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One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom files One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom, read online One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom, free One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom, free One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom, One Tough Mother: 10 No-Guilt Ways to Stand Firm and Be the Mom 9e3a24395 Moms Get A Lot Of Advice From TV Shows, Magazines, Friends, Their Own Mothers, And But All Of This Well Meaning Counsel Tends To Paralyze Moms They Worry About Their Children S Self Esteem, Their Health, And Whether Or Not Their Children Like Them They Even Agonize Over Scrapbooking Every Moment Of Development Julie Barnhill Says, Enough Already Unapologetically Raucous, Slightly Irreverent, And Refreshingly Relevant, One Tough Mother Exposes The Mind Numbing, Brain Draining, Confidence Depleting Minutia Moms Get Stuck In With Humor And A Sharp Wit, Julie Offers Moms A Dose Of Reality And A Way To Calm Their Fears About Raising Children She Encourages Moms To Straighten Up, Take Back The Control From Their Children, And Stand Firm On The Nonnegotiables With Her Help, Any Mom Can Become One Tough Mother

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    I heard Julie Barnhill speak at last year s MOPS convention and I LOVED her She is so funny, yet down to earth and honest about what it s like to be a mom I am learning so much about what kind of mom I want to be and a few things I need to do to get there

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    Loved this book It gives you a mommy confidence boost My only, and biggest, complaint is that there wasn t enough how to to the book Great, we are supposed to say no firmly And what if that doesn t work If Murle mentioned in the beginning was so tough, and yet doesn t spank or do time outs, then what does she do when a child misbehaves I can say no very firmly and my kids don t always listen I picked up this book in order to fix that and I didn t walk away with anything helpful in regards to that specifically I loved everything she wrote, but I don t think this is a guide to how to be a tough momalthough what she did write was still encouraging.

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    I love Julie Barnhill having read her magazine articles and seeing her speak twice She always is very direct, down to earth, and no nonsense but also relatable in weaknesses and mistakes I loved this book about having backbone as a mother but also remembering that success doesn t come without failure and that the true backbone is our faith Some of my favorite chapters non negotiables Say No Like You Mean It , Get a Hobby Other Than Your Kid , Facing Your Giants , and You Are Only A Failure If You Quit, Like Forever The big bonus is this is one of my bargain bin finds 3.97, woohoo

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    5 Julie Barnhill writes as though she is talking to you over a cup of coffee This book provides help for mothers who are dominated by the whims of their children One tough mother can step up, take charge, and be the boss with no excuses, just because you are the mom I was reminded that house rules are important and children do thrive where there are some consistent and enforced household rules.

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    I ve just started reading this, but so far, it seems like a very good read Julie is very funny and real in her writing I think that I thought I was a One Tough Mother, but I m seeing that I have been letting some things slide Her advice is very practical and seems easy to put into practice I ll update my review when I finish the book.

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    Funny, down to earth reading I laughed out loud at some of her stories because they are so true Don t know how applicable younger mothers might find this book, but they can certainly learn from it Wish I d had it as a young mom I would love to be friends with Julie Barnhill She seems like a lot of fun.

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    A funny book and it had some good ideas in it, but it mostly felt like whatever you do as a parent is right I was looking for some solid advise I think that is why it took me so long to finish the book It was, however, nice to read that it is OK to lose your mind at times and that it doesn t make you a bad parent.

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    Not as tough as she seems not your usual beat your kids Christian parenting manifesto either I have to give her credit her writing is entertaining enough that I read this book even though she 1 chose not to breastfeed and 2 loves Fox News That s saying a lot

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    I LOVE Julie Barnhill I have heard her speak twice at Hearts at Home She is absolutely hilarious and it is so fun to listen to her stories I just don t think this was the right book for me I have two of hers out from the library to read.

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    This book was not what I expected when I heard her on Weekend Edition of Focus on the Family It was about convincing mothers to stand up and be tough, not necessarily giving specific waysone of her suggestions was to not let yourself go my words.

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