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Foreign Legions summary Foreign Legions, series Foreign Legions, book Foreign Legions, pdf Foreign Legions, Foreign Legions 2d68de7679 A Collection Of Novellas By Some Of Today S Most Acclaimed Science Fiction Writers Including David Drake, David Weber, Eric Flint, S M Stirling, And Mark L Van Name Chronicles The Exploits And Adventures Of Guilds Of Star Traveling Merchants And Their Not So Obedient Human Slaves And Mercenaries

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    This is a book of short stories in the universe started by Ranks of Bronze The first story is the short story that eventually became that book The short story is much better than the book While it also lacks a lot of explanation, because of its very status as a short story, it can get away with that The second story in this book is an abbreviated version of The Excalibur Alternative, which is the third book in the series Confused yet The other stories are original material, although sticking to the main theme of an alien trading guild that s imported primitive humans to wage its wars for it.I particularly liked Eric Flint s contribution to the book, which is the last story, Carthago delenda est , which is the tale of another slave race to the trading guilds that decides to throw its lot in with the Romans in its own way and the results thereof I particularly liked the image of contemporary naval vessels having been refitted for space and serving as Earth s spacefleet And, in one case, a restored Roman vessel, of which is said, They could at least stop rowing the damned oars Very amusing.A good set of stories, all well told Much better than I was expecting after the disappointing start of the series in Ranks of Bronze.

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    Anthology Romans in spaceThis is a collection of short stories based on the Ranks of Bronze universe created by David Drake It seems the Baen Authors all got together and added to the opus Especially David Weber who contributed a prototype for his later book the Excalibur Alternative, and Eric Flint gives very satisfying conclusion for the Romans who were left dangling at the end of the Ranks of Bronze original book S.M Sterling and Mark van Name also contributed Some got into the gestault better than others but all added to the saga I read Weber s book first and didn t realize that the concept had come originally from David Drake, in other words the Romans were first Great idea and Jim Baen was right to push for a continuance Nice anthology.

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    I only read the final short story in this collection I only read this sequel because I was left wondering after the end of book 1 As far as I could tell nothing until the final story was about the period after book 1.

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    Slow reading The first two stories of this bundle are short forms of the first and the last books of the trilogy, so nothing new or special The next are nice, but nothing Only the last story really interested me and moved me to read on.

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    From Publishers Weekly

    In his introduction to this solid shared world anthology, laid in the universe of his novel Ranks of Bronze in turn developed from a short story reprinted here as the first item , military SF author Drake explains the book s venerable premise human

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    A very good collection of shorter works in Drake s universe about a Roman legion forced to work as mercenaries in space The stories use the same basis as many of the tales in John Campbell s reign as an editor for Astounding and Analogthat mankind is fairly unique in terms of both innovation and military skill That isn t new, but these stories blend that concept with an Andre Norton idea of limited, stylized warfare, producing an excellent result.

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    This is a short story collection rather than a single novel.I skipped the first two completely the first is the original short version of what was expanded in Ranks of Bronze, and the second was expanded into The Excalibur Alternative.The middle short stories are mediocre.The last, which serves as a direct sequel to Ranks of Bronze, issilly, but fun It s paced very fast and loose There s no sense of danger, it s just have fun watching the humans beat stuff up.

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    Romans in space What s not to like This is a set of short stories and novels set in a David Drake universe with the concept that aliens once picked up the remains of a Roman legion for use as mercenaries None of the other pieces in this collection quite matches the story that started it all, but they re all enjoyable I highly recommend it to anyone who likes military SF with a big dash of Roman history for good measure.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this book Take a basic premise created by David Drake massive galactic trading companies the guilds kidnap soldiers to fight their battles.Now have some of the top science fiction writers put their spin on this.

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    A collection of tales set in the same universe as David Drake s Ranks of Bronze book.

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