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The Curse of the Kings chapter 1 The Curse of the Kings, meaning The Curse of the Kings, genre The Curse of the Kings, book cover The Curse of the Kings, flies The Curse of the Kings, The Curse of the Kings c0923b830e577 For Centuries The Tombs Of The Pharaohs Were Haunted By A Deadly Curse And When Two Eminent Archaeologists Have Died Mysteriously, Judith Osmond Was Certain That It Was The Curse At Work Then, Overnight, Her Life Changed There Was An Unexpected Inheritance Then Tybalt, A Young Archaeologist And The Man She Adored, Asked Her To Marry Him But Tybalt Planned A Honeymoon Amid The Tombs Of The Pharaohs, And Suddenly It Looked As If The Curse Of The Kings Had Come To Haunt Judith

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    2017 Summer Lovin Reading List I really enjoyed Victoria Holt s books when I was in my teens Re reading them as a mature adult has been a bit disappointing Having always had a bit of thing for Ancient Egypt, I recall being enchanted by The Curse of the Kings Unfortunately, having just recently read The Lord of the Far Island, I can now see far too clearly how formulaic Holt s romances were.The main character is an orphan, she gets her education as a fortunate extra with the children of the gentry, she s beautiful spirited, and she gets miraculously saved from a desperate life as a lady s companion by snagging the man intended for the well born gal Still, there is a slightly older, beautiful woman who seems like she might be competition for the husband s interest and there are mysterious goings on.I think my main beef with this book is Judith s education The reader is told repeatedly how she has read ever so many books on archaeology and Ancient Egypt, and yet there is her new husband explaining tomb paintings to her, pointing out Anubis and Amun, as if she has never seen a book before and she acting like it s all brand new And I had never realized before how undemonstrative Tybalt is I associate the name Tybalt with fiery passion, so it seems strange to have this cold man share the name.Perhaps I should have let sleeping dogs lie, but I have another of Holt s books out of the public library, which I will likely read.

