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    Though she s been preparing for the first day of school for a long time, Vera loses her nerve once she actually gets there Very cute and sweet story, with lovely illustrations by the author.

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    Title Author Vera s First Day of School by Vera Rosenberry1 Awards the book has received none2 Appropriate Grade Level s PreK 2nd3 Summary Vera is very excited for her first day of school But when the first day of school arrives, and Vera sees all of the older children playing outside of the school, she gets scared and runs back home Her mother finds her and brings her to school, where she meets her teacher and classmates She has a good day and tells her sisters that she knows the second day will be even better 4 Review This is a great book for students who get nervous on their first day of school I liked the realistic pictures and enjoyed the authors description of Vera s mixed feelings But, I do believe it could get confusing for a young child when Vera runs home and hides under the bed As a teacher, I think it s important to make sure you establish that it is not ok to leave school property once you have arrived Vera should have stayed and given her new school a chance 5 2 3 in class uses Students draw color a picture depicting how they feel on their first day of school For older students, they will also write a sentence on how they feel on their first day of school Turn and talk Students turn and talk and tell their friend one thing that scares them on the first day of school.

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    This book is about a little girl who attend school for the very first time She s nervous but extremely excited On the way to school she walks with her older sisters Once she gets to school she is so overwhelmed that she doesn t interact with any of the other students but instead she focuses on the tree She ends up missing the bell, not knowing what to do she walks home and climbs underneath her bed Her mom finds her and takes her to school and then the day goes on as if nothing happened I think the illustrations are cool and extremely realistic The illustrator does a good job with incorporating a lot of details I can see every strand of Vera s hair and when she s admiring the tree I can see the strands of hair on the caterpillar The colors used are not dark, they are very bright colors like green, red, yellow I think it helps that the backdrop is white It leaves a calm mood to the book I love how clear the facial expression of the characters are, when they are happy you can notice it in their eyes and smile.I think this would be a great book to read for children who are just beginning kindergarten It shows that although things don t start off as they should that they can get better By the end of the day Vera was just as excited about the first day of school as she was at the beginning of the day The book doesn t have challenging words.

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    Vera was so excited to attend her first day of school She had all of her supplies, her lunch was packed, and she finally got to walk to school with her older sisters She had the entire day planned out in her head, but when she arrived at her school she was so afraid Vera had never seen that many kids before She was overwhelmed, so she discreetly retreated back home and cried under her bed Her mom found her about an hour later, cleaned her up, gave her a pep talk, and took her back to school This time she enjoyed her first day of school after meeting the teacher, making a new friend and painting a picture.I would have my students create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting their first day of school They will include how they expected their first day of school to go, and how it actually went Below this diagram, they will write how the first day of school changes as they get older Is it easier, harder, less nerve wrecking, fun, boring, etc.

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    This was one of my absolute favorite books that my mother used to read to me when I was younger It teaches children that there is nothing to be afraid of when their first starting out at school I think this would be a great book to read to younger children on their first day of school.

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    A great connect book

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    A good book to read for students who may be having first day jitters.

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    What parent doesn t take their child to their first day of school

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    Based on author s childhood experiences Delightful and authentic.

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