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Soft Touch chapter 1 Soft Touch, meaning Soft Touch, genre Soft Touch, book cover Soft Touch, flies Soft Touch, Soft Touch 625d83eacf4f2 Jerry Jamison Wants Out Out Of A Sloppy Marriage, A Dull Job And The Empty Suburban Rat Race Once Jerry Had A Beautiful Bride And A Good Salary At Her Old Man S Successful Business That Was Before His Wife Turned Into A Lush Before The Business Started To Go To Pieces And Before The Lazy Afternoon When Vince Biskay, An Old Army Buddy, Rings His Doorbell And Makes An Intriguing Proposition Vince Promises To Bring Excitement Into Jerry S Life And Money But This Is A Plan That Leaves Only Death And Destruction In Its Wake

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    This is an ancient 1958 stand alone from John D MacDonald That said, the book has held up a lot better than most of MacDonald s famous Travis McGee novels Soft Touch is not nearly as preachy as the McGee books and, although it is clearly a book of the 1950s, it is not nearly as objectionable in its treatment of women.Jerry Jamison is trapped in a job he hates, working for his father in law who is behind the times and who doesn t have sense enough to let Jerry bring modern ideas into the company Worse, Jerry s wife, Lorraine, is a lush who is spreading her sexual favors around their suburban neighborhood Jerry is sick of it all, but has few if any options on either front.Then, from out of nowhere, Jerry s old wartime buddy, Vince Biskay, shows up at the door Vince and Jerry were in the OSS during the war, often operating behind the lines, and Vince has really never left the life of intrigue Vince wants to recruit Jerry for an easy score a soft touch Vince has been in Latin America and he has a plan to steal several million dollars from an easy mark who will be bringing the money from Latin America into the U.S Jerry initially resists the idea, but his life is a load of crap and this is a pulp novel, and so of course, he will ultimately agree to go along with Vince s plan.Since this IS a pulp novel, the plan will go to hell bad things will happen right and left there will be no honor among thieves or wives, and poor Jerry will be left scrambling to save himself as his world collapses around him This is a fun ride right up to the end which disappoints a bit, but those who enjoy this sort of classic pulp fiction could spend a couple of rewarding hours with it.

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    Sometimes with noir novels, I find myself asking Can this really happen this way Are people really this stupid But not in this case MacDonald hooked me from the beginning, and never let me realize that this plot, even as outlandish as it is, was anything but plausible Greed Murder Sex War buddies And, in the end, psychological drama that made everything tie neatly up together for a very satisfying conclusion A great stand alone novel by the creator of Travis McGee HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Haven t finished re reading all of MacDonald s books yet, but safe to say this one will be ranked near the top First you have the opening scene of the crumbling marriage and life Then the stranger the old army buddy comes to town The deft back story so we know what our boy is capable of Then the caper and all the stunning complications as our everyman protagonist descends the slippery slope of noir fate.Have read some reviews not liking the ending, but I think it s perfect really I didn t remember it from previous reads and as the end approached I was wondering how the heck MacDonald would get us out of the story I think the solution he found fits perfectly on so many levels Totally 1950s noir Not an ending a contemporary writer would think of, but definitely an ending of its time An ending Hitchcock would have loved.

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    When you read piles of noir PBOs or piles of any fictional genre , many of them do, of course, start to seem the same, but this only heightens your appreciation of the ones that are really good When the formula has worked its way into your DNA, you can see which writers are innovating and pushing boundaries and which ones are just going through the motions In the early chapters of any genre novel, it is generally difficult to tell which kind of book you are reading Is it one whose every move you will be able to predict, or is it one that will surprise you Suffice it to say, this one surprised me.

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    Interesting early book by John D MacDonald Falls into the subgenre of a guy living a normal, if not happy, existence when one day there s a knock on the door and from then on, his life starts spinning out of control.

