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A Duke of Her Own files A Duke of Her Own, read online A Duke of Her Own, free A Duke of Her Own, free A Duke of Her Own, A Duke of Her Own 8efb85009 A DUKE MUST CHOOSE WISELYLeopold Dautry, The Notorious Duke Of Villiers, Must Wed Quickly And Nobly And His Choices, Alas, Are Few The Duke Of Montague S Daughter, Eleanor, Is Exquisitely Beautiful And Fiercely Intelligent Villiers Betroths Himself To Her Without Further AdoAfter All, No Other Woman Really Qualifies Lisette, The Outspoken Daughter Of The Duke Of Gilner, Cares Nothing For Clothing Or Decorum She S Engaged To Another Man, And Doesn T Give A Fig For Status Or Title Half The Ton Believes Lisette Mad And Villiers Is Inclined To AgreeTorn Between Logic And Passion, Between Intelligence And Imagination, Villiers Finds Himself Drawn To The Very Edge Of Impropriety But It Is Not Until He S In A Duel To The Death, Fighting For The Reputation Of The Woman He Loves, That Villiers Finally Realizes That The Greatest Risk May Not Be In The Dueling FieldBut In The Bedroom And The Heart

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    Well, I just finished this book and maybe I should take a few days off to think things through It s made me come to this conclusion Men are idiots Completely Totally All of them Especially Villiers I ve read the entire series and really thought I got to know and understand him But he s not as smart in life as he is at playing chess Too bad All I can say is, Eleanor is a much patient and forgiving person than I am She s a great heroine despite the mistakes she s made She has an intrinsic weakness for men dukes specifically and had been in love with her childhood friend Gideon forever, even after he married another He loved her too, supposedly, but not enough to fight his father s will which arranged his marriage to Ada, a woman he didn t know or love Eleanor is a kind, generous and loving woman, but unfortunately for her, both Gideon and Villiers don t love her enough Her sister, Anne, is wonderful and I loved their relationship Anne always had her back After Eleanor was dumped by Gideon, she became somewhat matronly and had almost given up on marriage But Anne helped her to get her groove back, getting her to dress and put on makeup to be appealing Villiers is a dandy and takes impeccable care in his appearance As was learned in previous books, Villiers has been rounding up his illegitimate children six of them and so far has three His oldest son, Tobias, who looks and acts just like him, is a great kid and I loved him in the story Turns out, Tobias is actually smarter and acutely aware of things that Villiers should realize which proved to be very annoying because I kept saying to myself, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN VILLIERS BE SO BLIND So to make things even annoying, there are two love triangles in this story Villiers Eleanor Lisette and Eleanor Villiers Gideon Lisette and Eleanor are childhood friends and both daughters of dukes Lisette has a dirty little secret that isn t fully revealed until the end But even before that, I could not stand her I lost a lot of respect in Villiers seeing how he made so many foolish decisions While it was laudable that he wanted to assume responsibility for his children, his desperate quest for a mother for them was rather sad Once everything hit the fan, poor Villiers realizes his mistakes took him long enough and I actually started crying mostly crying for poor Eleanor, her dog and Tobias This is the first Eloisa James book that made me cry so I guess that says something Then I even started feeling a slight twinge of pity for Villiers view spoiler Some insight into his remorse He hadn t been able to sleep, slowly taking himself through an understanding of his catastrophic idiocy he had spurned Eleanor because he thought Lisette would be a better mother for his children But Lisette, he now understood, looked upon children as if they were playmates or worse, playthings All the time, Eleanor was just the mother they needed a woman who looked problems straight on, who didn t ever lie or pretend Tobias had know that Hell, even Oyster knew how perfect she was So why was he such an idiot Why was he the only one who didn t know what motherhood looked like But even that was just a digression the real question was why he was the only one who didn t know what love looked like Who didn t realize that his heart, that stubborn organ that he d always ignored, would be seared with agony by the idea of never seeing Eleanor again Why couldn t he have known that was that was love Real love The kind of love that never goes away. hide spoiler

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    A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa JamesI am seriously going to have to enter a 12 step program to get over my addiction to A Duke of Her Own I cannot stop re reading this sucker I just re read it for the third time in a matter of weeks.It doesn t look like anything special cheesy pastel romance cover.It doesn t sound like anything special book blurb on the back turned me off I hate books where the hero is trying to choose between 2 women, and the whole duel thing sounds trite.But Holy Christ On A Crutch, this book is pretty damned close to flawless The only other time I have finished a novel and thought, this is a totally perfectly written, constructed, and characterized book, was when I finished Loretta Chases Lord of Scoundrels A Duke of Her Own has everything that I adore in a historical romanceincredible characters, a beautiful story, lots of humor, sexy interludes that create a nice slow burn throughout the novel, and a wonderfully satisfying ending Thank you, Eloisa James for the most exquisite dialogue, with banter so sharp it cuts like a knife The dialogue between the hero and heroine is wicked, funny, sexy it literally sparkles with energy In fact, in my not so humble opinion, James dialogue is right up there among the best written in a historical romance novel Thank you, Ms James, for a perfectly constructed novel.the pacing is perfect, the characters are original, the writing is flawless Thank you, Ms James, for creating Villiersa flamboyant, and yet very masculine, smart, fascinating, commanding, sexy hero.Thank you for Eleanor, who is one of my favorite heroines ever I love the scene in the orphanage where she kicks butt I love the scene with Mrs Busy where she is caressing her riding crop while kicking butt I love the scene where she is plopped on the floor in her beautiful gown, playing knucklebones with Villier s bastard son, and growing competitive by the minute I love.well, every scene But the scene at the end of the book with Oyster her pug is so freaking great, that I think I have re read that scene about twenty times so far Absolutely Wonderful Thank you Thank you to all of the readers and reviewers who recommended this book, so that I read it in spite of the cheesy cover and off putting book blurb, including Carolyn Hughe s Romance Reviews This book is part of a series, which I found rather uneven However, this book can totally stand alone although to truly appreciate the depth of Villier s chess obsession, you may want to read the others in the series, too Eloisa James definitely saved the best for last, because A Duke of Her Own is perfection Grade A OK, just one plus Penelope

