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The Art of Fushigi Yûgi summary The Art of Fushigi Yûgi, series The Art of Fushigi Yûgi, book The Art of Fushigi Yûgi, pdf The Art of Fushigi Yûgi, The Art of Fushigi Yûgi d0d7da0c44 The Art Of Fushigi Y Gi Features The Detailed Artwork Of Fan Favorite, Yuu Watase An Volume Hit Manga Series, Fushigi Y Gi Combines Elements Of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor And Romance Watase Is The Popular Artist And Creator Behind Many Best Selling Manga Series, Such As Absolute Boyfriend, Imadoki , Alice Th, Ceres Celestial Legend, And Fushigi Y Gi Genbu Kaiden Including Over Pieces Of Art With New Drawings And Paintings Produced Especially For This Book This New Edition Is Formatted The Same As The Original Japanese Book

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    Supongo que a este artbook me lo deber a leer despu s de terminar la serie, que tengo pendiente hace unos cuantos a os si no me equivoco, tengo le do hasta el 21, al menos desde hace seis a os , pero como se lo regal a Lagorda Conrulos, lo to readeo para sumarle reviews y que ning n idiota lo borre de un plumazo.

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    24 A book by an author of a different ethnicity than youI have loved this series since I saw the show Some friends of mine introduced me to it and I knew that I had to have so I started buying the manga as well and then just random stuff about it Going through this book which was than just art made me want to watch the show again because there is so much that I just don t remember from my first time watching it Little details and characters that I was too caught up to notice Such a good show Such a good manga.

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    I flip through this thing at least once a month Most of my work is inspired by art from this book okay, I steal poses but only cause I am so totally and completely unworthy of drawing anything HALF as awesome as Watase sama _

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    The images are amazing and it is one of my favorite anime art books I have kept my copy for over 7 years and I still love it.

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    The artwork is just completely mesmerizing.

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    This book contains beautiful pictures of the series and is a must for all Yuu Watase fans and fans of the series.

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    The wonderful art of Fushigi Y gi in vivid colours makes me fall in love all over again every time I take it off the shelf.

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    Edici n espa ola Libro de ilustraciones de Fushigi Yugi.

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    I love all of Yu Watase s art but my favourite of all is Fushigi Yugi So of course I couldn t resist picking up this art book.

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