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    This book was a disappointment While Peter Ratcliffe must be a highly accomplished individual, his choice of what to include and what not to, was most frustrating For example, he spent a great deal of time on some of the minutiae of his joining the Army, his progression through the Paras to the SAS, but doesn t really cover what for him were the events that shaped his opinions He spouts the usual stuff about SAS being the best SF unit in the world but much of his operational reporting is of cowards, laggards ad or incompetents He mentions the SAS as being the best equipped unit in the world but admits that individual unit leaders can decide what equipment to use, regardless of their seniors opinions He talks a lot about getting things done, often disregarding SOPs or the rank structure, but he takes obvious delight in replacing an officer in leading a unit He doesn t reflect on his rapid promotions, or discuss what must have been a significant change, moving from Warrant Officer to Commissioned Officer The book also winds up in a hurry, mentioning his last couple of postings in a paragraph or two Perhaps I m too judgemental, but giving that PR was assisted by a professional writer, and the wealth of raw material available, this memoir had the potential to be a lot better than it was..

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    Picked this up in the sale being curious about the content not realizing it was an auto biography Personally I enjoy these kind of books, the writer seems straight forward and does a good job telling the story of his life A good read for everyone interested in the business that make institutions like the SAS what they are This makes the dragging story, especially near the end of the book, something that can be forgiven.A massive let down, and something that can not be forgiven is that apparently these courageous men turn into bitch slapping pubescent girls when they leave the army He said this Then he lied about that These are sentences that form the central concept of this book Combine this nagging with the arrogance fitting to a member of a royal family and you destroy your book in one easy swoop.Sir you had an interesting book there but I am not interested in who has the largest genitals.

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    An insight to those who protect us.I found this book to be an insight to the high standards of the men in the SAS A book that shows the work of this unit from the 1970s I enjoyed the modest writing of the author and his knowledge of the actions the SAD were engaged in Setting the facts of those years and correcting the information of other WAS author s was exceptional I find the book to be gripping and one I know I will read again and again.

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    Interesting read This is a memoir of the authors time in the SAS it is written with honesty and modesty.

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    Great book, give a true account of his time in the SAS and also blows away some of the myths in some of the far fetched books on the SAS.

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    An interesting read coming from a soldier in the Special Air Service the British military branch for Special Operations , detailing his deployment to Northern Ireland during the Troubles, Oman during the Dhofar Rebellion, the Falklands War, the Gulf War and, just to pepper the situation, a prison riot in Scotland Would recommend to anyone interested in recent major military operations and the work of those soldiers who are deployed in the worst of worst situations.

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    A Good Read for interested in Military LiteratureA good account of life in the regiment detailing in great detail the planning and execution of missions The author is a born story teller often elaborating or explaining reasons for decisions As some others have said the author quite happily reveals the reality of war and how things don t often go to plan Many authors in this arena would have you believe the SAS operates with a cinematic flare but as is rightly pointed out this is not the case Whilst the truth is helpful in bringing the book down to earth it does sometimes skirt on professional rivalry with other members of the regiment and descends a little into a degree of bickering about the authors feelings towards other members in a unit Despite some of the negative tones the book is a good read and worth a look to those into military literature.

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    This is well written and a very enjoyable read I was hooked and found the writer to be likeable and straight forward My dad read this and urged me to read it and then pestered me for it back do he could re read it He is ex RAF and is fussy when it comes to military writers Highly recommend His parts about Mcnab and Ryan are very interesting

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    Interesting book It gets a little long winded at points, but I enjoyed it none the less.I would recommend it for anyone interested in military books.

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    Interesting book It gets a little long winded at points, but I enjoyed it none the less.

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