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Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers txt Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers, text ebook Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers, adobe reader Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers, chapter 2 Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers, Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers fcd1eb The Industry S Most Experienced Veterans Are Ready To Share Their Hard Won Success Secrets With You About Editing And Working With An Editor Writing Effective Prose Marketing Your Product Programs And Kindle Book Proposals That Work Exploiting Web To Promote Your Book Book Design Freelancing Online Sales Opportunities Branding Yourself Or Your Book Book Reviews GhostWriting Self Publishing Expanding Publicity Galleys And ARCs And The Distilled Wisdom From Interviews, Reports, And Lessons Learned From Dozens Of Guests Over Two Years Of Weekly Podcasts Is Now At Your Fingertips Whether You Re Into Nonfiction, Children S Books, Mysteries, Romance, Science Fiction, Or History, You Can Take Your Writing And Marketing Power To New Worlds Of Possibility With Authors Access Where Authors Get Published And Published Authors Get Successful More Information At AuthorsAccess From Modern History Press ModernHistoryPress

About the Author: Tyler R. Tichelaar

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers book, this is one of the most wanted Tyler R. Tichelaar author readers around the world.

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    Did you ever wish you could sit in a caf with an experienced writer, editor, publisher, or marketing guru and pick their brain Wouldn t it be great if you could sip your favourite brew as they revealed their success secrets to you Well, in many ways, reading Authors Access 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers is just like that It is composed of interviews, reports, and lessons learned from the writing industry s most experienced veterans who took part in podcasts at www.authorsaccess.com.It s a great book for writers to study as the advice and useful information can help them succeed before, during and after writing a book Its large format makes it easy to read and to highlight text or post notes It is divided into nine sections and readers can quickly scan through the table of contents and find the topic that interests them most and read it first The chapters need not be read in chronological order but as a whole they give the reader a better understanding of the undertaking of book writing, publishing and marketing In addition, included after each article is the original podcast URL as well as the author s website s allowing for further research and, thus, access to resources.Although a experienced writer may know some of the information, it can easily serve as good reminders I learned many new things reading this book As a published author and writer, I particularly enjoyed reading Chapter 8 Marketing Your Work, Chapter 9 Making the Most of Technology, Chapter 1 The Craft of Writing, and Chapter 4 Editing Your Work These chapters alone make the book very worthwhile The chapter on book reviews is especially eye opening, both for the author and the reviewer If you are looking to self publish, most of the advice in this book is for you It can prevent you from making serious mistakes and teaches the basics of being a professional writer.The only information I thought missing was that related to submitting to a traditional publisher, such as elements of a good book proposals, what agents look for in manuscripts, and how to write query letters The back cover promises book proposals as one of the success secrets revealed, however, according to the index, book proposals is only mentioned twice and in passing It s not a topic discussed per se So mentioning it as one of the book s secrets can be misleading for the buyer.Perhaps, because the authors had extensive experience in self publishing, they chose to focus mainly on this as many writers today are choosing this avenue of publishing that is becoming and popular And, because of the many podcasts on www.authorsaccess.com that were not covered in this book but that do contain such information for the traditional route, it wouldn t surprise me if a second, anticipated book followed this one.This book is an excellent reference tool that should be read than once to fully absorb all the success secrets it reveals, and I d like to thank the authors for sending it to me I will be referring to it many times, as I place it next to my many indispensable writer resource books on my bookshelf.