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    So, Egypt The British liked going there to muck around in the sand looking for treasure and mummies They would hire 100s of locals to do the digging, and spend a lot of time complaining to each other about the heat, the food, the scorpions, and how the Egyptian officials were so cross about them doing their important work and sometimes getting themselves murdered I know this is my first time reading this book, and it s not great I still cannot believe that the characters only GET to Egypt on page 176 Of 320 This book wastes a lot of time I like Holt s prose style, but I think she did a terrible job of structuring this book We start with orphan Judith She s a lady s companion, and she s taking her boss s dogs for a walk over to the house of her crush, Tybalt As an aside, I sort of wish I had read this book when I was younger, and read his name as Tyblat instead of Tybalt What a weird name, I imagine myself thinking Is it like Peregrin, another name I cannot work out how to pronounce Both Tybalt and his father are archaeologists, and Tybalt s father recently died under mysterious circumstances on a dig in Egypt There are rumours of a curse Tybalt wants to go back to Egypt on an expedition to finish his father s work He asks hopefully after the health of Judith s boss s husband, the local squire The husband was good friends with Tybalt s father, and rich He d sunk a lot of cash into earlier expeditions, so maybe he d fund some Judith doesn t know.Flashback Judith at 14 is a vibrant and adventurous girl, living at the rectory with the rector and two maiden aunts but they aren t her aunts or are they Mystery Judith has befriended the parish gravedigger, and when she takes over the digging of a grave she finds an Anglo Saxon artefact Judith is being tutored with the squire s daughter and nephew She s young and bossy and orders the nephew around and bullies the daughter The archaeologist moves to the neighbourhood and he has a daughter who never shuts up about her older brother, Tybalt Judith meets Tybalt when she decides to scare the squire s daughter by wrapping herself up like a mummy and emerging from a sarcophagus that the archaeologist has lying around his house Tybalt catches her and is unimpressed A bodice ripper y author would have had him spank her, and I cannot believe that I wished that had happened Mostly so I could complain about how inappropriate it was, but still.So the first 170 pages of this book are Judith growing up with these other children and developing her interest in archaeology and Egyptology She has a big desperate crush on Tybalt, and tortures herself over the fact he seems to prefer the squire s daughter Then the girls get to be about 20, and they start getting married The flashback ends, and Tybalt proposes to Judith He tells her he loves her but is going to be a crap husband Judith doesn t care, she loves him heaps and heaps Then, the squire dies, and Judith s secret parentage is revealed She s the squire s bastard, and the squire has left her half his fortune How convenient that Judith is going to marry Tybalt, who is really expensive.And Judith is also noticing, now she has Tybalt, that his housekeeper is real pretty She s been around all this time, but maybe Tybalt is in love with her, and is only marrying Judith for the money Judith and Tybalt marry, and the sex is pretty decent They can talk archaeology together, and everything would be pretty perfect except for the suspicions about the money and the housekeeper, and the fact that Tybalt won t stop apologising for being a crap husband, rather than doing anything about it And then finally, they go to Egypt Those 170 pages were a waste of time They were fun because Judith is an entertaining character, and has won her Tybalt prize in the face of some very long odds But it started to dawn on me that I was already exhausted by this book, and didn t much care what a bunch of 19th century British people were going to do in Egypt I mean, it s a given that they are going to be racist, and swan about like they own the joint It s also a given that there will be danger and adventure, but that Holt isn t going to do the Mummy, and Tybalt is not going to turn into a cute, Brandon Fraser style hero and make everything fun and sexy.Tybalt is a disappointment from the moment he s introduced Judith does the usual thing of saying he s not conventionally handsome couldn t just one hero be worth looking at Then she says something really dreadful he has scholar s eyebrows I have never heard of this as a thing But unless it s accompanied by some kink it s deeply unsexy Scholar s eyebrows have got to be old man bushy, sticking out everywhere things If you can imagine Einstein eyebrows on a less attractive Nicholas Hoult, congratulations, you re in my head Stay awhile Help me imagine an attractive way to play with Einstein eyebrows on a man that doesn t make you shudder He s boring He s cold He won t let Judith do any fun archaeology stuff It s not his fault that Judith, in suddenly finding herself with all her dreams coming true, immediately self sabotages But he s dull and distracted and even when she thinks they re having a good time he has this way of pointing out that he wasn t actually present in the moment, and isn t that a shame Nothing annoying than people continually apologising for something they have no intention of changing The suspense plot, when it finally gets going, is a dud There s a whole lot of why is this happening, I guess we ll never know for sure and our heroes can t do than mildly inconvenience the villains And, no super cool loot either Holt s trying to make a point somewhere about archaeology not being about the treasures, but I wanted treasure I m pretty sure Howard Carter and that German guy who plundered Troy name starting with S It ll come to me did at least one sex scene where they draped lots of gold and precious jewellery over the naked bodies of their sorta girl friend Carter and wife the S guy Tybalt is maybe fun in bed Although since there isn t any ancient gold on boobs action I m being really generous in thinking so And sure, he s interesting when you re prepared to listen to him talk archaeology But Judith probably should have nearly had sex with cousin Hadrian, so she d have some basis for comparison Or at least got herself a punishing snog Hadrian had some roguish charm going, and since they re English they didn t have to worry about the incest thing Tybalt doesn t even have romantic confession game Judith almost DIES, and he still can t do a good you are the most precious and interesting thing in the entire world and I d prefer a lifetime of dusting sand off your boobies to dusting sand off priceless ancient artefacts speech at her bedside I m not completely satisfied with my return to Holt I mean, I knew there wasn t going to be the type of romance I m now used to, but I do have some fond memories of plucky heroines and angry heroes getting all Gothic The problem is I don t think she gets it right It s not just the plotting, it s the lack of commitment to an actual genre In Curse we have a vague historical setting of trains and long dresses but there aren t any other technology hints for me to narrow it down further I think they probably had the telegraph, since there were a few faster communication moments I could have entirely missed a big event clue that would have firmly dated it, but vaguely 1870s is as close as I get.It s not plotted as suspense, or as a gothic There are warnings about the Curse, but since nothing happens for the first half of the book, the whole Egypt thing has lost any immediacy No one takes the curse seriously There s a character who does not want to be in Egypt, but her objections aren t based on anything supernatural There are two stereotypes don t their bit for the curse but they don t get much traction with their menacing gloom The book s not really romance, either A romance would have spent a lot time on giving Judith a proper rival, or made Tybalt a interesting hero, and investing in Judith s boss s antagonism giving that plot real stakes I m not giving up At the next book fair I ll see if I can find that one where the heroine gets walled up, or the one where there are witches dancing around stones Those could actually be the same book, now I come to think about it And I m pretty sure somewhere along the way Holt introduced me to that whole thing about brides hiding in huge chests and suffocating and never being found Fun

