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The MacArthur Study Bible pdf The MacArthur Study Bible , ebook The MacArthur Study Bible , epub The MacArthur Study Bible , doc The MacArthur Study Bible , e-pub The MacArthur Study Bible , The MacArthur Study Bible 0576305befa Maintaining An Active Bible Study During The High School And College Years Can Be Especially Difficult, And Yet These Are Some Of The Most Crucial Years For Spiritual Development In A Young Person S Life This Highly Accessible Study Bible Is Also Recommended For New Christians As Well As Those Interested In Building A Solid Foundation Of Faith And Biblical Understanding TheMacArthur Student Bible NKJV Challenges And Motivates Young Readers To Be Students Of The Word

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    Everyone needs to read the bible If you don t have one get one and start reading never stop.

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    God has blessed the ministry of John MacArthur in an incredible way Speaking from my own personal experience, I have been extremely blessed by the rigorous and God honoring teachings of MacArthur We live in a day and age in which the supposed mark of a loving Christian is tolerance and inclusivism It seems as though Biblical Orthodoxy is under attack in the evangelical churches First and foremost, the church must always, without fail, stand upon the unchanging teachings of God, regardless of the cultural environments where we live then we have the responsibility to transmit the truths of God in such a way that it is understandable to our various cultures It is my personal opinion that MacArthur has done the first of these tasks with immense precision also, despite some disagreements from my one could say younger generation, MacArthur s ministry has touched the hearts of countless young people I am a living example , giving them a passion for God s Word and the furtherance of the Gospel that is so lacking in the church.My generation is much soft, is maybe the best word than our elder generation To many younger people, MacArthur can come off as cruel, heartless, and overly critical of others In some cases, this is probably a correct analysis of him However, this does not change the fact that many, many people in the church have a false perception of what love means Being tolerant of sin and telling people that God is love is not biblical love at all If Paul and the apostles were alive today, I have no doubt that he would be writing countless letters to our churches, with words similar to that of his letters to the Corinthians Thank God that He has raised up men like MacArthur who have fought this pathetically heretical notion that the most loving person is someone who speaks in a tolerant tone of passivity in all honesty, it would take God raising up millions of men like MacArthur to bring balance to the damage done.MacArthur is a Calvinist, Cessationist, Dispensationalist, Complimentarian, and holds to Premillennial Pretribulation eschatology His teachings line up nearly exactly to that of Moody Bible Institute I do not necessarily agree with him on everything, but I must say that MacArthur provides very honest and convincing notes that will surely make one grapple with passages throughout the Bible All in all I heartily recommend this study Bible It will prove to be an invaluable resource in the believer s life, as we seek to be men and women who strive to accurately divide the word of truth 2 Tim 2 15.

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    The Bible is the best book that I own I mean it I couldn t imagine a better life book I love the Lod and this book

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    There is no doubt that the New Kings James Version is a good translation from the original Hebrew, Greek and the few passages of Aramaic script So, of course the BIBLE Scripture itself gets 5 stars I gave this edition 3 stars because of the LARGE MacArthur printed before the Study Bible title on the spine, the pronounced authorship credit on the title page and voluminous personal doctrine, opinions and interpretations I take minor issue with this edition because the Bible is the Holy Bible, authored by God, with the Divine Holy Spirit s inspiration to the individual book writers NOT written by or inspired by MacArthur His name is not only printed first in large type on the binding, suggesting authorship credit MacArthur s Study Bible but he also asserts direct and specific authorship and general editing on the title page Worse yet, in both instances his personal name is printed in LARGER, impressive print than the title name Bible Some may point out that, as with many other Bible editions, the use of MacArthur s name was necessary to identify his study guide notes In this, I agree then this Bible could have been titled Study BIBLE large print , Notes by MacArthur smaller print I take issue, although admittedly minor, with all Bible editions placing any proper name before and or in larger type than the word BIBLE ie Thompson s Chain Reference Bible which I also use Why not, A Chain Reference BIBLE , Reference Guide by Thompson Even my favorite study Bible, The Archaeological Study Bible, has the study theme in larger, fancier print than the word Bible.This may seem petty, but we are talking about GOD S Holy Word MacArthur s obvious claims to authorship made a negative first impression on me, which gave me pause to consider the motives and inspiration of the study notes Reading the notes has proved caution was warranted in some instances Not only do I sense that personal interpretations, doctrines and comments seem to be re assigning meaning to much of the scripture, but also I found many pages of this rendition have comments than Bible verses The Bible stands flawless and doctrinally sound on its own, as it was originally inspired It does not need to be re written or assigned a doctrine That s not to say that those called to teach through study guides, books, etc and therein offer what is clearly stated as their personal insights, direction and opinions are not important and valuable Of course they are It is when those views are possibly presented as an authoritative addendum to God s Holy Word that we should become concerned Scripture instructs us not to judge one another but charges us with the discipline of discernment It can be a fine line, and one I do not wish to cross So, I offer these observations, not in judgment of the subject edition, but as thoughts possibly worthy of review, prayer and consideration I do use my MacArthur and humbly suggest others use this edition, with a cautious eye and much prayer for discernment concerning the notes, as a beautifully bound Bible in the now accurate NKJV translation and give God all of the glory and credit of authorship

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    John MacArthur s Study Bible in the New King James is the best one I have owned It is now my number one read and resource for all things in this world and beyond There are than 20,000 notes referencing most of the verses in the entire Bible This gives clarity and perspective to the Bible.I listen to John s podcasts on my ipod when going for long walks Each one is 28 minutes and easily downloaded from Grace to You Ministries There are than 4,000 A few download each time the ipod is synced The titles are easy to read so you can listen to anything of interest The NKJV is perhaps the most accurate of the translations available today.

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    I m a sinner But have been redeemed, Amen

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    Greatest story ever told Tomorrow I begin again praise God

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    God has blessed Pastor John MacArthur with an ability to study His Word and break it down and apply it There are so many people out there who pick and choose parts of the Bible they like and don t like But, John MacArthur and others like him do their best to teach the whole counsel of the Word of God In a day where so few know or even understand the words of Jesus and the message He preached, Pastor John MacArthur is one of few teaching the practical, applicable message of Jesus Christ or as Grace to You s motto says, Unleashing God s Truth, one verse at a time May God continue to bless him and use him and many others like him

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    MacArthur s commentary explained things I didn t realize needed to be I read this version through a very difficult time in my life and finished reading just as Christ roared into my heart, It is finished Praise God for His Word Incarnate

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    As one who believes that Pastor MacArthur is one of the finest Bible expositors in our day, I bought copies of this study Bible for my entire family My only regret was that at the time it was only in the NKJV, and I prefer the NASB, which they have now come out with.

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