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    truly only began picking up towards the 3 4 mark, but it did make me feel so many emotions and was a page turner.

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    Ilse, Erich, and her Jewish parents arrive in Shanghai to escape Hilter s domination of Austria Ilse s family wanted to go to America, but with no visa the only country that would accept them is China After their arrival, Ilse is surprised by the thousands of other European refugees living in Shanghai At first life is bearable for Ilse s family, but Japanese soldiers single out Jewish refugees by making them move into a ghetto In response to their treatment, Erich and Ilse do work for an underground resistance group Ilse s mother, who hid a past marriage to an American, is placed into an internment camp Ilse becomes the mother and sole provider to her family Erich is captured and imprisoned during a resistance mission Ilse s father sacrifices his beloved violin to get his son out of jail In 1945 news arrives that Japan is defeated and their armies leave Shanghai Ilse s mother returns with news that her American husband wants them to come to America to divorce her and give her family a new life after the war Ilse and her family board a ship to go to America Ruby s book is beneficial to help readers learn about this forgotten piece of history Yet the book has significant shortcomings in character development, story flow, and historical detail Teachers and librarians can use this book to showcase what other events occurred during World War II, but there is little merit to Ruby s writing style Found on the Children s Book and Play Review

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    Fascinating, well written story of family of Jewish emigrees from Vienna prior to WWII Life is significantly less comfortable when they first arrive, but they learn to manage and accept the difficulty as a temporary situation As the war progresses, life becomes complicated, dangerous and inhumane Told from the point of view of a young girl, some might compare to Anne Frank Writing is directed to young adult readers, however, as an adult, I found the characters, plot lines and themes to be well written and an interesting departure from much of the the WWII holocaust survivor literature Could be upsetting to adolescent readers but would be a good choice with adult teacher librarian discussion.

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    Lois Ruby s novel of the escaping to and living in Shanghai during the Holocaust is quite accurate My father spent his childhood years in Shanghai and I spoke with him and my grandmother about life in Shanghai, Ruby did a fine job depicting life as it was.We follow Ilse Shpann from the moment she and her family land in Shanghai until the WWII ends and Ilse and her family board an American bound ship We see the trials and tribulations, the difficult adjustments, the fear, starvation, and near death experiences as seen and felt by Ilse This is a very good book to learn about one segment of the Holocaust.

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    Fascinating and well written story of European Jews surviving the Holocaust under Japanese rule in Shanghai, China The story is told from the POV of a teen girl who learns that survival in wartime is difficult and requires some choices This is definitely a YA novel as it describes the horror of war and starvation, resistance, incarceration in camps and prison, dubious moral choices by adults, and the overriding need of humans to survive few instances of language when describing enemy soldiers

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    I ve always been interested in the Jewish community in Shanghai during WWII, so I was delighted to hear about Shanghai Shadows It s geared toward the young adult audience, but has some mature themes like prostitution After reading the book, I felt like I had a better sense of what it was like to live in Shanghai during the war as part of the large Jewish community there I ve written a longer review on my website, www.susanbkason.com

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    This is an interesting take on WWII and the Jewish refugees Ilse and her family escape from Austria to Shanghai where they are stateless Life is hard and it gets harder Ilse and her brother become involved in a resistance movement and a deep secret of her mother s is revealed Good writing and an excellent description of this particular place and time.

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    I didn t like this one The author had a good idea, but ruined it with the characters The main girl was a little over obsessive about the boy she had a crush on Her brother was always in a grumpy mood Her mom was weird, and her dad locked himself in a cupboard all day to play his beloved violin Like I said before, good idea, just a little over done.

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    This was an eye opener for me I didn t realize that the Japanese had put all the foreigners in Shanghai in internment camps The author brought to life quite vividly the horrors that the people faced, and how they dealt with it.

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    In all my reading about the Holocaust, I never learned that Jews ended up in Shanghai The story of the Shpann s survival during the War is a great way for people to learn about that time from a place point of view that they probably were unaware existed.

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