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    As a liver transplant recipient, I couldn t wait to read about what I thought was going to be an amazing story about the transplant process from harvest to recipient However, the book was nothing like what I expected The story itself focuses on the main character s father and his heart problems, and how that sparked an interest into knowing as much as possible about the human heart The book itself is incredibly well researched so I give credit to Siebert for that However, I did not like his style of writing at all It s almost as if he were a vocabularian I know, not a real word egotist, using difficult words to describe any situation, even the most simple situations that don t require such infrequently used words I had to plow through it at times, which was painful, just to make progress And in the end, I was disappointed.I cannot recommend this book to anyone unless you have as much of a unique interest in the human heart as Seibert does To me, there was no life lesson in there, no take away, no AH HAH moment, just a really in depth, overly drawn out analysis of the human heart with personal stories and feelings weaved in The only thing that prevented me from rating this book a 1 was that it was well researched and that deserves some credit.

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    I bought this book than a decade ago, as I was beginning my own journey to a better understanding of the physical and metaphorical heart I paused my read of this book pretty early, as it proved MUCH memoir y than heart knowledge focused I picked it up again finally, and got through it this weekend, but my feelings didn t change much I have all respect for the author, his family, and his experiences, and I appreciate the great research he did into certain aspects of the heart, both its triumphs and its failings The book is categorized as science, and as science, I found it super self indulgent, with intense repetition of family introspections and a relatively minimal page count dedicated to introspections on the heart itself Were the book categorized as memoir, expectations might be managed better The Heart A History, by Sandeep Jauhar, hit the mark much better for me.

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    This book made me really interested in the biology of the human heartit was a great combination of science and self discovery however the author jumped around quite a bit so that took a little getting used to.

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    Yep, hearts are pretty important.

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    This book is as much poetry as it is science journalism There are some metaphors in here that will forgive the pun break your heart.

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    This is a must read, perhaps closer to Valentine s Day A very well written book which intertwines the author s search for factual information and his attempt to understand his own mortality.

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    I enjoyed this book about many aspects of the heart but it didn t really speak to me by the end

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A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story download A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story, read online A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story, kindle ebook A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story, A Man After His Own Heart: A True Story 91efeb296425 On A Rainy December Night In , Charles Siebert Was Given The Rare Opportunity To Accompany A Team Of Surgeons Both In The Harvesting Of A Human Heart From The Body Of A Young Woman Who D Recently Died, And In The Subsequent Implantation Of That Heart Into A Waiting Recipient Beginning With His Harrowing Weeklong Wait For The Harvest Call, Siebert Weaves A Seamless Series Of Reflections About History S Obsession With This Central And Vital Organ And About Modern Science S Latest Startling Discoveries Concerning Both The Heart S Biological Origins And Its Long Intuited Role In The Play Of Our Emotions The Resulting Mix Is A Journey Into The Literal And Gurative Heart Of Our Being And The Previously Unexplored Ways In Which The Matter Of Modern Science And Timeless Metaphor Meet