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    Thomas King is such a good writer I m loving these murder mysteries of his, starring Thumps DreadfulWater We get both a good, convoluted mystery and a dose of King s irreverent humour Plus, he manages to tackle social issues that he cares about without getting preachy and without info dumps For example, the reader just gets to witness the behaviour of the bigoted white deputy of the little village of Chinook and draw their own conclusions I m particularly fond of the elder Moses, who has a whole collection of old trailers out behind his house and many old computers too With his younger associate, Stick, they often go out to check the internet, or as Moses puts it, consult with the Nephews No matter when Thumps arrives, the elder is always expecting him, tea brewed and ready to consult I m also partial to Cooley Small Elk, the huge man who may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but who can knock down the shed to find what he s looking for King writes the best side characters King sticks with many aspects of the murder mystery recipe Poor old Thumps is perpetually unlucky in love, has difficulty getting along with the sheriff, and always seems to be close to broke But he has a cop s mind and instincts and can t seem to disengage once a problem presents itself I can hardly wait to get my paws on book three Thank you, Mr King, for a great deal of reading pleasure

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    Enjoyed this one just as much as the first one Book three will have to wait until my to be read pile dwindles though.

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    The I read of Thomas King, the I love him.I was lukewarm on DreadfulWater , the first book in this series, but The Red Power Murders hooked me I just love Thumps and Al and Archie and Hockney and Cooley and Beth They re quirky and entertaining, but they never descend into caricature they re real people, and that s why I love them so much You may notice that I don t mention Claire, even though she plays a big role in Thumps life that s because I didn t like her in this book She came across as whiny and a bit two dimensional which, in fairness, is King s fault than hers.For the most part, though I really enjoyed this book It brings us back to a volatile, passionate period of Thumps life, and fleshes him out as a person Naturally, this collision between past and present ends in murder, because it s a murder mystery, but it also examines in a sardonic, winking way Aboriginal activism and protest in the US As usual, Thumps wants nothing to do with the murder Also as usual, he lends the local police a hand Fortunately, Cooley is embarking on a career as a private security guard and he s there to support the investigation Running through all the FBI agents and decades old betrayals and absconded fortunes is Thump s personal life, which becomes slightly complicated than he d like when an old flame comes to town.I think the appeal of this book is that it continues to build on the community of Chinook We re starting to get a feel for the place, where everyone belongs or doesn t and the unique detail each inhabitant contributes These details are not always universally admired anyone who s lived in a small town can tell you that tensions run high but they add delightful texture to the story And I love spending time in a place where everyone knows where to get the best coffee, or goes to the same place for breakfast The Red Power Murders is a lovely, light but not frothy read It s got enough heft to engage the heart and enough levity to entertain the mind.

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    Review of the 2017 paperback reissueGood cozy, but I m finding it curious that the Thumps DreadfulWater backstory is constantly hinted at but there is no follow through That starts to seem odd now in this 2nd of the series from 2006 It will be interesting to see if something further happens in the 2018 2019 reboots.

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    Very much enjoyed this book, can t wait to start 3 in the series.

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    This is the second of Tom King s amusing and skillful mysteries starring Cherokee former policeman now photographer Thumps DreadfulWater These novels have become my default escapist literature to alternate with serious material.Why does this book work First, there is an intricate plot involving a Red Power advocate Noah Ridge who arrives to promote his book in the small town, Chinook, where Thumps now lives DreadfulWater had been involved with Ridge and the movement when he was younger and becomes dragooned by the local sheriff into making sure the activist is not harmed during his visit An FBI agent seems to be supportive of this but the plot up ends this scenario as it develops.Second, Thumps is himself an engaging and enigmatic character with romantic links to several of the female characters in the book, but giving his strongest if often exasperated loyalty to his cat Freeway Third, the supporting cast of players in the novel are a highly interesting and diverse group from the sheriff whose homespun exterior hides a sharp intelligence, to Cooley Small Elk who aims not entirely successfully to be a security specialist, to Claire whose attraction to Thumps is often outweighed by her worries about her son.Put all these factors together, add to it Tom King s wit and sharp edged dialogue, and you have the explanation for my positive rating for this book and my reason for searching for additions to this mystery series.

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    Really loved this book Its a good detective story as well as being graced by Thomas King s superb way of telling a story The humour in the book is humour with a purpose, but it still makes you laugh out loud Will be reading of Thomas King writing as Hartley Goodweather

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    The plot was somewhat complicatedI had to read the last few chapters a couple of times to get the details straight But I enjoyed the writing very much and found myself wanting to read bits aloud., starting with the very first few words The motel room had all the ambiance of a laundry hamper I also liked the sly reference to a book tour by a Native guywith a novel that had the word water in the title.Thumps had gone to the reading and had barely been able to stay awake DreadfulWater perhaps

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    This is the second in a series of Thumps Dreadfulwater mysteries that I ve read I wasn t quite as hooked on this one as the first one The mystery seemed a little over the place too many people and not quite enough to really hold my interest However, I do like King s writing and his sense of humour, so I ll probably read the next in the series.

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    Again another slow mystery but this one was populated with an ever increasing cast of possible suspects and motives You practically needed a score card to keep track of everyone and his her motives Love Thumps Dreadfulwater just wish he could get to the who dunnit a little faster Waiting for the next book.

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The Red Power Murders download The Red Power Murders , read online The Red Power Murders , kindle ebook The Red Power Murders , The Red Power Murders d1c91be45f8f From The Bestselling Author Of The Back Of The Turtle And The Inconvenient Indian Comes A Wry And Irreverent MysteryThumps DreadfulWater Has Never Liked Surprises Even The Good Ones Are Annoying So It S No Shock That A String Of Seemingly Random Occurrences Is Causing Thumps Some Real Discomfort First Noah Ridge, The Red Power Native Activist, Arrives In Thumps Sleepy Town Of Chinook Then The Body Of A Retired FBI Agent Turns Up At The Local Holiday Inn In The Background Hovers The Ghostly Presence Of Lucy Kettle, Second In Charge Of The Red Power Movement, A Tough Woman In A Tough Place Until Her Disappearance Years Ago Now The Sheriff Wants Thumps To Trade In His Photography Gig For A Temporary Cop Beat And It Won T Be Over, Thumps Soon Realizes, Until Everyone S Dead Or FamousHailed By Critics In His First Appearance, Cherokee Ex Cop Thumps DreadfulWater Is Back In Rumpled But Razor Sharp Form, Doing His Laconic, Comic Best To Avoid Trouble And Catch The Bad Guys Bestselling Writer Thomas King Has Penned A Second Entertaining DreadfulWater Mystery, Injected With The Author S Characteristic Dry Wit And Biting Social Commentary