s no accounting for tastes Not my favorite Holt, not near enough suspense, thrill or plot movement for me.PG, Jane is married and you know it for sure but all bedroom scenes are behind closed doors, some mistresses, mention of tea leaf reading, yarrow sticks and pleasing the Ancestors, whatever that may entail

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    Buddy read with Tweety.I almost gave this 2.5 stars but it probably deserves 3 Probably For three quarters of the book I was waiting for something to happen Oh, things happen but not suspenseful things The most interesting thing was the Chinese lantern festival That s something I would love to see But until the very end I wondered if I was even reading a Gothic Where was the chilling suspense and the charactersI just better shut up No sense in banging imaginary heads together.This isn t Holt s best But if you re new to the genre and can read a book without trying to improve it in your mind and if don t mind some senseless repetition and rooting for the wrong person then you ll probably enjoy this But she can do so much better.CONTENT SEX Behind closed doors, mention of mistresses VIOLENCE Not an issuePROFANITY NonePARANORMAL ELEMENTS Brief mention is made of yarrow sticks, cards and tea leaf reading Also ancestor spirits not being happy MY RATING PG

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    Love this book I don t know what it is about Victoria Holt, but it s always a fun, delightful read for me She s a romantic thriller novelist, and apparently, that s a favorite genre for me There s the intrigue of trying to figure out the mystery, but there s all the gushy, awesome romance that I need too Her books are books that I can read over and over again and I do

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    I sought out this book because I found a picture of my mom reading it when she was holding me as a baby, so I felt a need to seek it out and make the connection between her during this time that I am experiencing now I found it used on for one penny and couldn t pass it up It started out like Downton Abby meets Rebecca, with the shadowy house, a new owner who is also a stranger, the downstairs help gossiping and longing for the old days It then turned into of a romance with a tinge of mystery that all gets wrapped up nicely like a bow in the end Much of the plot seemed to revolve around little tidbits of Chinese history and culture that she was proud of sharing but there was also adultery, consumption, spinal cord injuries, ancient Chinese relics, hidden rooms, hallucinations, and, of course, muuuuuurder It was fun and escapist.3.5 stars.

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    Remember Victoria Holt, Bev Her books came endlessly through the Book Fair when we were teens and in retrospect I read too many Wonderful historical escapist romances Ahh happy memories It gets 4 stars not because I m sure it was great fiction, but just for the happy memories of blissful, long St Louis summers rummaging through the thousands of dusty boxes of books in the barn being sorted for the Greentree Fair I won t admit how many other titles she wrote that I read

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    I love Gothic romance, from Jane Eyre to the Gothic romances of the 60 s and 70 s This book has Gothic elements to it, but is like a romantic suspense novel, or could even appeal to historical romance fans Despite being published all the way back in 1974, the story didn t have a dated quality to it, so don t let that deter you from trying this one Victoria Holt is one of my favorite authors, writing classic tales of suspense and romance that helped to develop the romantic suspense genre as we know it today I had forgotten about this author for a long time, but when my interest in Gothic fiction was rekindled, a few years ago, I began searching out her books Initially, I did not recall reading her work, but once I began collecting her books, I realized that I had, in fact, read several of her older titles Now, I own a copy of nearly every one of her books, which has taken a while to accomplish For those who are interested, there are a few of VH novels available in digital format, but she has a huge library of work, so investing in a print copy is most likely your best bet Her books can be found on , Ebay, or maybe even in your local paperback swap store If you happen across any of them, be sure to grab a copy, you won t be disappointed

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    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years old..that was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

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    This gothic is set in Victorian British Hong Kong In addition to the mystery and adventure, you definitely get a feel of the city from the English point of view at the height of the Empire.These stories will always be special to me because they were commuting mainstays during high school and lead me to other authors.

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    I used to like Victoria Holt, but this time through it was pretty bad.

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    I registered a book at BookCrossing.com

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