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    This has to be one of the darkest, most streamlined noir rides to hell MacDonald wrote It is certainly the darkest John MacDonald novel I ve read in recent memory and it reminded me of Jim Thompson s stories Highly recommended if you can handle an absolute nightmare.

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    30 dec 14, tuesday evening, 7 52 p.m e.s.t 19 from macdonald for me i just finished a great story from macdonald, On the Makeor A Bullet for Cinderellaas it is also titled 1958 soft toucha shorter version of this work appeared in cosmopolitan magazine under the title taint of the tiger this one starts when i got home at six o clock on an april friday, the first hot day of the year, lorraine s copper colored porsche was parked crooked in the driveway, keys in the ignition after i put the station wagon in the garage, i ran hers in.okee dokee then as the good doctor said the anderson method, 2006 onward and upward a note on the narration first offfirst person yay verily the last story i read was first person, and several other early stories were first person this is first personwhat can go wrong an asidewhat is it with the round heels heh round heeled lush after seeing the phrase round heelsround heeled variations on same a number of times nowit is comical to read it i m trying to figure out the logistics of itwithout going to a search engineor someone s grandpa or grammamaybe she knows time place scene settings the time is 1965 jerry and lorrie were married eight years ago 118 tyler drivethe wedding present of lorrain s parents to jerry lorraine upon their marriage calcutta, india1945reno, nevada vernon the name of the city where jerry lives later, the reader learns that vernon is near kansas city1600 miles from tampa macdonald never reveals the statewith this, he holds true to formas the story about the wolfpackthat one i looked forwanted a state to place the story, never revealed why concerned about the whackos whud lawyers benningwhere jerry vince received some training fort benning valencia macdonald s coy term for what must be venezuela e.j malton s office helena forest roadjerry drives vince here to talk away from lorraine tampa international airporttampa terrace hotelstark, florida, a hotel therepass through ocala on the way up route 301 viadiadcarmela flies a small plane to this placefictitious place maybe si maybe no a drive in for lunchbirmingham, a motel on 78 to memphisspringfieldprestonkansas city 112 tyler drivehome of lorraine s parents velbiss homewhere our hero and the mrs not his wife diddle the brownwell homeon van dorn roadaccessed through carl gowan s property out the back door of the jamison home the park terrace job sitee.j malton construction company campat morning lake, 40 miles from vernonthe camp called sootsus the camp owned by the maltons brindelltwo miles from morning lakemorning lake roadroute 167 the hotel vernon8th floorwhere the boys take jerry wheeler18 miles south of vernon, just over the state linethe greenwood stripcircus casino atmosphere a big green tractor trailer combo archie brill s officea storage wharehousethe city dump characters major minor real imagined peripheral name only famous real well known jerry jamison our hero, jerome duward jamison, 1st person narrator he is 43, married to lorri8 years marriedno children, they tried to adopt, but lorrie is a lush, got in an accident, etcadoption people turned them down he is a builder he works for with his father in lawhad a business before he got marriedthat business was absorbed by his in law after marriage he is a veteran of the world war he had two years of college jerry vince were part of o.s.s detachment 404 during the world war lorraine lorrie malton jerry s wifebeautiful, of course, a lushshe likes to drink jerry and she met, july, 19578 years agomarried miss campus roundheels small group of deadly chums jerrybefore he was marriedconsidering knocking off a casino the unattached men at the picnicwho were gathered around lorraine e.j malton lorraine s fatherof e.j malton construction company irene the jamisons cook housekeeper mandy friend of lorraine eddie lorraine s brotherthis character, honestly, is a farcehe is on stage so little, so inconsequentialwhy is he in the story vince biskay war time friend of jerryhe shows up unannounced, unexpected, at jerry s door they served in calcutta the last they saw each other, jerry on a plane taking off, vince on the ground, august, 1945 calcutta he is likened to mitchum in the movies.he visits jerry and presents him with a deal that could net him over a million dollarsbetween 3.25 and 3.75 million total, split unevenly three waysintercepting payment for arms from a venezuelan strong manalthough macdonald is coy and uses valencia as the name of the country red olin jerry s foremanhis work crewthis is described as before he married, was absorbed by the father in law two white russian girlswith whom jerry vince spent two weeks in calcutta japsnative agents ceylonlord louis, a kind of commander, sent jerry vince behind the lines liz addams the other womanwidow of a naval aviator, put herself through secretarial training with the insurance money, was hired by e.j malton lorraine accused jerry of being tight with liz though they have notbut after vince s visit, jerry is rethinking that scenario senor raoul melendez vince s boss in valencia vince has been working for him eight years as a pilot, many other functions he is possibly the 2nd most powerful man in valencia behind the semi benevolent dictator he has his eyes on the throne, so, since the tin pot thinks he is getting too big for his britchesand to that end has been accumulating buying weapons vince has been tight with his mistress, carmela carmela de la vega mistress of senor raoul melendez, his tootsie general peral semi benevolent dictator of valencia which hasta mean venezuela, south america young ambitious army officersuprising of the peoplea man will go in as boss man, tamed by melendez the greek, kyodos, who lives in the states, has been buying surplus arms from the middle