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The Elusive Pimpernel summary The Elusive Pimpernel, series The Elusive Pimpernel, book The Elusive Pimpernel, pdf The Elusive Pimpernel, The Elusive Pimpernel 6579f5f714 In This, The Sequel To The Scarlet Pimpernel , French Agent And Chief Spy Catcher Chauvelin Is As Crafty As Ever, But Sir Percy Blakeney Is Than A Match For His Arch Enemy Meanwhile The Beautiful Marguerite Remains Wholly Devoted To Sir Percy, Her Husband Cue Swashbuckling Adventures As Sir Percy Attempts To Smuggle French Aristocrats Out Of The Country To Safety

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    Whew That was fun and very riveting I even groaned throughout with uncertainty hardlyeverhappens A little less foolishness with the romantic relationship, and a very quick moving engaging plot I was especially engaged with the mood and atmosphere and a real sense of place and time and of course who doesn t love to see arch enemies meet again The repartee and tension between Chauvelin and Percy is excellent, although I was a little disappointed at not seeing them swordfight.A page turner from the very beginning 3.5 stars

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    This is my second foray into Pimpernel literature This is actually the third book chronologically I m not sure yet how episodic the story works outthis is evidently taking place after the first novel but I didn t feel like I missed out on anything by skipping the second book It also didn t really feel like much would have been missed by skipping the first book although the first did involve character development of the core characters I would recommend reading the first novel first, especially if you know nothing about the Pimpernel story, but I don t think it s vital.This Pimpernel adventure was a fun read and well worth reading Orczy s writing style is fluid and easy to read and follow and her characters are vivid and interesting The plot of this book was very intriguing The Pimpernel is pitted against his enemy from the first novel, the French agent Chauvelin Chauvelin has been given one final chance from Robespierre to catch the Pimpernell with the ultimatum that the world will either be rid of the Pimpernel or Chauvelin by the end of the adventure The plot that Chauvelin comes up with to capture the Pimpernel is fairly diabolical and truly seems foolproof It stands as evidence of Orczy s creative ingenuity and the fullness of her characters, especially as each intricate detail plays out It exposes Chauvelin s arrogance and his prideful desire for personal and lasting vengeance I was very satisfied with the machinations of the plot until I realized that the remaining pages were growing few and I began to anticipate a potentially dissatisfying ending.Upon finally reaching the climactic wrap up to the adventure, I admit to being somewhat disappointed in the way things played out Though honestly, I expected an even worse ending based on how tightly she had tied the net around our hero I saw little hope for an exciting and viable escape and I doubt it s any spoiler to anyone that the hero had to escape The solution provided wasn t entirely satisfactory in my mind, but it worked out well enough, especially considering the era in which the events took place.Before I wrap up this report, I want to comment on one of the things that this novel does that I especially enjoy In many of the novels I ve read, the central heroic character is very close to the reader We are often either right on the shoulder or even within the head of our heroic protagonist However, in the case of Pimpernel, Orczy plays with this concept and puts us inside the head of many of the peripheral characters, even some of the very minor characters, but never lets us truly get inside the mind of the titular hero It reminds me vaguely of the way Conan Doyle keeps us from directly knowing the inner workings of Holmes mind In the same way, we find ourself aligned closely with Marguerite s fears and Chauvelin s scheming, but we never align ourselves directly with the heroic thoughts of the Pimpernel This adds to the suspense in wondering just how he could possibly escape the tightly woven trap laid for him.I think I enjoyed this book better than the first Pimpernel story, but they were both a lot of fun I hope to be able to track down of them to read They re a great bit of fun for any fan of historical adventure combined with a touch of humor 4 stars

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    I really, really, really loved this book Why 1 It has a very fast pace By chapter 4, the events are already building to the climax 2 I happen to really love Marguerite as a character as most of this book is once again told in her POV 3 It is absolutely hilarious Most of the Scarlet Pimpernel books are funny in some measure, but much of this book, and especially the ending had me snorting with laughter The author very cleverly uses what we consider today to be clich s and turns them on their head Much of this is done through the character of Sir Percy Blakeney, who keeps up his pretense of being a lazy, not very smart fop even when he is caught and known to be the Scarlet Pimpernel For example view spoiler The bad guy goes through enormous pains to set up a fool proof plan The night before he is to enact it, he is sitting in his room alone going over last minute details when the Scarlet Pimpernel himself climbs through the window and pretty much says Here I am Capture me Would you like me to call the guards The bad guy at first is startled and just about tells the Scarlet Pimpernel to go away because he stepped into the trap a day early The entire rest of the scene proceeds like that with the Scarlet Pimpernel purposefully mispronouncing the bad guy s name and pretending not to know what is going on At one point, the bad guy launches into the requisite big reveal of his plan, intending to make his enemy cower in fear, but instead, the Scarlet Pimpernel keeps interrupting with silly comments and at one point pretends to fall asleep because the bad guy is taking so long to spout out his monologue Believe me, it s much funnier than I ve explained here view spoiler Like the other books, there is some language hide spoiler

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    Still a really good read Action, adventure and romance Loved it.

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    Any scene with Marguerite and Percy Blakeney in it is bound to be A Any scene with The Scarlet Pimpernel and Chauvelin is bound to be A And since I Will Repay introduced a whole new cast of characters, it was so lovely to get back to the original ones again and watch The Scarlet Pimpernel run rings around Monsieur Chauvelin I was cracking up than once and while this is probably going to be one of the shortest reviews I ve written in a long time I don t think there s much to say Baroness Emmuska Orczy knew how to tell a darn good story, and The Elusive Pimpernel is no exception.