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    Access 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers features a cover photo of the planet earth Per editor Victor R, Volkman, the image was selected because the book imparts a world of information I agree it does.Authors Access is a writer how to book so jam packed with info that you have to read it in small increments Basically, the text is a compilation of podcasts from Authors Access, the internet radio show of the same name, which broadcasts live every Thursday on Internet Voices Radio.I ve read my fair share of similar books By that, I mean books populated by the thoughts and wisdom of those who have found success in publishing Authors Access confidently stands among them, thanks to its timely and targeted info But its little something extra is the inclusion of links to the corresponding podcasts It s an effective double whammy Readers can absorb the podcast, getting a real feel for the author s experiences They can then whip out a highlighter and tuck into the chapter And as the author website links also are included, readers have yet a third avenue for obtaining additional information.The nine chapters of Authors Access run the gamut from editing tips to building buzz with book reviewers Each chapter includes at least two articles per the chosen topic So in the Genre chapter, for example, readers find tips on writing romances, crime novels, even regional fiction In the Craft of Writing chapter, they re reminded to use the Rule of Three Thank you very much, Goldilocks , while cautioned to trim the padding and to always show, not tell They also learn that writer s block is due to one simple factor fear of surrender I know I ll personally be musing on that nugget for a while And then there s the delightful Children s Books chapter Here the manuscript directives are to 1 kill off any pesky parents, 2 add frequent cliffhangers, and 3 hand the draft over to children reviewers before even daring to dangle the manuscript before a publisher That s great advice I wonder if authors would quickly secure contracts if they did so instead of relying on the praise of their friends and mothers As I had familiarity with much of the above content, I spent most of my time dwelling on the chapters titled Marketing Your Work and Making the Most of Technology One article in particular, Promoting Your Book with Social Media and Web 2.0, was especially helpful Because it s becoming crystal clear to me that writers must quickly get up to speed on both if they want to market their books effectively.So, where is my review copy now In my office Sharing space on the bookshelf I ve labeled my Smart Writer Resources That about sums up the value I give to Authors Access.

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    Authors Access 30 Success Secrets for Authors and PublishersBY Irene Watson, Tyler R Tichelaar Victor R VolkmanPUBLISHED BY Modern History PressPUBLISHED IN 2009ISBN 978 1 932690 98 9Pages 220Reviewed by Billy Burgess Authors Access 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers is a wonderful handbook for any writer It is a compilation of podcasts from the internet radio show called Authors Access The authors share great tips about the craft and myths of writing You learn about writing about romance, mystery and other genres Being a writer myself, I found the book interesting I enjoyed the chapters on children s books and the article Exploring Ghostwriting, co Authoring, and Collaborating by Ami Hendrickson This is the first time I have read anything on ghostwriting It was a joy to read There is a lot of information on promoting your book by the use of the internet In Book Marketing on MySpace, you learn how to set up a successful myspace profile, and learn how an author can use it to promote their work effectively Every author needs to know how to use .com to sale their books In Adventures Staring Down Earth s Largest Bookstore, you learn how to use advantage and associate programs There are four wonderful articles about book reviews and how to use them to your advantage My favorite was, Negative Book Reviews How to Avoid Them, and How to Use Them to Your Advantage One of the downfalls of the book is that it concentrates too much on self publishing I would ve liked to have read article on traditional publishing in magazines and big publishing houses Overall I found Authors Access to be a great reference tool that every author should have on their desk.

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    Authors Access is a great book filled with tons of helpful advice from authors and publishers.Inside I found heaps of useful articles on the different genres, editing, marketing, and using the Internet to promote and help sales.I found many of the articles beneficial to me personally Five Tips on Writing Romance by Sylvia Hubbard, Publishing a Children s Book Better Get a Child s Opinion First by Tyler R Tichelaar, and Elements of a Quality Book Review by Tyler R Tichelaar were three of the most worthwhile for me.Many of the authors were known to me, a few of them I had to look up This was made easier by the inclusion of websites for the authors at the end of their articles The addition of the bibliography at the end has led me to many useful books that have found a place on my bookshelf.Authors Access has shown me how to establish an effective MySpace page and in Promoting your Book with Social Media and Web 2.0 there is a very good list of sites for book promotion.I found Authors Access to be an immense source of help when it comes to knowledge about promotion, dealing with writer s block , and publishing.

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    Victor R Volkman, of Loving Healing Press Inc., teams up with Irene Watson and Tyler R Tichelaar to provide this fantastic collection of information and advice taken from the Authors Access Podcasts.Authors Access recorded 75 shows and reached an audience of 500 authors and publishers each week since starting in 2006 and helped fill the void of publishing podcasts This book promises to be just as successful.Covering a variety of topics including, to name a few, the craft of writing, editing your work and exploiting the writing market It even has information about new technology like Kindle Authors Access is a must have for anyone working in the writing industry.Straight forward and easy to follow Each chapter ends with a listing of the related podcasts airdate, url and the authors sites making it simple to follow up or research further.The only downside to this book is that it left me wanting The authors and contributors to this book really know what they are talking about and I ll definitely be on the waiting list for volume 2

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    I am really learning a lot about the publishing and marketing business from this great book

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