east and melendez has been buying them from him the willing peons a courierlittle men with the briefcasesarmstrong and all the saints dan dentry jerry goes to him for financial advice cal warder, merchants midland bank financial movesloan regular diplomatic courieruniformed chaffeurone other passenger senor alvaro zaragosa the courierfrom another countrythat melendez uses to transfer money from valencia to tampahe is married, has two kids robert martin the alias used by jerry at the tampa terrace hotel a patrolour peopleseven japs on the stakesfour still alive don juans a bellhopat tampa terrace a pack of lorraine s special friends, husbands and wives george farr another builder who offered jerry a job when he heard jerry had quit for e.j malton a guard came over airport another guardthe first one is harry two men coming rapidlya fat man leapeda guard jumped outa small boy stood on the sidewalka newscasterself nominated oracles on the radio a reportera younger sounding man a round pleasant womana boy stark motel cute little girls visit the mint 3,650,000.00take THAT john grisham fans and that is the amount jerry and vince grab the carrier newspaper minister of interior valencia daniel harland rented the black limo used by jerry vince at the airportdaniel is a commercial fisherman and received 50 for his time ambassador from a line edith edie malton lorraine s mother, wife of e.j., mother of junior eddie dave nancy brownwell throw a party attended by the jamisons carl gowanowns property adjoining the jamisons forty adults seventy five childrenat the party mandy pierson tinker tink velbissfeed vince steaktinker and jerry diddle charlie velbisstinker s husband some clown had filled jerry s pockets with potato chips the sitter for the velbiss family the roofersat the park terrace job sitework crewsa couple of good men had quit conchita riley writes a column for the vernon examiner, all over town is a withered little ferret of a woman the lord god some of the neighbors4 or 5 couplestimmy, the bartender at the motel vernon barnight watchmankidsa stunted wiry little man at the big wheelone of her mandy pierson college pals paul heissen lieutenant detective, vernon police, went to school with jerrya year or two difference, played center football captainvernon police elizabeth taylorlorraine is compared to the famous actress the bookkeeperat the e.j malton construction company offices archie brilllawyerjerry visits him seeking advice he put a carpenter on it red dida crate kirk douglasburt lancasterbugs bunnyarrogant allthe yankees new york yankees..dick tracy two men carried it outlittle monsters with charlie s mother tink s kids two men with a washington agency mrs hinkleylady across the street from the jamison place barnstock ed quellan from a washington agency jerry never head of miguel brockman the name vince used to first enter the u.s.a illegally from paraguay those friends who felt they had to cheer me up a uniformed man to park your carcroupiers dresses as mississippi gamblersthe party at my left stood when a waiter.etc roy macksie guy jerry talks to in a barand there s an interesting wager on a drowned fly two men coming swiftlyyoung husbandsbabies asleepyoung hips under cotton skirts a girl, bobbieto jerry s joe she retrieves jerry s car a group of menandy one of them charlie carol annpeople w the carnivaltwo women with hacksaw voicestwo men misty the catjerry s father sergeant ascheranswers the phone, police headquarters a woman naked struggling with a robe a list of some things gone but not forgotten, not all of them in this storysome from other stories i ve read liz typingbanged the carriage back aqualungthis from the last story i read, link above bean wagonditto drive inas in dineryou drive up in your car, but macdonald never describes the little ladies who take your orderokay so but in the story i am reading nowlink belowhe does use the word carhopand our hero flashes his lights, indication that she can come and get the tray attached to your side window phone booths jerry is offered a job 350 weeka really good wage heh macdonald never, never, uses foul language in the last story i read, link abovetoni drops the f bombbut that is designated as a line we re so much better now when everyone lets it all hang loose correctionin two stories nowthis and the last, a character used the word bassarin this one, under the influence of liquorin the other n, i think dialectupdate, later the same day but macdonald does tread the edge of the third commandment and it is not a stretch to say that he violates the law curious, that he puts the word god or jesus in the mouths of his characters, the words spoken not as praise, but often as exclamationnot really a violationand i d have to think if they damnyes, they do they do use the damn coupled with the godbut they don t say shitand they don t say kaka poopie and they don t say venezuela.and they don t say the initials of a government agency would they speak the name of she whose name cannot be mentioned in this story, there s that coy use of valencia for a south american countryand another place, he describes the ambassador ofwith that same line maybe it was the f bomb cigarettesnot gone completelybut people are lighting up in macdonald s stories in all the wrong placeshospital onceas i recall the story i m on nowThe Deceiversour hero, carl garrett pried holes in a can of beer though macdonald in this instance didn t use the words church key the device used to poke two triangular shaped holes, one to drink, one to ventin the old cansthat would rust and rust if tossed on the ground update, finished, 31 dec 14 wednesday afternoon, 2 03 p.m e.s.t great story better than 4 starsnot a 5 star there s this business to do with time at the endcan t get my head around the time angle a month dat right the willing suspension does not go along with that one but it is still a great story i like especially many of the happenings toward the end there is nothing predictable about thatfor the mostthe carnivalslip sliding away ay the characters they shakethey rattlethey roll heh they are revealed with the words they speak.

