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The Rogue files The Rogue, read online The Rogue, free The Rogue, free The Rogue, The Rogue 3701bef46 Dear Reader Seductive And Mysterious, Merlyn Was The Laird Of Ravensmuir Never Had A Man So Stirred My Body And Soul I Gave Myself To Him Willingly, Trustingly, Passionately And We Soon Wed Then A Horrible Revelation Emerged, Shattering My Innocence And My Marriage Five Years Later, Merlyn Returned To My Doorstep, Desperate For My Help The Scoundrel Swore He Was Haunted By Memories Of Me, That A Treasure Locked In Ravensmuir Could Clear His Name Yet I Could Not Surrender To His Will Again Now He Is Said To Be Murdered And Ravensmuir Has Fallen Into My Hands But Even As I Cross The Threshold Of This Cursed Keep, I Hear His Whisper In The Darkness, Feel His Caress In The Night, And I Know That Merlyn Has Told Me But Part Of His Tale Should I Do As Is Right And Expose His Lair Or Dare I Trust My Alluring But Deceptive Spouse The Rogue Who Destroyed My Heart Ysabella

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    The Rogue by Claire Delacroix Deborah A Cooke is a 2014 publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued by the combination of historical romance, colored with Gothic elements, and a paranormal tint, that this book promised, in a medieval setting, no less I had a feeling this book was right up my alley and I was right Merlyn marries Ysabella in a rush, as he immediately desires her and wants her for his own However, Ysabella soon discovers her husband s dark secrets and flees Ravensmuir Merlyn does not attempt to lure her back and five long years pass, before he appears to Ysabella, pleading with her to help him Furious with him, but sorely tempted to succumb to his charms, Ysabella refuses him, only to lose him forever when he is found murdered But, perhaps most shocking of all, is that Ravensmuir is now belongs to Ysabella Now life will be much easier for Ysabella, her sister, and young brother But, upon arrival at Ravensmuir, Ysabella is greeted by an old enemy and will find the walls of Ravensmuir are haunted with secrets than she could ever imagine First of all, I loved all the character s names, which gives the story a real Medieval quality, and the way Ysabella narrates the story feels so authentic.There is mystery, suspense, a slight paranormal tinge, as well as plenty of secrets, intrigue, and double crosses, but of course there is also a love story that endures many hardships, but one that will triumph in the end Ysabella is one stubborn lady, and at times she carries things a little too far She barely knows her husband when they marry, and immediately he begins to behave oddly, which gives her reason to believe he has lied to her, and is involved in a dishonest trade Unable to live with him under those circumstances, she leaves him, never giving him an opportunity to tell his version of events Naturally, there was much to the story than Ysabella knows, and now the secrets entombed in Ravensmuir will reveal her husband s true nature Ysabella and Merlyn suffer from that age old problem a failure to communicate While Ysabella comes off as a bit self righteous, if her husband had confided in her to begin with, things might not have spiraled out of control Naturally, Ysabella was annoyingly stubborn, to the point of overkill, and the conflict did linger on longer than need be, both characters were in the wrong But, it was fun seeing all the secrets they both held slowly reveal themselves and watch them fall in love all over again But, the love story is only part of the story, which is very absorbing, rich in details, and loaded with drama and mystery Overall, this is my kind of story I love Medieval stories with the Gothic and paranormal elements included, and this story has all that, plus a little bit of fiery passion to put the icing on the cake.

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    The Rogue by Claire de la CroixYsabella is the type of romantic heroine that irritates my inner Slytherin I cannot fathom when someone allows belief to get in the way of what they want I know that sounds terribly shallow of me but let me take a moment to explainI do not mean you should give up what you believe in I mean that you should keep what you believe to yourself if it stands in the way of your happiness I keep my spiritual beliefs to myself because there are many that would make jokes I keep much of my physical health to myself because most people just scoff at what they cannot see.Ysabella sacrificed her marriage, the man she loved, for one un truth from him She allowed her pride in the hatred of that lie to so sway her influence her that she gave Merlyn NO CHANCE to defend himself, or to set things right She continued to distrust Merlyn when he came to her five years later He was ready to lay bare his soul, to tell her the truth of that night, and of the way it now was Ysabella was such a woman scorned that once again she spoke righteously above himand nearly lost him.Thankfully events unroll and Ysabella finally listens to Merlyn and keeps her mouth and her indignation to herself Her feelings, her love, is still afire in her blood, and it seems she is ready to listen to that.This Medieval Romance becomes a bit of a Gothic Romance in that you have star crossed lovers, an investigative woman, and a man who truly needs than just her body and heart Surrounding them is a dark and gloomy castle, suspicious neighbours, and a villain or two.Ysabella did annoy me because she did not think like me but she was so damn stubborn and so intent upon taking care of her siblings that I did come to like her I was rooting for both her and Merlyn when everything came to a head.The mystery is a very good one and after I finished the story I did a bit research to learn about the relic that Merlyn had.The ending is satisfactory and did not have the rushed feeling that many stories sometimes have This is one to read again.