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    Written October 20, 20153.8 Stars Well made, entertaining audiobook HR with a light comic touch A Duke of Her Own, a since a few weeks downloaded pretty cheap Whispersync for Voice audiobook, and also my very first historical by Eloisa James pen 11 30 hrs narrated by Susan Duerden in a splendid good way she was simply great And Was it worth the time and money Oh yes, absolutely nothing to complain about This is just good HR in a old school, adorable steamy, funny romantic style It will for sure be books by Ms James She knows how to write London England, spring 1784Leopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers needs a wife He must wed quickly He needs a wife to take care of his to take care of his six illegitimate children The wife must be a noble, most preferably a Duke s daughter The Duke of Montague s daughter, Lady Eleanor, is both exquisitely beautiful and fiercely intelligent After a couple of years licking wounds the man she wanted chosed another young lady Eleanor declare she only accept the hand of a man of at least a duke s rank Excellent, here we have two from the ton with similar ambitions for marriage But is she the right one to choose as a future stepmother and is he good enough for a young woman like Eleanor I am not trying to seduce you, Eleanor stated All the higher parts of his brain were considering the logistics of making love in the midst of a river, and he barely understood her You aren t No Life doesn t always gives us the choices that we want A Duke of Her Own is truly a delightfully easy listening story As much a comedy as a sweet romance Add a bunch of subtle fun and very sympathetic heroes and heroines A little bit like a traditional chamber play with a grand HEA end I chuckled and enjoyed much I LIKE comic hilarious HR in old times castles

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    The Desperate Duchesses series was very up and down for me and this last book was the most up and down of all one minute I enjoyed it, the next I was bored, the next I wanted to throw it against the wall.The book starts off with a bang, a dramatic, sensual moment between the Duke of Villiers, who is looking for a mother for his numerous illegitimate children, and Eleanor, a spinster who has never recovered from her first love marrying another woman This mislead me about how the rest of the book was going to go and I kept thinking of a favorite quote from The Simpsons when are they going to get to the fireworks factory After a fair bit of tedium how odd it seems to me that so many reviewers praise the construction and pacing of this book, talk about different strokes it became clear that this was actually a triangle story rather than a marriage of convenience story That understanding improved the book, but there was still much up and down til the end, and not just the good kind.The pluses Enjoyably bawdy humor Heartbreaking, touching angst An smouldering hero matched with a smouldering, intelligent heroine Interesting themes All of those kept me reading, even when I was most disliking the book And there were times I was disliking it plenty I normally love stories in which a hero believes he has to choose another woman rather than the heroine, but this one was just messed up It reminded me somewhat of James A Kiss at Midnight, except that Villiers behavior is far caddish and even worse stupid view spoiler Not only does he cheat on his fiance with Eleanor, but he chooses the other woman without seeing all the myriad of clues that she is an utterly terrible choice Meanwhile Eleanor is constantly showing how much better a wife and mother she would be I could not respect him for not seeing what was right under his nose hide spoiler

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    ..A Duke of Her Own is the sixth installation of the Desperate Duchesses written by Eloisa James Leopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers, made a choice the changed his circumstance, which required that he marry right away The Duke of Montague s daughter, Eleanor, accepts his proposal and their lives changed forever BOOK DESCRIPTION A DUKE MUST CHOOSE WISELY choLeopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers, must wed quickly and nobly and his choices, alas, are few The Duke of Montague s daughter, Eleanor, is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely intelligent Villiers betroths himself to her without further ado.After all, no other woman really qualifies Lisette, the outspoken daughter of the Duke of Gilner, cares nothing for clothing or decorum She s engaged to another man and doesn t give a fig for status or title Half the ton believes Lisette mad and Villiers is inclined to agree.Torn between logic and passion, between intelligence and imagination, Villiers finds himself drawn to the very edge of impropriety But it is not until he s in a duel to the death, fighting for the reputation of the woman he loves, that Villiers finally realizes that the greatest risk may not be in the dueling fieldBut in the bedroom And the heart Most of the books in this series were filled with interesting and entertaining side characters However, this installation disappointed me in that aspect Although the hero and heroine were engaging, the other characters were controlling, selfish, and obstinate most of the time The most aggravating were the heroine s mother, sister, and a female friend It left me feeling less than satisfied, after all the pomp about the heroine s previous installations.This is NOT a clean series Those who actually prefer steamy to clean and sweet might not view it as flawed Due to this aspect, I recommend it with reservations If you prefer clean and sweet reads, avoid this book It is not fair to an author when readers provide bad reviews about steamy scenes if they know they are included in advance I have been guilty of this offense myself It takes a lot of time and effort for an author to research and write each book And there are readers who prefer the material included in this one to a clean and wholesome read However, I actually prefer the latter This does have steamy sex scenes, so if you like a sex free book this is not it If you enjoy steamy reads, jump into this book looking forward to plenty This book is able to stand on its own, but if you read them in order, you will be familiar with some of the characters that carry over Each story does include its own H.E.A., which is always a good way to conclude the adventure he reader entrusts their time to and have chosen to become involved with A Duke of Her Own Desperate Duchesses 6 by Eloisa James Goodreads Author Print Length