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    While cleaning my father in laws house I came across a pile of old John D MacDonald paperbacks from the 50 s through the 70 s I read a lot of crime novels, but had never read a MacDonald and choose this one based entirely on the cover art The copy I have now is that one with a curb side shot out on the cover, victim on the ground, black sedan speeding off Awesome cover, too bad it s not credited I m not sure why I ve never read anything by MacDonald, maybe I just assumed that since his books were such a big best sellers that they wouldn t actually be any good This turned out to be a fun crime novel that shows a debt to Crime and Punishment I was wondering how the first person narrative was going to work out, and was surprised by the ending, very unexpected It s a tightly plotted story, some fast paced action, interesting characters, and some John Cheever type 1950 s suburban high jinx thrown in too In lots of these crime novels, the hero, or in this case anti hero, is often infallible, knowing what to do all the time, always ready with a quick sarcastic quip too This guy though makes lots of mistakes, says stupid things, and in general is something of an unreliable narrator, which makes for a compelling story Not a classic, but a fun read for a couple of days I ll definitely check out from MacDonald.

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    Clever depection of a failing, perhaps inadequate personality Examines the question of how deep you need to go into someone to find evil Also exemplifies the old saw money is the root of all evil Certainly it displays the s of a different era MacDonald was in the OSS in the same area during the war as the protagonist had been He certainly must have seen how the amorality of war can undermine an individuals sense of values His discussion of the breakdown of the protagonists marriage was partly a thing of the time and partly eternal.Can unhappiness alone explain emotional breakdown Read as part of my projected goal of reading all or MacDonald s work.

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    Good MacDonald thriller

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