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    So much wasted potential It might have been so much if. there were less inconsistencies, less plot holes there had been a stronger reasoning behind the plot I m not the only one I guess who found his request of aid unreasonable illogical There was no way she could aid him in finding anything at all But then there was no reason for most of the lies between the two The twists were clearly stated pages before, there was no surprise I couldn t find any chemistry nor love Only unreasonable lust, the kind that makes a woman a bag of hormones, unable to reason when the man is around Sorry, Ms Delocroix but it s a myth that women were married at 13 Some might, maybe in noble families, but it s not that common.Worse the hero was a asshat and he never repented nor grovelled for his appalling behavior he lured her into a trap, and kidnaps her brother for her compliance And yes the heroine did make her mistake, too too many times the heroine was made in to a stupid, unthinking mess.But if I have to be honest the book lost me in the firs 20%, when the heroine had sex with the hero while sleeping And she never wakes up Cherry on top Very few characters in a castle there are 2 servants , and even less had depth.

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    The first book in The Rogues Of Ravensmuir series by Claire Delacroix Ysabella left her husband Merlyn Lammergeier five years before because he lied Now he comes to her but she denies him The next day he is reported dead and she has inherited Ravensmuir So she journeys back to Ravensmuir with her sister and brother.The story is told in the first person point of view of Ysabella I disliked Ysabella She leaves her husband while he is away and believes the words told to her by her brother in law So without giving her husband a chance to tell her his side of things she just leaves There are other things that bugged me about her but I am trying not to give spoilers The story itself was actually good And I was interested in the mystery of who the murderer was.

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    I nearly didn t finish this and skimmed to do that It was very slow moving I didn t feel connected to the characters or conflict I m not a fan of conflict due to not communicating and there was an extreme lack of communication here.

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    Free 08 22 15 Historic Fiction Romance

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    AUDIOBOOK edition A great story Merlyn definitely burrowed himself in my heart He is mysterious, smart, a bit of a rogue, but with a heart of gold Ysabella is a perfect match for him, outspoken and feisty Loved their story which begins with mystery and deceit from all corners, slowly unravels and the truth comes to light with a bang Quite a few twists in the story that kept me glued to it 5 starsMs Klanac s voice is enjoyable especially where there is dialogue, action or a build up to a twist, but where Ysabella recounts her story I found it too much like a lament, to much melancholy and affectation in the voice I almost gave up after the 3rd chapter, I kept listening because the story is really good and I am so glad I did 3 stars

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    It took a while for me to really enjoy this book, but once I got into it, I loved the story When Ysabella left her husband Merlyn she never thought that he would come back into her life again Five years later, he shows up on her doorstep wanting a chance to make things right with her and for her to return to Ravensmuir with him Ysabella, refusing to be charmed by this devilish man again, sends him away When news comes to her that Merlyn has been murdered and that all of his belonging, including Ravensmuir Keep have been left to her, she is charged with uncovering his murderer and finding out the truth about the man she married.

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    Where do I begin The story had potential, but fell apart There are plot points left completely unaddressed The heroine is an annoying, illogical hypocrite And that business at the end It defies all logic and physics, and I just cannot take this seriously I will elaborate later, with spoilers, but let it suffice for now that this gets one star I probably would not have finished it if I wasn t reading it for a challenge and I definitely won t read the rest of the series.

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    The Rogue 2 by Claire DelacroixLoved the book lot of action all the way good love story to you have got to read I really enjoyed I think you will to once you start reading you can tput it down first she Married hi and leaves him for five years he fakes his death just read the book you will love it MARGIE MORAN

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