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    Like so many of the Pimpernel stories, this one has a good story at its heart The ever hopeful Chauvelin seriously under pressure from Robespierre and his goons, given his past failures comes up with yet another scheme to lure his arch enemy to French shores with the intent of capturing the Scarlet Pimpernel and sending him to the guillotine Also as ever, Chauvelin receives unintentional help from his quarry s well meaning and passionately devoted but, alas, not terribly bright wife, Marguerite At least this adventure explicitly addresses the irony of said wife once having been known as the cleverest woman in Europe A contest of wills and wiles ensues.The issues here are two one of style and one, I think, mostly of history Baroness Orczy never met an exclamation point she couldn t love, and although her original editor seems to have reined her in somewhat, the exclamation points multiply Here they occur once in every paragraph, sometimes at the end of every sentence, and the result is a breathless rant on the Parisian mob and its atrocities that the plot can t sustain.The second issue is Marguerite As a novelist, I understand why Marguerite appears in so many of the books she is the main point of view character, whereas her husband operates best behind a cloak of mystery And Orczy is certainly capable of writing dedicated and powerful women, most of them Jacobins But her devotion to Marguerite by some accounts her fantasy alter ego leads to repeated scenes in which Marguerite falls for a trap that even a six year old would steer clear of It s particularly annoying when, as here, she could take the same actions with her eyes open, out of courage rather than cluelessness But again, I think the approach mostly reflects the early twentieth century view of how good women behaved.Still, it s a Scarlet Pimpernel story, and those are always fun And if you d like to see a modern take on the theme, without the fainting and foolishness, check out my The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel.

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    Baroness Emma Orczy was a British playwright, artist, and novelist She was born in Hungary and died in 1947 She may be best known today as the author of the novel, The Scarlet Pimpernel, to which she went on to write about two dozen sequels I fondly recall the 1982 made for TV production of this most famous of her books, starring Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Ian McKellen Shortly thereafter I read the book and was equally captivated Recently I was looking for an audio book to keep me entertained while working out on the elliptical trainer at the gym and found one of the sequels, The Elusive Pimpernel read by Karen Savage It is every bit as good as the original.The Scarlet Pimpernel named for the tiny red flower on his calling card is really Sir Percy Blakeney, a foppish and inane English aristocrat who is committed to saving French citizens, especially aristocrats and those felt to be innocent of any real crime, from death by the guillotine during the Terror of the French Revolution He is aided by nineteen colleagues, the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, who, along with his wife and probably the Prince of Wales, are the only people aware of his clandestine identity This hero repeatedly returns to France and, in a series of improbable but compelling adventures, rescues those condemned to death and brings them to England He is obviously deeply resented by the French authorities who will stop at nothing to catch him.In this particular adventure, Blakeney s adversary, Robespierre s head spy master Chauvelin, lures the hero and his wife to France where a trap has been carefully prepared to catch and humiliate the Scarlet Pimpernel once and for all Blakeney of course sees through the machinations from the beginning but is influenced by his own sense of honor and, one is aware, his love of adventure as much as by his desire to be of service to future victims of the Revolution The narrative is exquisitely written, full of derring do and melodramatic crises as well as ample romance If one is willing to indulge one s maximal willing suspension of disbelief, the story is both gripping and delightful Orczy captures personalities and motivations with perfection, even if some of her many characters are two dimensional and near caricatures This is not a book that is easy to put down, and if often proceeds at breakneck speed The climax and solution are well disguised, given that we always know that the Scarlet Pimpernel with triumph once again.I was thoroughly entertained by this novel and certainly want to read sequels But one suspects that most enjoyment will be derived if one does not plunge from one to another in quick succession, a process that might be like eating all of one s Halloween candy in one sitting This is a series to be kept in the back of one s mind for entertainment on some future rainy day, much like reading the works of P.G Wodehouse, although the authors and their stories could not be different.

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    Just awful Magnifies all the weaknesses of The Scarlet Pimpernel, to the point where the sequel has made me like the first book less than I did originally The plot here is flimsy at best, the histrionics are neverending, and the aristocracy worship is seriously out of hand.The sad thing is that there s an interesting conflict buried deep beneath the swooning fits, between Percy s love of adventure and his love for Marguerite her desire to keep him safe at home But it isn t addressed in a meaningful way it s just a reason for Percy to demonstrate his superhuman willpower and for Marguerite to cry and angst and pass out I ve never encountered a character who spends time unconscious than Marguerite St Just Blakeney.Also, can we discuss that cleverest woman in Europe appellation Who came up with that one Because she is dumber than a doornail As usual, Marguerite rushes blindly into every waiting trap and gets caught by Chauvelin in about two seconds Heroine fail Finally, the relationship between Percy and Marguerite essentially sucks Orczy wants us to believe in this deep, earth shaking love between them, but we never see them share anything about their true selves with one another They are the worst communicators ever, keeping all their plans and feelings secret, to the point where they endanger each other s lives So does their bond really go deeper than the fact that she s gorgeous, and he s rich and handsome and fashionable, and they make an attractive power couple in London society Am I overthinking this one

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    Percy might be my favorite person in the world He is so funny and amazing and awesome at everything he does Marguerite always makes me concerned that he won t do it I actually thought this time it might be the end of the Scarlet Pimpernel I am so weak minded I should have had faith in him.

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    This is the weakest of the Pimpernel books I ve read, but it s still enjoyable The villain spends so much time talking in monologues, that very little happens after the first third of the book He goes on forever, far than was needed It really got old Then, all of a sudden, the big escape happened in the blink of an eye and the book was over This entry in the series isn t paced nearly as well as the other 2 Pimpernel books I ve read, and it feels lazy and uninspired in comparison That said, it s still an enjoyable book in its own right Just don t read this one if it s your first time reading a Baroness Orczy novel.

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