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Selected Poems quotes Selected Poems, litcharts Selected Poems, symbolism Selected Poems, summary shmoop Selected Poems, Selected Poems eb27a8fb Consider This Silent Disciplined Assembly Close Squadded In The Dockyard S Hooded Lamps, Each Blur A Man With Some Obscure Trouble Or Hard Regret As Bulky As The Cargo The Cranking Derricks Drop Into The Hold Think Of Them As The Derrick Sways And Poises Vacantly As Their Minds Do At This Passage, Good Natured Agents Of A Groping Purpose That Sends Them Now To Strange Precipitous PlaceON EMBARKATION Alun Lewis S Poems Express The Poetry Of Seriousness, The Poetry Of Life And Death, In The Forms In Which He Lived Through It, The Forms Of Modem War, Exile And Separation The Listener

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