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    Bastards Bastards all over the place I hate heroes with bastards.

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    Lady Eleanor is still pining for a former lover so she won t marry anyone less than a Duke The Duke of Villiers is in need of a wife and won t settle for anyone less than a Duke s daughter Obviously there needs to be angst, so let s throw in the mad Lisette and Eleanor s former lover and animal cruelty and bastard children to make things exciting 1 The handling of Lisette, the mad rival, wasnot great The text seems to lean heavily on the idea that Lisette is unable to form lasting attachments to things both people and ideas , but then goes on to allow for some shaming of Lisette as if she chooses to behave in such a way You can t have it both ways.2 The fact that Eleanor knows of Lisette s changeable attitudes and does not bother to even address it to Villiers is just kind of ridiculous I mean, I get that she doesn t want to speak harshly of Lisette, but a word of warning, or an attempt to draw attention to it, to protect the children from Lisette s flights wouldn t be amiss 3 Villiers was just a mess in this I know we ve allegedly seen a great awakening in him since his wounding and fever, but to believe that he would give up all claims to society s approval by courting a woman who doesn t care even an iota was impossible to swallow Honestly, I thought that we were being set up for a very different book that Eleanor would be the straight laced prideful monster that would have no affection for the children while Lisette was the misunderstood heroine who would fight for and find her place in society for love of Villiers and the children Thiswas not that book 4 Eleanor deserved a better book Villiers deserved a better book I deserved a better book 5 Fucking love rhombus triangle mashup disaster There s nothing I quite hate as much as a former lover returning to reclaim their lost love and the wavering that the hero ine does while realizing that their first love is nothing in the face of their new forever love Ugh 6 The puppy betrothal gift lost this book at least 2 stars 7 Honestly, it just wasn t that good Villiers is a shadow of the Duke from former books and Eleanor spent far too much page time numbly moping about being second best and being passed over And me saying that should be a sign because that sense of inferiority usually slays me like nothing else The plot itself was way too messy, resulting in scenes where multiple people are yelling and nothing is being accomplished A super disappointing ending to the series.

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    Pretttty good I love her characters, I really do She makes all the tropes fresh with wit and humanity Definitely a fan and was happy to see Villers in a humane role, he s had quite the arc throughout these books I enjoyed the ride

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    Oh my god, this book So many feels I don t want to say too much and spoil, but this is a true gem Eleanor is awesome, confident, headstrong, smart, just one of my favorite HR heroines EVER And Leopold at first he s so cold and reserved, almost aloof, but then he shows his true face and it s so freaking intense and hot Don t get me wrong, there were some things that had me thinking like really, tho and I hated that he was blind to how amazing Eleanor is for his family, how long it took him to realize that, but I still enjoyed this so much And that speech, when Eleanor says she deserves better gave me so much satisfaction Yeah, girl, you totally do view spoiler On a side note, had Lisette done something like that to my dog, fuck propriety, I would cut that bitch and toss her against a wall See how she likes it It doesn t even matter that the dog was no worse for wear afterward and that she s afraid of dogs If you harm my pet you.are.dead hide spoiler

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    The last book in the Desperate Dutchess Series Something I very rarely do is read a book out of order But I found myself doing so with this one This is the only book I ve read from this series and it can easily be read as a stand alone.Lady Eleanor is certainly an intelligent beauty and I enjoyed the banter between her and the oh so sexy Duke of Villiers There is no deep, dark torment involved with either the hero or heroine Rather, a perfect mix for a truly delightful romance There is angst, lots of laughter and enough fire and desire with steamy mild love scenes that kept me enjoying their story This is a wonderful historical romance that I loved I was rooting for them to be together, to recognize their love for each other and get their HEA I loved the ending A big thank you to Penny for recommending this one to me Note The author has also written a final Extra Chapter that will catch up on every duchess and her beloved You can find this on her website www.eloisajames.com view spoiler This extra chapter happens before the Epilog and is the story of Eleanor giving birth and the baptism of all of Leopold s children The godparents of their children are from the past books and the ending of this chapter is heart wrenchingI loved it hide spoiler

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