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    3.5 starsI had to go ahead and just finish this one This story had almost an identical feel as Menfreya in the Morning, but somewhat less depressing, at least in the scenes from the heroine s childhood Both stories are divided into two parts, the childhoods and then their life with their respective spouses The particular events in the stores are different of course, but it s basically the same format view spoiler childhoods, marriage, then serious doubt about marriage wondering if spouse would have rather been married to OW and is he going to murder her hide spoiler

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    Actual rating 2.5 stars Holt s novels are kind of hit or miss for me, and this wasn t one of her better ones Plucky heroine marries an emotionally distant archaeologist and heads off for a dig in Egypt despite rumors of a Pharaoh s curse Holt s writing is as good as ever, but the book took forever to get off the ground they don t arrive in Egypt until halfway through, and the heroine s backstory isn t that interesting and fizzled out with a rushed, predictable ending I also did not like the hero and the author s attempt at OW drama with a cursed archaeological dig in the story, that should have provided plenty of tension on its own.

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    Victoria Holt has always been one of my favourite gothic writers I started reading her many years ago, and I still enjoy delving into one of her books every now and then.This one, although it started off a little slow in the action department, was no exception The first part spent a fair amount of time introducing the characters, showing how their childhood and interactions with each other helped mold them into the adults they became And, then, the mystery, suspense and intrigue common to these types of novels made the second part of the book exciting and fast paced.Judith was an unusual woman for the times in which she grew up feisty, unconventional, impulsive, domineering, exuberant She wanted nothing to do with the genteel, feminine pursuits that were expected of women in that age Her passion and obsession was with the male dominated profession of archeology, and she set out to learn as much as she could about it I admired her strong loyalty and love toward Tybalt, but sometimes she let her over active imagination run away with her Tybalt himself seemed a little too aloof and cool at times and totally obsessed with the dig his father had been involved with, but, to be fair to him, he did warn Judith that such might be the case I really enjoy reading novels that deal with mythology and history and Egyptian culture is particularly fascinating, as is archeology itself Ms Holt s descriptions of the beautiful but sometimes harsh land of the pharaohs were very interesting and intriguing.All in all, perhaps not Ms Holt s best offering her The Shivering Sands still remains my favourite , but still an enjoyable read for me.

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    No fue entretenido me dej harta del tema arqueolog a que es torno al cual gira tooooooda la historia Solo una cosa me hizo a rega adientes terminarlo view spoiler saber si Tybalt y Tabitha estaban o no enga ando a Judith hide spoiler

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    Annoying heroine stood in the way of my enjoying this ook.Also Tybalt was a cold fish.

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    Despite her unknown parentage, Judith Osmond has a lovely childhood The local pastor and his sisters have provided a loving home for her at the rectory She has attended lessons with the local squire s daughter and nephew That same squire, Sir Ralph, is quite pleased with her when she chances upon a Roman artifact having a strong interest in archaeology himself, he finds her passion for archaeology worthy of indulging.Years later, on an expedition in Egypt financed by Sir Ralph, his neighbor and close friend Sir Edward dies unexpectedly and without apparent cause As Sir Edward was a healthy man, rumors quickly spread of a curse Judith dismisses the rumors at first.Set sometime before the discovery of King Tut s tomb, Curse of the Kings is a predictable but enjoyable gothic Judith is annoying but still likable This is actually a re read for me Victoria Holt was one of my favorite authors in high school and I decided it was time to revisit some of those titles.

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    I like Victoria Holt books I agree with an earlier reviewer that this is not her best book This was the first novel of her s that I read and so it holds a special place in my heart I enjoy her style of writing because I feel like I am reading something written in the 1870 s instead of the 1970 s.

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    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years old..that was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

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