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Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters chapter 1 Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, meaning Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, genre Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, book cover Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, flies Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, Babies Don't Eat Pizza: A Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters 84d1a0a1bff7a With Kid Friendly Honesty And Humor, Babies Don T Eat Pizza Informs And Reassures Children Experiencing Babies Joining Their Families Debbie Tilley S Fun, Whimsical Illustrations Highlight The Book S Lighthearted, Yet Sensitive, Tone To Encourage Family Discussions, Babies Don T Eat Pizza Is Best Read Over Time

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    Picture Book I loved this book This is such a good book for children who may be welcoming a new little brother, sister or any member of the family It gives the whole point of view from a child s perspective and is even very funny at times I think it would be a good way to calm children down about the huge life event of a new baby For example, some of the subheadings in the book are In the Beginning, where it describes how the baby grows in the womb and the whole process Here at Last, Special Delivery, where the book talks about how babies are born Your Basic Baby which shows a diagram of a baby and facts about its appearance, some are very humorous, such as Wacky hair It can fall out at any time Or Fingernails and toenails are short, long, or in between How about a manicure What New Babies Look Like, What Babies Do, What Babies Like, and The One and Only You, which I love a lot because I know some children can feel neglected when a new baby comes along In between all these subheadings are also mini headings that talk about playtime, and bath time, feeding, and even baby talk Although it is a light hearted book, this is a great way for children to ease into the process of their family adding a new member It even includes Parent s Tips in the back of the book The illustrations are also very funny, and so well planned They include babies with different nationalities and races I cannot even imagine how this book could be any better.

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    Brought this home to have books on new baby in house Breezed through this before weekend with kids and it looked good While SD has been through new baby before, she still needs some reminders on some things because she wasn t as old when SS came along, and the separation and divorce came very shortly after that, so she could do with some reminders Especially when her new sister is going to have a rather traumatic beginning of life for all of us involved I aimed for some books specifically for SS, and some for SD I m glad she picked this for her bedtime book because I had her in mind than him And she smiled and laughed at the humor I think it was a good one for her.

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    We got this book, along with a few others, to help get our 4 year old ready for a new baby brother This book did not quite hit the sweet spot It was too wordy and not arranged well for reading aloud Some reviews complained that it revealed too much by stating that the baby is born through an opening between mom s legs , but I was okay with the level of detail I appreciated that it included the possibility of C section birth, as well as getting a new sibling through adoption Maybe this book would be a good fit for an older child.

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    I liked this book because it gives soon to be older brothers and sisters an idea of what it will be like having a baby in their house It talks about how babies eat, sleep, and cry a lot when they first come home from the hospital It also talks about what older siblings can do to help the parents care for and entertain the baby.

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    Alternatively, What to Expect When Your Mom Comes Home with a Baby Pair with Babies can t eat Kimchee.

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    A bit too long to read in one sitting if the kids are younger, but broken up into little sections to make it easy to pause every couple pages if necessary

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    wanted to love this appropriate for a four year old no too longillustrations aligned with older children alsoneeds to be brought down

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    So we read this over this summer I am behind on reviews before having Cassie I wanted Mason to be prepared to have a baby sister in his life You see Mason is a big Mama s boy and he loves to snuggle with me and loves the attention He is used to sharing me with his older siblings and the kids I babysit off and on but not used to not having my attention all the time SoI picked up this book, Babies Don t Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig This is kid friendly honesty and humor It informs and reassures children about babies coming into their homes I love the story but for a three year old I felt like it was way over his head most of the time I think this would be a great book say for a kid who is five or even six years old But for a three year old it was long and too much info all at once The illustrations though in this book were amazing and really neat to look it I actually used a lot of the pictures to put what is happening in three year old terms All in all if you have an older child getting a baby siblings check it out.

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    Stop right here if you are looking for a perfect book to tell children about their new little brother or sister Done in a light hearted but also matter of fact style, this book will answer all of the questions new big siblings have The book ranges from what babies look like to what they eat to what they can do plus all of the hair pulling and stinky bottoms too The mix of the sweet with the annoying will prepare children well.Danzig s text is spot on, offering just the right amount of information and leaving nothing to a child s imagination The tone is exactly right too, filled with humor but staying up front and informative Tilley s illustrations add a friendly approachable feel to the information, keeping the book light rather than intimidating.A great book for public libraries to have on hand to inform all of the new big brothers and sisters This would also be a great gift for the new sibling when the pregnancy announcement is made Appropriate for ages 4 6.

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    I totally disagree with reviews that state this book has too much detail or inappropriate detail It says right in the title that it is for BIG KIDS I borrowed 5 books from the library and this was the only one that was remotely appropriate for my 6 year old It covered topics that I wouldn t have thought to explain and my son would not have known to ask For example, it said that his parents would go to the hospital and he would stay with someone else My kid was blindsided by this and we had a lengthy discussion about kids not being in the delivery room The book does not provide tons of information but covers everything so that you can have discussion as needed If you are looking for a kids version of what to expect, this is a good one We ll try to read it a few times in the next 4 months unless I find another one I like better.

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